Author: Stormraven23
PART: 1/2
Series: VOY 
Codes: Chakotay/Paris, Chakotay/Tomas’
Rating: NC-17
Archive: Ask and we shall see please.
Summary: Chakotay has his own private illusions until Tom walks in on him and calls him out on it. 
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“How DARE I?” He exploded in the pilot’s face. “At least a pale imitation of that gentle young man I loved that night and once saw with brightness of blue sky and sunshine is better than the hateful bitter man in front of me now.” 

Pushing the blond out of his way, Chakotay calmly left the holodeck. As the doors closed behind him, he heard the wail of anguish from a shattered man but kept going to the turbo lift, keeping his heart locked on the gentle face of Tomas’. Tomas’ made of blue sky and yellow sunshine like a golden light in his life and heart. 


Eight years ago on the far side of the galaxy on the planet Earth, capitol of the United Federation of Planets, a little scenario took place. Captain Chakotay of the Maquis arrived in Marseilles, France ahead of schedule for a meeting. The Maquis were always short of pilots and they were not very picky these days of which they hired. Contacts had gotten word to him regarding the washed up son of Admiral Paris of Starfleet who had been a hot shot pilot when he had fucked up at his first posting of Caldik Prime which resulted in the deaths of three people who was now said to be available for hire. After lying about the incident, young Thomas Paris had been cashiered out of Fleet and publicly disregarded by his father. 

Rumor had it that he now hung out in Marseilles these days whoring and hustling to make ends meet since no one trusted him at the helm of a ship these days. They were suppose to interview the pilot at Sandrines a local pub in the morning and determined if there was enough of him left to put at the helm of his own ship. 

Chakotay checked into a nearby hotel and after a good dinner in the hotel restaurant, he decided to take a stroll down and check out Sandrine’s ahead of time. He liked to be familiar with his surroundings and know all the possible escape routes just in case of any danger. Rounding the front part of the pub, he strolled down the alley looking for the back door to the place. 

A low groan caught his attention as he found a trail of blood running around a stack of used wooden wine crates. Ducking around the stack, Chakotay glanced down in the oncoming dusk into a pair of the most incredible blue eyes he had ever seen. It was a blond male who had apparently been beaten hard around the head and stomach, bruising the classic features in the fine face. 

“No more, please,” he begged through swollen lips and the sound of his soft voice nearly broke the great heart of the Maquis warrior. 

“I would never hurt you. May I help you?” he slowly spoke, hoping not to spook the frightened man. Holding out a bronze hand, it was joined a moment of indecision later by a long pale elegant hand. 

Pulling on the hand and using his other to grasp the elbow he helped the young blond to his feet. Holding him steady, Chakotay pulled the trembling frame close to his stocky frame against the chill of the evening. 

“Please, don’t hurt me,” he asked pleadingly through the visible fear on his thin and drawn face. Something in the voice pulled on Chakotay’s heartstrings. 

“Shusss, don’t talk now. Can you walk?” Chakotay decided to take him back to his hotel room and help the young man get cleaned up. His clothes looked like they had seen better days and was more than likely had no credits to his name. 

“I think so,” he seemed defeated and willing to accept his fate at this stranger’s hands. Together, they began the walk in the dark back to the hotel some six blocks away. 

Using the back stairs, Chakotay guided the young man to his room on the second floor setting him on the edge of the bed once they were inside. Keeping an eye on the thin trembling frame, the big man pulled a heavy flannel shirt and a medical kit out of his bag. Blue eyes watched his movements warily as he moved around the room getting ready to care for the wounded youth. 

“Come on,” Chakotay pulled him to his feet. He was shaking from exhaustion, but poised to bolt at the first sign of danger. Chakotay tried another tactic; “My name is Chakotay. What’s yours?” 

“Tomas’,” he answered using the Spanish inflection of his real name. “What do you want from me?” Tomas’ tried to hide his terror under a façade of bravado, but after taking in the densely packed body in front of him, he wondered if he stood a chance if they came to blows. 

“Tomas’,” it rolled off his tongue like it belonged there. “I like it. I am going to help you take a shower, heal your cuts and bruises and put you to bed to get some sleep.” 

“Why?” The blue eyes were very suspicious as he let himself be guided to the bathroom. 

“I’m passing along the favor someone once did the same for me when I robbed and beaten a number of years ago,” Chakotay explained softly as he helped him out of his jacket. 

Tomas’ had a runners build, long-legged, broad shoulders, narrow waist, and slim hips, which was how Chakotay liked his men. The younger man made no protest as the older man continued to undress him and admire the pale body. Instinctively, he knew that the older man would not hurt him or do anything he did not want to do. A shiver ran down his frame as he saw Chakotay stare hungrily at the sight of his chest. Tomas’ also felt a slight stirring in response as he looked back and took a good look at the dark man in front of him. 

