Things Change 1/?
By Maxine
Rating PG-13 (right now)
Summary: Things on Voyager are about to change and many will never be 
the same.
Warning; Details of a physical ailment. But I promise no dying 
(almost only)
Disclaimer: Paramount and whoever else, not I own the characters.
This is a labor of love and taken from personal experience.

Things Change

    Feeling the strain of being first officer, Chakotay decided he 
needed some down time. He could feel the stress throughout his body. 
Chakotay had noticed recently that he was "sluggish", that was the 
only word he could come up with to describe how he felt. He had also 
realized that his body was telling him something, he just couldn't 
figure out what it was saying. He would talk to the Captain in the 

    'That', he thought, 'was one his problems.' His friend Kathryn 
was gone and in her wake "The Captain" was back in full force. 
Kathryn had finally allowed their professional disagreements seep 
into their personal lives. The straw that broke the camel's back was 
the incident with the Equinox. They fought hard about 
her "determination" and she relieved him of duty first, then of her 

He would just have to deal with it as he did everything else, 
step back and let her lead the way. Chakotay knew she wouldn't 
question his need for a few days off, but he wasn't sure she would 
grant the request. He would have to make due with his off time if she 
said "no". 

The next morning Chakotay made sure he arrived at the 
captain's ready room early enough to speak with her before even Tuvok 
showed up. Entering, he found her reading a data padd and drinking 
what was probably her fourth cup of coffee.

"Good Morning Captain."

"Good Morning, Commander. You're early"

"Yes, I wanted to speak with you for a moment before the 
meeting." He noticed that she stiffened. 

"Is there a problem, Commander?" He thought she growled at 
him, but he ignored the tone.

"No, there isn't a problem.  I just have a request." Again 
noticing her body language. He saw her relax just a bit.

"And that is?"

"I would like to request a few days off Captain. I have found 
that I am unable to keep myself fully concentrating on my job the 
past few weeks. I don't want it to become a problem should we run 
into any hostile aliens." Again Kathryn seem to relax even more. He 
couldn't have been thinking that maybe she thought he was going to 
mention the lack of friendship between them. 'Not in this lifetime' 
he thought 'not ever again.'

"I have noticed that you have been a little more tense these 
days. Request granted. When would you like to start your "vacation"?" 

"If it's alright with you, I will finish my duty shift today 
at 1300 hours and return at 0800 hours four days from tomorrow."

"Alright, Chakotay." She may not have realized she that 
called him by name for the first time in two months, but he did.

"Thank you Kathryn." Well she started it he thought

 "Of course, I will be available for emergencies and red alerts."

"Oh, you're not going on a four day spiritual walk?" she said 
half jokingly.

"Nope, just looking for some down time. I plan on being on 
this plain of existence most of the time." He gave her his full 
dimple grin. And they both laughed.

The ready room doors swished open admitting first Tuvok then closely 
followed by B'Elanna Torres, Harry Kim, and Tom Paris bringing up the 
rear. Each offered their good mornings. The Captain and Commander 
responded in kind. If anyone noticed that the two of them had been 
laughing with each other as the four arrived no one mentioned it. The 
meeting was brief. After dismissing everyone Kathryn, turned to 

"I am going to spend my morning in here going over all 
those "wonderful" reports you left for me yesterday. As I will not 
have the time while you are gone." 

"Alright captain, please don't be too upset with me. I know 
how much you hate having reports just lying around unfinished." 
Again, he smiled as he teased her.

"Oh you! Get out, you have the bridge. I will relieve you at 
1300 hours if not before." She smiled back

"Yes ma'am!" With that parting shot Chakotay left.

 Sitting in his chair, Chakotay he went over the status reports. 'Ah 
yes just another boring day in the DQ' he thought. And that was what 
it proved to be: boring, agonizingly slow. If he checked the time 
once more, he was sure he would rip the damn thing out of the panel. 
Chakotay thought about what he would do during his four days of free 
time. He thought he would run a program or two on the holodeck. He 
felt the need to do some long distance running, that would help clear 
his head get things in prospective. Then again, if he was to listen 
to his body perhaps running wasn't such a good idea. He would of 
course meditate perhaps putting aside some time for that. Mentally 
making a note to inform the captain that he would actually be 
unavailable the day after tomorrow after all. Once that thought 
passed, he decided the rest of his free time would not be planned, he 
would go with the flow. 

