Title: Things Change 8/9
Author: Maxine
Pairing C/P
Rating NC-17
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, never were, never will be. Paramount 
owns them I am just playing.

Things Change 8

Rematerializing in Chakotay's quarters, more precisely in his 
bed. Tom fell on to Chakotay in surprise.

"I forgot to how accurate Tuvok was." He laughed as he pushed 
himself off the other man. Chakotay stopped him and pulled him closer.

"I don't mind a bit." He whispered as he captured Tom's lips 
with his own. Kissing Tom had become a favorite pastime of his.

Chakotay ran the tip of his tongue along Tom's lips silently 
asking for permission to enter. Tom groaned and gave permission 
freely, he opened his mouth and sucked the tongue in. Both moaned at 
the sensation and deepened the kiss. As they did, Tom kicked off his 
shoes and moved to cover Chakotay's body with his own.

Chakotay reluctantly ended the kiss, stroking Tom's back, he 
looked into the blue eyes filled with desire.

"Tom I want to fulfill my promise to you now, that is if you 
want me to."

"Yes please, Chief. I want you." Tom whispered as he placed 
his hands along the sides of Chakotay's face and kissed him again. 
Chakotay returned the kiss, holding on to Tom, he rolled the two of 
them on to their sides. Withdrawing from the kiss he gently pushed 
Tom so he was on his back then ran his hand up and down his chest.

"Then I will, just enjoy, and if there is something that 
makes you feel uncomfortable tell me please." Tom nodded his 
agreement, closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of Chakotay's 
hands moving over him.

When he saw Tom's surrender Chakotay began kissing him, 
starting with his forehead and slowly made his way down over his face 
and neck as he unbuttoned Tom's shirt. Once Tom's chest and abdomen 
were exposed, Chakotay moved to taste every inch of skin, alternating 
between kisses, nibbles and licks randomly over Tom's neck, chest and 
stomach, not allowing Tom to know what to expect next. Tom wiggled 
and moaned and sometimes let out a hushed scream as Chakotay attacked 
his senses.

As he continued his assault with his mouth, Chakotay brought 
his hand to the front of Tom's pants, lightly brushing it over the 
rock hard bulge. Tom's hips jerked upward into the hand that was 
unfastening the button then slowly sliding the zipper down, again 
exposing more.

Chakotay moved to retake Tom's mouth but only for a brief 
moment. Pulling himself away, he couldn't help be chuckle to himself 
as Tom tried to follow him with his mouth. He moved to position 
himself at the bed of the end and leaned over to removed Tom's pants. 
Tom lifted his hips automatically when he felt his pants coming off 
his waist. Both men looked into each other's eyes, watching the play 
of arousal dancing through them. Chakotay slid the pants and boxers 
down his legs, the feel of Chakotay's fingertips running over his 
skin made Tom shiver.

"Oh gods, please Cha!" He moaned loudly as he felt the older 
man kiss the inside of his calf. 

Chakotay kissed and licked his way up one leg, when he 
reached the junction of hip and thigh he gently sucked at the skin 
then licked to sooth the slight pain it caused. The sound that action 
wrung from Tom could have only been described as a mixture of a moan, 
a scream and a plea. Then he moaned in protest as the mouth moved 
away, only to gasp again when he felt that tongue ran across the base 
of his erection.

Testing the mental theory that he could produce that 
beautiful moan sound again, Chakotay repeated his suck, lick motion 
on the other hip leg junction and was proved right. Continuing on 
down he once again took to kissing, nibbling and licking Tom's other 
leg until finally Tom reached for him, Chakotay stopped and looked up 
at his lover. What he saw was a plea for him to stop, to continue, to 
please make love to him. He moved to lie on top of Tom and kissed him.

"Cha, Please, make love to me now. Don't make me wait any 
longer." His voice cracked with desire.

"I am Tom, I am." Chakotay answered as he kissed him over and 
over again. 

"No, you are slowly killing me." Chakotay looked up and 
laughed softly.

