Title: Bodyguard 2/?
Author: Maxine
Rating: R

See part one for pairing, disclaimer and summary.

Chapter 2

The Meeting

Docking and making their way to "Paris Enterprises"
was done effectively and quickly. Chakotay was quite
impressed as he took in the building he now stood in
front of. It reminded him of a 20th century office
building, stone and glass and very little metal. He
chuckled inwardly, 'Just like Tom'. He felt Kathryn's
reassuring touch on his shoulder as he drew a deep
breath and ascended up the stairs to the front door. 

Once inside, he scanned the lobby, noting the
security station was unmanned, and half the cameras
were pointing at one particular door. Curiously he
walked over to it and knocked. When it opened he saw
roughly fifteen ladies, all clad in leotards and
tights. He turned and looked at Kathryn with a raised
eyebrow and a question in his eyes.

"They're the dancers in the vids and on the stage."
She answered the unasked question shyly.

"Typical Paris," He snorted.

"I guess," she answered as she shrugged. "Listen will
you be all right for a few minutes? I have to make a
quick call."

"Sure. What floor can I find Tom on?"

"He's in the studio, fifth floor."

"Okay, I'll just go up and meet you there."

"Good. See you in a couple of minutes."

Chakotay watched Kathryn walk away, then noticed a
security guard sitting at the formally unmanned deck.
He walked over and smiled.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I am here to see Mr. Paris."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"No, Ms. Janeway brought me here. She's making a call
right now. She said I could just go up."

"Oh, well okay fifth floor, second door to the left."

"Thank you." Chakotay turned and walked away. He
wondered where Greg got this guy. There was no way any
of his men would just accept an explanation like that
without checking it.

He had already begun taking in all the security
breaches he found. First the cameras trained on a door
that admitted sexy clothed women, instead of the main
doors. Second, security desk unmanned. Third, security
guard not too bright. Chakotay couldn't believe that
Greg would be slacked like this. Then he remembered
that Greg hadn't been working for almost a month, he
was taking care of Harry. 'When the boss is away, the
kids play.' He said to himself.

When the elevator open on the fifth floor, Chakotay
was hit with a wave of noise that was deafening. He
realized it was music, just not the kind he was use
to. Walking toward the noise, unfortunately, it
occurred to him that it was coming from the room he
was supposed to go to. He knocked, twice, but then
figured to hell with it and opened it. When he did he
was blasted with an even louder onslaught of music; it
almost knocked him over. Shaking off the stunned
feeling, Chakotay entered the room. There was far too
many people milling about, some seemed almost lost.
One such person stepped in front of Chakotay,

"Can I help you?" The young woman screamed to be

"I'm here to speak to Mr. Paris about a personal

"You have an appointment?"

"He knows I'm coming."

"What's your name?"

"Zephran Cochrane."

"Oh, okay. He's over there in that blue chair." The
unnamed woman turned and pointed to said chair.

"Thank you."

She nodded and walked away.

Chakotay waited, hoping the noise would end soon. He
felt a hand on his arm and twisted around to grab it,
until he saw Kathryn was the one standing next to him.
He didn't like being surprised like that. The noise
level was far too high for his senses.

"Chakotay, relax." Kathryn yelled in his ear.

"Kathryn, don't sneak up on me like that." He yelled
back, completely frustrated. She knew better, or so he

"I didn't sneak, you weren't paying attention. I
called your name."

"Like I could hear anything over this crap."

"Oh, it isn't so bad once you get use to it."

"Thanks, but no thanks." He said, thinking how much
he missed Rose's quiet soulful style at this
particular moment.

"Come on, let's let Tom know you're here." She took
hold of his arm again and led him towards the chair,
the crowd and the noise.

At that moment everything stopped the music ended
abruptly, the dancers finished their motion. 

"Perfect people. Just perfect, that's it for today I
think." The voice rose up from the chair. 