Chakotay was just a couple of inches shorter than he was, but he had a very stocky body packed full of muscle and not an ounce of fat anywhere. He had short black spiky hair; deep brown eyes, full sensuous lips and a magnetism that drew people to him like a bee to a flower. His heritage spoke of American Indian from Earth, his own home planet they were currently on here in France. For a moment, Tomas’ wondered what it would be like to be kissed by those full lips in that handsome rugged face. 

“Tomas’,” Chakotay breathed low pitched as he put his arms around the slim waist and pulled him close to his own body feeling electricity jump between them. A small whimper of pain escaped Tomas’ from his cuts and bruises making Chakotay jump back looking guilty. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause you any pain.” 

“Bruises,” Tomas’ smiled than winced over his split lips. 

The smile he gave Chakotay was like a ray of warm sunshine melting the coldness of his heart that he carried being a Captain in the Maquis where sympathy could get you killed. Blue sky and yellow sunshine made up Tomas’ for that brief moment and Chakotay was happy to bask in the glow. “I think I can handle the shower myself. Thank you.” He gently took the board arms from around his waist and shooed the big man out of the bathroom while he disappeared behind the shower door. 

Chakotay sat on the edge of the bed not sure how he got there when all he remembered was the sudden blue and gold warmth in his heart and mind not to mention his loins stirring in desire with a few twitches. 

Chakotay pulled his wits back together as he listened to the water run in the shower and the steam flow over top of the door. Getting up gathered Tomas’ clothes from the floor of the bathroom moving softly so as not to startled him and put the worn clothes in the fresher. Going to the room replicator, he ordered two hot chamomile teas, one to help Tomas’ relax from his injuries and one for him to have something to concentrate on instead of that golden body. 

“What happened to my clothes?” Tomas’ asked sharply as he came out with just a towel wrapped around his waist while he had another around his head toweling his blond hair dry. 

“I put them in the fresher to be cleaned,” Chakotay grimaced as he saw the extent of the bruising on the fair skin. 

“Thank you,” Tomas’ than looked around like what should he do next. 

“If you lie down, I have a dermal regenerator and we can take care of the cuts and bruises,” Chakotay picked up the medical instrument to show him. 

“Okay,” he agreed, but kept the towel around his waist as he laid down on the soft mattress feeling a little more relaxed than he had felt for some time now. His run of luck had been poor lately and being robbed of his last few credits tonight left him with exactly nothing. 

Neither said anything while Chakotay ran the regenerator over the pale skin clearing up the dark bruising and cuts leaving freshly healed skin in its wake. Tomas’ closed his eyes when he became aware of the scrutiny of the dark eyes roaming his body at length. The beauty of the youth sent a wave of lust through the older man and he flushed hotly at the thought of having his way with him. 

Finishing up, Chakotay repacked the instrument in his medical kit and handed Tomas’ the nightshirt to put on when he opened his eyes. 

“You can wear the shirt and I have some hot tea to help you relax,” Chakotay offered. Their hands touched and both felt the jolt of electricity run through their bodies. 

Tomas’ knew he would more than likely never see this handsome stranger again after tonight and he wanted to be taken by this man. He wanted this night to be untouched by his normal whoring and hustling for credits. This was one night he could make a memory sweet enough to hang onto when times got rough and he was full of self-loathing and hatred of himself. Dropping the shirt to the floor followed by the towel, Tomas’ showed his rescuer all his glory. 

“Make love to me, please,” Tomas’ shed all his barriers and placed himself before the big man a vulnerable person who just wanted someone to love him. 

“Are you sure, Tomas’,” Chakotay sat on the edge of the bed admiring the view being offered up to him. 

“Yes, I want you.” He brought the bronze hand up to his lips and kissed the palm. 

Chakotay stood and undressed in front of Tomas’, he was proud of his physique and never hesitated to show it off to his lovers. He showed his broad shoulders, massive chest with dark nipples, the rippling stomach, meaty thighs, nice size cock half aroused nestled in a bed of dark hair down to the tampered calves to his slim feet. Turning around, Tomas’ groaned with desire at the firm bronze ass and just a peek at the puckered opening there. By the time, Chakotay faced him again; his cock was hard and stood proudly while Tomas’ stroked his own to hardness. 

Reaching into his bag, Chakotay grabbed a tube of ointment and set it on the nightstand as he lay down on top of the pale body and pulled him into a deep kiss. Tomas’ arched up into the bronze body trying to claim as much skin contact as possible while exploring the stocky body with his hands. Chakotay kissed those pink lips and caressed the lightly furred body with his hands for the longest time until his cock felt like it was time to nearly come as he reached the limit of his iron control. The pale body underneath him had long since been reduced to a quivering mass. 

