Title: Things Change 3/?
Author: Maxine
Pairing C/P eventually and only C/P
Rating: This chapter R for language and a release of frustration
Disclaimer: Paramount and whoever else owns the characters I just 
wanted to have some fun.
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Side note: I want to thank Isabelle, Ayesha and Shao for helping me 
work through the dilemma I had with this story. What Chakotay goes 
through comes from real life experience and to express this in 
writing has helped me, but things went off a bit for a while and 
these three ladies were wonderful in making me see that it's my story 
and I should tell it. Okay no more sap just good fun!

Things Change 3

Tom, Kathryn and B'Elanna approached the sleeping man. Tom 
stepped forward and put his hand on Chakotay's shoulder.

"Chakotay can you hear me? Come on it's time to wake up."

"Mr. Paris I think it would be a bit premature to believe the 
commander would wake up so soon after being in a coma for three days."

"Come on Chief, I did my part it's your turn now." Tom 
continued to talk to Chakotay ignoring the doctor. Kathryn and 
B'Elanna stood back in surprise that Tom was being so intimate with 
him. Since when were Tom and Chakotay that close?

"Tom?" a weak voice was heard.

"Yeah, Chief time to wake up."


"Yes, you are back."

"Thanks, Tom." Chakotay seemed a bit more coherent. The 
doctor stepped forward and examined him.

"Well it seems that the commander has beaten the odds once 

"Nice to see you too doctor." Kathryn stepped up to the bed.

 "Welcome back Chakotay it's good to see you awake."

"It's good to be seen Kathryn, especially after last time."

"Last time?"

"Long story Captain I will explain." Tom injected. B'Elanna 
walked around to the other side of the bed.

"Chakotay you scared me, you can't do that to me again." She 
leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.  Chakotay smiled and whispers

"You shouldn't be so impatient and I think you are right 
about Harry Kim." No one heard him but B'Elanna, she looked down at 
him with a question in her eyes. 

"Tom will explain." He whispered again. She nodded and stood 

"I think my patient needs to rest and Mr. Paris you were 
going to explain to me how you knew the commander was not in a coma 

"You didn't tell them yet?" Chakotay turned back to Tom.

"Haven't have time yet chief. You rest now, I have a few 
questions for you later myself." Tom smiled at the older man patted 
his arm and turned to the others in the room.

"I would like to know myself what is going on." Kathryn spoke 
in her best command voice.

"Kathryn don't be too hard on Tom. He was just doing what he 
had to. I think I will go back to sleep now. Have fun explaining 
Tom." Chakotay closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.

"Gee thanks big guy." Tom snorted.

"Mr. Paris if you would." The doctor pointed towards his 

        Tom led the others followed. When they all got comfortable 
Tom explained what had happened while he was looking into the 
medicine wheel ritual. And how he ended up helping Chakotay find his 
way back. He briefly explained that Chakotay had heard Kathryn, 
B'Elanna and him talking earlier so he knew that someone would be 
coming for him soon enough. That was half the battle evidently Tom 

"So you are telling me that you, someone who isn't that close 
with Chakotay, had to be the one to 'bring him home'?" B'Elanna 
seemed a bit annoyed.

"I am not sure if it had to be me B'El. It could be that 
because I was the first to get to a sleep or meditation state so I 
helped. I don't really know."

"Okay I guess that could be it. I am wondering now if maybe 
it was because of the negative flow in here the last time."

"I have no idea B'El but what is important is that Chakotay 
is awake and now we can help him get well again." 

"I agree, doctor what will Chakotay have to do to bring his 
health back to an acceptable level?" Kathryn was eager to get her 
friend and first officer back on his feet.

"First of all he can not start off as he left off. It will 
have to be slow and gradual. The first few weeks will entail just 
getting him strong enough to get through the day to day things. He 
will be quite weak and he will need assistance for at least the first 
four to six weeks. He will not be able to do much of anything that 
includes walking around or showering. The Commander will be spending 
a good deal of time resting. There should be someone with him at all 
times. As a matter of fact he will most likely not feel comfortable 
alone. There will be a whole range of emotions that the commander 
will go through he is going to need a lot of emotional support, even 
if he thinks he can do it on his own."

