Title: Unwanted Turn of Events
Series: Unwanted
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Unwanted alien interference causes unwanted situations to
develop, and possibly unwanted results. (See a theme here? Hehe) Part
4, following Unwanted Emotions.
Rating: R
Pairing: C/P?
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"Unwanted Turn of Events"

Over the next two weeks, Tom couldn't be happier, for not
only was Chakotay taking care of himself, he was as good as his word
and gave him no guff when Tom said or did anything for him; not like

The captain was also good to her word to make sure Chakotay
had his time off, and when the end of the two weeks were almost up,
she submitted…to Tom, what she suggested as a good work schedule for
Chakotay, so to keep him busy but not over do it. Tom looked over it
with a fine tooth comb and made a few suggestions of changes that he
knew would please Chakotay, and could see it clear in Janeway's eyes
when he submitted it to her, how she struggled to keep a good face
when she agreed.

//It was killing her to agree,// Tom recalled, as he was now
walking down the hall, carrying a tray of food for Chakotay, since it
was near the end of the month and ration credits ran low, even with
their combined amount, for the man's craving for chocolate had become
insatiable. Tomorrow Chakotay would be going back to work, and even
with his light schedule, he wanted to stay on top of things, and Tom
couldn't begrudge him this.

So it was no surprise to see B'Elanna and Tuvok leaving as he
was entering, having updated Chakotay on the ships status. Tom walked
in and saw Chakotay sitting at his desk, looking over some pads,
drinking his tea, like he has been over the four months they had been
married, but this time, he looked relaxed and healthy, and had
started to gain the weight he needed to have a healthy child.

Tom smiled, for to him, Chakotay glowed and was absolutely
the most beautiful creation in the entire universe. "Lunch," Tom
chimed as he moved to the desk and leaned over Chakotay and placed
the tray down.

"Thanks, Hon," Chakotay muttered, still reading his report,
not fully aware of his actions, as Tom was sure was the case,
otherwise the man would have never kissed him on the cheek like that,
even if it was in passing.

Tom stood behind Chakotay, now stunned that the man had given
him a chase kiss on the cheek, and could very well tell that Chakotay
was oblivious to it, as he placed down his cup of tea; his eyes still
transfixed on the report, and grabbed up the sandwich, Tom had made
for him. Tom couldn't help but feel all warm and tingly inside, his
hand subconsciously rubbing the cheek Chakotay's lips had touched,
even briefly. Then Tom snapped himself out of it as the Chronometer
chimed the time, he had to get back to the bridge. "Don't over do
it," he said warmly and headed out, not fully aware at how he was

Chakotay sat there reading over the reports Tuvok and
B'Elanna had given him, grateful that they kept him apprised of
everything. He was surprised that over the last two weeks, outside of
Tom, his most common visitors had been Janeway, kissing up to him,
Tuvok and B'Elanna, with the random visit from other crewmembers
accept for Harry, Tom's best friend who stopped by every day to keep
Tom from becoming `domesticated'.

He placed down the report and saw the full tray of food he
had been nibbling on and smiled, Tom had been terrific, even if the
man never let up, Chakotay could see it for what it was, caring pure
and simple. He thought back to how Tom accepted his apology with such
grace, and how the young man quickly put it in the past.

Having come so close, not only to losing his daughter, but
his life, tossed some common sense back into him, Tom had been right,
he was overdoing it. So, as promised, he leaned back and enjoyed the
ride, and let Tom do his thing, making sure Tom knew how much of a
great friend he was and how much he meant to him.

Chakotay tried not to scarf his food, but he had become very
hungry the last few days, and the Doc said it was to be expected. The
only thing Tom did that was not following the Doc's rules was when he
allowed Chakotay to indulge his chocolate cravings, sometimes even to
the point of being slightly sick. When the Doc called him on it, Tom
stated, "I don't mind mood swings, but heaven help the man who stands
between a woman and her cravings; in this case, Chakotay, who is
extremely cranky when he doesn't get his chocolate."

