Title: Red River 2/5
Authors: Isabelle and Maxine
Pairing: C/P 
Rating: PG-13 
Disclaimer: Paramount owns Voyager and it's characters, we don't. But 
the Alinnidans are Isabelle's
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Red River 2 

       Somewhat surprised by the action, Chakotay didn't respond at 
first. Then he kissed Tom back and pulled away. He smiled gently at 
the younger man and promised he would be back as quickly as he 
could.  Tom closed his eyes and prayed that he would last the hour 
and a half that Chakotay said it would take. He could feel his life 
draining out of him through his hand. 'Well if nothing else I got to 
do the one thing I would never do before I died, kiss Chakotay.' 

            While Chakotay made his way through the thick forest his 
mind was racing. Thoughts of the kiss, Why did he kiss me? Why now, 
why like that? Was it out of fear or something else? He was shocked 
that the man kissed him, more shocked that he kissed him back. It 
wasn't like he didn't wanted to kiss Tom. He had many times but he 
wouldn't have kissed him on the side of a mountain when one of them 
was so ill. Chakotay made it back to the shuttle in a bit less time 
then he had figured. He checked to see if Voyager had tried to 
contact them but they hadn't. He sent out an emergency beacon, hoping 
they would get it and get it soon. He had the flyer's computer set a 
lock on Tom then he tapped his comm badge.

"Chakotay to Paris." No answer 

"Chakotay to Paris. Do you read me?"  Still no answer.

"Chakotay to Oromocto. If you can hear me tap on the small 
gold piece attached to Tom's jacket."

"Oromocto here Chakotay. Tom appears to be unconscious."

"Alright Oromocto. Hold on to him and I going to transport 
you both to the Delta Flyer."

"Alright. I have his hand."

"Computer lock on to Lieutenant Paris' signal and transport 
to the delta flyer."

"Acknowledged. Transport complete."

Chakotay got up from the controls and went to the back of the flyer. 
Tom was lying on the floor and Oromocto was sitting next to him.

"Well that was interesting." 

"Help me get him below. I have to first regenerate the wound 
and hopefully that will slow down the bleeding out. Next I have to 
locate any and all information on his condition."

The two men carried Tom to the biobed below. Chakotay quickly ran a 
tricorder over Tom. The readings told him that Tom was bleeding 
internally from two no three organs.

"Why would he be bleeding internally?" He thought out 
loud. "I don't understand why would Tom be bleeding internally?"

"I have to stop this bleeding. I am not sure if I can."

"Chakotay I have faith that you will do whatever is necessary 
to help your mate survive."

Chakotay quickly turned and looked at the other man. But he decided 
not to correct him. He was too concerned with helping Tom.

"Tom can you hear? I need you to wake up. I need your help." 
No response.

Chakotay began regenerating the wound on Tom's hand as he activated 
the biobed's medical monitor.  When he had finished with the wound, 
he went to the console near by and began searching. Thinking to 
himself again why would Tom be bleeding internally? I didn't pick up 
reading of any tears or punctures. If there was nothing damaged he 
couldn't repair it.  

After fifteen minutes he found what he thought he needed. Going over 
to the replicator and ordered the computer to begin the process. He 
needed to replicate clotting factor VIII. According to the 
information he obtained he would have to infuse Tom three times 
during the next 24-hour period. Hopefully there wasn't an joint or 
muscle damage, he couldn't continue to read about the disease right 
now he had to help Tom. Retrieving what he needed from the replicator 
he went back to Tom. 

"Tom can you hear me? I have the factor VIII it has to be 
infused. I am sorry but I have to set up an IV. It's the only way 
just hold on a little longer please." He then carried through with 
what he said and set up an IV calling on all he could remember from 
his days in the Maquis when there were no doctors available and they 
had to make due.

"Now what?" Asked Oromocto

'Now I guess we wait. The clotting factor has to be pushed so 
to speak into his body. It's suppose to help activate the body's 
natural ability to cause clotting." Chakotay explained the best he 
could, surprise he remembered what little he did get to read. 

"I am going to keep trying to raise Voyager. I don't want to move him 
anymore or I would take you closer to the city."

