Title:  Unwanted Challenges
Series: Unwanted
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Unwanted alien interference causes unwanted situations to
develop, and possibly unwanted results. (See a theme here? Hehe) Part
5, following Unwanted Emotions, Unwanted Turn of Events
Rating: R
Pairing:  C/P?
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"Unwanted Challenges"

It was slow, but consciousness was becoming easier to obtain,
though the fuzziness in his head was still present, he fought to come
around, knowing that he had too. Slowly he shifted to his side, and
suppressed a groan, for his body ached, but he was not hurt. He
reached down and touched the child within him, the baby felt fine, so
he took a soft cleansing breath, and opened his eyes.

Chakotay could quickly tell he was in the aft of a shuttle,
but what startled him most was that he was on the spare bunk and Tom.
looking very pale was laid sprawled on the floor. A soft growl came
from him as a wave of anger crossed over him along with a wave of
something else.he felt dizzy again. He closed his eyes and took slow
deep breaths, wondering if he was hurt after all, but soon as he
calmed himself he was able to center and focus. He sat up and swung
his legs over slowly, and when he felt steady enough he got up, and
gave only a tiny flinch when the EMH popped into existence. "What

"Commander, are you in need of medical attention?" he asked,
totally oblivious to Tom on the floor or the fact that they were on a
shuttle instead of in sickbay.

"Help me get Tom to the bed," he said, moving to the young
man's side.

"I.I can not," The EMH stated, thought a bit confused at his
own words.

Chakotay snapped a glare at the Doc, "Why the hell not?"

"I.it would seem my programming has been tampered with," he
replied as easily as he could. "If I attempt." he made a move
forward, and glitches, blinking and than reappeared where he first
appeared. "I can not help Tom Paris," he stated flatly.

Chakotay gave a growl, and again the wave of light dizziness
overcame him, he took a slow breath and it passed. He then moved and
though he was strong, being four months pregnant was not in his favor
in lifting an unconscious six foot male. He carefully shifted Tom to
the bunk, one end at a time.

"Commander, in your condition, you should not be."

"Then help me," Chakotay snapped, taking a breath, to keep
himself calm, and the dizziness at bay.

Chakotay raised a brow, in Tuvok fashion when he saw that the
EMH was able to move and help `him' lift Tom Paris up to the
bunk. //He can't help Tom.but he can help me,// his mind
processed. "At least they haven't become the total monster I feared,"
he muttered to himself.  As soon as Tom was situated on the bunk,
Chakotay sat down and took slow deep breaths. "What's wrong with me?"
he asked, seeing he had the Doc right there.

"I'm afraid it's the side effect of the
Adrinindeclerationbaritall, that I was programmed to give you," the
EMH stated, recognizing that he did not do this of his `own'
accord. "Its purpose is to keep known violent individuals from
becoming violent by making them first dizzy then secondary sleepy to
the point of passing out. So long as I do not have to continue
administering the drug for too long of a time period, there is no
harm to the child."

The last part made Chakotay feel better, "So, as long as I
remain calm.?"

"The drug has no effect."

Chakotay nodded, //Seems a level head is needed here in more
than one way, // he thought, a tiny smirk to himself.

"You are sure you can't help Tom?" he asked, his concern back
to the young man next to him out cold.

The Doc attempted to step forward again, and he glitches once
more, reappearing where he started from. "I am sure."

Chakotay sat quietly for a moment, calming himself, and
allowing himself to think, for he knew there was a way around this.
Suddenly he gave a small smile, and he raised and picked up the
medical tricorder and scanned Tom. "Hypothetically, if `I' was in the
following condition and my vitals are as follows." he began reading
off what the scanner said, "then what would you do for me?" he asked,
hoping the question was posed in the proper manner, so that it would
loop hole around the programming that kept the EMH from helping Tom.

"With the child."

"For the sake of the hypothetical question, say I was not
with child," he added.

"Ah, then I would administer, 25 cc's of Thericlorethal, and
15cc's of Hydrabenzine mixed with 5 cc's of Betaredinal," The EMH
stated, a gleam in his eyes, letting Chakotay know that on some level
he understood what the Commander was doing, and appreciated.