"But what a way to go, right?"

Chakotay moved off of Tom and off the bed, he removed his clothes 
slowly as he watched Tom licked his lips in anticipation.  Once naked 
he went to the bathroom and quickly returned with lubricant. When he 
looked at Tom again he saw a bit of nervousness play across the 
younger man's face.

"Are you sure Tom?" Even though Chakotay wanted to make love 
to Tom, he wouldn't if he was too afraid.

"Yes, I am sure." Tom said as he reached out and pulled 
Chakotay to lay on top of him again. The first touch of that silky 
skin against his own caused yet another gasp to escape from him. 
Never one to be completely passive when making love, Tom put his arms 
around Chakotay and stroked anywhere he could reach kissing him 
deeply as he did. Tom's hands found the firm muscular rear end and 
pulled it closer to him, causing their two extremely hard erections 
to rub together. Both men screamed into each other's mouth as the 
electrically sensation ran through them. Tom's hips involuntarily 
began bucking up to cause more friction.

"Tom please, if you keep doing that I am going to cum before 
we get any further."

"Cha, I need you please now." Chakotay groaned at the words 
and moved off of Tom.

"As you wish." He said leaning down and kissing Tom's neck. 

Chakotay slid his hand over Tom's chest, down his stomach, passed his 
erection to where his legs came together and gently pushed his 
thighs. Understanding what Chakotay wanted Tom opened his legs. 
Chakotay then slid his hand to the tightening sac, fondly the two 
orbs nestled inside. As he did this he kneel in between Tom's legs 
opening them further. 

Once there he stopped his assault to open the lube and cover 
his fingers with it. Going back to where he was before, Chakotay slid 
a finger over the pucker entrance and then in. Tom was beyond all 
thought at this point, all he could do was feel and what he felt 
almost made he weep with joy.  He hands held on the bedcovers as if 
he was holding on for dear life, mentally begging Chakotay to hurry.  
Then he felt two fingers placing the one, stretching him preparing 
him for what was to come. When Chakotay ran his fingers over the 
gland buried deep inside Tom screamed.

Three fingers now and Chakotay felt Tom pushed against them. 
He continued to stretch him just a bit more, making sure he was 

"Now, Cha, now! I need you inside me NOW!"

Chakotay needed to be inside Tom just as much, so he removed his 
fingers, covered his own erection with lube, took hold of Tom's legs 
and pushed them open and up. He pulled them around his waist, he then 
took his erection and guided it slowly into Tom.
Both men shouted their joy as the initial joining happened. 

Chakotay slowed himself, the need to pushed completely inside was 
overwhelming. He had to make sure Tom was ready. When he felt Tom 
relax, he pushed in more causing another moan to escape Tom's lips.

"Tom? You okay?" Chakotay asking breathlessly

"Oh gods! Yes Cha! Wonderful!" To emphasize just how 
wonderful he was. Tom pushed down with his hips taking more of 
Chakotay's cock inside him.

"SPIRITS!" Chakotay had to move now, slowly at first but then 
increasing his speed and deepening his thrusts. 

"Yes, oh yes! Feels so good!" Tom screamed "More Please More!"

Chakotay reach between them and took hold of Tom's weeping cock, he 
began moving his hand in tandem with his hips, causing a double 
assault on Tom's already over taxed senses.

"Yes! Cha! I'm cumming." Tom screamed out.

"Cum Tom, Cum with me now!" Chakotay roared as the height of 
his orgasm hit him, he felt and heard Tom erupt, covering his hand 
with a stream of semen, as his own spilled out into Tom. Both 
screamed out the other's name as they did so.

Chakotay instantly collapsed on top of Tom. Tom slid his legs off 
Chakotay's waist and down his legs again wrapping them around the 
older man as he rolled them to their sides. Each was panting and 
gasping for breath, slowly coming down from having made the other's 
soul soar.

Tom recovered first, he leaned in kissed Chakotay and laid his arm 
around his waist.

