Title: Things Change 2/?
Author: Maxine
Pairing C and P to become C/P
Rate: Pg-13 for now 
Summary: Things are changing on Voyager and some will never be the 

Things Change 2

Harry left Sandrine's about 20 minutes after he arrived, 
disgusted. Everyone was still talking about the commander and how 
upset they were when they heard he was in sickbay and would probably 
be on medical leave for awhile. Okay the commander was an important 
part of the crew. He was well liked, though Harry was hard pressed 
many times to figure out why. Afterall the commander had given up a 
career in Starfleet to go off and fight a battle that couldn't be 
won. He was an outlaw in the eyes of the Federation and Starfleet. He 
killed people, okay they were Cardassians for the most part but Harry 
was sure if he had to, the commander would have killed Starfleet 
officers too. He shook his head at the stupidity the commander had 
shown for not believing that the Federation did what they had to do. 
It never entered Harry's mind that the Federal had been wrong. The 
commander had almost died, yes but it wouldn't have been the first 
time they had lost a member of the crew. And he didn't die after all, 
the doctor and Tom saved his life. Now Tom owned the commander 
twice.  Bet Chakotay was going to just love that one.

      Again Harry thought about his friend had volunteering to assist 
the doctor. Tom and the commander had a bad history together. Sure 
over the past year the two men seemed to be civil to each other but 
Harry was sure it was only because Tom hadn't fucked up in that time 
frame. As a matter of fact Tom had proven himself time and again 
since they had gotten stuck but the commander never seemed to take 
that into account, until a year ago. Maybe Tom was trying to score 
brownie points after all. Maybe Tom figured that if he saved the 
commander's life yet again the crew would change their minds even 
more about him. Then Tom would feel more comfortable around the crew 
and he would have a couple of more friends. Tom wouldn't need Harry 
as much then. No Tom would always need Harry because Harry was the 
only one who really knew him. Except maybe B'Elanna but Tom and 
B'Elanna's friendship wasn't as good as Harry and Tom's. Right Tom 
would always need him, Harry was sure of that.

Harry got ready for bed still trying to figure out what was 
so special about the commander that made everyone want to fall all 
over themselves to help him. He was just a man after all just like 
the rest of them. He sighed to himself it wasn't important, tomorrow 
was his day off and he found out that Tom had been scheduled off 
too.  They could hang out together all day, do something fun, this 
section of space was way too boring. Tomorrow, things would be better 
tomorrow. With that confidant thought in his head Harry went to sleep.



    Tom was pulled out of his sleep by a noise he grabbed his comm 
badge and then realized it was his door. Getting up he threw on his 
robe and called for whoever was there to enter. The doors swished 
open and B'Elanna walked in. Turning to see him half a sleep and 

"Oh Tom I am sorry I thought you would be up."

"It's okay B'El what time is it anyway?"

"0100, I couldn't sleep and I thought you would be having 
trouble too. I will let you go back to sleep."

"No, it's okay really. The doc gave me a sedative when we 
were done operating on Chakotay or I probably would still be awake." 
He took her arm and led her to the couch. Sitting Tom put his arm 
around her shoulder, feeling her tremble, he gave her a hug.

"You know he will be okay. The surgery was a bit rough but he 
came through fine." Tom wanted to reassure his friend that the man 
she looked to as a father figure wasn't going anywhere just yet.

"I know I went to see him for a bit. I still had his medicine 
wheel with me while you and the doctor were operating. I probably 
should have left it while you did but I just couldn't think straight 
at the time." Tears rolled down her face and Tom held her closer. 

"SSHH it's okay. Honestly I am not sure if it mattered or not 
but I couldn't have done anything with it. One I have no clue what it 
does or what I would have to do to ensure it did whatever. And two I 
am sure the doctor wouldn't have allowed it to be in surgery area 
while the operation was going on."

"Honestly it helped me to hold on to it until the doctor 
called I felt a bit more centered, focused."  She wiped her eyes 

     "Then I went to see him afterwards, you were already gone. I 
asked Harry to come with me, the weirdest thing is he seemed to be 
put out by coming and hanging out in sickbay with me. It was like he 
thought he had something better to do."