Chakotay snorted, "Cranky" he chuckled as he sipped his tea,
and wiped his mouth with the napkin that Tom brought with the tray.
Underneath the napkin was two large chocolate, chocolate chip
cookies, and Chakotay grinned. "Oh, Tom, I could kiss you," he
stated, his eyes locked on the desert, which Tom had obviously
sneaked for him, since the Doc had him on a strict diet. As he took
the cookie, his mind finally caught up with him…he did kiss Tom!

He felt a bit pale and placed the cookie down, his mind
suddenly recalling how Tom leaned over him, placing down the tray,
and he…//Thanks, Hon.// he had said, and as Tom moved back, he turned
his head, his eyes still locked on the report and…kissed his cheek.
Chakotay didn't like this, //What if he misinterprets this?// he
panicked. //And just how should he interpret a kiss on the cheek…
Hmm?// he retorted. "Friendly, nothing romantic," he stated out loud
to himself, a nod that was all it was. //of course, and the fact that
you two have been acting like an old married couple, down to the twin
beds, had `nothing' to do with,// his mocking thoughts replied.

"I'll just go to him and explain," he said as he stood up,
totally uninterested in the tray on his desk. "But explain it how? I
mean, I can't say, by the way Tom, I know you love me, and that
little peck meant nothing, so don't take it that way…can I?" //Only
if you really are the jerk you've been trying not to be these past
two weeks.// Chakotay sighed, "Perhaps he didn't notice it, I mean, I
didn't…right away…perhaps…?" //A wormhole is going to pop up in
front of the ship and take you all home this very minute…of course he
noticed! The best thing for you to do is forget about it, act like
you did before, you didn't notice it, it was just a simple action,
that you WON'T repeat, right?// "Right," he said, feeling much

He felt the shifting of his daughter, though slight, "seems
I'm not the only one who likes chocolate," he grinned, deciding it
was now okay to indulge is craving, for it all would be fine, and
this little `slip' didn't mean anything and soon it would be


Sitting in their cabin, deep within their bedroom, they sat
on the floor, lighting a candle that would honor their love…their
mate…Chakotay. He was looking well, and for that they were grateful
to Tom Paris, but the young man was still a threat to their desired
goal. While Chakotay was on sick leave, Tom wasn't taking anything
risky or doing anything that would take him off the ship, where an
accident wouldn't be as closely investigated.

Over the two weeks, they had thought long and hard whether or
not to dispatch Tom Paris, but sadly it had to be done, for whether
or not Chakotay was aware of it, he was becoming way to attached to
the young man…this was unacceptable.

Their attempts to close the gap between them and the
Commander seemed to be working, but slowly, for with Tom's care,
Chakotay was in need of nothing, again though grateful for the
pilot's care, Chakotay was theirs and they should be doing the job of
looking after him, no one else; but Chakotay would not be won over in
a simple battle, no, he would have to be taken, but in a skilled and
delicate manner.

Today there was opportunity, for with Chakotay back where he
belonged, well, as close to it as possible, getting him the Captain's
seat would come later, Tom let his guard down and accepted an away
mission to scout a meteor belt far right to where Voyager would be
passing, to see if there were any minerals they could use, since far
distant scans didn't penetrate the belt.

//Pity, he won't be coming back from this mission, // they
thought. //Chakotay will naturally be upset, and I'll be there for
him, for he won't trust the Captain to lean on. // they gave a dark
smile, for it was now a simple matter of time.


Chakotay sat on the bridge, feeling good about things, his
health was good, as reported by the Doc by his mornings checkup, and
his work load very easy to handle, and even the Delta aliens had the
decency to not disturb his good day, all in all things were going

They approached the far perimeter where Tom would be taking
the shuttle out to do some light scouting, to see if it would be
worth Voyager's time and risk, to take on the belt, or to pass it by
all together. Tom did his job with impeccable grace, //as always,//
Chakotay noted, and watched him exit, heading for the shuttle bay.