"Amazing. Absolutely amazing." Tom whispered as he brushed 
his hand over Chakotay's face.  Chakotay smiled and mirrored Tom's 

"Yes you were absolutely amazing." He closed his eyes and 

"You tired Chief?"

"Not tired, Tom, just blissfully happy." He opened his eyes 
and smiled. Tom smiled back and then got up to get something to clean 
them off with. When he was done he got back in and wrapped himself 
around Chakotay.

"How about we take a nap? Because I am tired." He kissed 
Chakotay's forehead.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Chakotay responded as he pulled 
Tom into a tight embrace. Again they both signed and soon were asleep.


Sometime later Chakotay woke to the sound of his door chime. 
He gently shook Tom to wake him.

"Computer who is at my door?"

"Captain Kathryn Janeway."

Tom jumped when he heard the name, grabbing his pants and shirt off 
the floor he dressed quickly. As he exited the bedroom he closed the 
door, running his hands through his hair and called for the captain 
to enter.

"Afternoon Tom, did I wake you?"

"Sorry captain, Chakotay and I just decided to rest."

"Is he still asleep? I wanted to talk to him about returning 
to duty."

"I will check." Tom turned not noticing the captain's curious 
look. Was that a hickey on Tom's neck? She shook her head, she must 
have imagined it.

"Hey chief you have a visitor." Tom called through the door. 
Mere seconds later the door slid open to a sleepy looking Chakotay 
dressed only in shorts and a robe.

"Afternoon Kathryn." He smiled

"Afternoon Chakotay. I am sorry I didn't mean to wake you."

"It's okay Kathryn. Although the doctor says I am almost 
fully recovered, days like today I feel like I could just curl up and 
sleep the day away." He looked at Tom as he said this and smiled and 
Tom blushed.

Kathryn watched the exchange between Chakotay and Tom again seeing 
the mark on Tom's neck. Suddenly she realized what was really going 

"Well, this is a surprise."

"What is?" Chakotay turned back to look at his friend.

"I can see that things have changed between the two of you."

"You can how?" Tom asked this time.

"Well, let's see. Chakotay has this glow to his skin and I 
don't think it's from having a normal blood flow going on in his 
body." She turned to Tom. "And you Mr. Paris have a hickey the size 
of a small tricorder on your neck." Tom's blush deepened.

"Chakotay!" He yelled and ran into the bathroom. Chakotay and 
Kathryn laughed out loud. He offered her a seat and she took it.

"So when did this happen Chakotay?"

"Over the past four weeks."

"So no long ago hidden desire?"

"Nope, we truly were just friends, until then." Chakotay 
looked up as Tom came back in the room.

"I'm sorry Tom, I guess I got carried away."

"It's okay Chief, I suppose there is no sense hiding anyway. 
I don't think I can play just the concerned friend anymore anyway."  
He smiled as he sat down next to him. Chakotay put his arm around Tom 
and pulled him closer.

"There isn't going to be a problem is there captain?" Tom was 
afraid that the captain would have concerns because they were both 
men and senior officers.

"I don't have one, and I don't think anyone else will either. 
Well except maybe Harry Kim." She frowned a little, the ensign had 
really taken a bad turn recently.

"Captain no disrespect to you. But Harry Kim can take 
whatever problem he has with me and Chakotay being together and blow 
it out his ass." Tom was not going to give up Chakotay now because 
that little weasel had a problem.

"Tom, please." Chakotay pleaded with him not to get upset.

"Chief, I am not upset, I am angry. From what I have heard 
Harry has been getting worse and worse the past six weeks. I am sorry 
that he thought that I would only ever need him. I am thirty-two 
years old, I am not going to play 'You can't be friends with him 
because you are friends with me' games with him or anyone else."

"Tom, have you tried to talk to him? I mean since the 
incident with Sandrine's program?" Kathryn really was hoping Tom 
could bring Harry out of the funk he has been in.

"Captain I haven't seen or spoken to Harry since the night I 
moved in here."