"You know Harry, I am sure it was just his way of dealing 
with what went on. It was pretty intense you know. Gods when we 
walked into the messhall and I saw Chakotay hit the floor, it was 
like everything was in slow motion." Tom rubbed his hand over his 

"I am glad I wasn't there for that. I am sure I would have 
hit the floor next to him. I don't know what I would do if he died 
Tom. Losing him would probably hurt me more then when my father left. 
No, I know it would." She started to cry again.

"Hey come on now, we have to give off positive energy so 
Chakotay's spirits can surround him with it. You know that." Handing 
her a tissue Tom hugged her again.

"Thanks Tom, you are a good friend, to me and I think even 
Chakotay. Won't that surprise him?'"

"Actually I don't think so now. I was surprised he was okay 
with me helping the doctor. It made me feel pretty good that he 
trusted me like that."

"Tom he trusts you with his life every day we all do."

"I suppose you are right." Tom shivered a little

"You okay?"

"Yea, I was just remembering how he looked in the messhall. I 
hated that. I reminded me of.." He couldn't bring himself to say it.

"Reminded you of what Tom?"

"My mom." He whispered. "She had a heart attack when I was in 
the Academy. I was home for the weekend. I found her. Gods I was 
never so scared in my life." Tom trembled at the memory.

"But she is okay right? She is still alive isn't she?"

"No she died, a few months later from complications." A 
single tear rolled down Tom's face. He didn't want to talk about this 

"I am sorry Tom, I didn't know." B'Elanna hugged him tight.

"It's okay B'El, I am over it. Just seeing Chakotay look that 
way earlier brought it all back to me."

"Chakotay will be fine, he is strong." She was trying to 
convince herself as well as Tom.

"Yes he will be just fine. He will have friends to help him 
through this."

"Yeah if we can keep him from going crazy. He isn't one to 
sit around much other then when he is meditating. And he hates having 
to depend on others."

"Well he will just have to get over it. Because he will be 
sitting around for a while and he is going to get help whether he 
likes it or not. I for one am going to make sure he does everything 
he is suppose to do to get better." The conviction and determination 
was quite evident. B'Elanna covered her mouth trying to conceal a 

"Look you are tired and I am getting there too. Let's get 
some sleep now. You can stay here. Take the bed I will sleep on the 

"No that isn't necessary. I can make it back to my quarters. 
Thank you Tom for talking to me. I really do appreciate it." She 
hugged him again and kissed him on the cheek.

"Anytime B'Elanna, you sure you don't want to stay? I promise 
I will keep my hands to myself." He smiled brightly


"Thank you!"

"Good Night Tom see you in a few hours. Call me if there is 
any change okay?"

"Sure thing good night B'El, sleep well and dream sweet." Tom 
kissed her on the cheek and then triggered the door for her to leave. 
He turned back and headed of his bedroom. Silently he prayed he would 
handle things better this time. Tom felt it was a chance to make up 
for not being helpful when his mother went through her illness.


Chakotay found himself in the woods of his home planet. How 
did he get here? Why was he here? He looked around for his family but 
he saw no one. He listened for familiar sounds that he expected but 
what he heard was a constant low hum. He wanted to stand but he knew 
he couldn't, so there he sat waiting. He wasn't sure what he was 
waiting for but wait he did. Sitting back against the log he found 
behind him, he looked around just enjoying being home. His mind 
wandered back to a time when there was peace all around. No fear of 
invasion, no fear of the loss of life. His father was dead he 
remembered now. His home planet had been devastated in attacked by 
the Cardassians. He felt a sadness come over him remembering the pain 
and loss. 

      Then he heard a noise, no a voice, a voice of a person that 
shouldn't be here. He turned to see Kathryn standing off in the 
distance and so were B'Elanna and Tom. Why were they here? He called 
out to them but they didn't seem to hear him. He tried to get up and 
go to them but he couldn't. Their voices came to him louder this time.