"I know Chakotay will not ask for help but his friends will 
be there to support him. Perhaps we should see about making 
arrangements for people to spend sometime with him everyday." Kathryn 
had already decided that it was time to make up for what her had done 
the past two months. She would be there if Chakotay needed an ear.

"Captain I would like to volunteer my off duty time also. 
Maybe change my shift so you or I can be with him." Tom wanted to do 
this, he wanted to help Chakotay as much as possible.

"I want to help also. Between the three of us we can cover 
the day." B'Elanna injected then turned to the doctor. "He will need 
someone to be with him through the night right?"

"He will need someone with him 24 hours a day. I am not sure 
how he will react to that bit of information but I will not allow him 
to leave sickbay unless he agrees."

"He will agree I will make sure of it. I do not want to go 
through what I did last week again if I can help it." Kathryn was 
bound and determined to make sure Chakotay followed every 
recommendation and restriction the doctor put in place.

"Alright Captain, I will put together a schedule for him and 
his caregiver to follow over the next two days. I want him to here 
for the next 48 hours to monitor him. Between the surgery and the 
coma, I want to make sure there are no other complications."

"Understood. I need coffee and sleep. I am going to call it 
an early evening. Good Night everyone." Kathryn turned and left the 
office stopping by Chakotay's bed once more and saying a quiet good 
bye for now she left sickbay.

"I need to get to engineering."

"I will walk you out. I am hungry I missed lunch and dinner. 
I hope Neelix still has some dinner left. Thanks for everything doc."

"Just doing my job Lieutenant." 

    Leaving sickbay B'Elanna went off to engineering and Tom headed 
for the messhall. When he got there he grabbed himself something 
green and orange then headed of a table in the corner. He wanted some 
time to think about what had happened today. Neelix came out of the 
kitchen and noticed Tom.

"Tom, how is the commander?" He asked walking over to him.

"He is awake now Neelix. The doctor seems to think the worst 
is over." A few of the crew heard what Tom said so they came over and 
started asking questions. Tom decided once again to keep the 
information to a minimum just saying that Chakotay came out of the 
coma and had been awake for a few minutes. No complaints of pain or 

    While Tom was explaining things Harry came in. He had asked for a 
location on Tom twice the first time he was in sickbay 'Of course he 
is' Harry had thought 'isn't he always there now?' The second time he 
found that Tom was in the mess hall, he figured he would once again 
see if his friend could drag himself away from the "wondrous" 
Commander Chakotay's bedside.

      Harry was getting more and more aggravated over everyone's 
constant babbling about the commander. He bet no one worried this 
much about him when he was in a coma or missing. What was so damned 
special about the commander? He had been asking himself the same 
thing for the four days and still hadn't come up with an answer. He 
just didn't see it.

      Harry noticed the small crowd around Tom. 'Once again he is 
playing message boy for the commander.' Harry thought harshly to 
himself. 'I just don't get it. As soon as the commander wakes up he 
will be all over Tom again like always. Picking on him, pointing out 
his faults. I don't get it.'

         "I see you decided to drag yourself out of sickbay Tom, nice 
of you to join the wakening world." Harry's voice dipped with sarcasm 
and disdain.

        "Harry I am always in the wakening world and I don't spend 
all my time in sickbay."

         "Could have fooled me." Harry mumbled.

          "What is your problem Kim?" Ayala spoke up he was tired of 
the lousy attitude he had been seeing all week from this guy.

       "I am not the one with the problem Ayala."

       "No? Seems to me that you have had a chip on your shoulder all 

          "Maybe I have better things to do with my time than sit and 
cry over someone who isn't dead."

      "Kim you are a fucking dead man." This was from Ken Dalby. Tom 
jumped up.

       "Ken come on calm down. Harry didn't mean anything by it did 
you Harry?"

"Yeah right whatever Paris. I was going to ask if you wanted 
to go and play some pool but it seems that you have other plans. See 
ya" Harry turned and left the messhall. Not noticing all the glares 
he got.

       "What was that all about Tom?" Neelix could not believe that 
the normally sweet, kind Ensign Kim would be so cold.

      "I have no idea Neelix."

        "You should have let me hit him Tom." Ken's fists were still 

         "You would have ended up in the brig Ken. Is it worth it?" 
Tom tried to reason with him.

