Title: Red River 4/5
Authors: Isabelle and Maxine
Pairing: C/P 
Rating: PG-13 
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the Alinnidans are Isabelle's
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Red River 4

A scant three hours later Oromocto woke Chakotay.

"Tom seems to be waking."

Chakotay sat up quickly, a bit too quickly he decided because he was 
dizzy.  Oromocto placed a hand on his shoulder to steady him. Once he felt his head clear he stood, a wave of nausea came over him but he clamped it down. Satisfied his stomach had settled Chakotay moved over to Tom.

"Tom wake up."


"Yes Tom, I think you need another transfusion. I am going to 
have to give you the blood myself the replicator is down. Just hold 
on a bit longer okay?"


"What is it Tom?"

"I'm sick, dying aren't I?"

"No Tom you aren't dying. Voyager will be here soon, just 
hold on a bit longer." PLEASE! He pleaded silently.


Chakotay started going over in his mind what he needed, deciding he 
would need to use the discarded infusion bag to store his blood in 
and the tubing and needle also. Chakotay found the necessary things 
and a portable sonic cleanser, using that he sterilized the items. 

Once everything was cleaned Chakotay explained to Oromocto 
what had to be done. The alien was confident that he could help, the 
process was not dissimilar to his race's own transfer of plasma gel. 

Chakotay laid down and Oromocto began the task at hand. 
Fifteen minutes longer it was done, but as Chakotay began to sit up 
again Oromocto stopped him.

"Rest for a few minutes, I believe I can do what is needed at 
this point. I have watched you and as I said the whole process is 
similar to our own." Chakotay nodded and closed his eyes.

Sometime later Chakotay woke to the sound of voices, turning 
toward them he found Oromocto talking to Enosho and another man he 
recognized but couldn't remember his name. Oromocto noticed that 
Chakotay was awake he went over to him.

"Enosho and Mahalo have come with some food and medical 
supplies. You must eat and we shall see if Tom is up to eating or at 
least drinking something."

Chakotay accepted the offered food and drink readily, 
realizing that he was truly hungry. After he finished he went to 
check on Tom again, checking the IV to make sure Tom was getting the blood he needed. Once satisfied that the transfusion was going as it should he woke Tom.

"Tom? Come on Tom time to wake up. Enosho has brought some 
food and drink." Tom's eyes fluttered open.

"I am thirsty."

"Okay we have water and javan juice."

"Water is fine."

Oromocto was next to Chakotay with a mug of water before he could ask for it. Nodding his thanks he took the mug in one hand and with the other lifted Tom's head so he could take a drink. When Tom signaled that he had enough Chakotay laid his head back down and placed the cup on the floor. 

"How much longer before we meet Voyager?"

"Tom we aren't meeting them. I had to bring the shuttle back down again. There was another storm right after I took off. Unfortunately I was not as lucky as you were there is too much damage for me to repair. We have to wait for Voyager to come to us."

"How long?"

"I would say we have less then 20 hours to wait. I am sure 
that once they realized they were no longer in contact with us they 
increased their speed to get here quicker." 

"Okay. I still feel so weak, everything hurts."

"I know and I am sorry I can't do much now, everything except life support and lights is offline. I am going to see if among the medical supplies Enosho brought there is something I can give you for pain." Chakotay patted Tom shoulder, stood and went over to Enosho. 

"Enosho did you happen to bring anything for pain?"


"Good, I am going to assume that your medicine does not in 
any way resemble aspirin."

"Is that aspirin bad?"

"Not usually but from what I read with Tom's condition 
aspirin can make it worse. It acts as a blood thinner, something he 
doesn't need right now." Taking the offered pain reliever to Tom he 
again helped him lift his head, giving him the pill and then followed 
it with some more water.

"Go back to sleep Tom. That is the best thing for your body." 
No argument given from the younger man Tom closed his eyes and went right to sleep.

""Chakotay can you give him more of your blood?" Oromocto was 
truly worried. He had not seen someone as ill as Tom in a long time.

"No, not until the same time tomorrow. Actually a bit longer 
I think. Humans need twenty four hours for their bodies to reproduce 
lost blood supply."

"Ah, I see our systems only take a half a solar rotation to 
replenish for gel loss. What will you do if Tom needs more before 

"If I have to I will give him more, though it will leave me 
unable to help him for a long while."

"I shall not leave you until your ship arrives, just in case 
you are required to do so."

"Thank you Oromocto. I can't tell you how much I appreciate 

"Words are not necessary Chakotay, seeing Tom well enough to 
travel will be thanks enough for me."