Chakotay was no medic, but he could work the replicator, and
he programmed the one back here for the medications. He did notice
that certain items, like a weapon or any non-essential item, such as
medical or food, was locked out. He gathered up the hypos and
administered them to Tom, and was relieved to see how quickly color
was coming back into Tom's face. The burns were now down to a
minimum, for the Doc had been busy before.
He let his hand trace over the now light scars on Tom's face, concern
filling his eyes. "Your going to be okay, Tom, I promise."

Then when he felt the wave of dizziness, he knew his anger
was coming over him again, and so he took a deep breath, and focused
his mind to remain calm, it was time to face their abductor. He stood
up and tried the door, and was a bit surprised that it opened, and
stepped through, hoping to put an end to this madness.

He was half way into the front of the shuttle when he was
firmly, thought not harshly pushed to the shuttle wall, strong hands
running up and down his chest and thighs, "Take your hands off me,"
he growled, even if he felt dizzy.

"You are my T'hy'la, my mate, I can touch what is mine," his
kidnapper stated, continuing to caress his body.


Janeway stood in the middle of her bridge, still barking out
orders trying to get her ship back into functioning normal. She
turned and looked at Kelly, the crewmen that brought her the latest
report. "Are you sure, they are all gone?"

"Yes, Captain. Once we got the internal sensors back on I ran
the scan myself, they are not on board Voyager."

"Well, at least they took the EMH, for I don't think Tom
could survive without the care.but why? Why in the hell would they do
this?" Her frustration clear in her face was well as in her
tone. "Very well, get the rest of the systems up and we'll deal with
this as soon as we can, thank you for informing me of this," she
stated as professionally as she could. She then watched Kelly leave
and looked around the bride, "Daman, don't I have `any' senior staff
left?" she asked more to herself than her crew.

Just then the turbolift opened to reveal two of her officers,
and she gave a sigh of relieve, though she would be having a chat
about what took them so long to get here during a crisis. "It's about
time you got here, gentlemen," she stated, letting her displeasure

"My apologies Captain," Tuvok replied taking up his station.

"Ah, me too, Captain," Harry interjected, dashing to his

Janeway arched a brow, if she didn't know better.? //Hmm,
perhaps I don't,// she smirked to herself, when her keen eyes spotted
the light bruise on Harry's neck, the type lovingly known as a hicky.
Then her moment of self musing passed, "Gentlemen, we have a


"Damn it, what the hell is wrong with you?" Chakotay asked,
pushing the strong hands away from him. "You sound like a crazed
Vulcan! Damn it, B'Elanna get a grip!"

"That's what I'm trying to do," she purred, reaching out to
caress Chakotay once more, only to be pushed back, but not with the
full force Chakotay was capable of. "I see you've figured out that it
would be unwise for you to lose your temper; for it could prove fatal
for our child, T'hy'la," she stated, taking a step back.

Chakotay took a small breath, trying to remain calm, "There
is no, `our' child, this is `my' daughter. B'Elanna, what is wrong
with you, you are flipping between a crazed Vulcan and a crazed

Her dark eyes narrowed, a fire sparking in them, "I am
Klingon, and I have chosen," she growled and lunged on Chakotay, her
lips and teeth plunging down hard on Chakotay.

Chakotay didn't want to hurt her, nor harm his child, but he
couldn't let her do this to him, so with great effort, he kneed her
in the crotch and her howl of pain was the break he needed to move
back to the aft compartment, for she blocked the way to the front. He
was feeling dizzy and was jumpy and thus startled when the EMH gave
him a hand. He then relaxed and let him help him sit on the edge of
the bunk, where Tom still laid unconscious. He looked up to see
B'Elanna storm in.

"You are mine!" she growled. "I will not be denied!" and
started forward.

"I'm married!" he snapped back, shifting to the far edge of
the bunk. "You.you were at my wedding? Tom is your best friend, how.
how could you.?"

The words managed to penetrate her aggression, "Married? Yes,
yes, that may be, but it was a false union, we both."

"Doc, was the marriage consummated?" he asked, hoping that
Tom had been right, and the Doc did check that night.