         "Tom I know he is your best friend and everything but you 
have not seen how he has been acting. It's almost like he resents 
Chakotay being ill." Ayala needed to let Tom know what many were 
thinking. "I am telling you that is not the first time this week that 
he has been this side of rude and nasty when it comes to people 
talking about Chakotay."

        "I just don't understand it Greg, Harry isn't like that. He 
wouldn't begrudge anyone being ill." Tom was more confused now then 
when his friend was here and being rude. "Maybe I should talk to him."

         "Maybe you should because if I hear him talk like that one 
more time I will be spending the night in the brig." Ken growled and 
walked away. Tom just shook his head, he really didn't want to play 
interference between the crew and Harry right now. Sighing he got up 
and grabbed his tray. Ayala put his hand on Tom's arm to stop him.

"Tom, I am not sure if anyone has said this but we all really 
appreciate everything you have done of Chakotay." 

"Thank you Greg, but I would do it for any one of the crew."

"Yeah most of them have finally figured that out Tom. I for 
one am glad I've known it for a long time. But still thank you, I 
think having you in Chak's corner will be a big help to him." Tom 

"There, maybe be one or two that wouldn't agree Greg but 
you're welcome. Chakotay is a friend I don't mind. But now speaking 
of friends I have one I need to go and talk too before I have to 
nurse him back to health too." Both men laughed and Tom left.


Tom found Harry in Sandrine's slamming balls around the pool 
table. Approaching his friend cautiously.

"Hey Har, you didn't wait for me." Tom smiled.

"Oh Gee I am sorry but now you know how it feels to be left 
alone." Harry snipped at him.

         "Not watching the intrepid commander breath tonight?"

"What is going on with you Harry? Why are you so angry with 
me? With Chakotay for that matter?" Tom had never seen his friend 
this angry before about anything.

"I am so sick of listening to everyone talk about HIM like he 
is a fucking god or something. He is just a man!" Harry threw the 
pool cue on the table and stormed off to the bar. Tom was completely 
taken aback for a minute, he shook himself out of the shock he felt 
and followed him.

"Harry, I don't think anyone thinks Chakotay is a god or any 
other heavenly body. He did almost died the other day and in front of 
about a quarter of the crew including the Captain. One more thing, he 
is well liked and respected, a good part of this crew have been 
through hell and back with him before you or I ever got to know him. 
Most people don't want to think of him NOT being here."

"You are standing here telling me that YOU like him?" Harry 
raised his voice a little. Everyone in the bar seemed have stopped 
what he or she were doing and were watching and listening. "After all 
the bullshit he has put you through over the years? The name-calling, 
the accusations, his rude and cruel behavior towards you, you are 
standing here telling that you actually like him?" Now he was yelling 
and if either man had looked around the bar they would have noticed a 
number of the people there were ready to pounce on the ensign. 

"Harry, Chakotay and I have been friends for over a year now. 
We have moved past all that bullshit. We talked, cleared the air and 
buried the hatchet. You know that you were there for at least one of 
the talking session we had." Tom really couldn't understand what 
Harry's problem was.

"Oh that's right I forgot all about those little talks you 
and he had. Gracing you with his presence carefully listening to your 
explanations and you listening to his sugar coated words. That will 
all be out the nearest airlock the minute you screw up again Paris. 
Then he will be back to the self-righteous perfection seeking bastard 
he was before all that talk." There was a collective gasp at Harry's 
last words.

"That's it Kim, your ass is mine now." Ken Dalby had been 
seating in a corner of the bar watching Harry since he arrived. He 
got up and stormed across the bar, several people tried to stop them 
but he just pushed by them.

    "I am going to throw you out a fucking airlock Kim!" Tom got in 
front of Harry again, as he did in the messhall, blocking Ken from 
hitting his friend.

"Ken don't do this it isn't worth it. Besides this is between 
Harry and me. Come on man don't do anything stupid."

"Yeah don't do anything stupid because the pompous commander 
isn't worth it." Harry took Tom's words and twisted them to his own 
liking. Something snapped inside Tom, he turned around and before 
anyone knew what was happening he punched Harry in the face. Harry 
stunned for a second fell backwards and landed on the floor.

