Title: Bodyguard
Author: Maxine
Rating: R
Pairing: C/P, A/K, C/f implied, P/T implied 

Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, expect for a couple
of characters I made up myself. They'll be easy to
spot. I wanted to see how well they'd all play

Summary:  Set five years after the crew from Voyager
returns to the Alpha Quadrant by way of the Borg
conduit. Alternate Universe: Tom Paris is a famous
singer. Chakotay has a Personal Bodyguard Service
Company. Tom needs protecting. Can Chakotay save him
from a manic? Sound familiar? Of course it does! 

Warning of sorts and Author Notes: I say this is mild
angst but I could be wrong. Oh, and for those of you,
who get squeaked over het pairings, there are
preferences to that kind relationship in here. I
promise nothing graphic at all. Just wanted to let you
know. Yes it's OCC. Yes there are some instances that
you will feel more like you're in the 21st century
than the 24th century but I couldn't help it. I like
in the 21st century and I believe some things will
still be around in 300 years. If this is something
that might bother you or offend your sensibilities, I
promise I won't be upset if you chose not to read it. 

Another Author Note: In my world no one stayed in
Starfleet. After seven years of being something other
than that, no one had the heart to go back to the
stiff regiment that is the military. 

Feedback: Sure thing, I can take it.
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Chapter 1 

Kathryn and Chakotay (no lord not together just

    Chakotay walked into the restaurant, eyes darting
back and forth, checking every inch of the place.
Force of habit, going back to his days in the Maquis.
It only took a moment before he spotted her. She
looked the same, maybe a bit grayer than the last time
he saw her, but that was the only difference. He moved
through the bar slowly, still making sure he knew
where everyone was. When he reached her table he

"Hello, Kathryn. It's been a while." He leaned down
and kissed her cheek.

Kathryn smiled and kissed him back, "Hello, Chakotay.
It's good to see you. Thank you for meeting me. Have a
seat, please. Would you like a drink?" She motioned to
the waitress. "You look wonderful! I see that your job
keeps you quite fit."

"Just a guava juice, thanks." He told the waitress,
then turned back to his old friend. "I have to stay in
shape somehow. You look quite beautiful yourself,
Kathryn, as always." 

"Thank you, you're too kind. I'm sure you want to
know why I asked you here."

Chakotay laughed, "Some things never change, Kathryn.
Let's just jump right in, always your motto."

"Well, you know what they say, 'Can't teach an old
dog new tricks'."

"I'd never call you an old dog. So, what was so
urgent that it couldn't wait until I was back on Earth
next month?"

"It's about Tom."

Chakotay stiffened, "What about Tom." 

"He's in trouble, Chakotay. He needs your help."

"I'm sure that Tom Paris can look after himself,
Kathryn. He doesn't need anyone's help, especially

"That's where you're wrong, Chakotay. You're the only
one that can help him."

"Well, why don't you tell me what kind of trouble
he's in. I'll tell you if I can help or not," Chakotay
said in resignation. 

"Six months ago, he started receiving letters. At
first, they seemed harmless enough, a fan that wanted
attention, I suppose. Over the next couple of months,
Tom's people ignored the letters. As a matter of fact,
he didn't even know about any of them, after the first
one. A month ago, he was doing an interview at a local
station in Portland, before a concert, a package was
delivered to his hotel suite. Harry took the package
from the bellhop, it blew up in his hands."

"My god, is he okay?" Chakotay gasped.

"He's getting better. Anyway, once that happened, Tom
decided that he needed to start paying attention to
more of the details. That's when he found out about
the rest of the letters. Needless to say he was quite
upset, more upset that no one told him than the
contents of the letters. Two days ago, someone broke
into his adobe in San Angelos and destroyed every
video, award and citation he has received since he
started his career. On top of that, they set the place
on fire. He and Miral had only been there the day

"That must've scared him. I know how protective he is
of her since B'Elanna died."

"Yes, upset is one word I'd use, furious is another.
He refuses to let whoever this is interrupt his life
or endanger Miral. Chakotay, I'm asking you to be his
bodyguard until we can find out who this nut is."

"Kathryn, I don't think it's a good idea that I get
involved with Tom and his problem. Greg's good, he can
take care of it."

"No. Greg was the one who suggested I get in touch
with you. He said he's out of his depth here. Whoever
this is, has gotten passed every security measure Greg
has taken. The house incident is what prompted Greg to
suggest you. He can't be there anyway, he is taking
care of Harry."

"As he should, I wasn't thinking."

"Chakotay, Tom needs you. Please, come back to Earth
with me and talk to him. Help him." 

"Kathryn.." Chakotay sighed, "All right, I'll talk to
him. Perhaps I can help strengthen security and
recommend someone for the job."

"No, you have to be the one to do it."

"I can't. Don't you understand, I can't protect him,
I can't be near him."

"You mean to tell me that you can't put your feelings
in check to help an old friend?"

"He's more then an old friend, and you know it."

"But he doesn't. He has no idea, and he won't
understand if you refuse to help him. Unless, of
course, you're willing to tell him." Kathryn knew the
only way to get him to agree was to challenge him.
"Tom agreed with Greg." That was a low blow, she knew

"I'll explain why I can't help him."