"Would you be willing to try?" Still hopeful she just had to 

"Honestly Captain, I don't know. If I go to talk to him now, 
he is going to believe that he was right that as soon as Chakotay was 
better he booted my ass and wants nothing more to do with me."

"Not with that hickey on your neck he won't" Chakotay laughed 
as he hugged Tom.

"Chief, please." Tom blushed and leaned into Chakotay's arms. 

"Captain, the best I can do is see if I can talk to him in 
say the mess hall. I will not go to his quarters. I will not seek him 
out that will only play into his warped sense of victory." Tom firmed 
in his conviction to make sure Harry knows that he doesn't need him.

"Also I am not going to befriend him again just to make 
people happy, I'm sorry captain but that includes you. You don't know 
everything he said to me, and I don't mean just since Chakotay got 
sick. When I had the chance and the inclination I sat and thought 
about everything that has gone on over the years and what I saw I 
didn't like at all." He took a deep breath to steady himself for the 
next part.

"I can not and will not subject myself to anyone belittling 
me ever again. Harry took every thing that happened in my life and 
used it against me. Used it to keep me inline, just like my father 
did. Reminding me every chance he got that I was a screw up. Oh, he 
didn't use the same tactics as my father, he didn't come out and say 
he was disappointed with me, no he used the crew to express that." 
Tom stopped for a moment, he felt as if he was going to cry.

" Whenever he thought I was getting to close to making a new friend 
he would subtly remind me of something I had done in the past that 
caused the person to think poorly of me. He did it with everyone and 
that includes you and Chakotay. I will not allow him to do that 
again. The best I can offer is to try and make him understand that 
having more than one person, as a friend is something I want 
something I have always wanted. And now what I want most of all is to 
be able to go to the mess hall or the holodeck with Chakotay and not 
have to worry about Harry picking a fight."

"Tom I would never ask you to give up Chakotay as a friend or 
a lover. I would never ask you to give up anyone. All I am asking is 
if you would talk to Harry find out what is really going on with him. 
Tuvok and I don't know what else to do, he doesn't talk to anyone, 
refuses to come out of his cabin except for duty."

"That might be the smartest thing he has done in the past six 
weeks, if the last time I saw him was any indication. He was beaten 
up pretty good." Chakotay said remembering the way Harry looked that 
day in sickbay when Tom confessed about the holoprogram glitch.

"Yes, well I need my Ops officer whole. Tom all I am asking 
is for you to think about okay?"

"I will captain, but I am not promising anything. For all you 
know I might make it worse by talking to him."

"I doubt that, but enough about Harry Kim. What I want to 
know is what is going on with you two, besides the obvious." She 
smiled at both men. Tom blushed and Chakotay grinned.

"Well besides the obvious, I think that Tom and I have 
discovered a new way to go through life and I can only hope he wants 
to go with me." Chakotay turned at Tom and took hold of his chin, 
making the younger man look at him.

"Tom I meant what I said this morning. I want you here with 
me, and not just as my caregiver. You are my best friend, my 
counselor and my lover. I would like you to move in here completely." 
He then looked at Kathryn. "That is if you have no objections."

"I have no objections whatsoever."

"Chief, you mean that?"

"Of course I do Tom. I want you here with me always. Not just 
for a night or two. I have become quite content in my day to day life 
with you in it." Almost echoing the words he said to Tom a couple of 
weeks ago, explaining how he wanted to live his life.

"Oh Cha!" Tom placed his hands on the sides of Chakotay face 
and leaned in to kiss him, forgetting that the captain was there, he 
put his entire heart and soul into the kiss. Chakotay put his all 
into the kiss also, just to reconfirm what he had said. After a 
minute Kathryn cleared her throat to remind them she was still in the 
room. Chakotay broke the kiss and felt himself blush.

"Sorry Kathryn."

"Don't be, it's good to see the two of you finally happy. 
Although I think a few hearts are going to break."

"Why do you say that Kathryn?"

"Because from the look of things, the two of you are now off 
the market forever."