"You, Harry, are the self-righteous, pompous, holier then 
thou bastard. If it wasn't for Chakotay your ass would have been 
space dust years ago." He shook out his hand to relieve the pain from 
hitting Harry, turned back to Ken and said

"Sorry I took your fun from you Ken but he is all your now." 
He stepped over Harry and walked towards the door. Seeing Greg Ayala 
standing there.

"I will be in sickbay when Tuvok comes looking for me." Greg 
just nodded his admiration for the pilot up yet another notch. He 
walked over to where Ken was glaring down at Harry.

"Ken I think Ensign Kim has had enough for one evening." 
Looking down,

    "Ensign Kim do you require medical assistance?"

"No" Harry answered gruffly.

"Good now I would suggest you return to your quarters and get 
cleaned up. I am sure that Commander Tuvok will have some questions 
for you later." Greg took a hold of Ken's arm and pulled him away 
from the younger man. Harry pulled himself up off the floor looked 
around noticing with disgust that everyone seemed to have agreed with 
Tom and left the bar.


Tuvok was notified of both, the incident in Sandrine's and in 
the messhall and after checking the location of the participants he 
chose to go and speak to Ensign Kim first.  He was the one who had 
been hit. Although Tuvok could not understand why Lieutenant Paris 
would hit his best friend, he was sure that there was a perfectly 
good explanation. Mr. Paris had not been in any kind of serious 
trouble in quite some time.
Arriving at Ensign Kim's quarters he rang the door chime and waited. 

"Enter" the doors swished open and Tuvok stepped in.

"Ensign Kim, I understand that you were assaulted this 
evening. I would like you to tell me what and why it happened to the 
best of your ability."

"Sure Commander. Have a seat would you like something?"

"No thank you I am not thirsty. Please tell me what happened."

"Well first Ken Dalby threatened me in the messhall because 
he didn't like something I said about Commander Chakotay. Then Tom 
and I were having a discussion in Sandrine's and I guess we got a bit 
loud. Dalby again was listening to our conversation and he came after 
me. Tom tried to stop him but he was in full 'Maquis don't mess with 
me mode'. I mean he was pushing people away from him, knocking them 
down. He said my ass was his and he swung at me. Tom raised his hand 
to stop the punch and I got hit with Tom's hand instead of Ken's" 

         Harry rushed through his story. He wasn't about to get Tom 
in trouble. He might be angry with Tom but he was still his friend, 
even if he was temporarily blinded by hero worship.  Besides it was 
Dalby's fault and he was sure that no one actually saw Tom hit him. 
They were too busy looking at Dalby.

       Tuvok listened quietly he was shocked that the ensign had lied 
to him. He had the report, he knew that Tom was with one who hit him, 
but Tuvok decided not to point that fact out to Mr. Kim just yet.  

      "I see. What did you say that would have made Mr. Dalby so 
angry that he wanted to hit you?"

        "I am not really sure, Tom and I were discussing Commander 
Chakotay and his past treatment of him."

        "This make Mr. Dalby angry? It was never a secret that the 
commander and the lieutenant had problems in the past. Why would he 
get angry because you two were discussing it?"

"I have no idea, maybe because everyone is only claiming the 
wonderful things the commander has done in the past lately. Maybe he 
just didn't like to be reminded that the commander isn't as wonderful 
as everyone is trying to make him out to be."

          "I see and you were just reminding Mr. Paris of the 
commander's wrong doings over the years."

"Yes I mean just because the guy is in sickbay that doesn't 
negate his failings." Harry was relieved Tuvok seemed to understand 
what he had been feeling all week. He breathed a sigh of relief.

       "Indeed. Well thank you Ensign Kim. I will get back to you 
about possible charges being brought against Mr. Dalby."

"Oh I want to press charges alright."

"As I said I will get back you. Good night Ensign."

       "Good night Commander and thank you."

       Tuvok stepped out of Harry's quarters and called for another 
location check on Tom. He was still in sickbay. He also called for 
check on Ken Dalby and found he was in his quarters. Tuvok did not 
want to interview Mr. Paris while he was with the commander. The 
captain had informed him that Chakotay's health was tenuous at best 
right now. It would not be logical to upset him at this point. Tuvok 
made his way to Ken's quarters and rang the door chime again. The 
door opened and Tuvok entered finding Mr. Dalby, Lieutenant Ayala, 
Gerron and few other former Maquis crewmembers.