Chakotay knew that voice; he remembered that voice, he
hated that voice. It was the voice of Tom Paris twelve
years ago. That cocky, self-assured guy that got on
Chakotay's nerves for far too long. But he knew it
couldn't be, Tom wasn't that person anymore, hadn't
been in far too many years.

"See everyone tomorrow, bright and early. Remember I
wouldn't tolerate bullshit now, it's too close to the
concert dates." Tom said as he stood up.

"Tom, I brought an old friend along to see you."
Kathryn spoke up.

Tom turned to see who it was, in an instant his face
went from pleased to annoyed. "Well, if it isn't the
big bad Maquis protector. What have I done to bring
you down from your high horse to honor me with your

Chakotay was taken aback by the venom that was spit
at him. When did Tom decide he hated him again?

"I was under the impression you were in need of my
services. Obviously, Kathryn was mistaken." Chakotay
spat back and turned to leave.

"Oh, for god sake. Running away again are we?"

Chakotay stopped in his tracks and turned back again.

"I'm not running away, just using my better
judgement. It is clear that you have no use for me or
my services, and I have another client who needs and
wants my attention."

"I told Kathryn, to go and talk to you. I just didn't
think you would bother. Seeing how you haven't had the
decency to contact me or anyone else, for that matter
in the last, what, two years? I figured you thought
you were too good for the likes of us."

"I work for a living, I have a business that needs my
attention. I don't have the time or the luxury to
flutter around as I please. Now if you'll excuse me, I
have a shuttle to catch."

"Chakotay! Wait don't go." Kathryn pleaded. She
couldn't believe what she had just witnessed; these
two hadn't been at each other's throats like that in


"No! You told me you would talk to him."

"Isn't that what we just did?"

"No. That wasn't talking that was spear throwing."
She turned to Tom at this point. "You told me to go
and ask him to come. You wanted him to be here. Now,
stop acting like a spoiled child and talk to him. You
need him."

"I don't need him or his attitude. My security staff
is just fine."

"Is it?" Chakotay snorted. "Your security is the
biggest joke I've seen in a long time. I walked in
here with no problems, they accepted that I was just
another member of your staff. No one checked to make
sure I was telling the truth. If I were going to kill
you, no one would've known what happened for a good
five minutes. I would've been long gone by then.
You're security staff sucks. I can't believe these
people were picked and screened by Greg."

"They weren't, I hired new people after Harry got
hurt. Greg was busy with taking care of him and I
needed more people here."

"Well, you should've let him do the hiring, because
you'll be dead soon if you keep the people I saw."

"Okay, Mr. Protector, what do you suggest I do?" Tom
asked sarcastically.

"First the security guard at the main desk gets his
ass fired. Did you know that the cameras were all
turned so he could drool over the ladies coming out of
the room across from his desk? Also, the young lady,
over there," Chakotay pointed to the brunette he spoke
to when he first got there. "Needs to be trained NOT
to take the word of a stranger *and* ask for ID. Also,
the noise level in here is deafening, anyone could pop
off a few rounds and none of you would hear it."

"That security guard is my cousin, I can't fire him.
The young lady is a Delaney she stays. As for the
*noise* as you call it, it's my music it can't be
turned down." 

"Well, whether he's your cousin or not he shouldn't
be trusted to make sure no one gets through the front
door. Ms. Delaney can be instructed. Your *music*
leaves a lot to be desired, but if it's necessary for
it to be that loud you should at least have the doors
locked when you are in session."

"If the doors are locked people can't come and go."

"Isn't that the point? People shouldn't be able to
just come and go, that's what's going to get you

"No one's going to kill me, it's just some sick
bastard who is playing a game."

"If that's what you think, I can't help you."
Chakotay turned to leave again. He couldn't stay and
do this. Tom wasn't who he thought he'd be, and it was
clear he didn't really want help.

"Wait! Don't go. You say you can help me, fine. This
is what I want." Tom knew that he needed Chakotay's
help, he just hated to admit it. "My life won't be
disrupted, I'll do what I have to do. Miral is to be
protected from all this nonsense. I don't want to see
guards crawling all over the place."