While the two men were talking, Enosho and Mahalo had gone go up to the other deck and were picking up debris. They, too, had decided to stay until the two alien travelers could leave. Mahalo admitted he 
was curious about their technology. It wasn't the same as they had 
encounter with the Borg. None of it needed to be "assimilated" within 
a body to function. Also as they had established early on these 
aliens wouldn't use its technology to harm or kill the Alinnidans. 
Once they had picked up as much debris as they could the two younger Alinnidans returned to the lower deck and the older men.


"Yes Mahalo?"

"I am curious why the Borg chose to harm people with their 
technology while humans do not."

"I often ask myself the same thing Mahalo. Humans are not 
above using their technology to cause harm but it is usually in 
defense of their homes, ships or themselves. Voyager's experience in 
the Delta Quadrant has proven that there are far too many races that 
prefer to harm first and ask questions later.

"The Borg think as one, as such they believe that they are 
far more superior then any other alien beings they come across. Their 
thinking is that they are actually helping the inferior race to 
become perfect by adding them to the collective. Of course those 
drones have no memory of their own individuality or of their fear 
when first attacked by the Borg. A convenient 'glitch' in the 
collective hivemind."
As he finished speaking realization struck Chakotay, The Borg could 
once again come back to this planet because of Voyager's impending 
arrival. He would never forgive himself if these people were to have 
to life through that hell again because of Tom and his inability to 
leave. He wasn't completely convinced that the mountain's 
natural "force field" would keep the Borg at bay forever.

Leaving the Delta Flyer was not an option and it would take 
at least a day to repair it enough for flight. Sure they could use 
the tractor beam to haul it to Voyager but that extra usage of power 
could also attract the Borg's attention. Damn this situation was 
getting worse with each passing thought. 

"Chakotay?" Mahalo voice brought Chakotay out of the funk he 
suddenly found himself in.

"Yes Mahalo?"

"Will Tom get better?"

"Of course he will, when Voyager arrives they will beam him 
to our sickbay, the doctor will be able to stop whatever bleeding is 
still happening and he can reproduce the gene that was removed." 
Chakotay hoped he sounded more confident than he felt.

"I am glad, Tom is a very special being. I watched him with 
the children yesterday, he has a kind soul."

"Yes he does." Chakotay couldn't help but smile as he remembered the sight of Tom as enthralled with the Alinnidan children as they were with him. He could picture Tom as a father, playing with his children, sharing everything with the kind of innocence and wonderment that would make any child love him all the more. 

Chakotay wanted children of his own some day, to share with them what his father shared with him. True while he was growing up he had no patience for what his father tried to teach him, but now he knew the real benefit of all those teaching. He had to wonder if Tom ever thought about being a father himself. He knew that he didn't know much about Tom's wants and desires, other than his love of flying and his need to make others happy. 

There was time to learn all there was to know about Tom. 
There had to be time to learn. Wishing again that Voyager would hurry up and get there so Tom could be healed. Chakotay hated this feeling helpless and powerless, he hated sitting around waiting for something 
to happen. Getting up from his seat he began to pace, as if that 
would make the time pass quicker and help push aside the unwanted 
feeling of dread.

If time could go slower Chakotay was sure he wouldn't make 
it. The anxiety that he felt, each time he looked at Tom's pale 
complexion, filled his soul. He refused to accept that Tom would not 
make it, he couldn't accept that, not now, when they had just 
discovered each other.  They had to have the chance to explore 
whatever they needed to explore. He refused to believe that the 
spirits would give him this to just take it away before he had the 
chance find out what it would be like to have Tom in his life as more 
than just a fellow officer, a friend. 

Chakotay shook his head as if to shake out the thought of 
life without Tom in it. Realizing he was still pacing and drawing odd looks from the Alinnidans, he stopped at Tom's bed just to check again. Still the same, he wasn't getting any better, no worse but no better either. 

"Chakotay, rest now. Your ship will be here soon enough I am 
sure of it." Enosho placed his hand on Chakotay's shoulder and 
encouraged him to lie down. Chakotay went to the other bed without 
resistance, laid down and tried to sleep, pushing all negative 
thoughts out of his mind. He was soon asleep.

The Alinnidans kept a close eye on both men as they spoke 
among themselves over the next eight hours. All three were happy that their visitors slept without much trouble. They were startled when 
two humans suddenly appeared in front of them. Correctly assuming 
that they were members Chakotay and Tom's crew, Oromocto got up to greet the new arrivals.

"Hello, I am Oromocto." He extended his hand in a gesture 
that he had learned from Chakotay.

"Hello, I am Harry Kim and this is our doctor." Harry shook 
the alien's proffered hand.

"I am sure that Chakotay and Tom will be happy to see you 

"We transported down as soon as we could. We realized that 
something was wrong when we hadn't heard from the commander after he was suppose to have left the planet." 