"So, after all these years you're going to tell him
how you feel and in the next breath, tell him you
can't protect his and Miral's life?"

"No! I'll never tell him how I feel. That I won't do.
I'll explain that I am too close and *that* will get
in the way of doing my job."

"So that's how you have managed all this time. By not
getting close to your clients?" Kathryn asked

"Of course it is. I have to keep a clear head, if I'm
involved, mistakes can be made. You know that." The
last part came out in a whisper. He refused to believe
that she had forgotten what happened the last time he
tried to protect someone he was 'to close to'.

"Chakotay, Rose's death was *not* your fault. You
weren't even there when it happened," Kathryn spoke
quietly. She felt such sadness for her old friend. 
Two years and he was still blaming himself for an act
of extreme lunacy.

"Which is *why* she's dead. I was off on a personal
matter, when I should've been with her. It *was* my
fault," Chakotay snarled. 

"So, Greg's guilt means nothing to you?"

"Greg has nothing to feel guilty about, he did his

"And you didn't? Chakotay, Greg lives with the guilt
of not being able to save Rose just as you do. But
that doesn't stop him from living."

      "I have a life, Kathryn. My job is my life. It's
all that matters to me," he informed her.

      "I use to think that Tom mattered to you," she
said and watched her old friend's eyes darken.

     "Not fair, Kathryn. You know he did, and still
does. I'm quite proud of all he has achieved since we
got back."

"Strange thing is, he has no idea that you even know
he's still alive. How proud could you possibly be,
when you refused to knowledge he even exists?"

"Damn it! Don't do this to me, now! It took me three
years to get to the point where I could feel anything
for another person." Chakotay snorted, "and look what
that got me. Rose is dead and so is my child. Don't
make me feel again, Kathryn. I won't live with another
death on my conscience."

"If you don't help him, you will. Chakotay, please,
if nothing else come and talk to him. Maybe you can
talk some sense into him, get him to lay low until
this sick bastard can be caught."

"Like Tom Paris would ever listen to me," he snorted.

"You know he will, he always did. He looks up to you
he respects you. Don't make me beg, you know how I
hate to beg."

"If I go and talk to him, will you leave me in
peace?" Chakotay asked. He knew she wouldn't leave him
be unless he agreed to speak to Tom.

"Yes. If you can go and see him, talk to him and can
walk away, I will leave you to your life, such as it
is," Kathryn sighed in resignation.

"Fine. I'll come back with you and talk to him. But I
will *not* be his bodyguard." Chakotay said adamantly.

"Thank you." Kathryn smiled and squeezed his hand.
She knew once Chakotay saw Tom he would change his
mind. Tom Paris always had that kind of power over
Chakotay of Dorvan V. 


The trip to Earth was uneventful, as far as Kathryn
was concerned. After Chakotay had left instructions
for his people and told them of his plans, they
boarded the private ship that Kathryn had come on.
Chakotay was impressed with the streamlined craft, as
a pilot he appreciated the maneuverability of it. He
sat back in his cabin, wondering, not for the first
time in the past twelve hours, how he allowed Kathryn
to manipulate him into seeing Tom.

'Spirits! How am I going to do this?' He asked
himself. He hadn't seen Tom in two years, not since
Rose had died. He thought back to that time, when his
life was turned upside down, again.

    He met Rose, when he was hired to protect her from
an abusive ex-boyfriend. Rose was a singer, he
remembered her voice, the cool soulful yearning of it.
The very first time he heard her sing he knew he was
lost. Every emotion from every note came through with
such clarity, that no one could ever deny the spirits
had blessed her. 

     Chakotay should've known, he should've realized,
that becoming involved with her, would be the cause of
her death. He couldn't help himself, she was
everything he ever wanted in a woman and then some. Oh
yes, he tried to fight it, to deny that there was an
attraction, a need, a longing. But Rose wouldn't allow
that denial; she could be very persuasive when she
wanted to be. 

Chakotay gave in, to say 'no' to her, would've been
like say 'no' to breathing.  He had fallen for the
songstress, fallen hard. Rose became his whole world,
caring for her, watching over her. She used to tease
him that she couldn't go to the bathroom without him
standing outside the door. Which of course, wasn't
true, he waited down the hall, he'd argue. Everything
was perfect, everything, including the fact that
hearing the name 'Chak' didn't hurt anymore. Tom had
been the only lover who'd ever called him that, until

Chakotay was blissfully happy, for the first time in
three years; he felt love and received it in return.
He forgot about the pain that followed the breakup
with Tom. Rose had done that for him. She knew
everything, knew about the animosity that pledged them
for the first couple of years in the Delta Quadrant.
She was aware of the effort that they both made to
become friends. She heard about how they became lovers
for a brief time and then split up because of a
misunderstanding. Then Tom and B'Elanna got together
and any chance of repairing the relationship to more
then friends was gone. Chakotay told her about the
pain he lived with for over a year after the other two
married. He told her that, no, he never told Tom he
loved him. He'd been afraid to admit it then. 