"There's definitely been a mistake. I'm sorry to have
taken up your time. Good bye."

"What? Chakotay you can't just leave!" Kathryn said.

"Watch me."

"You aren't going to help?" Tom asked with a small
amount of sarcasm.

"If I believed you truly wanted *my* help, I would.
But what you want is just another mindless follower,
someone who will bow to your wishes. That isn't how I
work, nor will it keep you safe."

"You're exactly the same as you were on Voyager,
always believing that *you* knew better then everyone
else how to handle things!" Tom screamed.

"That's bullshit! You're talking about yourself *not*
me. However, in this instance I do believe that *I*
know better then you how to keep you and Miral safe.
That *is* my job after all."

"Oh, like how you kept Rose safe?" Tom regretted the
words as soon as they left his mouth.

Chakotay felt like he'd been kicked in the stomach,
the pain could be seen on his face. He turned and
walked towards the door. He knew if he said anything
more, he would regret it.

"Chak, wait! I'm sorry! That was cruel, I shouldn't
have said it. I *know* you did everything you could.
I'm sorry. Please don't go." Tom begged.

Chakotay stopped when he heard the nickname, once
again the pain raising in his gut. How could one word
cause so much distress? He listened as Tom spoke,
hearing the apologetic tone. He couldn't look at Tom,
yet. Chakotay refused to let the younger man see the
pain that his words had caused. Instead he spoke
slowly, quietly where he stood, looking at the door.

"If you want my help, then you have to let me do my
job. Do it the way I see fit, to the best of my
ability. There are no guarantees that I can prevent
whoever is stalking you from causing you harm. You'll
get my best effort, I cannot and will not do less then

"I accept." Tom's voice shook slightly he couldn't
help it. He knew he had hurt Chakotay, terribly. The
tone of the older man's voice told him more then his
refusal to look at him or the way Chakotay stood stiff
backed, fists clenched.

"Fine. I'll also need to check out your home."
Chakotay had turned to face Tom again. Anger and pain
still clearly written on his face. "Tomorrow, I'll
start with any security upgrades you need here and
there. I'll also have to get in touch with Greg, find
out what he's done to other properties you own."

"All right. Would you like me to take you to the
house or have Kathryn do it?"

"Whatever's most convenient for you."

"I'm done here for the day, I'll take you. Kathryn
has some work still, I believe."

"Yes, I have to make some calls." Kathryn answered
quietly, she had been stunned into silence by Tom's
callousness and Chakotay's seemingly defeated

"Very well. I'll talk to you later, Kathryn." Tom
walked over to Chakotay, "We'll go to the house now."

Chakotay said nothing, merely nodded. He turned to
Kathryn and offered a smile that didn't reach his
eyes. Then he followed Tom out.


Tom's home was by far the largest one that Chakotay
had ever been in. None of his previous clients' homes
were as spacious or luxurious. Chakotay couldn't help
but be impressed with all he took in. His critical eye
found far too many "gaps" in security though. Again,
he wondered what Greg had been thinking. Although from
what he had encounter with Tom so far, he shouldn't be
too surprised if he found out that Tom had refused to
allow Greg to make his home into a fortress.

Tom, quite proud of his home, pointed all the
amenities to Chakotay. Part of him wanted to impress
his former lover, and yet, another part wished his
choices weren't so overbearing. As he showed Chakotay
around, he couldn't help but feel like the other man
disapproved. Tom snorted and thought to himself, {Of
course he would disapprove. I never really could do
anything right when it came to him.} 

Standing in front of the pool, Tom turned to Chakotay
and asked "So, what do you think?" 

"It's a beautiful home, Tom. I'm quite impressed.
Miral must love it here."

"Thanks. Yeah, I think she really does love it.
Especially after she comes back from visiting my
parents." Tom answered.

"There are a few things that need to be changed or
added to. I promise nothing will be too obviously or
overwhelming. Miral won't notice them after they're in
place. I understand that you want her life to be as
normal as possible."