   Suddenly, he felt a pain in his upper abdomen. 'Heartburn?' he 
thought to himself 'I don't usually eat things that cause heartburn. 
It has got to be Neelix's cooking.' While the pain didn't go away, it 
seemed to have subsided a bit. However, he felt a bit warm, like he 
was beginning to sweat. 'That shouldn't be' Chakotay thought as he 
checked the environmental controls. "Within normal parameters" was 
the silent response he got.

"Commander?" He was brought back to the present by Paris' 

"Yes lieutenant, sorry did you say something?"

"Not actually me. The captain commed you."

"Oh thanks. Chakotay here, sorry captain."

"Can you come to my ready room, please?"

"Certainly captain, right away." He signed off and handed the 
bridge over to Tuvok. The ready room doors opening immediately to 
admit him.

"You wanted to see me, captain?"

"Yes, did I get you at a bad time?" smiling at him

"No actually, I just drifted off in thought. I do apologize."

"That's okay really. I know how boring it is out there right 
now. Which is why I let you take the morning." 

"Gee thanks!" They both laughed.

"You're welcome. I am done with the reports and as it is 1200 
hours I thought I would let you go to lunch and start your downtime."

"Thank you, Captain. I appreciate it."

"No problem, now would you join me for lunch?" If Chakotay 
was surprised at the invitation he didn't show it.

"I would love to, though I will probably only eat something 
light. I think breakfast hasn't settled completely yet." Both of them 
got up and left the ready room.

"Tuvok you have the bridge until 1300. The Commander and I 
are going to lunch."

"Aye, Captain." 

        Walking off the bridge together neither noticed Paris' 
surprised look and raised eyebrow. Though Tuvok did and he decided 
not to comment. He knew that Lieutenant Paris was thinking along the 
same line, as he would be if he were inclined to give pause to the 
strained relationship between his two senior officers. To see them 
back on what could only appear to be good terms was a good thing. It 
lessened the overall tension on the ship. Security had seen an 
increase in fights and general disturbances over the past two months. 
Tuvok put it down to the fact that the crew had seen the tension 
between the captain and the commander and they were reacting to it. 
Things just might change again once the crew realized their senior 
officers weren't at odds anymore. 

     As they made their way to the mess hall, they talked about 
general things and Chakotay did mention that he would probably not be 
available at all the day after tomorrow or at least not until the 
evening. He had decided to do some deep meditation after all. Once 
they arrived and made their way through the choices Neelix offered 
that day, they went to the captain's usual table in the corner.  They 
continued on "safe subjects" until Kathryn decided she had enough of 
avoiding the inevitable.

"Chakotay, I really want to apologize for my behavior over 
the past couple of months. I shouldn't have been so distant."

"Kathryn, don't worry about it. I am sure you have your 
reasons for wanting to put some distance between us."

"Actually, I was afraid to talk to you because I would have 
to admit that you were right and I was wrong. And you know how I feel 
about admitting I am wrong." He nodded and they both laughed. 

Suddenly Chakotay had a strange feeling come over him. He felt 
extreme warm, and there was a dull pain in his upper abdomen. 

"Are you all right?" Kathryn noticed a slight film of sweat 
appears on Chakotay's upper lip and he seemed to wince as if in pain.

"I am fine. I think whatever this is," pointing to the food 
on his plate "may not be agreeing with me." He smiled but the pains 
in his abdomen seem to be getting worse. 

Chakotay also noticed that there was pressure of some kind building 
in his upper back and chest. He couldn't catch his breath and then 
there was this pain in his shoulder and left hand, he tried to move 
it to ease the pain but couldn't. He felt sweat running down his 
chest but now he was feeling cold.

"Chakotay!" Kathryn became very frightened. She had watched 
as Chakotay went from laughing to being in what she could only assume 
was extreme pain in a matter of seconds. Then, when he looked up at 
her it was as if he couldn't really see her. 
As for Chakotay's perspective it seemed as if he was in a tunnel and 
he could hear what was going on but it was muffled. The pain in his 
abdomen, back, and chest by then unbearable. He was gasping for air 
and yet at the same time he felt himself throw up. 

