Taya 8

Chakotay woke to find his human blanket gone sitting up he searched  the room frantically hearing someone singing off key slipping off the bio bed Chakotay tiptoed towards the noise, discovering that it came from the showers, slipping inside stifling his grasp before him stood a golden god, he watched as Tom skin glisten from the shower, he watched memorized as Tom dried his body with a flimsy towel.

Tom smiled to himself he had heard the door open and the slight grasp that was smothered, Turning slightly to where he thought Chakotay was standing with a bright smile he held out his arms, "Good morning."

Chakotay ran his eyes over Tom's body not missing the semi-erection between his legs, "Good morning beautiful." Stepping into his arms Chakotay wrapped his arms around Tom's waist feeling his damp skin with his finger tips, "Mmm missed waking up with you in my arms."

Melting into his arms Tom told him, "I'm an early riser since Taya came into my life and speaking of her who is she with?"

Giving Tom a quick squeeze before letting him go to finish dressing said, "The Captain and Harry have her."
Nodding Tom groped for his clothes wondering where the heck the Doc had left them, "Damn where are they?"
Chakotay walked over to where Tom's clothes laid picking them up he handed them to him saying, "We need to work out a system so you can pick out your clothes once I'm back on duty."
"Thanks, damn what am I gonna do now that I'm blind? I live for flying it's my life."
Chakotay nodded them signed as he remember that Tom couldn't see him, "I know we'll work something out, hopefully this won't last too long."
Tom groped for his underwear finding them he felt for the tag so he would know what way to put them on, find it he bent down and carefully stepped into them as he pulled them up he told Chakotay, "Dressing gonna be longer than usual till I get the hang of it."
Chakotay nodded as he said, "Well we can work on that as well but till them I can help you with the dressing part."
Tom asked cheekily, "Don't you mean undressing?"
"That to." squatting down he told Tom, "Place your hands on my shoulders and lift one leg at a time."
Chakotay helped to guide Tom's hands to his shoulders then guided Tom's legs into the legs of his pants, slipping them up he buttoned them up saying, "Done now lets get this shirt on."
Tom grumbled, "God I feel like a baby."
Chakotay gave him a big hug saying, "I can't say I know what you're going through but I can say that you're handling this better than I would, I hate losing control and being blind would be a big lost of control for me."
Kissing him on the lips Chakotay moaned as Tom tried to deepen it Chakotay pulled back whispering, "Not here."
With a sigh Tom grinned at him saying, "It wouldn't do having the Doc walk in on would it?"
Chakotay laughed, "No it wouldn't."
Making sure that everything was done Chakotay lead Tom back into the main sickbay leading him to a bio bed looking into Tom's eyes Chakotay realized what was missing, the light that shone from his eyes he couldn't see the real Tom, all he saw was a blank stare, it hadn't been long but he missed the glow from his eyes, kissing his forehead he said, "I'll have a quick shower and we'll see if we can't spring you out of here."
Looking passed Chakotay shoulder he nodded, he listened as Chakotay footsteps retreated back towards the bathroom.
Sitting dejected Tom waited for The Commanders return sitting with his thoughts he hated the idea of being blind like Chakotay Tom hated being out of control or being helpless and in this case he was both and he hated it in the worse way having to rely on anyone.
Chakotay emerged from the bathroom feeling refreshed, walking over to Tom making sure that he made enough noise so he didn't startle the young man.
Turning his head towards the sound of Chakotay return he asked, "Is the Doc switched on?"
Changing his directions he headed towards the Doctors office spying him working on a terminal, calling out, "Doc?"
"Ahh I see you've finally joined the rest of us."
"Yes, Tom wishes to see you."
With a long suffering sigh he said, "You mean that he rearing to go, he doesn't need me to tell him that as well as he in someone care, I'm guessing yours? He can leave."
With a slight smile Chakotay replied, "You guessed right Doc, Well then I guess I'll be seeing you."