"Commander Tuvok please come in." Ken stood and showed he a 

"Thank you Mr. Dalby, I am sure you know why I am here."

"Yes sir, I figured you would come and talk to me. I am sorry 
that Tom is in trouble but I am not sorry that asshole Kim got 
knocked back."

"Mr. Dalby I would appreciate it if you would refrain from 
using crude language."


"Now could you tell me what happened. First in the messhall 
and then again on the holodeck."

"Of course Commander." Ken proceeded to tell Tuvok what 
happened from his point of view.

      "Then Tom turned around and punched Kim in the face. Shocked 
the he.. Heck out of me that is for sure." The others in the room 
nodded their agreement to that statement.

"I see. Can anyone add anything to Mr. Dalby's statement?" 
Everyone shook his or her heads.

"Tuvok I would like to add that Ensign Kim has had an 
attitude all week about Chakotay. It was almost like he was looking 
to fight with someone about how they felt having Chakotay in 
sickbay." Greg wanted to make sure that Tuvok knew Ken was not just 
acting on some whim or having a bad day. The feelings of wanting to 
hit Harry Kim had been building all week and not just by Ken.
"Thank you Lieutenant. I will leave you to yourselves now but 
please know that I might be calling on you again if there is a formal 

"Tuvok you aren't going to charge Tom are you?"

"That is not up to me, I must present the facts as I learn 
them to the Captain it will be up to her."

"Well if Tom is going to be charged then I want you to 
charged also. I was the one who started the whole thing." Ken voiced 
his opinion.

       "There is no way I am going to let Tom go through it alone. If 
I hadn't gone over to Harry, Tom probably wouldn't have hit him. So 
it's just as much my responsibility as it is Tom's"

"Thank you Mr. Dalby I am sure that Mr. Paris will appreciate 
your willingness to take responsibility for your actions. I will also 
inform the captain of your desire to take responsibility for your 
acts." Tuvok stood and left Ken's quarters. Once again calling for a 
location check on Tom, still in sickbay. 'Well I suppose I will have 
no choice but approach him there.'

"Tuvok to the Captain."

"Janeway here. What can I do for you Tuvok?"

"Captain would you please meet me in sickbay there is a 
matter I wish to discuss with you and Mr. Paris and he appears to be 
visiting with the commander at this time."

"Certainly Tuvok, I am going to assume that this has to do 
with the incident in Sandrine's."

"Yes captain it does."

"Alright I am on my way. Janeway out."

       Tuvok made his way to sickbay, along the way he was given 
various accounts of what happened on the holodeck earlier that 
evening. One common theme was that Mr. Kim was yelling and generally 
causing a disturbance. A few people who had been close enough to 
actually hear everything told him that Tom tried everything to calm 
Harry down.  He tried to be rational with him but the ensign seemed 
dead set on making sure everyone knew that he resented the commander 
and how everyone looked at him. Tom evidently was pushed to a 
breaking point. One crewman described the lieutenant's facial 
features as changing, almost as if he looked like another person 
before he hit the ensign. 

Arriving at sickbay Tuvok entered to find Tom sitting by 
Chakotay's bed talking to him. Tuvok could see that the commander was 
not awake or he believed he wasn't because his eyes were closed. The 
doctor was in his office, Tuvok went to find out how the commander 
was doing and to ask if he could use his office once the captain arrived. 
Tom heard the door open and looked up to find Tuvok looking at him.

"Well Chief, I think the Mounties have arrived. I sure hope I 
don't end up in the brig for too long I want to be around to help you 
out, no arguing with me or the captain or the doctor for that matter. 
You will need to rest and go slow in your recovery you won't be 
climbing any mountain ranges soon or any of that long distance 
running you love so much." Tom just kept talking to the sleeping man. 

       He figured Tuvok would come and get him soon enough.  The next 
time Tom heard the doors swish open he looked up to see the captain 
walk in. When she didn't immediately come over to Chakotay's bed, 
instead went over to Tuvok, he figured he was in major trouble. When 
Tuvok and the captain finished talking Tuvok went over to Tom. 
"Lieutenant Paris, may I have a word with you in the doctor's 

"Sure Tuvok. Gotta go now Chakotay, I will be back whenever I 
can." He patted the older man's shoulder stood up and followed Tuvok. 
Once in the office he stood at attention waiting for the 
pronouncement to be made.