"Captain to sickbay. Emergency beam out! Lock on Commander 
Chakotay and get him there NOW!" She watched as he dematerialized in 
front of her and then she collapsed into her chair. Shaking so much 
she couldn't stand, Lieutenant Paris had appeared out of no where and 
helped her to her feet.

"Come on Captain. I will walk with you to sickbay." She could 
only nod and allow him to help. "Captain, can you tell me what 
happened? I walked in as you called for the emergency beam out."

"I don't really know. Chakotay and I were talking one minutes 
and the next he went pale and seemed to be in a lot of pain." 

"Okay, we will go and see what the doctor has to say. I am 
sure that Chakotay will be fine. It was probably a bad reaction to 
lunch." He tried to lighten the mood. He was worried too. 

Tom saw the way Chakotay looked and it was something he had seen once 
before and never wanted to see again. The only way Tom could describe 
it was it looked like Chakotay had "died". That thought caused him to 
shudder inwardly. Tom and Chakotay had worked through their 
difference and had become friends in the past year or so. Tom has 
always liked and respected the Commander even when it was clear the 
feeling wasn't mutual.  He enjoyed seeing the "fun side" of Chakotay 
whenever they were at Sandrine's or the resort.

     They arrived at sickbay and as the doors swished open. They 
could hear that the doctor was working on Chakotay, his assistant 
Ensign Johnson didn't look very well herself. Tom's medic training 
kicked in and stepped in and took over for the woman.  He followed 
the doctor's instructions and as he did so he realized that Chakotay 
had had a heart attack. It was severe if his assessment was correct. 
While the doctor and Tom worked on Chakotay, Kathryn went into the 
doctor's office.

"Tuvok to the Captain."

"Janeway here."

"Captain is everything alright? I found a recording of an emergency 
beam out on Commander Chakotay from the messhall to sickbay."

"I am sorry, Tuvok, I didn't think to comm you. The Commander became 
ill while we were having lunch. I don't know exactly what is wrong at 
the moment, as soon as I do I will let you know."

"Understood. Tuvok out."

   They worked on the older man for another 45 minutes until the 
doctor said he was stable. Only then did Tom feel himself shaking, 
the commander, no Chakotay, had almost died. Technically, he had 
twice. Tom slumped back against the opposite biobed, seemingly in 
delayed shock.

"You did extremely well, Lieutenant. Thank you for helping 
me. I believe Ensign Johnson was about to pass out when you arrived."

"No problem doctor, its all part of my job." Tom turned to 
see the captain sitting in the doctor's office obviously crying. He 
walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Captain, he is stable and he will be fine according to the 

"Thank you, Tom, for everything. You did well in there."

"Thanks, I couldn't see not doing anything but."

"What happened? Do you know for sure?"

"The Commander suffered a major heart attack." The doctor 
explained as he stepped into his office.

 "I am going to have to perform surgery to repair damage to his heart 
muscle and there is some sort of blockage in one of his arteries that 
will need to be removed. If not the artery may need to be replaced."

"Oh my god! How could this happen? Chakotay always takes good 
care of himself." Kathryn was beside herself. She knew that Chakotay 
was in for a long recovery and she wasn't sure how he or she would 
handle it.

"Sometimes captain, regardless of how well humans take care 
of themselves, their bodies react differently to many things. I found 
signs that indicated the commander has been under stress recently, 
which could have contributed an on going problem."

"Why wasn't this caught earlier doctor?" Kathryn asked and it 
almost sounded like she was accused him of not doing his job. If the 
doctor had not been a hologram, he would have been insulted and hurt 
by the accusation.

"Captain, I can assure you that when I performed the 
Commander's last yearly physical there was nothing to indicate that 
there was a problem with his heart. Although it has been eighteen 
months since that physical, on the few occasions I have had to treat 
the Commander for injures I found nothing to cause concern. I will, 
however, double check the last few scans recorded and see if I missed 
anything." The doctor then turned and walked back into sickbay. 

Tom thought that if a hologram could huff and stomp, the 
doctor would have been. He also noticed that the captain was very 
quiet during the doctor's dressing down. Actually, too quiet if 
anyone would have asked him.

"If you find that the doctor suddenly develops an urge to 
sing 'There was a man from Nantucket', you will know it was ME who 
reprogrammed him." She seemed to be snarling. Tom couldn't have but 
chuckle, she did have a sense of humor he could appreciate.