"Bring him in for a checkup in two days time."
Nodding to let the Doc know that he heard him Chakotay exited the office saying, "Ok Tom the warden says you're free to go, so lets pick up Taya and head to your quarters."
Tom slipped off the bed saying, "Good lets talk to the Captain as well about that little discussion we had last night."
Tucking Tom hand under his elbow saying, "Sure thing lets go then."
Picking a pace that would be easy on Tom so he wouldn't stumble they made good time to the Kim/Janeway quarters pushing the buzzer they waited to be let in as the door whizzed open Chakotay had to cover his laugher at the scene that laid before his eyes, Kathryn laid on the couch looking wiped out Harry walked the floor with Taya in his arms when they entered Harry flew to them saying, "She won't stop crying."
Holding his arm out for Taya, Harry handing her over Chakotay who laid her in Tom's arms once in his arms she stopped crying, with a chuckle Tom told them, "Guess she missed her daddy."
Harry slumped onto the couch beside his wife with a sigh, "I guess she did."
Feeling somewhat uncomfortable since he hadn't spoken to Harry since before Taya birth, rocked Taya in his arms he listened as Chakotay explained what the Doctor had told him about his sight, "So his sight will return but when is the mystery he can't say."
Harry watched Tom throughout the discussion once Chakotay had finished Harry decided that he wanted his friend back and knew he had to take the first step, "Tom if you need any help you know that you can call on me."
Looking in the direction Harry voice came from said, "Thanks but while Chakotay off duty I won't need any help but I will keep you in mind Har." Offering what he hoped was his biggest smile Tom carried on, "How about joining Taya and I for lunch sometime this week?"
"Sure but what about Chakotay?"
"Oh I'm sure he'll need a break from us but he if wishes he can join us."
Kathryn laughed, "Watch out Chakotay he arranging your life already, run for the hills."
Laughing Chakotay felt the tension ease from the room as Tom and Harry talked like they were never apart but he knew that was why Tom operated.
Leading Tom to a seat Chakotay perched on the arm saying, "Captain there is another reason why we are here."
Once Kathryn sat up facing them saying, "Well spit it out."
Tom blurted out, "We wish to marry."
Stunned Harry looked at them asking, "Are you sure? This seems a bit rushed doesn't it?"
Chakotay nodded saying, "Yes but we talked about that last night and we both agree this is what we want, I nearly lost my chance with Tom and I'm not going to lose this one, we're asking for you blessing and permission to marry."
Harry started to say something when Janeway held up her hand to stop him, "You have both, when do you wish to do this?"
Nodding his thanks as Tom said, "As soon as possible."
"How soon is soon?" She asked them. Watching as the two men talk she could see the love shine from Chakotay eyes and before Tom was blind she saw the love there as well even before everything went haywire she knew that Tom loved Chakotay with all his heart that why she stopped Harry from saying what he planned on to her it wasn't rushed it was about time.
Chakotay lowered his head as Tom lifted head saying, "When would you like to get hitched love?"
"Mmm not sure do you have a date you'd like to marry on?"
"Mmm, Do you think we could have a small wedding in a weeks times?"
Chakotay asked, "You sure?"
"Ok sounds good a week from today?"
Looking over at Janeway Chakotay told her, "A week from today Captain."
Nodding Kathryn stood up saying, "Congratulations gentlemen it's about time." Giving both men a shift hug then said, "Now I have to get ready for duty so excuse me."
Standing Chakotay nodded saying, "We better go and let you get ready."
Tom stood carefully balancing his precious bundle in his arms saying, "Har I'll call you about lunch."
"Sure." Harry watched as Chakotay picked up the bag that held Taya's things and guided Tom towards the door.
Chakotay walked down the hall to Tom's quarters asking, "Love what is you code?"
"Computer automatic open this door for Commander Chakotay authorizing code Beta Zeta Paris Alpha."
"Acknowledge." Once the doors opened Chakotay stepped through saying, "That will make life easier."
