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C A T C H I N G   S T O N E S
(VOY, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG-13)
John Torres travels to Starfleet Headquarters to speak to his daughter for the first time in many years... but there's an admiral standing in his way.
F U L L   H E A R T ,   A
(VOY, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
A coda to my story "An Empty Space."  Set a few days before the events of the seventh season episode Prophecy.
I N S P I R A T I O N                                                                NEW
(VOY, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
A hunky-dory coda to Muse. Tom finds that a walk in the limelight will change anyone's soul at least for a while.
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N I G H T T I M E   C O N S O L A T I O N S
(VOY, P/T, 1/1, Rated R)
B'Elanna's plan to cheer up a friend goes terribly awry. Set sometime around Basics.
P O O R   T O M
(VOY, P/T, 1/1, Rated R)
An alternate ending to the third season episode Blood Fever. What should have happened if Vorik had appeared, say, five minutes later than he did.

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