"Your secret is safe with me, captain." 

"Thanks again, Tom. I should inform Tuvok."

"Janeway to Tuvok."

"Tuvok here, Captain, how is Commander Chakotay?"

"Commander Chakotay has suffered a heart attack. He is stable 
now but not conscience."

"I will inform the senior staff and department heads that 
Commander Chakotay is on medical leave until further notice."

"Thank you, Tuvok. I should be returning to the bridge soon. 
I just need to speak to the Doctor for another minute."

"There is no need for you to do that, captain. I will remain 
on the bridge and see about making arrangements to have sufficient 
coverage for the remainder of the day."

"Again, Thank you, Tuvok. Janeway out."

"I don't care what anyone says, that man does have a heart." 
Tom quipped.

"You don't know the half of it, Lieutenant."

Kathryn and Tom exited the doctor's office just as the sickbay doors 
swished up and B'Elanna Torres came rushing in. 

"Tom, Captain, what happened? What's wrong with Chakotay?" 
B'Elanna was crying. The captain took her arm and steered her towards 
the office.

"B'Elanna, Chakotay had a heart attack. He is fine for now he 
is sleeping."

"Oh my god! NO!" 

"B'Elanna, calm down. He is fine. The Doctor said he will be 
recover."  Kathryn didn't think she should mention the surgery just 
yet. Besides it was Chakotay's place to decide who would know about 
it and who wouldn't. The younger woman didn't seem any calmer. Tom 
put his arm on her shoulder, turned her to face him, and spoke quietly

"B'El, you have to calm down if you want to go in there and 
see Chakotay. If he wakes up and sees you this upset, he will just 
get upset himself. And honestly, right now, that is the last thing he 
needs." He leaned in closer and whispered something in her ear. 
Kathryn noticed that B'Elanna calmed almost instantly and then nodded 
her head. Turning to Kathryn, she spoke

"Captain I am very sorry for exploding like that. You have to 
understand, Chakotay is very special to me."

"B'Elanna, you don't need to explain anything to me. He is 
very special to me also. You didn't see me an hour ago, has it only 
been an hour? It seems like forever since we were sitting in the 
messhall laughing." She shook her head trying to clear the fog that 
had settled there.

"Captain, may I have permission to go to Chakotay's quarter 
and get his medicine wheel? I know he would want it here. I would 
feel better." B'Elanna silently prayed the captain wouldn't deny her 
this. She also knew that most likely she wouldn't.

"Of course B'Elanna, anything that will help Chakotay is fine 
with me." Kathryn smiled at the younger woman. She was sure that 
B'Elanna thought she would say no.
True, she and Chakotay had not been close lately. Still, Kathryn 
cared for the man and would never deny him anything. She couldn't do 
that in all good conscience. 

"Thank you, captain. I am not sure if he has changed his 
codes would you give me access?"

"When you get to his door it will open for you. Hurry back!" 
Kathryn then ordered the computer to allow B'Elanna entrance to the 
first officer's quarters. B'Elanna left quickly, as she ran down the 
hall, she prayed that she could remember what to do with the medicine 

Meanwhile, Tom and the doctor monitored Chakotay, making the 
necessary adjustments to medication.

"Captain, I want to wake the Commander so I can tell him what 
is happening. Perhaps Mr. Paris and you should go for now. I will 
inform you when the surgery is over."

"Doctor, I would like to be the one who tells him what is 
going on." Kathryn stated firmly, knowing the doctor's bedside manor 
would probably put Chakotay off anything he needed to do.

"Doc, I would like to stay and help if I can." Tom didn't 
think he would be able to just sit around and wait. 

"Alright, both of you. I will wake him now and you can 
discuss it with him. Mr. Paris, I think YOU had better tell the 
Commander that you will be assisting me. If he is going to react 
poorly let him take it out on you. I will be in my office." The 
doctor turned and injected Chakotay. Then left, mumbling something 
about everyone always trying to run his sickbay for him. Kathryn 
stepped up to the biobed, Tom right behind her. She placed her hand 
on Chakotay's shoulder.

"Chakotay, can you hear me?" she gently shook him

"I can hear you. What happened?"  He was barely able to speak 
his throat raw and his chest felt too heavy.

"You had a heart attack, Chakotay. The doctor needs to 
perform surgery to repair the damage."