Walking over to the couch Chakotay placed Taya's bag asking, "Hungry?"
Shaking his head Tom handed over to Chakotay saying, "I want to try to get this walking on my own sorted."
Chakotay knew that it was useless to try and talk Tom out of it and he did need to learn how to navigate around the rooms when he was out.
"Ok Cha I need you to let me know if I get to close to anything that can trip me up."
Chakotay stood as he watched Tom inch his way around the room calling out every once in a while when Tom got to close to chairs and low tables he was amazed how fast Tom memorized things.
Tom nodded as he stopped in what he thought was the middle of the room saying, "Not bad as long as I remember not to race about I should be able to avoid them all."
Moving slowly towards the couch saying, "Cha you will be staying here won't you?"
Pulling Tom close to him as he said, "Wild Targs couldn't keep me away, unless you don't want me to stay?"
Beaming up at him, Tom said, "Of cause silly just making sure that is what you wanted."
Hugging him tighter to him, Chakotay let go the breath he had be holding.
Taya decided that she need attention let rip a wail Chakotay chuckled as he picked her up and handed her over to Tom, "Great timing kid."
"I think you need to do this one Cha." Tom said as he handed her back to him with a grin.
Doubtful Chakotay asked, "Why?"
Straight face Tom said, "She needs to be changed."
With a smile Chakotay stood up, walking over to the changing bed he laid her down saying, "You're lucky you know that I know how to do this part of the job."
Tom listen in amusement as Chakotay talked in baby talk to his girl, Tom thought to himself, 'I'm the lucky one to find someone to love me for me and to talk on a child that not theirs. One day I'll be able to watch him do this to our children.' 
Chakotay finished changing Taya picking her up as he held her to his chest he  wondered how his friend could reject this beautiful child and then use her as a pawn to get back at Tom it made you wonder about people at times.
Tom felt Chakotay settle in beside him with a sign, asking, "What wrong?"
Chakotay wrapped a arm about Tom's shoulder saying, "I was just thinking about B'Elanna and her reasons for doing this."
Tom stiffened asking, "Do you think she innocent in this?"
"Hell no sure Henley played with her mind once she got her hooks into her but before that B'Elanna . . . . God what she did is excusable Tom she used a innocent child in a game she signed over her rights to Taya and then she played dirty she may not have known about all the plan that bitch had but she knew enough to stop it if she wished."
Tom nodded letting the breath he had be holding in a whoose saying, "We can stop that from happening ever again, I know that she gonna be on this ship but she'll have nothing to do with Taya."
Nodded Chakotay looked at him saying, "Tom when we get married I want to make Taya mine legially if you agree that is, I want to make this our family Taya, you and me and any other children that come our way."
Leaning his head on top of Chakotay's shoulder saying, "You just made this easier for you I was trying to find a way to bring this up. You know that Taya named after don't you?"
"Yes though I only just found out and I wondered about that."
"Well you weren't meant to found out like you did, I was going to tell you myself."
Chakotay rested his head on top of Tom's saying, "I'm honoured and I'll love her just like I'll love all our children that I promise you." Kissing the top of Tom's head as he thought, 'B'Elanna would never hurt you or Taya again not as long as I live, I promise on everything I hold dear.'
Stifing a yawn, Tom sat up saying, "I'm going for a nap will you be ok with Taya?"
"Sure will, do you need any help?"
"Nah I think I can manage if not I'll yell." Tom said as he stood up carefully walking slowly towards his bedroom.
"If you wake up and we're not here we have gone to my quarters to pick up some things."
"Ok, go visiting as well, Taya loves to visit Neelix around this time."
"Sure I'll swing by and we will visit."
"I'll comm you if you're not here when I wake up." Tom slowly walked to his bed sinking down with a sigh kicking off his shoes he laid down closing his eyes and was soon in a deep sleep.