"From the looks of things, he had a little problem." The 
doctor said with an amount of sarcasm Harry didn't like.

"I am sure Commander Chakotay will appreciate your assessment 

Chakotay heard voices, when he opened his eyes he didn't think he had ever been happier to see the EMH as he was at that moment.

"Doctor, you need to check Tom." Getting up of the bed 
Chakotay continued. "I haven't been able to replicate anymore of the 
clotting factor and he didn't receive the required three infusions. I 
managed one more transfusion of my own blood, but that was almost 
twenty four hours ago." 

"You don't look well yourself Commander." Scanning him, "You 
have a slight concussion and you have not replaced all the fluids 
your body needs to replenish the blood you donated. Lay back down." 

"Don't worry about me, I am fine. It's Tom that needs your 

"Commander don't argue with me. Ensign Kim please help the 
commander back to bed and give him this." He handed Harry a hypospray and went over to Tom. Scanning the lieutenant he didn't look very pleased.

"Commander you did well, though you are right Lieutenant 
Paris is not well. EHM to Voyager."

"Voyager here Doctor. How are they?" The captain answered.

"Lieutenant Paris needs to be transferred to sickbay immediately. Commander Chakotay is alert and other than a concussion he is fine."

"Very well Doctor. We will transport you and the lieutenant 
to sickbay immediately." With that said Tom and the doctor were gone.

Oromocto, Enosho and Mahalo just stood back and watched. Enosho and Mahalo were amazed as two of the humans disappeared into thin air. 

"Voyager to Commander Chakotay."

"Chakotay here captain."

"It's good to hear your voice Commander."

"No more than it is to hear yours Captain."

"How are you?"

"I have had better days Captain. But I am fine now that you 
are here and the doctor can help Tom, I mean Lieutenant Paris." When Chakotay used Tom's first name Harry looked at him in surprise. He couldn't think of a time when the commander had called him by his first name.

"How bad is the damage to the Delta Flyer Commander?"

"Not too bad, I think it will take about a day to get it 
ready for flight."

"We will just use the tractor beam to return it to the ship 
and fix it here."

Chakotay walked away from the group so they would not here what he 
said next.

"Captain, I am not sure if that is a good idea. The Borg have 
been here once already, the only reason they haven't been back is 
because of the lack of technology."

"Understood Chakotay. I will have Lieutenant Torres assemble 
a team to beam down and work on repairs."

"Thank you Kathryn." Relieved that she understood his 
apprehension without having to actually voice it. Oromocto came over 
to him at this point, he had in fact heard what Chakotay said and the 
tone of his voice.

"Chakotay please tell your captain that all are welcome here. 
We would like to somehow make up for our part in causing Tom's 


"I heard Chakotay."

"Captain Janeway, I am Oromocto." He spoke to the badge on 
Chakotay's chest.

"Oromocto, hello. Thank you for your offer and for looking 
after my two officers."

"The pleasure was mine Captain. They are both wonderful men. 
You must be proud to have them among your crew." Chakotay felt 
himself blush at the compliment.

"Believe me Oromocto, we are all proud of them both."

"Very good Captain. As I said your entire crew is well to visit our village. I will explain the purification ritual to you and if there is anyone who for any reason can not undergo the process we will find another way. We do not wish to harm anyone else unintentionally or otherwise."

"Thank you Oromocto. I am sure that my crew will enjoy the 

"You are welcome Captain."

"Chakotay, we will beam you and Ensign Kim back to Voyager 

"Thank you Captain. Just give me one minute."

"Very well, let me know when you are ready. Janeway out."

Chakotay turned to Oromocto and shook his hand.

"Thank you for all your help Oromocto." Looking passed him to 
Enosho and Mahalo who were watching Harry as he worked under a panel, seemingly to try and get the computer back online.

"Enosho, Mahalo thank you for bringing food and medical 

"You are welcome" Enosho answered for the two of them, mostly 
because Mahalo seemed too engrossed in watching the one called Ensign Kim work.

"Harry, are you ready?"

"Commander you go back, I will stay here and continue to work 
on this until B'Elanna can send down some help." As much as Harry 
wanted to be near his friend, he didn't think he could keep it 
together for long not after seeing how bad Tom looked.

"Alright Ensign, I am sure that B'Elanna and her team will 
appreciate the head start. I will let you know how Tom is doing when 
the doctor is done." As if Chakotay knew and understood Harry's 
apprehension, that surprised Harry a little but he just nodded his 
thanks and went back to work.

"Would it be alright if I stayed and possibly helped in some 
way?" Mahalo didn't want to leave, he had always had a curious streak 
when it came to new things, and this was by far the most fascinating 
new find he had came across.