"Oh like anyone was actually ever truly interested in me?" 
Chakotay snorted.

"You would be surprised."

"Yeah Chief, I do know that there are a couple of ladies on 
the lower decks pining away for you."

"Well too late now. I am quite happy with the way things have 
changed around here." Chakotay again kissed Tom to bring home the 

"Glad to hear it Chief." Tom whispered when the kiss ended.

"Well gentlemen, I did come here for a reason and that reason 
was to talk to Chakotay about him going back on duty."

"Alright captain." Tom stood. "I am going to go and take a 
shower and then I am going to go and get some more of my things." Tom 
smiled leaned over and kissed Chakotay then walked into the bathroom. 
Chakotay followed him with his eyes not wanting to miss a movement.

"Chakotay I have to tell you that I am really surprised by 
this. But a happy surprised."

"Honestly, Kathryn so am I. If anyone had told me two months 
ago that I would ask Tom to move in with me I would have order a 
psychiatric evaluation on them. But now I can't think of anything I 
want more."

"I can see that."

"What concerns me is the reaction of some people, especially 
Ensign Kim. If he causes Tom anymore pain, I will not be held 
responsible for my actions."

"Chakotay first off you have to remember to stay calm, avoid 
stress. I know that is what the doctor told you. Second, Tom can take 
care of himself. I don't think at this point Harry Kim can do 
anything more to hurt him, not where is counts in here." She points 
to her own heart.

"I hope not Kathryn. I truly hope not." He sighed. "Now about 
me coming back on duty. The doctor said I can do half shifts for two 
weeks starting next week."

"Yes and the way I would like it to work this is; your first 
day back you work the morning half then the afternoon half the next 
day. Continuing that for the full two weeks. I thought that would 
give you enough time in between to rest completely."

"Kathryn, I do appreciate what you are trying to do. But I 
don't need special treatment."

"This has nothing to do with special treatment. This is about 
making sure that you are well enough to return to work. You are my 
best friend, but you are also my first officer. I need to make sure 
that you are fully recovered, I know that doctor said you are but I 
have to see for myself. Chakotay, I don't think I have ever been more 
scared in my entire life then that day in the mess hall. I don't want 
to lose you at all, but definitely not like that." Kathryn found 
herself shaking a bit as the memory of witnessing Chakotay's heart 
attack came back to her once again. 

Chakotay seeing his friend in distress he moved to hug her. And as he 
did Tom came out of the bedroom.

"Oh sure I am gone ten minutes and already he has replaced me 
with a woman!" Tom cried in mock-horror. That caused Kathryn to laugh 
and pull away from Chakotay, she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Believe me Tom, I could never replace you."

"Nope, you aren't built right." He smiled.

 "You're too short." He added before either one could say anything.

"Well I am out of here. I will be back as soon as I can Chief. I will 
get dinner for us when I get back."

"Tom I am quite capable of getting dinner for us."

"I didn't say you weren't Cha. I just want to do it tonight okay?" He 
asked quietly as he leaned in to kiss him.

"Okay." Chakotay whispered. "See you when you get back."

"Sure thing, you should rest you know. The doctor said you 
still need plenty of it."

"Yes, dear." Chakotay snipped. 

"Yeah, don't get snippy with me old man, I am still in charge 
of your being well." Turning to the captain. "Please make sure he 
gets some rest captain. I don't trust him to listen to me anymore. 
After all I am just his boyfriend now." Tom smirked as he walked out 
the door.

"BRAT!" Chakotay called after him but it fell in the air for 
Tom was gone.

"You sure you are up to this, Chakotay he could be quite a 
handful." Kathryn laughed.

"I am sure Kathryn, I have never been happier then I am right 
now. I can take anything Tom throws my way."

"Good, now I will listen to him and make sure you get rest. 
Go lay down and wait for your 'boyfriend' to come home and feed you."

" Gods, that sounds wonderful!" Chakotay stood and walked 
with Kathryn to the door. 

"Thank you Kathryn for everything. And thank you for being 
such a wonderful friend."