"At ease Tom this is an informal inquiry only." The captain 
reassured him with a smile. He relaxed and leaned against the window.

"Tom can you tell Tuvok and me what happened at Sandrine's to 
cause Ken Dalby to punch Harry?" Tom was shocked.

"Ken didn't punch Harry I did. Who told you Ken punched him?"

"Mr. Kim explained that you and he were having a discussion 
and Mr. Dalby interfered. When Mr. Dalby raised his fist to hit the 
ensign you blocked the punch but he ended up getting hit anyway."

"Tuvok that is not what happened. Not at all."

"Why don't you tell us what happened Tom."  He explained the 
scene in the messhall and then later on the holodeck.

"I am sorry captain, I was already angry with him for saying 
all that stuff about Chakotay, when he called him a pompous bastard I 
just snapped. I mean Harry is my friend yes but so is Chakotay. I 
would like to think that I would have reacted the same way if it were 
Harry being spoken about like that. I just don't understand why Harry 
is so angry."

"I am at a loss myself for his reaction Tom." Tuvok stated.

"My question is why did he choose to lie to Tuvok about what 
happened? He knew he would be speaking to the others involved." 
Kathryn was perplexed as to why Harry Kim was acting what could only 
be described as out of character.

"I don't know captain, he was probably hoping to keep me out 
of trouble. But why would Harry be willing to press charges against 
Ken when he didn't touch him? There has got to be something going on 
here we don't know about. I have never known Harry to be so cruel."  
Tom was still perplexed about his friend's reaction to everything.

"Perhaps I should go and talk to him. Maybe he will tell me 
what is going on." Kathryn volunteered.

"Captain no offense bit I am not sure Harry would feel 
comfortable opening up to you."

"Well he will open up to me if I have to rip his jaw off to 
do it." No one noticed B'Elanna entering sickbay or coming over to 
the office after checking on Chakotay. 

"Lieutenant Torres there has been enough violence for one 
day." Tuvok plainly stated.

"Yeah well someone had better figure out what Harry Kim's 
problem is before he ends up laying next to Chakotay. From what I 
understand that is something he would never want to have happen. I 
can not believe he could be so ugly especially about Chakotay I 
always thought he liked and respected him."

"I will leave it in your hands Tuvok. The doctor has come up 
with a schedule for Chakotay and I would like to see what we could do 
to implement it as soon as possible. Then I want to go back to my 
quarters and attempt to go to sleep."

"Of course Captain and remember that I am willing to help the 
commander with his recovery in anyway I can."

"I will add you to the list Tuvok thank you."

"Captain can I talk to you about Chakotay's schedule and what 
it will involve in private for a minute?" Tom inquired quietly. 

       Looking around the room through hooded eyes gauging the 
reactions of the others. He had made up his mind after the scene with 
Harry that he would use all his energy helping Chakotay not wasting 
it on trying to make his friend understand why he felt he should 
help. Tom noticed B'Elanna was staring at him, but she didn't say 

"I am going to go and sit with Chakotay for a bit before I 
turn in." B'El said and walked out of the office wondering what Tom 
was going to do.

          She hoped that he wouldn't take away his offer to help 
because that little shit Harry gave him a hard time. She had heard 
from several people what happened in both places. She was seriously 
thinking of introducing Harry's nose to his ear, but she heard Tom 
had already done that. Tuvok followed B'Elanna out, almost hearing 
her thoughts.

"Lieutenant Torres, it would be more productive to find out 
why Mr. Kim is feeling so hostile instead of bringing more hostility 
to the foreground."

"I know that Tuvok but I am so angry at him, for provoking 
Tom and so many others. He really doesn't know how many people don't 
like him right now."

"Perhaps I will talk with him again and this time I will 
express not only others displeasure with him but my own."

"That might do it Tuvok. I know he respects you but then 
again I thought he respected Chakotay too."

"I believe that Ensign Kim is having problems that have 
nothing to do with respect. If that was the case he would have not 
lied to me about the incident on the holodeck."

"He lied to you? Now I am shocked!"

"As am I. Good Night Lieutenant."

"Good Night Tuvok."