Taya 9

Chakotay silently gathered what gear he needed, he looked for something to carry Taya or push her not finding anything of the sort he decided that Tom carried her everywhere walking over to the replicator telling it what he wanted, once it was ready he pulled it out checking to see if it was correct, nodding as he turned it over in his hands thinking, 'Somethings from the twentieth century were of use to us in the future thanks the heavens for small favors.' He had replicated something he had seen his sisters used with their children it looked like a backpack without the zips two hold at the bottom for the child legs to dangle from and two straps for the mother or who was wearing it to have their hands free it could be worn on the front or the back, with Taya age he decided to wear it on his front while on his back was her nappies and things.

Once he was ready he checked into Tom's room making sure that he was alright before leaving, once he was sure he headed out, he decided to leave his things till they were ready to return back, he didn't what to troop all over Voyager with his things as well as Taya and her things,  he decided to visit Tuvok, who had told him he would like to spend time with Taya, it seemed that he missed his children and he knew that Greg and Tem would like to see her as well Greg had told him that he regretted going with the rest of the crew and he'd like to make it up to Tom but like many of the crew they had much to make up to the younger man and his daughter, the Doctor had told him who was on the list of people that Tom wouldn't talk to again Greg and Gerron were on the list for that he smiled both men were his friends he knew that Tom wouldn't ask him to chose between them and him he was glad that he wouldn't have to chose he didn't have that many friends to make decisions like that.

Entering the lift he asked, "Computer location of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok?"

"Lieutenant Commander Tuvok is in his quarters."
"Deck two."

Once there only stopping once to let a female crew member on he made small talk with her, once on his floor he desired he nodded at her saying, "Good day Crewman."


Heading to Tuvok door he hit the chime and Tuvok call out, "Enter."
With a smile he entered into Tuvok's quarters saying, "I hope you don't mind an unannounced visit?"

Tuvok stood up from his table saying, "Commander, how may I help you?"

"Tuvok please call me Chakotay, we're both off duty and I've brought Taya to visit as well."

"So I see I hope that Lieutenant Paris doesn't mind her being here?"

"He's resting and he told me to go visiting and  I thought of you, I remembered that you wanted to spend some time with her so here we are."

Tuvok approached them all the while staring at Taya, looking up at Chakotay he asked, "May I hold her?"

With a smile Chakotay dumped the baby bag to the floor and reached under Taya arms and gently lifted her out and handed her over to the Vulcan.

Chakotay could have sworn he saw Tuvok smile and his eyes light up with delight but was sure, he watched as Tuvok move to the couch saying, "Please have a seat Chakotay, would you like a drink?"

"I'll get it would you like one?"
"Vulcan tea thanks."

Chakotay placed their orders, once they appeared he carried them over to the low table sitting in front of the couch once seated he sat quietly watching Tuvok gaze at Taya with a smile.

Tuvok run his finger along Taya cheek as he said with out look at Chakotay, "I'm glad you came Chakotay."
Leaning forward asked, "Oh and why is that?"

"We need to know what to do about B'Elanna we need her on board but we can't have her running free she a risk."

Chakotay nodded, "I agree but what can we do? We don't have the resources to have her guarded twenty-four seven."

"That is correct we have two options one is that I take her as a mate which I don't want to do but will do so if that is what the captain wishes or use a prison anklet and with her knowledge she'll have it off within a day."

"What if Seven could enhance it with Borg implants?"

"We looking into that and into using Borg implants to check her where about at all times and for an automatic transporter lock on her if she gets close to Tom or Taya since Tom would have to deal with her at some points we are working on shield for when he does have to deal with her, to be honest I think it'll be best if Tom never has to deal with her ever again."

"I agree and I don't what him to be anywhere near her again but this is a small ship and it's likely to happen I just hope he's not alone when it happens. Tuvok I hope they can sort out the others so you don't have to link with her, I know she my friend and all but that a fate worse than death if you ask me."

Tuvok lifted Taya up saying, "It's not that if I have to link with her I'd never be able to see Tom or Taya without her being there with me and to save Tom from that I'd stay away only to see him during duty shift and that not fair he needs his friends with him now and I wish to become one he can rely on."

Chakotay took a sip of his coffee swallowing placing his cup on the table saying, "Tuvok I'll let you in on a little secret, he counts you as a dear friend you weren't on the list he made or one he griped about to the Doc, and that list is as long as your arm only a few were left off not many, in fact to few he can't afford to lose another friend so lets keep our fingers crossed that they can work out away that means you don't have to play prison guard for the rest of our trip home."

 Tuvok replied, "Agreed."

Cuddling Taya closer to his chest Tuvok rubbed her back saying, "She is unlike Tom, she quiet but she looks like him though."
"She is a quiet baby but Tom has his moments as well, he told me that Taya looks like his mother a part from the ridges but they'll so faint you barely notice them."

Tuvok nodded turning towards Chakotay he asked, "What is Tom going to do about B'Elanna when Taya asks about her mother?"
Chakotay signed, "I'm not sure, I hope it's not for along yet before we come to that hurdle."
Chakotay nodded, "Yes we, Tom asked me to marry him last night and I said yes, once we're married I'm going to adopt Taya as my own child."

Tuvok offered his free hand saying, "I offer my congratulations to you both."