"You are welcome, Chakotay. Now go and rest, I do not want 
Tom hanging me out to dry because you don't get enough rest today." 
Kathryn hugged him, kissed his cheek and left. 

Chakotay went to his bedroom striped and got into bed, with a smile 
on his face he fell asleep thinking about Tom in his arms.


Tom strolled along the corridor happily, whistling to 
himself, he couldn't believe that he was on his way to move his 
things from his quarters to Chakotay's. 'My how things have changed.' 
Six weeks ago he thought he had lost his best friend but he had been 
wrong, he had been about to discover him. 

As he rounded the corner, he ran into Harry, literally. "UHMP"

"Sorry." Tom said before he realized who it was.

"Yeah right Paris, still got your head up your ass I see."

"You know Harry, this routine is getting real old."

"Whatever." Harry moved to go around him.

"Harry can we talk for a minute." He remembered his promise 
to the captain.

"Why going to tell me I was right?"

"No I was going to tell you, you were wrong. But I wanted to 
try and clear the air. It's obvious to me you would rather stay 
bitter and hurtful than try and see if we can work this out like 

"We are not friend Paris, you made your choice. You choose 
Chakotay over me!" Harry spat at him.

'Is that what this has been all about? That you think I 
choose Chakotay over you? Boy you are stupid Harry Kim. I wouldn't 
chose one person over another. I don't work that way. I don't 
understand why I cant be friends with the both of you. Why can't you 
allow that?"

"Allow it? Why should I allow it? I took you in as a friend 
when no one wanted you here at all. I was the one who stood up for 
you when everyone else tried to knock you down! The least you could 
do is show appreciation for the fact that I decided to be your 
friend." Harry yelled vehemently 

"Jesus Harry are you listening to yourself? You decided to be 
my friend? You make is sound like it was a chore, and if that is the 
case than why did you bother?"

"Because you needed me." Harry growled at him.

"NO! I needed, I wanted a friend! Someone who was going to 
share things with me, someone who could see something good I did and 
say 'Great job.' What I didn't need was someone who was around to 
remind me of what a screw up I was."

"I didn't do that the rest of the crew did." 

"NO! That was you! In my ear whispering pointing out that 
someone was only being nice because I wasn't a smart-ass to them, or 
some woman was interested because she knew I'd show her a good time. 
That wasn't them that was YOU Harry."

"No!" Harry was at a loss for the moment.

"Yes Harry it was you not them, and you know what you were 
the only one who remembered everything I did wrong. Oh yeah, you 
patted me on the back when I succeeded, but as soon as it was all 
over or as soon as someone would approach me to give me their pat you 
were there telling me it was temporary. That isn't being my friend 
Harry that is being my father. I don't need another one of them." Tom 
had calmed considerably while he spoke.

"No Tom, I didn't mean to sound like your father. I just 
didn't want to see you hurt. I knew they were going to hurt you." 
Harry's anger seemed to fade just a bit.

"How did you know that Harry? Since when are you a mind 
reader? You know what Harry you were wrong about everyone, that is 
something I have discovered over the last six weeks. People do like 
me, I have plenty of friends. And it has nothing to do with me 
helping Chakotay, nothing at all."

"That I don't believe." 

"Well you don't have to, I do. You want to know when I found 
out that I had friends on this ship Harry? Do you know when I 
discovered that people really liked me?
It was when I hit you, that is when I found out that people had 
forgotten all the bad stuff from my past." Tom still couldn't get 
over the show of support he had gotten.

"Tuvok told me that people came to him, he didn't go to them, and 
they went to him and defended my actions and me. They volunteered to 
testify in my behalf, Harry if these people didn't like me they 
wouldn't have done that. Ken Dalby stood up to Tuvok and the captain, 
from what I heard, and said that if I was going to be charged with 
assault he expected to be charged too. Ken doesn't put his neck on 
the line like that Harry, but he did for me." Harry could hear the 
awe in Tom's voice, then he noticed movement behind Tom and saw Ken 
Dalby, Greg Ayala and Gerron Tem step up next to him. Tom jumped a 
bit when he saw the three men standing next to him.