"Why isn't he awake? It's been three days." Kathryn sounded 

"I am sorry captain, I don't know. The doctor said that we 
should just let him be. He will come around when he is ready." Tom 
also sounded frustrated but it seemed to be directed at Kathryn. 

"I want to try medicine wheel ritual again. Maybe I did 
something wrong the last time. Maybe it was because there was 
negative energy in the room." B'Elanna was angry.

"I can't believe that Harry would have given off negative 
energy B'El. He isn't like that." Tom defended his friend.

"Well I know what I felt and if I felt it don't you think 
that Chakotay and the spirits did too?" Chakotay sat up further when 
he heard his name. Why were they worried about him and his spirits?

"B'Elanna I am sure that Mr. Kim's energy was not meant to be 
negative. Everyone deals with grief and sadness in different ways." 
Kathryn tried to reassure the younger woman but Chakotay saw that it 
only infuriated her more.

"I don't mean to be disrespectful Captain but you didn't see 
him that night and you haven't seen his reaction or attitude the past 
couple of days. He seems to have a problem with all of us worrying 
about Chakotay." Now completely confused Chakotay again tried to get 
their attention, but to no avail.

"I won't argue with you B'Elanna if you want to try again it 
will be fine. The doctor said it would be good for Chakotay to sense 
that we are close." With that Kathryn seemed to fade away.

"B'Elanna I am sure that you are mistaken about Harry."

"Tom you said so yourself that Harry got pissed at you 
because the day after the surgery you opted to go to sickbay instead 
of joining him on the holodeck."

"Yeah but that doesn't mean he has a problem with anyone 
worrying about Chakotay."

"No? Than tell me why he went off on Dalby when he 
interrupted Harry during lunch yesterday to ask you how Chakotay 
was." B'Elanna was yelling now.

"I can't B'El I don't understand it myself. Maybe he just 
isn't good at dealing with things like this." Chakotay couldn't make 
sense of any of the conversation and he was just about to give up 
listening when he heard.

"Tom, would you help me? I mean maybe if there are two of us 
it will help. Maybe I am not in the right frame of mind or 

"B'Elanna I have no clue about Chakotay's beliefs or his 
customs. I don't know if I would be a help or a hindrance."

"There is information in the data base go and read up on it 
flyboy and meet me back here in two hours." She snorted and then she 
seemed to fade anyway. Tom walked a bit closer to where Chakotay was 
sitting. Again Chakotay tried to call out to him but he didn't hear.

"Well Chakotay I guess we are going to get closer whether 
either one of us wants it or not. I just hope I don't make things 
worse for you. Could you wake up within the next two hours and save 
me some embarrassment please?" Tom faded away as the words sunk in.

'Wake up? I am awake' Chakotay said to no one. 'Well maybe 
I'm not awake. SHIT!' Chakotay leaned back further on to the log and 
started to think. After a few minutes he realized that he was in the 
spirit plain not on his home planet, like he had originally 
thought. 'Took you long enough to figure that out didn't it old 
man'.  But why, why was Kathryn. Tom and B'Elanna there with him? 
What was going on?

"You are not well my child." Chakotay turned to see his 
guide, why hadn't he heard her come up to him?

"You didn't hear me because you are not really here."

"Please sister I am confused enough as it is."

"Chakotay you have been quite ill. You are sleeping, I 
believe the doctor called the sleep a coma."

"A coma? Why?" he couldn't remember 

"Your heart was distressed you needed rest."

"I had a heart attack. I remember now. Kathryn said they were 
going to operate."

"Yes and now everyone is waiting for you to wake up."

"Okay so how do I do that? I can't seem to move here."

"Just relax my child. When your friend comes for you go with 

"My friend? Him?"

"Yes the blonde headed one that was here. He will be here 
soon when he comes go with him he will lead you back."

"Tom? Tom is going to help me back? He said himself that he 
doesn't know what to do. How can he help me? Why would he help me?" 
Again confused and a little frustrated. 

"Because he is the one that will help. Why do you question 
the spirits?"

"I am sorry sister. I don't mean to I just.. I am so 

"You are forgiven. I do understand. Just allow Tom to take 
you back and be well I will be waiting here for you." With that she 
was gone.

