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'A M O N G   T H E   B Y S T A N D E R S   N E W  L I F E '   S E R I E S
1. Standing Over The Sea
(VOY, P, J, P/T,1/9, Rated PG)
Voyager's crew finally get a shore leave, but is it safe for ensigns?
2. Looking Down
(VOY, P, J, P/T, 2/9, Rated PG)
Kathryn has a disturbing vision of a possible future. But, can she do something to prevent it?
3. Searching For What Is Lost
(VOY, P, J, P/T, 3/9, Rated PG)
Kathryn starts to understand just how much Tom can be driven by empathy.
4. Finding Only Pieces
(VOY, P, J, P/T, 4/9, Rated PG)
Kathryn wants to help Tom. But, her friend is an enigmatic man giving her only small pieces to work with.
5. Standing Up For Oneself
(VOY, P, J, P/T, 5/9, Rated PG)
A shining beautify day. A moving sea of little blue flowers. Tom and Kathryn by the edge of cliff... 
6. Knowing The Future
(VOY, P, J, P/T, 6/9, Rated PG)
Now that Kathryn knows the future, can she save Tom's life? Or, as the future already been changed?
7. Going To Extremes
(VOY, P, J, P/T, 7/8, Rated PG)
Set after Pathfinder. When Naomi Wildman disappears during a shore-leave, Tom goes to great extremes to find her.
8. What Came Between Them
(VOY, P, J, P/T, 8/9, Rated PG)
Set after Pathfinder. It still takes the worst of times to bring people together, as well as to drive them apart.
9. The Idiot
(VOY, P, J, OP, C, P/T, 8/9, Rated PG)
Set after Pathfinder, Tom and his father get reacquainted. 
B R A S S ' K A                                                                   NEW
(VOY, P, All, P/T implied, 1/?, Rated PG)
Alternate ending to Real Life, Tom fails to get out of the astro-eddy and disappear in front of the bridge crew. Written together with Leone.
[Part 1]
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E F F E C T   Y O U   H A V E  O N   M E ,   T H E
(VOY, P, ALL, P/f, 4/4, Rated R)
A dangerous acquaintance of Tom's shows up on Voyager.
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I   C O U L D   H A V E...
1. Surprised You
(VOY, C/P, 1/?, Rated G)
Set at the beginning of the first season. Chakotay wish to make peace with Tom.
2. Chosen Arizona
(VOY, C/P, 2/?, Rated G)
Chakotay remembers his first encounters with Tom.
3. Stood Closer
(VOY, C/P, 3/?, Rated G)
Chakotay has to keep in mind that Tom has been taking care of himself for a long time.
4. Made It Better
(VOY, C/P, 4/?, Rated G)
A song can change more than one life.
5. Lost You
(VOY, C/P, 5/?, Rated PG-13)
Tom and Chakotay have many battles to fight.
R E D   R I V E R                                                                NEW
(VOY, C/P, 5/5, Rated PG-13)
Written together with Maxine...
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S T A N D I N G   U P   F O R   A   F R I E N D                         NEW
(Voy, C&P, 1/1, Rated PG)
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W H E R E   W E   L E F T   O F F
1. Where We Left Off
(VOY, J/P, 1/7, Rated G)
Set at the beginning of the first season. Chakotay wish to make peace with Tom.
2. Broken Nights
(VOY, J/P, 2/7, Rated G)
Set after thirty days. Kathryn wakes up in the middle of the night and reflects on her relationship with Tom. 
3. Scattered Dreams
(VOY, J/P, 3/7, Rated G)
Tom has been plagued by weird dreams and telltale signs of depression since his stay in the brig. Kathryn's concerns grow as they start interfering with his daily life. 
4. Deprivation
(VOY, J/P, 4/7, Rated G)
Means are taken in order to help Tom get better.
5. His Loss
(VOY, J/P, 5/7, Rated G)
Tom is finally allowed to sleep and to dream again.
6. From Bad to Worse
(VOY, J/P, 6/7, Rated G)
Things are going from bad to worse.
7. Irish Rain
(VOY, J/P, 7/7, Rated G)
It's time for some soul cleansing.
W I T H   A   S I G H   O F   R E L I E F
(VOY, J&P, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
Another away mission suddenly turns life-threatening for Tom Paris and Captain Janeway.
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