"I would do it again in a heartbeat, Kim, that you can be 
sure of." Ken spoke up first and put an arm on Tom's shoulder. 

"Listen Harry, whatever problem you have, be it with Tom or 
with Chakotay you need to get over it. I know for a fact that 
Chakotay doesn't turn his back on his friends ever." Greg added.

"No, he doesn't." Gerron spoke up too.

"Yeah well I am not completely convinced."

"You know what Harry, I am sorry that you aren't and I won't 
force you to believe it either. But know this, Chakotay and I aren't 
going to change things just to make you comfortable. Now if you will 
excuse me I have to go to my quarters and get a few things." He 
turned to leave then stopped looking at Greg.

"Greg would you mind coming with me? I need to talk to you 
about something."

"Sure Tom. It is okay that Gerron come along?"

"Sure why not."

"I'll come too. I have a couple of questions for you Tom." 
Ken said. 

"See ya Harry." Tom threw over his shoulder not actually 
looking at Harry or seeing the bewildered look on his face. Harry 
shook his head and walked away.

Thinking about everything Tom had said to him, filing that in the 
same place as everything Tuvok had said over the last six weeks. In 
another file in his mind he placed the last scene played out in front 
of him, Tom walking off with three buddies him not being one of them. 
Guess he is lost for good now.

When the four men arrived at Tom's he let them in and offered 
them a place to sit. He was visible nervous, he had only wanted to 
talk to Greg, feel him out so to speak, about Tom being with Chakotay.

"So Tom what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Running his hand through his hair trying to gather his thoughts. Tom 
really wasn't sure if he wanted to tell all three that he was 
sleeping with their old captain and friend.

"Well, I was going to ask you if you thought Chakotay's old 
friends and former crew would be against the idea of him and me being 
together." Tom's words came out jerky and hesitantly. He looked at 
the three men and thought they reminded him of deer startling by 

"You and Chakotay, together as in lovers?" Ken seemed to have 
recovered first.

"UMM Yeah, that kind of together." It came out in a whisper, 
he was afraid he was about to hit.

"Well, I know I would think it was great!" Greg smiled at 
him. "Are you telling us that you and Chakotay are lovers Tom?"

"Yes I am."

"That is great!" Ken got up grabbed Tom's hand shook, he 
wasn't sure what else to do.

"Thanks Ken." Tom really couldn't believe that they seemed to 
be taking it so well.

"So you think that everyone else will be okay with it Greg?"

"Tom honestly I don't think anyone is going to have a 

"And anyone who does will have to deal with me." Ken spoke up.

"I like you Tom, I would have never figured that you were 
into men, not that it matters. But if you are what Chakotay needs to 
be happy than that is enough for me." Ken finished by giving Tom a 
pat on his arm.

"Tom how long have you and Chakotay been lovers? I mean was 
it before he got sick? Is that why you offered to help?"  Gerron 

"No Gerron, nothing was going on before. I offered to help 
because I wanted to. Things changed while Chakotay was recovering. 
Maybe it's a bit fast but we don't see why we just can't go for it."

"Well I think it's great Tom, the two of you deserve to be 
happy and if you do that for each other than all the better." Gerron 
offered his congratulations. 

"So when do you move the rest of your stuff in Tom?" Greg asked, Tom 
looked at him in surprise.

"By the look on your face I would venture to guess that is 
the reason you are back here now." Greg laughed.

"How did you know?"

"Because I know Chakotay, when he decides he wants to be with 
someone it's never half done."

"Yeah, I remember when you moved in with him Greg, I think 
everyone in the cell was too shocked to do anything but stare." Ken 
laughed but then snapped his mouth shut. "Oh shit!' he breathed 
quietly, realizing that Tom might not know about Chakotay and Greg's 
past together. This time Tom laughed.

