Taya 10

With a sign Chakotay watched as the table cleared of everyone leaving  to head back their stations, till it was just him sitting at the table along with Tem, Ayala, little Naomi and Neelix in the Mess Hall with him.

Once finished Chakotay clear up his table and walked over to the others saying, "Ayala, Tem care to help me with Taya, while I gather some things from my quarters?"

Tem jumped up saying, "Sure as long as I can get a hold on Taya since a certain person who will remain nameless hogged her all this time."

Smiling at the younger man as he said, "Deal, Greg unhand Taya and let Tem hold her for awhile."

Gerron held out his arms for Taya with a grin.

Greg stood up saying, "Ok lets get Chakotay's things together, so we can see Tom."
Once at his quarters Chakotay keyed in his code walking in saying, "Have a seat, there another reason why I wanted to see you two."
Waiting till everyone was seated before saying, "Not sure how you'll take this but last night Tom asked me to marry him and I said . . . . "
Gerron jumped up with a squeal, "It's about time."
Ayala shunned couldn't think of anything to say so he just watched as Chakotay gathered his gear up, thinking, 'I have to find a way to let Tay out of our promise, I can't hurt Tom or make Tay choose between us over a promise but damn I want to be there when he gets married standing right at his side where I'm meant to be. I know that Tom will never make him choose and would stuffer through the wedding with us there, but I'll tell Tay that he's not bound to that promise we made to each other.'
Once finished Chakotay scrutinized his childhood friend, he knew with out a doubt what Greg was thinking.
Greg smiled as he made decision looking about till his gaze settled onto his long time friend saying, "I know that you feel honored bound to our promise but I'm releasing you from that promise," Greg held up his hand to stop Chakotay from speaking, "Before you say anything let me explain why. I know that Tom would never ask  you to decide between him and me he'd let you have me at the wedding no matter how uncomfortable he would be that just Tom's way of doing things, so how about a compromise feel free to discuss this with Tom in fact I insist that you do, this is what I've come up with have a real small wedding just with the people Tom feel comfort with, then have an wedding reception that all the crew could attend well nearly everyone that way no one feels cheated and in a small way it'll help Tom to see that we are really sorry for all the crap the others put him through."
Totally shunned Chakotay nodded saying, "I was trying to find a way to tell you that I had decided to ask Tuvok to be my best man and you lay this on me, You're a good friend to stand aside for another mans feelings Gregor Ayala."
"Don't tell anyone I have a rep to protect after all."
With that they burst out laughing.
Tom laid quietly listening to the sounds of Voyager he could hear the engines pulsing as it flew through space many a night it had eased him into sleep staining his ears to see if Chakotay had returned from visiting people not hearing anything from the other room, sitting up pushing the blanket aside swinging his legs over the side and slowly stood up, holding his arms up in front of him Tom walked slowly towards where he hoped the bathroom was leaning his leg against the bed to guide him towards the end of bed, he knew that he had at least five steps from the edge of the bed before hitting the dresser then another five steps to the left for the door leading to the bathroom.
Making slow process Tom eased into the bathroom counting the steps as he headed to what he hoped was the right direction to the toilet shifting his foot forward till it hit the bowl. 
Hearing a sound coming from the outer room as he carefully inched closer, calling out, "Cha is that you?"
Tom heard footsteps moving closer then much to his relief Chakotay saying, "It's me and Taya. Where are you?"
"In the bathroom."
Chakotay called out, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah give me a minute,"
"Call me if you need a hand, Greg and Tem are here for a visit."
Once finished in the bathroom Tom slowly made his way out to the living area as he got closer he could hear them talking in low tones but to far away to make out the words.
Ayala spied Tom making his way out of his room jumping up he walked over and asked, "Do you need a hand Tom?"