"No do not worry yourself with me and how I will get back. I 
would like to stay and make sure he gets better. I am terribly sorry 
for this. We did not know."

"I didn't know either. I suppose if you had told us what the 
purification did he could have warned you."

"I still feel responsible. We don't tell visitors what is 
involved. We need to change that policy." Chakotay just nodded. What 
he really felt like doing was screaming that yes they should have 
informed Tom and him what was involved. They had no right to cause 
anyone harm like this. But he knew he was being irrational. 

  To keep himself occupied, Chakotay went back to the terminal 
and began to read more about hemophilia, its cause and it's 
treatment. He hoped he wouldn't have to do anything further then 
administer this clotting factor. He hoped that Voyager would find 
them and the doctor would be able to fix whatever harm the Alinidian 
ritual had caused. Chakotay was so engrossed in his reading that he 
didn't hear Tom's weak call at first. It was Oromocto who did and got 
his attention.

"Tom? Can you hear me?"

"Yes" he responded in a whisper.

 "Cha it hurts bad, really bad. I can feel the blood inside me. It 
feels like it is pouring out." Tom grabbed his stomach turned his 
head and threw up. 

Chakotay quickly went to the other side of the bed. Holding Tom's 
head in one hand and reaching for something, anything for him to 
throw up in. Oromocto was there with an environmental suit helmet, he 
took it and nodded his thanks. Then Chakotay realized two things, one 
Tom was throwing up blood, not good, and two Oromocto seemed to be 
searching for something.

"Oromocto what are you doing."

"I was trying to see if I could find something to help clean 
Tom up with."

"Oh just go to the replicator there and ask for a warm wet 
towel and one dry one."
Oromocto did as directed and returned with the towels just as Tom 
finished. He handed the towels to Chakotay and took the helmet. 

"Is there someplace I can get rid of this?"

"There is a bathroom behind that door." Chakotay pointed 
behind him 

"You can get rid of it in there. Thank you" Turning his attention 
back to Tom, wiping his face and mouth the best he could with the wet 

"Cha?" Tom rasped out his throat raw 

"I am here Tom." Chakotay whispered

"I don't want to die. But if I am going to I need to tell you 
something first."

"Tom you are not going to die. Not on my watch."

"Well there might not be a choice here big guy."

"There is a choice you have got to hang on. The factor VIII 
will help slow down the bleeding and Voyager will be here soon. The 
doctor will be able to replace the gene suppressant and you will be 
fine." Chakotay was trying hard to convince himself as well as Tom.

"I hope you are right but just in case you aren't I have to 
tell you this."

"I won't argue with you what do you want to tell me?"

"I am sorry I kissed you before, not because I didn't mean it 
but because of when and where. I am sorry that I didn't tell you 
sooner that I like you. I really, really like you."

"I am not sorry we kissed Tom. And I really, really like you 
too." Chakotay tried to smile but he knew that the smile didn't take 
the sadness out of his eyes.

"I am glad Cha." Tom tried to smile as a rush of pain washed 
over him. He gasped and grabbed his stomach.

"I am going to be sick again." Turning his head away from 
Chakotay Tom threw up again. Oromocto had heard him proclamation and 
was there with the helmet for Tom.

"I am very sorry for the pain my people have inadvertently 
caused you Tom."

"It's not your fault Oromocto you didn't know."

"This may be true but I still am very sorry. I wish there was 
something more I could do."

Before Tom could answer him they heard the comm system 

"Voyager to Delta Flyer." It was Tuvok calling them. Chakotay 
jumped up and ran to the computer.

"Delta Flyer here Tuvok. Are you within transporter range? 
There is an emergency here."

"We are not Commander. What is the emergency?"

"It's Tom, I mean Lieutenant Paris. He is ill he needs to be 
in sickbay."

"Commander we are a day and a half from your current 
location, will Mr. Paris be alright for that long?" Now the captain 
had taken over the communiqué.

"I have no idea Captain. He is bleeding internally, he needs 
a blood transfusion." Did Chakotay sound fearful, anxious?  Chakotay 
wasn't sure if the captain heard the tremor in his voice.