"Yes, I do. It's hard sometimes, though. Going to
school, all the kids know who her father is. That's
not something she's happy about. She feels like they
only want to be her friend, so they'll get an
invitation to come here and meet me. I hate that for
her, I hated it when it happened to me. Everyone
wanting to be my friend because of the Admiral." 

"I'm sure she'll figure out who really is her friend
and who just wants an autograph," Chakotay said hoping
to reassure the younger man.

"She's a pretty smart kid, I'm sure she will too. So,
tell me what you want to do?" Tom motioned for
Chakotay to sit on one of the lounge chairs as he did.

For the next hour Chakotay explained what needed to
be done both here and at the office complex. Tom
listened, asked questions, but never balked at any of
his ideas. They all sounded reasonable and unassuming.
That was until the last order of business.

"I'll be with you at all times, when you're out.
Before you go into any concert hall or hotel, I'll go
in with a couple of security people and make sure that
everything is up to my standards. If they aren't I
*will* make sure they are *or* you won't be going in."

"Chakotay! That's ridiculous. You can't go barging
into some hotel and demand they change things."

"I can and I will. I've done it before, many times.
The hotels are usually more then happy to learn and
fix any security problems. It gives they the ability
to target the preferred clientele, especially when
they advertise that *my* staff was the one that made
the changes."

"You're that good?" Tom was surprised. He had no idea
his former lover was that popular.

"Not to sound conceited or as if I'm bragging, but
yes, I'm that good. Or rather my people make me that

"I have a feeling it's you that make your people that

"Perhaps. Anyway, I noticed that there is a small
bungalow on the property. If you don't have a problem,
I'll use it as my base of operation and apartment."

"I don't mind. Are you sure it will be large enough
for you?"

"Yes. It's exactly the right size. I don't need much
space for myself."

"Still living lightly?" Tom smiled; remembering how
Chakotay's quarters always seemed less cluttered then

"I suppose. The only things I need are my clothes,
something to read and space to mediate."

"As opposed to me who needs twenty acres on land and
the largest house in California to hold everything,"
Tom quipped.

"I wasn't saying that. I just learned a long time ago
to travel and live light. With my job, I can't afford
to have or need too much. It's a bitch to keep packing
and unpacking all the time."

"I know you weren't comparing us, I was." 

Once again they became silent for a few minutes,
neither knowing just what to say to the other. Finally
Tom again broke the silence, he realized he hadn't ask
Chakotay how he had been doing during the last three

"So, Chak, you okay now? I mean, since Rose died. I'm
really sorry about what I said earlier. It just came
out, I never believed that you didn't do your best to
protect her. Greg told me everything," Tom spoke in a
whispered tone. He really did feel bad about what he
had said earlier.

"I'm fine, Tom. I won't lie and say I don't miss her
because I do. But my job keeps me busy. I don't have
time to dwell on all I lost while I'm working. My mind
is focused on the person who I'm hired to protect.
That is a twenty-four hour a day thing."

"So, now, you'll be thinking about me all the time
instead of Rose." Tom tried to make light of it, but
the thought of Chakotay's mind being trained on him on
the time made him feel too many things at once.

"You and Miral, yes," Chakotay answered, hoping the
other man didn't see him stiffen at the image Tom
forced into his mind.

"Okay. Are you hungry? I think dinner should be ready
by now."

"Yes, I could eat something."

"Good. I told Neelix that you would probably be
joining us for dinner, so I'm sure he made you
something vegetarian."

"Is there anyone from Voyager that doesn't work for
you?" Chakotay laughed, he felt like it was old home
week, seeing most of the old crew.

"I think there are one or two I missed." Tom grinned.
"No, really, I just call upon the people I liked and I
knew I could trust. After seven years in space with
people, you get to know who is and isn't good people."

"You're right, you do."

"Come on, I see Neelix waving like a mad man at me."

Chakotay followed Tom back into the house. He was
greeted by Neelix with all the energy and zeal that
was known only to the Talaxian.