"Yes," the EMH stated as he turned to B'Elanna. I did do a
through scan of the couple after their `honeymoon' and did find
suitable evidence that the marriage was indeed consummated, thus the
marriage is not false, but binding."

Chakotay could see this put a damper on whatever madness was
rampaging in his friend's head. "So, you see, I can `not' be yours,
so you might as well."

"Wrong," she growled. "As soon as that Patock is dead, you
will be free for me to claim," she grinned. "I only needed him for a
hostage incase Voyager tried to stop us, but it would seem my
diversion was more than sufficient to keep them busy. As soon as I
determine it is safe, I'll space that.pig, and it will no longer be
an issue between us."

"You would kill your best friend?"

"Best friends do not steal one's chosen mate," she hissed
back, and then straightened up, becoming calm, too calm. "I will have
to lock you back here, it is for your own safety, Chakotay. The Doc
is programmed to care for you till I am able to. I will return
shortly," she stated and then exited, and locked the doors.

"Okay, what the hell is wrong with her? Tell me at least you
scanned her or something?" he demanded, once more feeling the wave of
dizziness that kept him in check coming over him.

"I don't need to scan her, I already know what the problem
is, however, there is little I can do here on the shuttle," the Doc
stated with concern.

"Well, than perhaps you could tell me?"

The EMH moved and scanned Chakotay, and them moved to get a
vitamin shot, "Remember when B'Elanna and Vorik had that brush with
the Blood fever?"

"Yes, but that was a while back."

"Yes, but it is not uncommon for unresolved attacks of Blood
fever to resurface, and it would seem that is the case. Lieutenant
Torres is suffering not only from the Blood fever, she is also
suffering a mental conflict between the Vulcan standards that
accompanies prolonged exposure to the mental illness, and her flared
Klingon nature; thus her schizophrenia."

"How long."

"I managed to scan her when she stormed in sickbay before she
took me off line. The information has remained with me, though as I
said, there is nothing I can do for her here. It would seem the fight
between Vorik and she was not enough to fully cure the fever, only
place it in dormancy."

"Great," Chakotay replied, rubbing his eyes and feeling
tired.  Chakotay wanted to lie down, but Tom had the only bunk, and
this brought his concerns back to the young man. "I know you
can't `help' him, but how is he?"

The Doc didn't move, though he did wave a scanner over
Tom, "He is stable, though still in need of medical attention, most
of which if I was able I could do. But every time I." he glitches and
the scanner drop into Chakotay's lap as the Doc reappears back in the
original location he showed up in. "See?"

"Yes, I do. Okay, again, hypothetically, if I was in this
condition, what would you do now?"

"I would be using the regenerator to heal the skin, for the
skin is an organ, and with so much of it damaged, the chances of
further infection, dehydration and other problems still exist. Once
the burns have been healed, I then would work on grafting any of the
more heavy duty scares, thus bringing back your original appearance.
The rest would be a regular treatment of antibiotics and other immune
builders along with heavy amounts of fluids to keep the body from

"Okay, Doc," Chakotay nodded, and then moved to get the
regenerator from the medical kit, relieved that B'Elanna even in her
madness had foreseen to over pack. In fact, as he looked around, he
started to see, she had must have been planning on this, for the
shuttle was too well equipped. //One thing at a time,// he told
himself. He knew there was no way he could contact Voyager from here,
even mad, she was proving not to be stupid. He sat down next to Tom,
his heart aching at the burns on his face and body, because of
him. //Oh, Tom, I am so.so very sorry,// he thought as he set the
regenerator to the proper level and started the long painstaking work
of healing the young man's skin. He gently brushed blond locks aside
Tom's forehead. "I won't let her hurt you, Tom. I'm not sure how yet,
but I won't," he quietly vowed.

"You really should rest," The Doc stated, seeing how
exhausted the Commander was.

"Well, unless you're going to take over for me, I have a job
to do," he stated coolly, keeping his eyes on the sleeping man next
to him. "I'll rest when I've got some of this done, and not before

"Very well," the EMH stated, knowing that he was useless in
this matter and clicked himself off.

