Taya 5

Entering sickbay Kathryn rush over to Chakotay who was slumped against a wall in the waiting area of sickbay watching, while the doctor and Samantha Wildman worked on Tom looking through the glass wall she asked, "How is he?"

Turning his watery brown orbs before closing them saying, "They'll worried about the head wound, Kathryn he may end up brain damage or blind, how will Tom cope? He lives for flying and Taya."

Gathering her Commander up in her arms, she lead him to the Doctors office sitting Chakotay in the Doc's chair she perched herself on the edge of his desk, "Chakotay he has you now, you have to be strong and together for the both of you to get through this, Chakotay I'm pulling you off duty, so you can stay with Tom and Taya."

"Thanks," Pausing Chakotay looked at her asking, "Did you know that Tom named me as his next to kin if anything should happen to him?"

Closing her eyes with a sigh, "No I didn't Chakotay, I thought it was still B'Elanna but not surprised that he changed it."

Still watching her Chakotay told her, "Harry told me something about Taya's name, he mentioned that I should look it up, do you know why he would ask me to?" Watching her facial expressions till she turned her head away from him.

Without looking at him, Kathryn watched as Sam wiped Tom's neck off, she knew that if Tom knew that he was lying face down on his stomach he'd kick up such a stink, he always hated being on his stomach, he once told her during away mission that it reminded of him of prison and being pinned down, with a sigh she turned and faced him saying "I know, Taya is the female version of your name Chakotay."

"I should have known." Resting his elbows on the desk placing his face in his hands sobbing, "Harry right, Tom loves me a lot to name his daughter after me."

Moving to his side Kathryn pulled him to her in a hug, pulling back so she could lift Chakotay's chin up so she could look into his brown orbs as she told him, "Never doubt his love for you Chakotay, he's loved you for so long I always wondered why he got together with B'Elanna knowing he loved you."

"I know it's was one of the things we talked about," Pulling away so he could standing up he walked to the window and saw Harry enter sickbay with Tuvok on his heels it looked like Harry and ran all the way from the bridge to sickbay, "Harry in here."

Rushing in panting loudly gasped, "How is he?"

Chakotay moved a bit to make room in the office told him, "Sit down before you fall down Harry."

Harry move to stand behind his wife, wrapping her in his arms, lightly resting his chin on the top of her head asked again, "How is Tom?"

Leaning against her husband broad chest with a sigh, "We have to wait till the Doctor has finished Operating on him." With a frown she asked, "Who has the Bridge?"

"Bateheart does, it seems a certain Vulcan disobey Captain's orders." Harry told her with a slight smile.

"Ensign Kim is right about disobeying your orders Captain but I felt it was better to be here than being on the bridge or the brig."

Kathryn knew that was Tuvok's way of saying that Tom was his friend and he was worried about him. "I hope we have crew members we trust watching the brig?"

With a slight nod, Tuvok told her, "It seems that word has spread rather quickly about what happened to Tom and wished to deal with them their way, my team of trusted officers are on alert to any possible attacks and have been told not to let anyone in, but I find that I must warn you Captain that they may still end up dead."

"All of them or just a certain couple?" She dreading the answer she couldn't afford to lose any members of her crew but she secretly wished that Henley and Dalby would end up dead, it would solve all their problems.

Tuvok told her, "It would seem that it would be just two of the crew, the crew knowing that a certain member would be needed in the future for her talent and the other two have been known to threaten an officer of the crew for unknown reason they find this unacceptable. A certain Borg wished to toss them out of the nearest airlock stating that even the Borg wouldn't want them."

"Seven said that?"

"She has told me many times that she counts Tom as a friend and told me to tell you if you need any help in Tom's recovery call on her and that goes for me as well Commander."

With a nod Chakotay said, "Let them murder them in fact let me do it, it will give me great pleasure in it."

"NO." Flinging Harry's arms from around her waist she jumped off the desk stalking over to him saying, "I won't let you kill them, I won't let you live with their blood straining your hands, if they die it won't be by your hands or by mine, Harry's, Tuvok no matter how much we would like to do it, it won't be by us, if they have to die, let the crew deal with it their way, If they don't die I'm putting them off the ship at the next M class planet either way they will gone, But Chakotay if I hear that you were anywhere near the brig, I'll personally kick you ass back home. Understand me?" Looking at the others she carried on, "That goes for you two as well understand?"

Looking at each man she saw the desire to make them pay, Not that she blamed them she wish to wrap her hands around their throats and croak the living daylights out of all three of them, she watched as Chakotay stared out the window chewing his bottom lip deep in thought she knew how hard this was for him, his love for Tom just starting to bloom if it was Harry lying there she would be wanting blood as well but Chakotay had Taya to think about there was no way B'Elanna was getting her hands on her or Tom ever again she had heard the rumors of what Tom went through while with her.

Moving so she could see her husband, they had shocked everyone and them self's when they decided to make a go of it, one decision she didn't regret, Harry was good for her as she was good for him, knowing that Harry was taking it as hard as Chakotay was, Tom and Harry had been friends since they were taken by the Caretaker, unlike everyone else who saw him as a loser and a traitor, Harry saw through the masks to the man that Tom really was, through Tom Harry and her got together.