Janeway joined him, still kissing up to him, and he allowed
it, for he felt it was the least she could do after all the crap she
gave him over the past four months. He also knew, long before the
wild rumors came his way, that she was regretting losing what she had…
him. //Once shame on you, twice shame on me,// he recalled the old
saying, for he was no longer blind by his affections for the woman,
and all her actions had be come crystal clear…she needed him, in this
seat, more than she needed him anywhere else, including her bed. No,
he wasn't sure what all his future had in store for him and his
personal life, but she was defiantly not apart of it.

"…Commander Paris."

Chakotay blinked, realizing he had drifted, and turned to
Kathryn seeing the annoyance in her eyes. "Sorry, Captain," he
replied softly, keeping the matter between them.

"Perhaps I should go back to calling you Commander Chakotay,
you respond to that," she said, trying to make light of the matter,
but her eyes showed her annoyance even more.

"No, I…" he cleared his throat, "What did you need, Captain,"
he asked, trying to change the subject.

"I was simply asking how you were, for you seemed light years
away, and I was right, you were."

Chakotay gave a small smile, for she was right, he was light
years away, thinking, but of things that could wait till off
duty. "Sorry, Captain." Then needing another change of the subject,
he looked over his shoulder just in time to see Harry Kim hide a
smirk. "Isn't it time for the shuttle to check in?" he inquired.

Harry checked his chronometer, his eyes narrowed, "He's
thirty seconds late," Harry stated, but not with too much concern,
Tom was never punctual.

Before Janeway could dismiss it, "Try and hail him," Chakotay
replied, wanting the distraction from the current subject at hand
between himself and Janeway.

"The sensors are not detecting the shuttle," Tuvok suddenly
stated in his calm emotionless tone.

Janeway stat up, "When did we lose sensor lock?"

"Two point five seconds ago," Tuvok replied easily.

"Communications are not working that far out either," Harry

Chakotay turned toward Kathryn, "I don't like it."

She sat back in her chair, "We knew he would fall out of
sensor range, and that communications would be a problem, this is
nothing to panic about," she said reassuringly, detecting the concern
in her First Officer.

Chakotay sat back trying to relax, for she was right, they
had discussed the fact that Tom would be out of sensor range and
communication range, but he was suppose to contact Voyager just
before then, and he didn't . After five more minutes Chakotay
realized that he was gnawing on his thumb, something he never did…
unless… "Something's wrong," he stated with conviction to Janeway.

She sat up and looked at him, ready to put him back in his
place, but there was something in his eyes…something she had seen
before when trouble hid just within the shadows; for it was this
along with other hidden talents of the Commander, that she wanted him
by her side…the man had an uncanny sixth sense. She instead shifted
toward the helm "Take us in the belt, Mr. Betahart. Ensign Kim, I
want all long range scanners looking for Mr. Paris, and see if you
can get communication with him," she ordered.

Chakotay sat back, knowing that he may never feel the same
way about this woman again, but at least at this moment, she had
earned some of his respect back again, for instead of questioning him
or denying him, she listened, thought it was rare, she was finally
starting to get it…when he said something was wrong, 10 out of 10
times, something was wrong.

It took some time for Voyager to move into the belt, for even
thought Betahart was a good pilot, he was no Tom Paris. Chakotay
literally sat on his hands to keep from gnawing off the flesh on his
thumb; his nerves were on edge, //Paris luck? // he wondered, for Tom
had stated that send him anywhere and trouble would find him. //Of
all the damn times to put that theory into practice,// his mind
growled with mixed frustration and concern.

"Captain, I'm picking up the shuttle," Harry suddenly
shouted. "Life signs appear weak, there appears to have been some
sort of explosion on board."

"Are we within transporter range?" she questioned, her eyes
shimmering with worry.