Chakotay sat quietly running the regenerator over Tom's face,
letting his mind drift on the situation at hand, and what options he
had, for not only was B'Elanna normally strong, but crazed could make
her even more dangerous, plus, with the drug in his system, and the
baby, he couldn't fight her directly. No, he had to find away to out
think her, it was Tom's only chance. Tom.the father of his child; the
recollection came back to him and he stopped his work and sat
back. "Why you?" he asked to no one in particular in a soft
whisper. "Out of everyone on Voyager, why.?" he couldn't fathom it,
and being tired, he decided not to dwell on it, and went back to


It had taken several hours to get Voyager back to running
normal, and sift through all the facts of what happened. To that
result, Janeway and Tuvok were now standing in B'Elanna Torres's
bedroom, staring at the mini shrine she made to Chakotay.

"Tell me again, what does this mean?" she inquired of her
tactical officer.

"It means that lieutenant Torres is still suffering a form of
the Blood Fever, and that unlike before when she targeted Tom Paris
down on the planet, she has set her sights on the Commander. From
what I have been able to determine, the Lieutenant is responsible for
the Mr. Paris' accident, thus making the Commander a widower, and
available to be reclaimed. From the tea cup and the override and the
call to security, I would deduct that she had lured the Commander
here, under what pretense I can not tell you. Though once here she
drugged the Commander, and quite amazingly," Tuvok raises a brow, "It
did not have the full affect. What should have had him out for hours,
was only long enough for her to depart to sickbay where she was going
to dispatch the Lieutenant. However, from the Sickbay security
records, we witnessed that the Commander was able to put a stop to
it; at least temporarily. She then initiated her `back up' plan that
blinded Voyager and stole a fully equipped shuttle and took the
Commander and the EMH, as well as Tom Paris, as a hostage."

Janeway just sighed, "Okay, now what? We found three faint
warp trail signatures, at least two of them are false. How do we find
them, and what will she do to Tom if she no longer feels she needs a

"I fear you know the answer as well as I. As to locating the
Lieutenant, I would believe that she would want to find a place where
she and the Commander could dwell, thus use long range scanners to
seek out M-class planets. I will go down to astrophysics and see if I
can find any hidden files, which may give us a clue as to where she
is heading. As prepared as she appears to have been, I do not think
her destination was left up to chance either."

"Very well. Just keep me informed if you find anything," she
nodded, and then exited, wondering just how challenging her `crazed
obsessed' chief engineer was going to make this merry chase.


Chakotay shifted on his side, feeling soft fingers caressing
his hair, then his eyes snapped open, and seeing bright blue eyes
looking at him, he relaxed.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you," Tom said, his voice
still raspy, but not too weak, and a smile on his face.

Chakotay eased himself up, still feeling achy; this bunk was
not the best for those four months pregnant. "It wasn't you," he
replied, glad to see Tom was awake. "How are you feeling,
considering," he smiled, reaching out and once more brushing Tom's
hair from his eyes.

"Well, I don't hurt as bad, though I last remember being in
sickbay, why are we on the Orion?"

Chakotay arched a puzzling brow, "how do you know it is the
Orion and not one of the other shuttles?"

Tom smiled, "Lumpy mattress," he chuckled. Then he pointed up
to the overhead equipment that is standard, and it was marked Orion
as per regulations.

"Oh," Chakotay replied, not even noticing the obvious. "Well,
I'm not sure where to begin, but it seems that your accident was no
accident." He felt for Tom as the realization showed in his blue
eyes, as pain and hurt clouded them.

"What do you mean it was no accident?"

Chakotay sighed, "It seems that." he didn't know how to put
this but directly. "That someone wanted you dead so they could get to
me," he stated.

"Get to you?" Tom asked, trying to sit up, but a gentle hand
from Chakotay kept him lying down. "What do they want with you and
who in the hell would.do this?"

"Tom, I'm going to tell you, but I want you to hear me out,
for there is more than what it first sounds like, okay?"

Tom felt the fire of anger rage in him, but for Chakotay's
sake he nodded yes, and would remain quiet and hear all there was to
be said.then he was going to kick some ass!

"It seems that B'Elanna."