"Relax Ken, I know about Chakotay and Greg, he told me about 
them the day he got out of sickbay."

"Why the hell would he do that?" Ken was surprised and this 
time Greg laughed.

"Probably because he had to explain to Tom why he didn't have 
to pee for a long time." Ken and Gerron looked puzzled

"When I went by to help Tom move his bed, Chakotay said he 
needed to talk to me but he actually had to pee and was embarrassed 
to ask Tom for help. So I got the dubious honor of helping him 
christen the portable urinal." They all laughed at that.

"You know he would kill you if he knew you just shared that." 
Tom laughed harder. After a minute he regained his composure.

"Okay I need to get a move on, I told Chakotay I wouldn't be 

"Ah! He's got you whipped already." Ken laughed

"Ha! Ha! No actually he is waiting for me before he eats." 
Tom stood and stuck his tongue out at Ken.

"So you want help?" Greg asked

"Sure thing, I will get a couple of carryalls and you three 
can fill them with my stuff in here. Don't worry about getting 
everything, I can come back." The three men nodded and went around 
collecting up vids and things off the shelves. Tom returned with two 
carryalls and let them work. 

He went to his bedroom and filled another carryall with the 
rest of his clothes and uniforms. He thought about what happened with 
Harry and with the three in his living room. Standing up once again 
to show their support and friendship. It didn't take long to get what 
was important. Once done the four men left Tom's and made their way 
to Chakotay's joking and laughing as they went. 

Entering Chakotay's cabin, Tom motioned for them to be quiet 
he was sure Chakotay was asleep. He told them to sit while he went 
and checked. In the bedroom he found Chakotay lying on his bed but he 
wasn't asleep. When Chakotay heard the door he sat up.

"Hey where have you been? I was beginning to think you 
changed your mind."

Tom went over to him sat on the bed and leaned in to kiss him.

"Not on your life. I am sorry though, I had a run in with 
Harry in the corridor."

"I am sorry Tom you okay?" Chakotay took him in his arm and 
hugged him.

"Of course he's alright his friends showed up for support." 
Greg was leaning against the doorframe smiling. Chakotay sat back 
when he heard his voice.

"Hey Greg, I didn't know you were here."

"Of course you didn't you were too busy trying to get into 
your boyfriend's pants to be concerned that three of your friends are 
here to offer you congratulations and an offer to help finish moving 
Tom in." Greg grinned.


"Well after Harry got the Maquis friends treatment." Tom 
smirked at Greg "I asked Greg to come back to my quarters. I was 
going to ask if he thought there would be a problem when people found 
out about us. Ken and Gerron tagged along and I told them." Tom 
shrugged his shoulders.

"I see and I take it that no one has a problem so far." 
Chakotay looked at his friend and noticed that Ken and Gerron had 
joined him in the doorway.

"Nope none." Ken answered with a smile.

"Good because I wouldn't want to have to break any jaws." He 
smiled back

"Yeah right old man you and what army?" Greg threw in the 

Chakotay just shook his head. He really wasn't surprised that Greg 
wouldn't have a problem it was Ken that sort of surprised him. 
Deciding not to worry about it, he kissed Tom then got off the bed.

"So did you bring your stuff back?"

"Yes I did and now I am going to put everything away. Feel 
free to talk amongst yourselves while I do so." A general laugh was 
heard as Chakotay and the others left the bedroom. Tom thought again 
about how things change, if anyone had told him even two months ago 
that he would be moving in with Chakotay and making jokes with 
members of the Maquis crew he would have told them they were nuts. 

He did worry a bit about Harry but not much. Harry would 
either deal or not but it wasn't Tom's problem it was Harry's. He 
finished unpacking and went back out to the living room.

Meanwhile in Harry's cabin, Harry was sitting and thinking 
about everything that had happened. Trying to decided if he had 
fallen into an alternate universe or something. He laid on his bed 
and closed his eyes, he would think more later, right now he was 
tired. Harry drifted off to sleep wondering how much more bizarre 
things could get.