Tuvok her long time friend she knew that he had come to respect, Tom Paris after having to do a Mind Meld with Tom he learnt a great deal about Tom he never told her what he learnt but she learnt that Tom's life was far from perfect as some people thought it was, Having worked with Tom's father she learnt to respect Owen Paris in some areas and in others she wanted to punch him for the way he was raising his three children.

Chakotay turned away from watching The Doctor and Sam trying to save Tom whispering, "As much as I would like to kill them." Stopping to get his thoughts together closing his eyes, "I have to think of Taya and Tom if it was just me, I would do it without a second thought but I can't help Taya or Tom from the brig." Turning back to watching the scene out the window so they couldn't see the tears falling down his face.

"Ayala to Tuvok."

Tapping his badge, "Go ahead Ayala."

"Two of the prisoners are dead and Torres's very ill sir request a beam out."

At the Captain nod Tuvok said, "Permission granted beam Miss Torres to sickbay and I'll eject a level ten force field bed around the bio bed."

"Aye sir."

Tuvok called out, "Computer eject a level ten force field around Miss Torres bio bed."


Chakotay watched as his one time friend beam into sickbay fight the urge to kill her he spun on his heel saying, "Beam her to a holodeck if she stays here I'm likely to harm her in a way I'll regret."

Kathryn placed a hand on his arm saying, "She needs the Doctor Chakotay."

Gulping he bit back his remark, "He needs to see to Tom first while have her waiting here while he works on Tom?"

Before anyone could reply, Samantha hurried over to them wiping her hair from forehead smearing blood over her forehead and hair saying, "The doctors wishes her removed from sickbay, he requested that you get Sue Nicoletti to over see her in the brig till he has time to finish surgery on Tom."

Tapping her combadge Janeway barked out, "Lock onto Torres and beam her back to the Brig."


Tapping it again, "Nicoletti report to the brig and see the Torres."

"Aye, aye Captain."

Nicoletti groaned at having to go to the brig to check Torres over she wished they added more poison to her food and end it all, so they could get back on with their lives but the others were right, they unfortunately needed her talent with the warp core and Engineering to get them home, she had never liked B'Elanna and her hissy fits over any little thing drove her crazy, she secretly cheered when Tom got away from her, she knew that Tom deserved better but she couldn't say that to her friends, they all hated Tom for one reason or another she couldn't fathom why they dragged it on for so long, so he made a mistake? True it was a big one that killed three officers, and if they really looked into it they would see they let Seska off Scot free for being a Cardassian spy and they if they got their noses out of joint they would see that Tom saved them all from that hell hole he went through called Auckland, she heard of what went on in there and Fleet let it happen, they couldn't see that he had paid for it and was still paying for it, they seem to forget that he was human and that everyone who was Marquis and maybe Fleet had made some big mistakes in their lives, she knew she had, some big ones and she was forgiven and so had many of the others on the ship, it was time to drop the matter, she nearly died of horror when they all agreed that Henley and Dalby needed to pay for bringing things with Tom to a head and ruining their life style, it was well known with the lower crew members that they were ripping Tom off and Dalby was getting the cream of the crop but they weren't helping Tom out they were angry that with this happening they couldn't carry on with their schemes to beat the crap out of him, Tom was now officially off limits to them and there wasn't another one like Tom Paris on board ship who would keep his mouth shut. With a huge grin Sue entered the brig glad that Tom can live his life carefree again.

"Hey Greg, How Tem?"

"Hey Sue, Cap had her ass sent back to the brig,"

"Good." Walking over to the cell that held B'Elanna saying, "You know now that with this over now that Tom can live again?"

"Bout time I reckon it should have ended before it begun but you know that little shit Dalby he never listened to reason."

"A few will try to take his place."

"Not if I have anything to say about it Sue or the Cap for that matter Tom is now under his wings, anyone stupid enough to try will end up out the nearest airlock."

"Good I know the others are trying to raid Henley's and his slash but they can't get the right codes to access them."

Ayala told her, "And they won't, those rations rightly belong to Tom and they are going into his account and no one else's."

With a huge smile Sue replied, "That great, I'm glad it's over was getting tired of it that why I left that behind, lower the field have to keep her alive you know? So Chakotay woke up and saw what Tom was bout time."

Pushing a button so Sue could enter B'Elanna cell running a medical tricorder over her with a frown, "Hey Greg can you confirm these readings?"

"Sure, so that why you left I always wondered why, but why didn't you report any of this?"

Looking over her shoulder to read what had Sue stumped, "What is that?"

"You know what they would have done to me and why did you bury those reports?"

"I didn't we never did get any someone else did if I did see one I would have shown it to Tuvok. Anything to end it, I actually like Tom."

Frowning at the readout uttering, "This looks like a mind control device, Greg do you think that she may have been controlled by Henley?"

Rechecking the data He told her, "That looks like a Cardassian controller where in the world did Henley get her hands on one of them?"

"Who the fucks know, but I'm sending this over to the Doctor and he can confirm our checking." Hitting her combadge, "Nicoletti to Captain Janeway."

"Janeway here."

"Captain I may have found something, I'm sending the data to the Doc's console for him to check my findings."

"What did you find?"

"I found a implant and it looks like a Cardassian controller."

"Did you say a Cardassian controller? Damn I didn't think I'd see one of them ever again. Send that data over Sue I have a feeling this explains a lot about B'Elanna's problems."