"Tom, hear me out. Yes, B'Elanna is behind this, but she's
not in her right mind. It seems that the Blood Fever has not passed
her, but only went dormant, and now, it's back two fold. Accept this
time she thinks I'm her mate, the child hers and you a.obstacle to be
rid of. I'm sorry, Tom, but she really isn't in her right mind. She's
kidnapped me, taken the EMH and took you too as a hostage in case
Voyager came after us. Since it's been hours, I'm taking it she did
something to keep Kathryn busy, and that's why we're still here.
She's also programmed the Doc not to help you, but." Chakotay gives a
mischievous grin, "I found a way around that. I also believe I have
an idea to keep B'Elanna from." his voice trailed, this was getting
to direct.

"To keep B'Elanna from what, Tay?" Tom inquired, seeing the
hesitancy in Chakotay's eyes. "From killing me?" Seeing Chakotay's
head snap up, he knew he hit the nail on the head.

"Ah, I see you're awake," B'Elanna's voice echoed from the

Tom and Chakotay looked up to see her carrying a phaser, on
low setting, and if it hit Tom or Chakotay in their conditions, it
would knock them out till next week. "You won't get away with this,"
Tom growled.

"I am not concerned about a Patock like you!" she
growled. "But since you are awake, I won't have to carry you to the
air lock," she grinned.

"Coward!" Chakotay hissed, though keeping his temper in check
for he needed a clear head for this conflict. He saw the rage burn in
B'Elanna's eyes and knew this was the right path. "You think I would
want to be the mate of a coward. I tell you now, that if you harm my
husband in such a cowardly fashion I will not only vow, widow's
remorse, but I will also vow FeiKar!"

Tom arched a brow, for though he knew of the widow's remorse,
the vow that Klingon widows or widower's vowed to remain bound to
their dead departed spouse, and not claimable in the eyes of Klingon
society.a life time of celibacy and fidelity to the honored loved one
lost; he never heard of FeiKar, though he was touched that Chakotay
would say this, even if he knew it was a bluff.

"FeiKar?" B'Elanna asked, thinking along the lines of Tom,
having not heard of such a thing.

"Since you are not only being motivated by your Klingon
blood, but the Vulcan blood fever, I will cover all my bases. As in
Klingon culture, you challenge for the right to possess a mate, the
Vulcan's do the same thing, called KunaKallieFei. FeiKar is the vow
that would make me unclaimable, similar to that in Klingon culture
with the Widow's remorse. Either way, B'Elanna I will not be so
easily separated from my husband," Chakotay stated, feeling strong
that this would work.

B'Elanna's eyes narrowed, "I may not know about this FeiKar,
but I do know about the Widow's remorse, and your `husband' must die
a warrior's death for you to claim it," she growled.

"Ah, but if you take his life in such a cowardly manner, it
automatically makes his death honorable, now doesn't it?"

She squared her shoulders, Chakotay made a valid
point. "True, so I will not dispatch him in such a manner." She
paused in thought, " I will give you a choice, Chakotay. I will
either send you both to meet your makers, including our child, for I
will not be denied in this life time, thus I will send us all to the
next, or you will allow yourself to be won in traditional battle."

"Don't do it," Tom said, trying to sit up, but still weak and

"Shut up!" B'Elanna shouted and stepped forward to smack Tom,
but Chakotay stepped between them.

"On one condition," Chakotay stated his eyes narrowed and

"I am listening?"

"Tom is my mate, and thus by tradition he must fight you, but
he is in no shape to do so. The `only' way I will accept the out come
of a traditional challenge is if both parties are in proper physical
health, otherwise, I will deny you and take the vow," he growled,
more for show than anger, for he needed to remain calm or the drug
would play havoc with his system.

She looked deep into Chakotay's dark eyes, then turned on her
heels and brought up the EMH, and did some quick programming. "How
long to get that targ up and on his feet, ready for battle?" she

The Doc looked puzzled, "Battle, what kind of battle?" he
inquired, wondering what he missed.

"He and I must fight to the death in a traditional Klingon
match to clear our claim on our mutual choice of mates. He must be
made ready as soon as possible. How long, and do not attempt to lie,
I have prevented that," she growled.

The Doc walked over to Tom, who was looking better, and
scanned him and looked over the result, "Three to four weeks, at the
soonest," he stated clearly.