"Heart attack?" He was confused.

"Yes, do you remember anything that happened in the 
messhall?" He appeared to be thinking, trying to remember.

"I remember thinking that Neelix's food didn't agree with me."

"We can't blame Neelix this time." Tom threw out to the room 
in general.

"Okay, so what is wrong again?"

"The doctor said you have damage to your heart and a blocked 
artery. He needs to repair the damage and clear the artery, if not 
replace it." Kathryn explained


"As soon as possible."

"Chakotay, if it is okay with you. I am going to assist the 

"You going to make sure I have a heart?"

"Well if I didn't know before, I do now." Tom said solemnly.
 "I just want to help if I can."

"Alright, it's fine. Just tell the doctor to get rid of this 

"You shouldn't be in pain right now." Tom turned and motioned 
for the doctor. "He says he's in pain, that shouldn't be should it?" 
Tom asked as the doctor came out of his office. With that the 
monitors started beeping.

"Mr. Paris, get the surgery area prepared NOW!" Grabbing a 
hypo spray and injecting Chakotay, the doctor unlocked the biobed and 
pushed it towards the surgery area. "Captain, please either wait in 
my office or in yours. He is having another heart attack and I must 
repair the damage immediately. Kathryn paled when the monitor went 
off and she paled further when she heard what the doctor said.

She was frozen in place for a moment, she prayed that her friend 
didn't die. He couldn't die she kept saying over and over again in 
her mind. B'Elanna reentered sickbay in the misted of all the 
commotion. She too froze then screamed


That brought the captain out of her fogged state. She grabbed 
B'Elanna's arm and walked out of sickbay.

'B'Elanna, the doctor will do everything he can to make sure 
Chakotay is fine. Let's go to the messhall, he will comm me when he 
is done." B'Elanna just nodded and followed the captain. "Tom 
is helping, I am sure he will also do whatever is necessary."

Word had traveled very quickly through the ship that Commander 
Chakotay was quite ill. No one knew for sure what was wrong, but 
reports from those who were in the messhall when the commander took 
ill, claimed it didn't look good. 

As Kathryn and B'Elanna walked in silence, they passed members of the 
crew all looking quite upset. No one asked any questions, it was 
clear to them that neither the captain nor the chief engineer was 
going to say anything. When the two women arrived at the messhall, 
Neelix greeted them and took them to a table in the corner. He left 
and hurried back with coffee for the captain and tea for B'Elanna. 
The women thanked him, but that was all either of them said. Neelix 
told them that if they wanted anything else just ask.

Time seemed to stand still after that. No one approached 
Kathryn nor B'Elanna, they hovered close, just in case something 
happened. The feeling in the messhall was reflected throughout the 
ship. Solemn, perhaps even fearful. Those who had work to do did it 
quietly. Those who didn't gathered with friends.

 In sickbay, Tom and the doctor worked quietly and well together. Tom 
was the perfect assistant. The doctor barely had to ask for the 
proper piece of equipment. It seemed as if Tom anticipated each 
request and was ready. Each being diligent in their work but at the 
same time offering up prayers. 

Three hours later, the doctor had Tom close the commander's 
chest, while he went to inform the captain. 

"Sickbay to the captain"

"Janeway here. How did it go?" There was no mistaking the 
apprehension in her voice. 

"The Commander did well. He should recover completely."

"Thank the gods." She whispered.

"I don't want anyone to come and disturb him for the next 
twelve hours."

"That will be fine doctor, except B'Elanna would like to 
bring his medicine wheel down, and perform the necessary ritual."

"Alright captain, she may come in an hour. Sickbay out."

"Mr. Paris, once again you have increased my admiration for 
you. You were exceptional in there. Thank you for your help."

"Thanks, Doc. It was the least I can do."

Tom walked away on shaking legs. He didn't get very far. 
Suddenly the adrenaline rush he had been feeling for the past several 
hours dropped and the world came crashing down around him. He lowered 
himself on to the nearest biobed and felt his entire body begin to 

"Mr. Paris, are you all right?" the doctor walked over to him 
when he had seen Tom stumble to the bed. "Mr. Paris?" no answer. "MR. 
PARIS" The doctor grabbed Tom's shoulders and shook him. That seemed 
to bring him around.

