R O B E R T    D U N C A N   M C N E I L L   N E W S 

16th July 2002

- Updated the infested page in the filmographie a little.

-Infested will now longer be distributed by MTI Home Video's Gator label as was stated before. Producers are still searching for a new label. Check here for the news.

Infested recently premiered at the Long Island Film Festival. Its director, Josh Olsen, who will be taking the film to various festivals and limited commercial venues before the video release.

The current issue of Fangoria magazine (issue 213) has a two page article about Infested also containing a small image of Robbie. For a version of that image, check here.

More info on Infested: http://www.tuc-watkins.com; http://filmmusicdirectory.com/pages/Detailed/2238.html

-www.paris-kim.com got some lovely new con pics from the Grand Slam in January 2002. Check them out here.

- According to the official page, Robbie is slated to direct episodes of Dawson's Creek in August and September.

-He raised $6300 on the Aids Ride and is currently writing thank you notes to everyone who donated money. For more info on the aids ride go here and here.

A report and pics can be found on here...

old news

- Masters of the Universe has been released on DVD! This edition restores the film to its original anamorphic widescreen format and includes a special director's commentary track, the original theatrical trailer, and character profiles of the six main characters. Check here

- 'Men Before 10 AM Too' is a large-format, high-quality photography book featuring startlingly intimate morning moments with scores of actors and celebrities, all captured by photographer Veronique Vial. A Robbie photograph is also included. Click here to purchase the book at amazon, or check here for the image in question.