Kissing his way down the lightly gold furred chest, Chakotay engulfed the long pink cock in one long slurp down his relaxed throat. Tomas’ screamed in delight as his hands clutched Chakotay’s hair. He was so turned on that he did not last very long under the ministrations. Soon he was yelling his release as he shot his load down the willing throat and felt himself being licked clean as he lay there utterly spent. 

While his lover was recovering from his orgasm, Chakotay settled himself between the long legs and placed a pillow under the slim hips to gain easier access to Tomas’ opening in the pale firm ass. Tomas’ gazed at his brown-skinned lover slicking his fingers under heavy eyelids with soft dreamy blue eyes that sent a wave of lust straight to his groin. 

Using one slicked finger, Chakotay entered the pink orifice of Tomas’ smiling as he watched the pale body squirm and hum in pleasure while stretching the muscles. Soon Tomas’ was thrashing helplessly on four fingers playing with his prostate and filling him. He wailed at the emptiness when Chakotay withdrew only to feel the head of the thick brown shaft slowly fill him until he felt like he was going to split in two. 

Resting on his elbows, Chakotay did not want to squash his lover with his greater weight while he held still so Tomas’ could get used to his fullness. Leaning down, he captured the pink lips in a deep kiss as he began thrusting in and out making sure he hit Tomas’ hot spot. Chakotay knew he wasn’t going to last long so he reached one hand in between their sweaty bodies and wrapped his meaty hand around Tomas’ pale hard cock matching rhythmus. 

His timing worked and a few motions later, they came together with a scream and a hearty groan while Chakotay collapsed on top of Tomas’. The big man was heavy on his chest, but Tomas’ did not mind, it made him feel safe and loved for the moment. 

Grabbing a towel, Chakotay cleaned them up and they fell asleep with Tomas’ sleeping on top of the Maquis smooth skinned chest. When Tomas’ awoke two hours later, he treated his living pillow to a mind wrenching blowjob. 

Chakotay took Tomas’ one more time in the early morning hours on the road to passion. They showered together, got dressed and had coffee when Tomas’ deemed it was time to go. He had his own business to tend too. Chakotay walked the younger man downstairs to the back door of the hotel. 

“Thank you, Chakotay. Last night was incredible and I will always cherish it,” Tomas’ said very sweetly and gratefully as he placed one last kiss on those full red lips. 

“You’re welcome and thank you, also. Maybe some day when the war is over….” He trailed off. “Who knows?” 

“Yeah. Good bye,” Tomas’ said as he turned quickly and walked up the street not noticing the tears in the Maquis’ eyes. “Bye, Tomas’,” 

Chakotay felt like a light had gone out of his life, but he could keep the memory as he headed back to his room to pack. In one corner of the bedroom, he picked up the surveillance camera and contemplated the imagery on it. 

Yep, he could relive this night whenever he wanted too. 


“So where is this desperate idiot and his bucket of bolts he wants me to fly for him?” A young bitter Tom Paris smarted off to Sandrine in her establishment at the appointed time of the meeting. “Right behind you. Thank you, Sandrine,” a cold yet familiar voice sent chills down his spine as Tom turned to see Chakotay, his beautiful lover of the night before, glaring at him with disdainful cold black eyes. His own defenses snapped into place when a simple I’m sorry could’ve melted those eyes and heart back to the warmth he had known. 

Both men were too angry and prideful to admit it to each other as Chakotay decided to hire him anyway. He needed Tom’s skills as a pilot and his ship could live with the attitude as long as Paris could get them where they needed to go. 

Seska did not like Tom Paris from the moment he boarded the Crazy Horse and caused all kinds of trouble for the pilot. Through her whispering in Chakotay’s ear, he stayed angry with the young man despite Tom’s two attempts to apologize to the Maquis Captain. Finally, he gave up and retreated behind his defenses and started making jokes and ridicule Chakotay whenever he got the chance. Tom was hoping to make the Captain mad enough to come after him and he would get a chance to apologize so they could make up. The Captain didn’t respond to it. 

Three weeks later, Chakotay sent Tom on a mission where Star Fleet caught him. He was sentenced to eight years at Auckland Federal Penal Colony. 

Chakotay felt bad after that and used the tapes to relive that sweet memory night after night. Using the surveillance tapes from his hotel room, the Maquis created his own Tomas’ hologram to have and interact with. Stopping at DS9 for a quick meeting with a contact, he used the holosuite at Quark’s to finish the program. From there on out whenever he had access to a holosuite or holodeck he took Tomas’ with him and began to build a relationship with his version of Tomas’. 


While Tom Paris was having a moment of a sweet memory in Auckland on a hot New Zealand day, the Crazy Horse flying through the Badlands was caught up in a huge displacement wave and vanished. 

A few days later while working in the machine ship under a hot sun, he heard a voice, “Tom Paris? I served with your father on the Albatani. Could we talk?” 

End of Part One