Yes, Rose knew everything, even the fact that there
was a piece of Chakotay's heart that would never be
anyone's but Tom's. She accepted it as part of him.
She loved Chakotay, she'd have him anyway she could
get him. They had been together for 5 months when she
told him, in a very strange way, that he was going to
be a father. They were having a baby. Chakotay was
beyond words when she woke him that morning with a
'Good Morning, Papa'. He had been planning on asking
her to marry him anyway, so he did. She said 'yes, of
course'. Later that morning, after calling Greg with
the news and asking him if he would work that day,
Chakotay went and bought a ring.

 It was while he was on his shopping expedition, that
Rose was killed. She and Greg were going to the
recording studio, a car pulled up next to them and
shots rang out. Greg grabbed her as soon as he heard
the blast, but it didn't matter. Not only did a bullet
catch her in the side but also a shroud of glass cut
her jugular vein. She was dead before they got to the
hospital. Rose was dead before Chakotay got to say
good bye.

The funeral was the last time he saw Tom, who didn't
look much better than he had. B'Elanna had died a year
earlier in an accident. Chakotay was surprised to see
Tom there, but then again he shouldn't have been. They
were friends again, and Chakotay had been at
B'Elanna's funeral. Of course Tom would be there. Not
that they spoke more then a dozen words to each other.
Tom offered his sympathy and Chakotay thanked him. At
least Chakotay thought he thanked him. Those four days
were blur to him.

After that, Chakotay threw himself into his
profession. He'd been good before Rose, now he was the
best. Every high profile person wanted Chakotay and
his team to be their bodyguards. Chakotay and Greg
trained all of the men on the team themselves. They
employed the Maquis *and* the Starfleet way together.
After Rose's death Greg didn't have the heart to
protect anyone again. Not until Harry asked him to go
to Earth and be head of security for Tom. It made
their relationship easier; Greg would go home every
night, instead of once a week. 

So, here he was on a starship heading for Earth, and
towards the one thing that could break his control. He
was getting soft in his old age, he decided. Perhaps
it was time to retire, live a quiet life on Dorvan V.
Wallowing in self-pity and remorse, sounded good right
about now. Anything to get out of the meeting he was
now heading for.

He heard his door chime and called "Enter". Kathryn
stepped in.

"I just wanted to let you know we'll be docking in
about twenty minutes."


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just reminiscing a bit."

"Chakotay, I know losing Rose and the baby cut you
deeply, but do you think she would've wanted you to
stop living?"

"Kathryn, I told you, I haven't stopped living. I
just came to the decision that my work is my life. I
am content, I like what I do, how I live."

"I don't know who you are anymore, my friend. The
Chakotay I knew on Voyager would've never sat back and
allowed life to just slip by."

"That Chakotay died the day Tom married B'Elanna. I
believed he was resurrected when Rose came into my
life. If that is so, he died a more painful death when
that bullet took her life." His voice became shaky;
his anger welled up again, as it did whenever he
remembered what happened. "A goddamned bullet! No one
uses bullets anymore!"

"Chakotay, please, calm down. You had no idea Neil
would find a 21st century weapon."

"Find? He didn't find it Kathryn. It was his, handed
down from generation to generation. With it the
knowledge of how and when to use it. If they hadn't
caught him, I would have and he would have learned a
new use for that gun." He seethed in anger,
remembering the cocky bastard during the trail. Neil
Forman believed he would get away with it because of
his social status. 

Fortunately for Mr. Forman, no amount of money in the
universe could save him. People from three planets
called for his execution. Chakotay was surprised when
the ruling was handed down. So was Mr. Forman, for
that matter. Chakotay supposed that Neil had no idea
of the fan base Rose Benson had. The power behind it,
the courts didn't take long to decide either, the
bastard's attitude was just another nail in his

Remembering when Neil took the stand, claiming that it
was his right as Rose's "owner" to handle her flagrant
disobedience as he saw fit. When Chakotay heard those
words come from the stand, the rage that had been
simmering for months came up. If it hadn't been for
Greg and Kathryn, he would have charged at the son of
a bitch, and saved the courts the time, trouble and
money of that execution. Yes, it had been fortunate
for Mr. Neil Forman that he received a death sentence
by way of lethal injection. He was a dead man anyway,
just the method and length of that dying would have
been different.

Kathryn touched his arm, bringing him out of his
mental rage. "Chakotay, he is dead too. He paid his

"Excuse me if I think he got off too easy. He only
died once and he was asleep when it happened. Rose
didn't have that luxury. He should have died twice,
once of each life he took."

"You can keep that all inside, hold it in forever if
you like. But you know what I've learned of the past
five years? I learned that holding it inside does
nothing but make *you* sick. You need to let it go.
Maybe seeing Tom and working with him again will

"I doubt that," Chakotay snorted.

"You never know. I'm sure he'll be very happy to see
you." Kathryn didn't know that in an hour she would be
proven very wrong.

"We'll see."

"All right. Well let's get ready to go. We are about
to dock." She patted his shoulder and left the cabin.