Tom nearly jumped since he had been focusing on making out to the living area without embarrassing himself, "Uh Greg?" Feeling uncomfortable Tom tried to step back, he wasn't use of having many people in his quarters, till now only Harry and B'Elanna had stepped foot in his quarters unlike some people Tom didn't encourage people into his private domain, but he knew that once he married Chakotay it would change since he has an open door policy since everyone went to him with their problems.
Watching Tom's face as emotions flicked across his face, Greg felt sorry for Tom but knew that he wouldn't accept pity from anyone he decided to take matters into his own hands he gently reached for one of Tom's hands and tucked it into the crook of his arms saying, "Let me lead you to the couch."
Tom recalled overhearing one of the Marquis mention that Greg little sister had lost her sight when she was a young child through a child sickness and since they were from Dorvan V, they didn't have the Medical advantage or the money to treat her, he also learnt that she had died during the sneak attack raid from the Cardies. 
Greg eased Tom down beside Chakotay, he watched as Tom shifted closer to Chakotay and settled his head on the Commander's shoulder with a sigh of pleasure. Moving to sit at the feet of his mate Greg leant against Tem's legs, watching for the first time at the love that shone forth from both men, while Tom and Chakotay converse in low tones thinking, 'Bout time they found happiness.'
Tem glanced down at his lover with a fond smile as he rocked Taya to sleep, ruffling the big man hair saying in a low tone, "Greg are you sure that you're okay with this?"
Chakotay overheard Tem as he wrapped his arm about Tom looking over at his long time friend, knowing that he had be rooting for him and Tom to get together.
"More than happy Tem, it's about time."
Tom smiled as he heard Greg's answer he had always liked Greg, Tom had tried to push for a friendship at the start with Tem and Greg but backed off when trouble begun to fall on him from both crew so he felt it was safer for them not to be involve with him he had failed at keeping Harry at bay but he succeed in keeping Tem and Greg at bay, but he had always regretted doing it but at least they had remained safe, he knew that Greg could handle himself he had been more worried about Tem than Greg.
Tem nodded as he crooned at Taya, feeling eyes on him Tem looked up with a smile as he saw his captain gaze upon him.
"Her crib in Tom's room if you want to put her to bed."
Tensing at Chakotay words Tom fought his urge to escape no one apart of Chakotay had ever entered his private domain when he was with someone he always went to them, with a sigh Tom relaxed knowing that Tem wouldn't defile his room by putting his daughter to bed.
Chakotay felt Tom tense beside him looking at him, he wondered what could be wrong, then just as sudden he felt Tom heave a sigh and relaxed again.
Gerron nodded as he stood up and headed into Tom's sleeping area spying the crib on the other side of the room next to a small port view Tem knew and understood Tom need for privacy and that Tom counted his sleeping area just that it was his safe haven Tem himself had his safe haven that no one knew about not even Greg of his secret haven but he was alot safer than Tom was on board Voyager that explained why his quarters especially his sleeping area were out of bounds to others.
Moving over to the crib Tem laid the sleeping girl down on her stomach gently covered her with her blanket patting her tiny bottom.Tem walked out to join the other before leaving the room Tem glanced about the room hoping to get a better understanding of the man he wished was his friend.
As he paused by the door he heard Chakotay say, "He's worth the battle Tem just alot of patience's is inquired."
"I know, when we were in the Marquis we had the starts of a friendship but that got ruined when he was captured and when I saw him again I had hoped that we could pick up where we had left off and I thought that we just might have worked it all out and then all the sudden he pushed Greg and I away."
"You know why don't you?"
Nodding Tem pushed past his commanding officer saying, "Yeah I know why and I regret that I wasn't brave enough or strong enough like Harry to fight for his friendship. I just allowed it to happened I should have stood up for Tom but instead I let him down, but not this time."
As he headed out he heard Chakotay fainty say, "I do to." Strolling back to his seat, Tem asked, "And how are you Tom?"
Staring blankly over where he thought the voice sounded from with a tight smile saying, "Fine thanks and how is everything with you?"