"No," Harry replied, his voice tight, that his best friend
was hurt and they were not able to get to him.

"Begging your pardon, Captain, but we can't get that close,
for the meteor belt is to close knit," Betahart stated, though he too
was concerned for Tom.

Janeway was turning toward Tuvok when she heard the light
growl from the side chair, "Bullshit," Chakotay had said, and this
surprised her, for her First Officer almost never used profanity.
Then as she turned back she saw him take Betahar's place at the helm
and without orders started maneuvering Voyager closer. "Commander,
just what are you doing?" she asked, trying to keep her annoyance to
a minimum.

"After Tom, I'm the best pilot, Voyager has; no offense,
Jerry. But Tom's dying out there, and I can get us within transporter
range, for we don't have time for anything else."

Janeway was bothered that Chakotay had done this without her
permission, but that was also what made him a good officer, knowing
when to act, and when the Captain would be forgiving. "Very well,"
she said, letting it known that she approved of this action, but
still would have a little chat with the man after Tom was safe.

Chakotay was right, after Tom he was the best pilot Voyager
had, and he was able to dance Voyager close enough so Tom could be
beamed to sickbay and the shuttle to the cargo bay. Then he carefully
backed the ship out and handed it back to Betahart. "Sorry," he said
softly to Jerry, wanting the man not to take his dismissal at the
helm personally.

"Not at all, Commander `Paris'," Jerry said, emphasizing that
he did understood very well.

Chakotay felt very tired, but more concerned, "Permission

Janeway already predicted the request, "Go, and keep us
informed, and your off duty till either your husband is better or
twenty-four hours is up, which ever you need more," she stated.

"Thank you, Captain," he said as he got up and headed
out. //Perhaps she's not as bad as I thought,// he considered as he
called for the deck that would take him to see Tom.


Chakotay entered sickbay and silently gasped at the burned
figure on the biobed. He took a moment to steady himself, "What…is he
going to be all right?" he asked, finding as he moved closer that he
needed to sit down.

The EMH saw this and guided Chakotay to the biobed next to
where Tom was laying. "Yes, he's going to be fine, but he's going to
need a lot of medical care in the next few weeks. He's suffered
massive burns and server smoke inhalation. Had we not retrieved him
when we did…" The Doc let the obvious linger in the air. "But, now
that he's here, he'll be all right, and I'll have him looking as if
this never happened in no time."

Chakotay noticed that Tom started to stir on the biobed, and
shifted down from his and moved to stand next to Tom's instinctively
taking the young man's hand into his own. "Tom" he called out softly.

It took a few moments, but Tom opened his eyes, and Chakotay
could see the cloud of pain that filled the blue eyes that normally
sparkled with life. "Tom, you're going to be okay, you're on Voyager.

"Mr. Paris has been though a lot, and his throat as well as
his lungs has suffered from inflammation," the Doc stated. "So I
doubt he will be able to talk for a few days."

Tom was slow in recognizing anything, but when his eyes
focused on Chakotay, the spark of life came flaming back, and
Chakotay had no choice but to smile, "I knew you wouldn't quit on
me," he stated. "Don't try and talk, the Doc said it will be a couple
of days before your throat will be healed, but you `are' going to be
just fine, Tom," he said, reassuring the young man with his soothing
tone, a light squeeze on his and, and gently brushing the soft locks
from Tom's eyes.

"Cha…" Tom rasped, a tiny smile on his face, though his eyes
sparkled, he was still in pain and he was sinking back into sleep

"Shh, don't talk, Honey," he said, still soothing Tom's brow,
and subconsciously placed a gentle kiss on Tom's forehead. "Just
sleep, I'll be here when you wake up, I promised," and he meant it.

He watched Tom drift back to sleep and felt a wave of relief
come over him, for he knew that Tom would be all right and with a
dose of some TLC like he was getting from Tom, Tom would be good as
new in no time.