        'Okay so I wait.' Chakotay thought. He closed his eyes and 
relaxed. He tried to remember what had happened. He could remember 
deciding he needed time off. He remembered having lunch with Kathryn 
it felt good to be working towards fixing their friendship again. But 
then things got fuzzy, he could remember pain, immeasurable pain. 
After that he can't remember much of anything until he woke up here. 
Trying to calm himself and remember all that he heard. Chakotay 
didn't think that one person's negative feelings would cause a 

  Then he thought why would Harry Kim be giving off negative 
feelings about him? He couldn't think of anything that he had ever 
done to make the Ensign not like him. Chakotay thought he was always 
been nice to the young man. Tried to show interest and encourage 
Harry to come up with ways to get them out of situations. He thought 
he had supported him whenever it was necessary. Maybe he was wrong, 
when he got back from wherever he was he would think further on it. 
But for now he was just going to have to deal with the fact that Tom 
Paris was going to be the one who helped him go back.

Suddenly Chakotay heard a noise above him, he looked up and 
saw a bird. No it was an eagle. Strange he had never seen that before 
in his vision quests but then again this wasn't and ordinary vision 
quest. He sat up and watched the eagle it was circling above him. It 
was as if she was letting someone know where he was. He looked around 
the woods, he thought he heard another noise, like someone stepping 
on leaves.
He tried to stand again but he couldn't. He wondered if he could get 
whoever was waling to hear him.

"Hello?" he called out "Who is there?"

"Chakotay?" It was Tom "Chakotay can you hear me?" His voice 
sounded what? Unsure? 

"TOM! Over here!" Chakotay tried to stand but still couldn't.

"Chakotay? Where are you? I can't see you."

"Tom come to the east."

"Just keep talking."

"How did you get here? Keep coming to the east. You sound 
like you are getting closer."

"How in hell would you know that?"

"Well you don't exactly have the lightest step Lieutenant. I 
can hear you crunching along." He laughed.

"Yea well you can teach me how to step lighter some other 
time." With that Tom came out into the clearing where Chakotay was 

"Geez Chief I gotta tell you, you are one difficult patient." 
Tom came and sat down next to Chakotay.

"Hey you were here earlier and I tried to get your attention 
you aren't most attentive medic either."

"This is my first trip to wherever we are Chief." Tom seemed 

"Oh right it was my vision you weren't here before sorry."


"Doesn't matter."

"Well I have to tell you I am glad that my thinking to 
following that eagle was right. Though that damn wolf I saw scared 
the hell out of me."

"That damn wolf is my spirit guide." Chakotay snorted

 "And I am guessing that the eagle is yours."

"Oh Shit! I hope I didn't upset anything by seeing your guide 

"No you didn't she wanted you to see her. She was helping."

"Helping? Is that what that was? I have to admit I ran like 
hell in the opposite direction I was going when I saw her." Tom 
leaned back against the log and breathed a sigh of relief. 

"When you went in the opposite direction did you keep going 
that way?"

"Yeah until I heard you."

"Then she was helping. She had you turn around." He grinned.

"I guess you are right but still I don't think I have ever 
been so scared. Thinking I was going to be eaten alive in my dream by 
some wolf." Chakotay laughed.

"She wouldn't have harmed you. Maybe just knocked you down 
and pointed you in the right direction if you didn't listen."

"Oh that's a comforting thought. I would have had a heart 
attack.." OH Shit sorry Chakotay."

"For what?"

"For making light of what you have been through."

"Tom, relax, it's okay." 

"So you think the eagle was my guide?"

"Yes I do, I am not sure why but I do."

"Wow that is pretty cool. An eagle huh? Guess it would make 
some sense I do love to fly." Tom turned and smiled at Chakotay. When 
he looked back in front of him he saw the eagle sitting on the back 
of the wolf that had scared him so.

"Hey they look like they are friends." He mused.

"Of course we are friends. Are you and Chakotay not friends?" 
the wolf seemed a bit perturbed.