Tom wondered where Chakotay had disappeared to after checking up on Tem and Taya while moving his carryall into the room so he wouldn't trip over it.
Tem nodded totally forgetting that Tom couldn't see till Ayala elbow him in the leg, "Oh sorry, I'm good."
Falling into an unnatural silence, Tom began tapping his heel till it began  bouncing, he felt the cushion next to his dip and a hand clasp his knee till he stopped the movement, once his leg stopped he was pulled into a strong grip, signing with relief when he heard Chakotay asking, "Did you get any rest?"
"Yeah I did, that is till the call of nature called. Did you get everything you needed?"
"Sure did and Taya and I went visiting as well, I have a message to pass on as well."
With a delighted grin Tom asked, "You do, from who?"
"From Tuvok, he wishes that the next time that I bring Taya for a visit he wishes that you come along as well."
"He does?" Tom asked doubtfully.
Tapping Tom on the nose as he told him, "Yes he does."
Greg caught the tone Tom used he didn't realized that Tom still doubted his worth after all the time out in the Delta Quarant, he had redeemed himself over and over to the crew except the few dimwits like Dalby and Henley.
Greg asked, "Tom, is what I hear from Tay true?"
Frowning Tom asked, "I don't know what did you hear?"
With a shit eating grin he said, "That you popped the questioned."
With a timid smile Tom shyly nodded, "Yeah."
"Thats great Tom, bout time I say, congratulations Tom."
Shocked Tom felt his face heat up and his eyes widen that Greg approved of him marrying Chakotay feeling the need to comfirm it he asked, "You don't mind?"
"Well heck why should I mind? Tay my friend and his happiness means the world to me and you make him happy."
"Yeah wow, so who going to be your best man?"
"Harry. Chakotay have you thought about who going to be yours since B. . ." 
Chakotay and the others noticed that he could even say her name not that they blamed him.
Chakotay stoked Tom's cheek saying, "Greg and I discussed it, normally I wouldn't even question it but Greg explained it to me that it should be a real small wedding with people you're totally comfortable with so I thought that I'd asked Tuvok."
"But what about Greg? He's been your friend since you were children."
"Can you honestly say that you're comfortable with him here?"
Before he could say anything Greg piped up, "And don't worry about my feelings Tom be truthful."
Tom nodded to letGreg know that he understood then said, "To be honest I am and I'm not I know that it doesn't make sense but it's how I feel, I know that someday we're become friends but I don't what to become between your friends Cha, if you want Greg to be your best man then I won't stand in the way, it's your wedding as well."
Greg felt that it was time to tell Tom the other part of the plan, "Tom why I thought of that way was easier was so that once you and Tay were married the crew could all attend the reception if you agree that is."
Feeling unsure Tom asked, "Is this what you want Cha?"
Tighening his grip as he explained, "More or less Angel this would solve the wedding list to a handful of people and the crew will still feel as if they are apart of our day."
Nodding again as it made sense to him wishing that he could actually look into their eyes to see if they were being honest with him, but he decided to take a step in faith and trust that this was a way around the problems he had forseen and was unsure how to get around it.
"Okay we'll do it that way a small wedding with all the crew welcome to come to the reception."
"Well Tom there one that is not welcome at all."
Nodding again as it hit him that his child mother was still with them, he had overheard the Doctor while in sickbay about the two.
Trying to fight the yawn that he felt builting up Tom covered his mouth as it broke out.
Chakotay said, "I think you need some more sleep Angel."
Tom felt his eyes droop shut and his head nodding forward as he tried to fight the urge to sleep.
Chakotay gently scooped Tom into his arms saying, "Be right back."
Greg smiled as he took in his friend carrying Tom Paris to bed just like he did sometimes when Tem fell asleep.
Moving over to the bed Chakotay laid Tom down onto the bed and quickly covered him before benting down and laying a kiss to his Angel's forehead whispering, "Sweet dreams Angel."
Stealing a peek into the crib he fondly smiled at the sleeping child reaching in smoothing the blanket over her Chakotay lightly patted her covered bottom.