Reluctantly he had to let go of Tom's hand, for the baby was
hungry, and he promised Tom that he would keep to his diet schedule,
and he just knew Tom would find out even now, if he didn't keep it.
So he moved to the medical replicator and got a small healthy meal.
He may not be able to stay next to him all this time, but he didn't
have to leave either. He fed himself and the baby, which gave a
kick. "Ha, as tenacious as your Father," he teased.

"How did you know?" the EMH asked astonished.

Chakotay turned to him puzzled, "How did I know what?"

"That…" he looked at Chakotay a moment, "Ah, never mind."

Wrong words to say to Chakotay

. "What? How did I know what?" He asked standing in front of the
Doc, letting his natural presence intimidate him, even if he was a

The EMH looked around and saw that he could talk privetly, "I
did try to tell you in the beginning," he said, trying to make sure
there was no repercussion on his behalf.

"Try to tell me what? What are you talking about?" he
demanded, his patience thin after all his worry and concern with Tom.

"Commander, I tried to inform you of your child's lineage,
were you clearly cut me off," he continued, not wanting the
Commander's wraith aimed at him.

Chakotay was about to snap some more, then stopped, trying to
piece all the pieces together. He recalled what he said, though he
was referring to himself, but…Father was taken by the EMH
differently, thus… "Are your trying to tell me, the other parent of
my daughter is a guy?"

"Well, yes, and to be more precise, not just any…guy. Your
husband; which I think is a minor miracle that even not knowing you
two was having a child together you still…"

"Shut up!" Chakotay snapped. For this new information was a
bit much for him to take at the current moment. "You're trying to
tell me…that Tom…Tom is…" he needed to sit down.

The EMH helped Chakotay sit on the nearest biobed, and
scanned him, "You'll be all right, Commander, just breath in deep and
slow," he stated.

Chakotay sat there quietly for a moment absorbing the news,
then looked at the hurt young man on the other biobed, his head began
to spin some more. "How long?" he finally asked.

"How long what?"

"How long till he wakes up?" Chakotay asked, still trying to
think straight.

"The earliest will be tomorrow morning, I gave him a heavy
sedative, since I have a lot of grafting and regeneration work to
do," The EMH stated.

Chakotay simply nodded his head, and got up off the biobed
and then exited, he needed to get out of sickbay, he needed to get
out…he really wanted fresh air and forest to lose himself in, but it
was either the hydroponics bay or the holodeck, and he let his body
chose, his feet making him move, for his brain was numb beyond

"Commander, are you all right?"

Chakotay recognized the voice, but he couldn't think, too
much information, too many emotions flooding his brain, though he did
recall shaking his head no.

"Here, come with me, I'll take care of you," the voice said.

All Chakotay knew was that he was being led somewhere, and
for the moment that was okay, he needed to get away; he needed time
to think, and so followed without question.


"My son, wake-up. Wake-up, son, you have to wake up!"

"Go away," Chakotay moaned his head spinning.

"Chakotay, my son, you can not stay here, you must wake up

Though Chakotay felt light headed and dizzy, the urgency in
his Father's voice stirred him into action. He moved and found he was
sprawled out on the grass of his meadow, and was puzzled, for he
didn't recall meditating. "How…?"

"There is no time, my son," Kolopack said, kneeling down to
help his son gain some balance. "Tom is in danger and you are the
only one who can help him."

Chakotay's head was still spinning, "Tom? What…? I don't
understand, why am I here, and how can Tom be in danger?" Then more
of what happened started to come back to him, about what the Doc said
about Tom being the Father of his child. "You knew, didn't you?" he
asked in an accusing tone.

"There is no time for this, my son. Tom's life is in you
hands, you must leave here and go back to the mortal realm, before it
is too late…hurry! They will kill him this time."

"Kill?" This word got Chakotay's hazed brain working. Then he
recalled, even more, being led to quarters, sharing a cup of tea, and
then things got weird, and fuzzy. The last thing he heard was… His
eyes went wide.