Gripping the Vulcan hand saying, "Thanks Tuvok, you don't think it's too soon?"

"Do you have doubts Chakotay?"

Shaking his head he smiled as he explained, "Not in that way I know that Tom loves me and I love him but what about the crew?"

"To quote Tom, 'who gives a flying fuck of what they think.' if they have a problem with the two of you send them to me and I'll straighten them out by telling them that it's none of their business who Tom or you see or marry we have done enough to Tom as it is." Tuvok told him.

Chakotay grinned as he said, "Thanks Tuvok for reminding me that it's none of their damn business."

"You're welcome Chakotay and tell Tom if anyone gives him any grief at all let me know and I'll deal with them."

"You and me both Tuvok."
Tuvok lowered Taya onto his lap saying, "If you ever need a baby sitter put me on the list, I heard that Kathryn and Harry had her last night."

With a delighted grin Chakotay told him what he had witness earlier in the day, "I wonder if it cured them of having children of their own."

"I believe not the Captain wishes to have children as soon as possible so that means Chakotay that we'll have to spilt her duties among the two of us."
"So it didn't cure them huh? Well that good news, I'm sure we'll sort out a schedule that will work out for us both when the time comes."
Finishing off his coffee then stood up saying, "Thanks for the coffee Tuvok but we have to visit more people before I have to return her to her daddy."

Tuvok nodded as he gave Taya one last kiss on her cheek and hug before handing her over to Chakotay saying , "Thanks for bringing her for a visit Chakotay feel free to visit with her or without again."Nodding Chakotay slipped Taya into the carrier saying, "We will and if you like, we'll see if Tom wishes to visit as well or you can visit us anytime."

"I'll be sure to visit and bring Tom with you if he wishes to come."
Once leaving Tuvok, Chakotay check the where about of Ayala and Tem finding them in the mess hall he headed for them and some food.

Entering the Mess hall he spied Ayala and Tem sitting at a table fill with a mixture of Marquis and 'fleet not wanting to join them while they were with the others but his plan went down the drain when Jenny Delaney stopped him by calling out, "Commander over here."
With a quick kiss onto Taya head, he walked over to their table with what he hoped was a smile on his face as he said, "Yes Ensign?"
Jenny stood up and peered into the carrier saying, "God she beautiful, may I have a hold?"

Before Chakotay could reply Greg exclaimed, "Nope Jenny I have first bids on holding her don't I Commander?"With a smile he nodded as he eased Taya out and handed her over to Ayala saying, "We can't stay long Tom's sleeping and we need to get back before he wakes."

Tem said, "Go and get some food Commander we'll keep an eye on her for you.""Thanks is Neelix around?" Chakotay asked as he looked about the room.

Gerron jerked his head towards the kitchen saying, "Out back Commander."

Placing the baby bag on a spare chair he wandered towards the kitchen he heard Naomi chatting to Neelix, Chakotay ducked into the kitchen calling out, "Neelix?"
"Here Commander, what may I do for you?"
Smiling down at the smaller man saying, "I bought you a visitor."

Nodding toward the group that surrounded one of the tables saying, "Go rescue her from Ayala for me, I don't want the others to get their feelings hurt by saying no but there no way they are going to hold her."

"Aye I agree, I'll go and bring her out back with me till you're ready to leave. Commander how is Tom doing?"

Taking a deep breath and exhaling it saying, "As well as expected Neelix, it going to be a long road to recovery and with friends like you he get there."

Neelix puffed out his chest saying, "You can count on me Commander."

Patting him on the shoulder Chakotay told him, "I know we can Neelix thanks."

"Commander let me tell you that I'm please that you have taken Tom under your wings."

"I'm glad as well Neelix."

Chakotay looked over at the food that was for offering and decided to be safe and stick with the fruit, picking up two apple like fruit that tasted a little bit like an orange but didn't look like one unless it was green with pink spots that blend into the peel but unlike the earth orange it was fuzzy like a peach and could be eaten like one and in the middle was a pip that they kept to grow more of them it was one of their lucky finds.

Moving away from the food Chakotay slowly made his way back the other balancing his tray along with his glass of juice.

Placing his tray on the table grabbed a chair he felt the eyes watching him looking back at them once he was seated he looked at each and everyone as he picked up piece of fruit taking a bite he listened as Neelix talked baby talk to Taya mildly wondering what was going through Taya mind when people talked like that to her.

Chakotay noticed that Tem and Ayala had moved over to Neelix and Taya, Naomi had climbed up into Ayala lap so she could look at the baby.

Sue Nicoletti asked, "Commander, how is Tom doing?"

Chakotay eyed the dark haired lady that Tom had spent a fair amount of time chasing after when they first arrived in the DQ, seeing that she was concerned about Tom told her, "He doing fine considering what happened he's lost his sight for a while but that only a minor setback."

"I'm glad that he going to be alright." With that she stood up saying, "I better head back to engineer with Torres gone Carey needs every hand till he can work out what needs to be done."

Chakotay nodded as he bit into more of his meal feeling a tad guilty for being off duty but he quick shoved it back down regardless what the crew thought he was working he was working on bringing back Voyager's pilot back into the fold after they did there best to destroy him in some ways he had it easy and in others an impossible task set before him.