Chakotay silently thanks the spirits that it would take a
while, for he was unsure if Tom could fight B'Elanna at all, much
less to the death; but this bought them time, and that was his goal.

"Unacceptable," she growled.

"It may be to you, but it is the truth. Any less time, and I
will consider the match ill fated and take the vow.your choice?"
Chakotay stated, sitting down next to Tom, taking his hand in his

B'Elanna looked like she was going to blow a gasket, then
once more the eerie calmness took over, "Very well. We are heading to
a suitable planet, where we can live comfortably. There Tom will be
allowed to heal, and when he is ready, we will fight, and you `will'
become the mate of the winner.so `you' vow?"

Chakotay nodded, "I so vow." //Damn been saying that a lot
recently, should be careful, the spirits take Vow's very seriously,//
his mind chided.

"Good. We will reach our destination tomorrow," she growled,
then turned on her feet to exit, then stopped at the door and looked
at the EMH. Make sure he eats and gets the proper rest," she adds and
then exits, locking the door.

"Bitch!" Tom growled, his eyes closed as he laid on the bunk.

"Relax, Tom. I'm sure Kathryn will find us before you'll have
to concern yourself about any fight," Chakotay replied, trying to
keep Tom calm, and rubbed a concerned hand on Tom's shoulder.

"I'm not concerned with me, Tay, it's just.as much as I want
to be furious with her, I can see what you mean, she's fucking nuts,
and she almost killed me?"  His blue eyes shimmered with pain of the
emotional type, for it still hurt to think one's best friend was
trying to take you out. He took a deep breath to calm himself, for
the concern in Chakotay's dark eyes filled him with warmth. "Your
right, we'll be back on Voyager in no time," he smiled.

"Yes, we will. In the mean time, I want you to rest, and do
what the doctor orders," he said and leaned down to make it look like
he was going to place a kiss on his forehead but whispered, "The Doc
has been programmed to spy on us, so be careful what you say," then
did place a chaste kiss on Tom's forehead.

Tom nodded his understanding, though his eyes sparkled at the
tender touch of Chakotay's lips. He gently reached out and took
Chakotay's hand in his again, "and that goes for you too. No heroic

Chakotay chuckled, "I can't even if I wanted too. She's got
some drug in my system, that will knock me on my butt if I lose my
temper; and no, it won't harm the baby, I asked the Doc already," he
added seeing Tom's concern. "So, we just sit back and take care of
ourselves and let Kathryn do her job."

"Well, don't take this wrong, Tay, but without you there, I'm
not quite as confident in how well she'll do her job. I mean I know
she'll try.but lets face it, she's not you."

Chakotay smiled at Tom's obviously faith and
loyalty. "Thanks' Tom, but don't worry. She went through too much
hell to get me back, I don't think she'd let B'Elanna out wit her
here."  He saw Tom yawn, "You need to eat something before sleep as
do I, how about some soup?"

"Sound good."

"Two bowls of tomato soup plain and hot," Chakotay said
looking at the EMH.

"I'm the Emergency Medical Hologram, not a waiter," he
gruffed back.

"Well, now your both," Chakotay smirked, and his grin widened
when he saw Tom chuckle as the Doc moved off to get the food.

Tom gave Chakotay's had a squeeze, "Ah, I love you, Tay," he
whispered, then froze, for he had not meant to say that out loud. He
looked up to see Chakotay's reaction, and breathed a sigh of relief,
for the Commander seemed focused on what the EMH was doing.

Chakotay looked at Tom, "did you say something?"

"I.I said I'm with you. He does look like a waiter," he
stated, hoping to cover up his words.

Chakotay gave a small smile, "How about some tea too," he
asked, then seeing Tom nod, he got up and moved to get the
tea. //Damn, why did he have to go and say that,// his mind shouted,
for he did hear Tom's confession. He gathered up the tea as the Doc
got the soup and they ate in silence. When Tom was done, it was only
a minute before he was out like a light.

Chakotay gave the Doc the dishes, and a glare daring him to
bitch about it, and then, since there was no place but the bunk, laid
down next to Tom to get some rest. //I've got to meditate about all
this,// he thought as he too drifted off into sleep, hoping beyond
hope that Kathryn would not let him down and show up soon.

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