"Yes we are friends." Tom was frightened that he had upset 
the wolf. He still wasn't completely sure she didn't want to eat him 
or at least take a bit out of him.

"Do not fear Thomas I don't want to bite you. NOW!" Chakotay 
laughed at his guide.

"Sister you shouldn't scare him he might not stick around to 
help me."

"Oh believe me I am not going anywhere unless you come with 
me Chakotay. Though I am still not sure how I got here."

"Well what do you remember?" The eagle asked this.

"I was sitting on my bed, I was reading a padd about the 
usage of the medicine wheel. B'Elanna had asked me to help her. She 
thought maybe she did something wrong or because of bad energy she 
swears Harry was giving off."

"I know I heard" Chakotay frown at the memory of B'Elanna 
accusing Harry of having a problem with him, no with others worrying 
about him.

"You did? How?" Tom was surprised 

"Yes I told you that you were here before remember? You, 
Kathryn and B'Elanna, I could hear but you couldn't hear me"

"I am sorry Chakotay. You shouldn't have heard that."

"Tom it isn't your fault. You didn't know. Besides if Harry 
is having a problem of some kind I would probably figure it out 

"Chakotay I don't know if Harry has a problem with you. I 
think he just hasn't had to deal with people close to him being ill. 
Not like you have been."

"Could be. So how do we get out of here?" Chakotay looked at 
the two guides. He noticed that they were both "shaking" their heads. 
He had a feeling they were disagreeing with Tom's assessment of 
Harry's reactions but he didn't say anything.

"Tom take Chakotay's hand." The wolf directed and he did so. 

"Now Chakotay relax. Tom when you have a dream you want to 
come out of what do you do?" The eagle questioned him but he had a 
feeling she already knew the answer.

"Usually I "force" myself to wake up."

"No need to force anything here. Just think about waking up 
but include Chakotay in your thoughts. Tell your mind to wake up, 
tell Chakotay's mind to wake up. Chakotay hold Tom's hand it might be 
a bit strange because Tom is the one in control here. Don't fight 
him." The eagle instructed. 

Tom closed his eyes and began talking to himself 'wake up 
Tommy boy, Chief wake up.' He said it over and over again. At one 
point he felt like he was being pulled back 'Chakotay don't fight me' 
He called out in his mind. He could feel Chakotay there in the 
distance. 'Remember what the eagle said let me be in control here you 
can do that for a couple of minutes can't you?' Tom felt the pull 
disappear so he began his mental talk again. It seemed like it took 
forever but than again it felt like no time at all.

"Tom! Wake up!" He heard B'Elanna calling him.

 "Tom get up come on we have to get to sickbay. I want to do this as 
quickly as possible."

"B'Elanna? I am back?"

"Back? You didn't go anywhere except to sleep." Tom jumped 
off the bed and grabbed his comm badge that was on his dresser.

"Paris to the Doctor"

"Yes Mr. Paris?"

"Is Chakotay awake?" 

"I am in my office. Why would you think he was awake?"

"Could you go and check please? B'Elanna and I are on our 

"Of course Mr. Paris. Though I am not sure why you would 
think the commander has woken up."

"Just check Doc okay?" Tom said again as he and B'Elanna left 
his quarters and made their way to the lift.

"Sickbay to Mr. Paris."

"Yeah Doc?"

"It would seem that the commander is coming out of his coma. 
How did you know that?" B'Elanna looked at Tom as if she wanted to 
ask the same question.

"I will explain when I get there. Can you contact the 

"Certainly Mr. Paris, sickbay out."

"Tom?" B'Elanna was confused. "How did you know?"

"I will explain I promise B'El when we get there." They 
walked down the corridor in silently. Arriving at sickbay at the same 
time the captain did.

"Captain were you waiting outside the doors?" Tom laughed

"No actually I was in the Observation lounge on this deck, 
Tom. Just thinking."

"Oh okay. Well let's go in and see if Chakotay wakes up now."

The three of them walked into sickbay to find the doctor standing 
over Chakotay running a diagnostic scan.

"Ah good you are all here. It would seem that Commander 
Chakotay is out of his coma and is now sleeping."