"I don't mind, by the way my name is Harry." Harry thought 
having someone around to talk to would help him keep his mind off his friend.

"I am Mahalo, it is my pleasure to meet you. I am very 
interested in what you are doing."

"It's a pleasure to meet you also Mahalo. I am more than 
willing to answer questions and an extra pair of hands will make the 
work go a little faster." 

Quickly the two men became deeply involved in conversation. Oromocto just shook his head, he knew that after this Mahalo would push the government to try to use a bit more technology. There could be some very interesting arguments in the government house in the months to come. He actually was looking forward to it, stimulating the mind was one of his favorite pastimes. Turning back towards Chakotay, "I am sure Tom will be fine Chakotay, and I hope you have the chance to explore all that you wish to with him."

"Thank you Oromocto. I hope the same thing. I am going to get 
back to Voyager now but I am sure we will speak again."

"Very well Chakotay, safe travel."

"Chakotay to Voyager. One to beam up." And he was gone.


Chakotay left the transporter room, desperately wanting to go 
to sickbay but he knew he had to report to the captain first. He made 
his way to the bridge.

"Captain, I am here to give you my report."

"Welcome back Commander, Tuvok you have the bridge." She 
stood and went to her ready room, Chakotay following behind. Once 
there she offered him a seat and something to drink. He accepted both and began his report, twenty minutes later he finished of course 
leaving out a few pieces of nonessential bits of information. 
Chakotay didn't think that the captain needed to know about Tom 
kissing him or the promise of more when he was better.

"Fascinating culture you found Chakotay. I am very interested 
in finding out more and from the description of their village you 
gave, I can hardly wait to visit it myself. My concern is though that 
this purification ritual, I don't know if all of the crew will be 
willing to go through it. Some may not be able to, I am sure Tom is 
not the only one who has some kind of suppressed gene in his system."

"I am sure whoever does, once hearing what takes place, will 
speak up about their immune systems. The only reason Tom didn't say anything was because we had no idea to what level the ritual went."

"Sickbay to the Captain."

"Janeway here. What can I do for you Doctor? How is Tom?"

"That is why I am contacting you Captain. You need to come to 
sickbay, there is something I must discuss with you. Please inform 
Commander Chakotay that Lieutenant Paris has been asking for him."

"You just did Doctor, we both will be right there. Janeway 

"Well let's go see the doctor and Tom." She didn't voice her 
confusion over why Tom would be asking for Chakotay, better to leave 
that for another time.

They left the ready room, the captain informed Tuvok of their 
destination and entered the turbo lift. On their way they spoke more 
about the village and the Alinnidans. Chakotay could not help but 
praise the aliens for their kindness and the beautiful village they 
had created.  Arriving at sickbay they walked over to the doctor who 
was still working on Tom.

"Ah, Captain, Commander good you are both here."

"What seems to be the problem, Doctor?"

"Lieutenant Paris has been stabilized for now, but I can not perform the necessary operation to replace the lost gene because he has developed an infection. I have run through every known pathogen 
in our database and have not come up with a match or a suggestion of how to treat the infection. I have given him a board spectrum 
antibiotic but I am not very confident that it will help."

As Chakotay listened he felt the joy of believing that Tom would be 
okay turn to dread again. Tom's body was in no condition to fight an 
infection, known or unknown to them at this time. 

"Doctor, when I was reading up on Hemophilia I came across 
something that mentioned that it was possible Tom would not be able 
to fight this on his own. Not having an antibiotic to help him, that 
means he could still die doesn't it?"

"Yes Commander it does. I am sorry, all I can offer now is 
the hope that what I have given him does fight the infection. I have 
started the computer on an analysis of the bacteria, hopefully it 
will find a close enough match to what is in our database to suggest 
a specific course or action."

"Perhaps the Alinnidans know of this pathogen and they have 
something that could help Tom." The captain did not want to think 
about losing her senior pilot to some alien bacteria.

"I will go back down and speak to Oromocto, you could be 
right Captain." Chakotay needed to do something, he was not willing 
to just sit back and wait, not after the last thirty-six hours of 
waiting and watching Tom get weaker and weaker.

"Very well Chakotay. Go now and find out whatever you can. 
Doctor can you give him a sample of the pathogen to take with him? 
The Alinnidans will have a better idea of what they are looking for 
if he does."

"Of course Captain, just a minute Commander."

"Kathryn, I am not sure if they will have a better idea. 
Their technology reminded me of what I learned of the early twentieth 
century, they barely have communication capability."

"It can't hurt to try Chakotay. You never know just what they 
are really capable of. Go and talk to your friend Oromocto he just 
might be able to help us."