"Chakotay was there an accident? Is the Delta Flyer 

"We had to bring the Flyer down because of an electrical 
storm, once again Tom proved he is the best pilot in the Quadrant. 
The flyer sustained no real damage just a couple of scratches." He 
knew he couldn't keep the awe out of his voice but he didn't really 
care at this point. 

"Commander the electrical storm has passed you should have no 
trouble taking off and meeting us half way." Ensign Kim spoke up 

"I am not sure if Tom is up for the flight. Captain can you 
ask the doctor? I found out that Tom's family has a history of 
hemophilia and he had a synthetic gene, which was inadvertently 
removed during a purification ritual here on the planet."

"Chakotay you disobeyed the Prime Directive?"

"No Captain we did not. The Borg has introduced the people on 
this planet to technology. They chose not to advance their own 
technology, so as not to attract the Borg again.  They invited us to 
stay within a village of theirs until we could contact you." Just a 
bit annoyed that Kathryn would think he would break the Prime 

"I see. The doctor is here now Commander."

"Commander Chakotay please describe for me Lieutenant Paris' 

Chakotay went through what had happened and what he discovered when 
he examined Tom. He also told the doctor what he did according to the 
computer's database.

'You did exactly what you should have done Commander. I would 
recommend that you replicate at least one pint of O positive 
synthetic blood for the Lieutenant and when the infusion course of 
the clotting factor is complete start transfusing that. It will help 
stabilize him until you get back here. I will of course here 
everything that is needed when you get back to replace the lost gene 
but I will not be able to do the operation unless the Lieutenant is 

"Thank you doctor. What about the internal bleeding? I can 
not find any tears or punctures."

"Commander, the nature of hemophilia is somewhat unnerving. 
There doesn't have to be a wound internally for a patient to bleed 
internally. I would recommend not leaving the planet until you have 
transfused the Lieutenant and started another infusion."

"Understood doctor."

"I would suggest at least eight hours before you try to leave 
orbit Commander. That should be a sufficient amount of time for the 
bleeding to slow and Mr. Paris' body to begin the healing process. 
Just be careful not to bounce him around too much."

"Thank you again doctor." Chakotay had hoped no one could 
hear his frustration. He wasn't sure if HE could last the eight hours 
let alone if Tom could.

"Very well commander take off in eight hours.  We will be 
ready to transport Tom as soon as you are within range."

"Yes captain. Ensign Kim?"

"Yes commander?"

"Are you picking up any reading of possible electrical storms 
in the system?"

"Not at this time Commander but I will keep a constant check 
going just to be on the safe side."

"Thank you Ensign." Chakotay breathed a sigh of relief, he 
didn't really want to ask the Ensign to make sure he did his job. He 
was glad the ensign understood what he was asking.

"Very well Chakotay we will see you soon. Stay in contact 
with us. Let us know how Tom is doing and when you are ready to leave 

"Yes Captain, Chakotay out."

"Well at least your ship will be here soon enough. I will 
stay with you can continue to help. I wonder if your computer could 
match our communication waves and I could speak to someone in the 
village. Let them know where I am and what has happened."

"I am sure it can Oromocto. Computers run a scan of all 
bandwidths and locate. Identify communication bandwidth of the 
Alinnid village approximately 200 kilometers from this location."

"Acknowledged scan in progress." The low computer voice 

"Bandwidth found."


"Open a channel to the Government House signal Calic-Bena-
De."  Oromocto spoke to the computer.

"Channel open."

"This is Oromocto."

"Yes sir. This is Enosho."

"Ah Enosho. I am glad it's you. I am about 300 jaredes from 
the village. I am here with our two visitors. One of them, Tom became 
ill, Chakotay and I brought him back to their ship. I will be staying 
with them until they are able to leave. Please inform my mate that I 
will not be home for the evening meal. And inform the counsel that we 
have found a problem with the purification ritual. When I return we 
will discuss the problem further."

"Yes Oromocto. Please tell Tom I am sorry he is ill. I will 
pass along your messages and we shall see you when you return. Do you 
require assistance getting back?"

"No the travel shall help me become focused thank you though."

"Very well safe travel home."  The link was ended and 
Oromocto returned the computer to its original position.

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