Taya 6

As Chakotay listened to Sue over the com shocked at what he heard muttering under his breath, "A Cardassian controller, Where was one those little fuckers found?" Looking up at Kathryn saying, "They are one pieces of nasty work where would one be found out here?"

Chewing her lip as she tried to sort out her churning emotions, "Damn don't I know it Tom's father had placed in his head when we were captured it screwed up his head he was never the same after they removed it, we have to get the Doctor to check out before removing it, as to where she got it who knows and we can't ask Henley or Dalby."

Tuvok nodded saying, "It logical that Henley placed the implant in B'Elanna and it will stand to reason that B'Elanna was not in control and can not be held accountable for her actions."

"Before you release her we need to check when that blasted thing was put in." Kathryn told him."It would seem it was placed when she left Tom."

"But she was having an affair before they broke up it would seem that Henley or Dalby placed it there when she started the affair."

Chakotay glared at everyone saying, "It was Dalby he's a bully pure and simple he ainít got the brains to find his way out of a paper bag he followed Henley she was the thinker and he was the muscles but where did they get their hands on a Cardassian controller is what I want to know."

"So would I." Came a reply from the doorway.

Turning they saw that the Doc had joined them, with a tight smile he told them, "I've done everything I can to fix Tom it's now up to him, I'm worried about the head wound it when it hit his head it bounced off his eyes, the cornea were slightly damage, they had the beam on wide spread to do as much damage as possible, Tom will be blind but it will be short term he will see again just when I have no idea till he wakes up he'll be asleep till tomorrow. What is this I heard about a Cardassian controller?" Moving over to his console to read the data that was streaming through it's screen, "Mmmm Aha I can see where you thought that this was a Cardassian Controller it nearly the same but this is a Luc'it design it heightens passions while having sex." Pointing to the screen to point out the difference to them saying, "See this is the nerve it is attracted to unlike the Cardassian's they would have placed it onto this nerve, this device has been tampered with, but this was only placed inside her head two weeks ago, I'm sorry to say that she is still countable for her actions."

Chakotay looked over Harry's shoulder, mumbling under his breath, "Good we can't let her off the hook."

Smirking Harry tilted his head saying, "You would still blame her even if this was a Cardassian Controller wouldn't you?"

"Damn straight I would but most of the blame lay squarely on Henley and Dalby head pity the crew let them go painlessly after the hell they put Tom through."

Laying a hand on her first officers arm saying, "I agree with you and you know how I feel about losing crew but I think this will be better all round, with those two gone the rest will back off."Chakotay growled, "They better or they'll answer to me."

"Chakotay, you can't play Tom's savior remember that he's been on his own fighting them and he may just fight you over it." The Doctor told him.

With a nod Chakotay looked at him saying, "I know and I won't crowd him but if I hear anything I'll will deal with it." Walking over to the window looking out into sickbay watching as Sam brushed a lock of hair off Tom's brow saying, "Now if you'll excuse me I'm going over to see Tom."

Walking out of the room, Chakotay joined Sam at Tom's side looking down at he man that held his heart he was glad that he had told Tom that he loved him stroking Tom's cheek leaning close as he whispered into Tom's ear, "Poocuh I love you, get better soon love. God Tom I hope that you knew nothing of this when you made me Taya guardian, oh Tom I know you going to be alright but will you still love me? I'm scared that when this is over you'll tell me to take a hike."

Hearing a faint, "Never Chak."

Stunned Chakotay looked over at Tom to see that his eyes were staring blankly over his shoulder, "Tom?"

Somewhat in a daze Tom blinked his eyes a few time lift his hands he rubbed them asking in rising panic, "Cha why can't I see?" 

Gently removing Tom's hands away from his eyes saying, "Tom what do you remember?"

Taking a minute to think before saying, "I remember leaving my quarters to the bridge and wishing I took the time to get comfortable and Ke. . . Mmmm that all I remember."

Chakotay took note of Tom's hesitant at mentioning Dalby name not sure what to tell Tom what happen chewing on his bottom lip, till Sam came to his rescue, "Tom you were shot on the bridge."