"What? Huh? Yeah doc, I am fine, just a quick crush from the 
adrenaline rush I think." The doctor ran a tricorder over the 
lieutenant and then prepared a hypo spray.

"Yes, that would happen. I am giving you a mild sedative. I 
want you to go back to your quarters and rest. I will inform the 
captain that you will not be reporting to work in the morning. This 
kind of emergency does tend to take a lot out of a person." He 
injected the sedative into Tom's neck.

"Thanks Doc. I am sure I will be okay tomorrow."

"Lieutenant, it wasn't a request, it was an order." 

"Okay Doc, I won't argue with you. Actually, right about now, 
I feel like I could sleep for a week." He got up slowly testing his 
legs. When he realized that they weren't shaky, he brought his full 
weight on them and turned to leave. Turning back, he spoke again.

"Hey Doc, will you let me know when Chakotay wakes up? I just 
want to see for myself that he is okay." He asked sheepishly.

"Of course Mr. Paris, as any good medical person, you just 
want to check on your patient. I understand." The doctor patted his 

"Now, go home and go to bed."

"I will Doc, I promise. Good night." Tom turned and left 

 On his way to his quarters, he ran into several of the crew, all 
asking how the commander was. Tom was brief in his answers saying 
only that he came through the surgery well and now he needed time to 
recover.  Tom wasn't sure if he was more surprised at people actually 
asking him or the fact that every one of them thanked him for helping 
the doctor with Chakotay. Hell, even some of the old Maquis crew gave 
him a "thanks a lot" slap on the back.

Once he arrived at his quarters, he went in and stripped immediately 
and headed for the shower. He felt like he was covered in Chakotay's 
blood and it wasn't a good feeling. While he showered, he couldn't 
help but go over in his mind everything that had happened. First, 
there was the smiling and laughing the captain and Chakotay seemed to 
be doing when everyone arrived for the morning briefing. Then, there 
was the way Chakotay seemed to be off on a spirit walk for most of 
the shift. Next, came the part where the captain informed Tuvok that 
she and Chakotay were having lunch together. He thought that was the 
most amazing, well until he walked into the messhall and saw Chakotay 
on the floor, gripping his chest and vomiting. 

Somewhere in the back of Tom's mind, when he saw that he knew that 
Chakotay was having a heart attack but before he could make himself 
react the captain called for the emergency beam out. Then, the 
highlight of the day was actually operating on the older man. 'Yeah 
right highlight my ass. I have never been so scared in my entire life'
Tom thought to himself. 'Yes you have Tom don't kid yourself'. 

All of a sudden, Tom realized, that during the whole time he was 
thinking about the events of the day, that not once did he think of 
Chakotay as "The Commander". 'Maybe because you just spent three 
hours with your hands in his chest.' Yea that would make a person 
change the way they thought about someone else.'

Finishing up with his nightly routine, Tom exited the 
bathroom and got into bed. The sedative the doctor gave him had 
kicked it and he was asleep before his head hit the pillow. He 
dreamed about beating hearts in his hands, first, it was Chakotay's, 
then it was his mother's. He saw her face, that pale dead look on her 
face. He woke up shaking, got up and got himself some water. Still 
very tired he laid back down and fell back to sleep. This time, no 
dreaming that he would remember but he still tossed about in his 
sleep as if he was running from something.

 Sometime later Harry Kim let himself in to Tom's quarters. He tried 
to comm Tom, when he didn't answer Harry figured he would just go and 
find his friend. It was still early, they could go to Sandrine's and 
play some pool. He was disappointed to say the least when he found 
Tom sleeping and he couldn't wake him. Harry had hoped he could get 
Tom to explain why he would volunteer to help the doctor with the 
surgery on the commander. It wasn't like they are great friends or 
anything. He knew Tom didn't do it to gain brownie points with 
anyone. It just didn't make sense to him, then again nothing made 
sense to him about that day. People were walking around all solemn 
and quiet, some even had tears in their eyes. 'Why were they reacting 
this way? The commander wasn't dead.' Harry thought. 

Even when he accompanied B'Elanna to sickbay, she brought the 
medicine wheel back and he stayed in the doctor's office while she 
went through the ritual that she said Chakotay's people do when 
someone is ill. B'Elanna had been extremely quiet during the walk 
there and pretty much forgot he was even with her as soon as she 
walked into sickbay. He thought that was pretty rude.