slated for release in November 2002

- Horror tale of insects which eat their victims from the inside

- There's a scary buzz when a swarm of bloodthirsty flies not only go on a human-killing spree, but cause their victims to return as zombies. 

- tells the story of a group of old friends who came of age in the era of Reaganomics and Kajagoogoo, brought together by the tragic suicide of their old friend Steven who worked in a high security scientific laboratory. After the funeral, the friends stay the weekend at Carl and Robin's summer house.  Everything seems fine for a weekend of "catching up" and emotional bonding...until the flies appear. The flies don't just sting-they fly into their victim's mouths and breed, inhabiting and controlling their bodies!

Director - Josh Olson 
Writing credits - Josh Olson 

Credited cast overview: 

Zach Galligan ....  Warren 
Lisa Ann Hadley ....  Ellen 
Daniel Jenkins (I) ....  Steven 
Amy Jo Johnson ....  Jesse 
Nahanni Johnstone ....  Mindy 
Robert Duncan McNeill ....  Eric 
Jack Mulcahy ....  Bob 
David Packer ....  Elliot 
Camilla Overbye Roos ....  Robin 
Tuc Watkins ....  Carl 
Mark Margolis ....  Father Morning