With great effort, Chakotay was back in his body, and
fighting the effects of the drug he had been given. He reached for
his com badge, but there was none to reach for. His captive sure the
drug would keep him out did not take the time to restrain him, so he
pushed himself up and moved to the com channel, but it wouldn't work
for him.

He closed his eyes, for his head was spinning, and moved
toward the door override, for he was sure it wouldn't open normally
either. He used his codes, and had the door open, and moved outside
to the empty hall. //All the damn times for the hall to be empty,//
his mind growled. "Is anyone here?" he shouted, stumbling to the far
wall, trying to walk his way to either the turbolift or a com

He managed to get to a communications consol, "Security to
sickbay on the double," he ordered, his breathing shallow for he was
still feeling drugged. "Computer, emergency medical beam out, this
location to sickbay now!" he shouted, and felt the tingle of the beam
take hold of him. When the tingling was over he stumbled to the
ground, for the drug in his system was starting to win out. He looked
up and saw no EMH, and his opponent standing next to Tom's biobed…Tom
was still very much alive, but not for long. "NO!" he shouted,
wondering where the hell security was.

His opponent turned toward him and stopped whatever they were
going to do to the helpless young pilot, and walked toward
Chakotay. "You are an amazing man, Commander," they said in an
impressive though slightly scolding tone. "But you should not be
here; you need your rest if our child is to be born healthy."

"Our? What the hell is wrong with you? There is…" he breathed
deep to keep awake, "There is no way I'm going to let you hurt Tom,
besides, security will be here soon, and it doesn't matter what you
say…" he was feeling even more dizzy.

"Hmm, a slight set back, nothing more. Though this does
change things somewhat," the opponent stated easily with little
concern. "If it is not safe for us here, then we'll have to go
somewhere else," they said and moved to the replicator and the
computer console. "Oh, I should mention that I took the liberty in
locking out any unwanted visitor," they stated over their shoulder.

Chakotay took this to mean that security would have to force
their way in, unless…he started to move, but his head was spinning
and he couldn't tell up from down. He took one last deep breath and
tried to stand, but only managed to stumble to the base of Tom's
biobed. He was losing the battle with the drug in his system, as he
saw the black Starfleet boots next to him, "Please, don't hurt him,"
he asked, hoping it would make a difference.

"Why shouldn't I kill him, he stands between us, and that is

Chakotay's mind whirled, he had to focus, "Because…because if
you kill him or harm him again…I'll…I'll hate you forever."

"No you won't," they replied easily.

The sound of the front doors being lasered open caught their
attention, "Seems it's time to go, and a hostage would be well suited
for this type of situation," they stated. "So it would seem my love,
that for the moment, you will get your wish…Tom will live, for now
and so long as you cooperate; for I know it is the hormones the
Doctor has given you that is keeping you from seeing things clearly.
Good night, my love," they said gently and administered another
sedative to Chakotay…this one he could not fight.


The lights on the bridge was going crazy as were every other
consol, door, or object that moved or ran with power. "What the hell
is going on?" Janeway shouted.

"Communications are down and so are sensors," Sam Wildman
cried from her station.

"Damn it, get down to engineering and find out what's going
on," she ordered a crewman. She looked around her bridge, this crazy
nightmare having been going on for over five minutes, "Where is
Tuvok, and Mr. Kim, what in blazes…"

"Captain!" Betahart shouted, and pointed to the view screen,
where one of Voyager's shuttles was now seen taking off for parts

Janeway didn't know what was going on, but this had to be a
bad thing, as she took her seat and rested her eyes in her hands, for
till the ship was brought back under control, there was little she
could do at the moment.

"Captain, what should I do?" Betahart asked with concern, for
this crisis was very unusual.

"First, do what you can to get a lock on them, track them if
you can, second…you can get me a bottle of aspirin, I have a feeling
I'm going to need it."

TBC in Unwanted Challenges.