With a thoughtful frown Tom caught flashes of B'Elanna barging onto the bridge yelling and screaming at him for something but what he couldn't remember, blankly staring where he thought they were standing asking, "Was I shot by B'Elanna?"

"No Tom it was Dalby and Henley who shot you." Sam told him.

Chakotay watched as Tom sorted through his emotions he saw the anger flicker over his face before the wall slid up laying a hand on his leg for support leaning in saying, "Tom you're not dealing with this on your own now remember that."

Turning his face towards Chakotay saying, "I know, Sam would you give me and Chakotay some time to talk?"

Rubbing his cheek saying, "Sure Tom."

As her foot stepped faded Tom reached up towards Chakotay's face saying, "Chak what happened? I remember bits and pieces." 

Taking Tom's hand into his Chakotay sat on the edge of the bed saying, "I can't tell you want started it, I was in the ready room with The Captain Harry can tell you that part of it, We heard B'Elanna yelling and screaming about something to do with Taya, When we rushed out I heard Donna yell 'Now,' and watched as Ken and her hit you, one hit you in the back and the other in between your shoulder and head that the one that caused the temporary lost of sight." Running his fingers through Tom's sweat mattered hair saying, "You will see again Tom."

With a slight smile Tom said, "Good I don't want to miss seeing that gorgeous face of yours or miss anything of Taya firsts." With a wicked grin Tom lowered his voice saying, "When I get out of here I have to kept my promise."

Leaning closer to Tom Chakotay run a finger over his lips whispering, "That you do, if I remember correctly you promised to throw me on to your bed and ravish me or was it have your way with me?"

Snorting Tom told him, "Either way Chak I don't mind a bit just as long as it's you I'm having my way with."

"It will be cause if it's anyone else they go out the nearest airlock."

"Ahhh I have a jealous type man."

"Better believe it mister, it's taken us a long time to get here and I'm not about to let you go."

Reaching up with both hands gripping lightly Tom bought Chakotay's face down lower saying, "Good cause I don't want to lose you either."

Chakotay gave Tom a quick kiss.

Harry watched them as they talked looking over at his wife with a smile saying, "I think we have a winner."

"Of cause we do who do you think pushed the commander to tell Tom his feelings?" 

Before Harry could say a word the Doctor told them, "I did."

Before they could say another word he strolled out saying, "I said my favorite patient is awake, how do you feel?"

Turning his head to the Doc's voice saying wearily, "I don't feel much at all Doc."

Picking a tricorder from the tray beside the bed he ran a scan saying, "Mmm as usual I have done my brillant job by tomorrow you're be biting at the bit to be out of here, I'm guessing that Commander Chakotay will staying with you?"

"If Tom wishes it then I will."

Fighting the urge to sleep Tom uttered, "I wish it." Closing his eyes Tom fell into a fitful healing sleep.

With a nod The Doctor told him, "I know it's useless to tell you to go so please pull up a biobed and sleep here I'm sure Sam will look after Taya for you."

With a tired nod Chakotay slipped off Tom's bed still holding his hand saying, "Thanks Doc."

Kathryn joined him saying, "Chakotay I'm pulling you off duty shifts for now so you can help Tom."

Climbing up onto the bed next to Tom's once settal Chakotay told herm "Thanks for everything Kathryn."

Patting his leg with a smile she said, "Thanks what friends are for now get some sleep if Sam is unable to take Taya, Harry and I will in fact I think we will anyhow."

"Don't tell me Harry would like a child so this will be a test run for him?"

"Mmm why didn't I think of that?" With a quick peek over at her husband saying just loud enough for him to hear her, "I don't know who he thinks is going to carry the child, Mmmm might give up some coffee rations to see him carry it." "So would I,"

Harry walked over to them with a slight grin saying, "If the risk factor wasn't so high I would but it is and so that means I can't."

Chakotay with a thoughtful look said, "That right but how did Tom pull it off? He carried Taya to full term and nothing happened."

Looking over at Tom all three deep in their own thoughts as to how he pulled it off.

"Ok shoo now let Tom get some rest, I'm sure Tom will clear up any questions you have when he's awake and alert."