Taya 4

Whistling as he left Tom's quarters with Taya in his arms and her diaper bag slung over his shoulder ignoring the crew he passed on his way to sick bay entering sickbay Chakotay called out, "Doc?"

Walking out of his office with a smile, "Ahh Commander and Taya this is a sight I didn't think I'd see, I'd say that everything worked out?"

"Yes we got some things sorted out but need to work on them some more, Thanks for the help Doc."

"Most welcome." Reaching out for Taya saying, "Now if you don't mind a certain little girl and I have a date with the holodeck before her father comes to get her for lunch."

With a grin Chakotay handed over the child and her bag saying, "Don't let me hold you up Doc." With a wave Chakotay left sickbay.

Entering the lift at the end of the corridor Chakotay thought of what he planned on doing with Tom that night before he could get into it he was interrupted, "Morning Commander."

Looking over at the voice he smiled when he saw that it was Harry Kim, "Morning Harry, How many times have I told you to call me Chakotay?"

Harry feeling the brush working up his face ducked so he couldn't see it said, "Sorry Chakotay some habits are hard to break."

Placing a hand on his shoulder saying, "Harry it's Ok and how is our Captain this morning? Hope she didn't keep you up too late last night?"

Harry smiled at his favorite subject, "She on the bridge and last I saw her, she was drinking coffee."

With a teasing tone Chakotay replied, "I see you still haven't broken her of that habit Harry."

Trying to sound shock Harry exclaimed, "Heavens forbid if I did try, I'd be shot out of the nearest airlock she can find."

With a chuckle Chakotay clapped Harry on the back saying, "Yes she is a bit like a Klingon Warrior when it comes to her coffee."

"That putting it mildly Commander and you know it. How Tom?"

Stepping into the lift before answering Harry question, Waiting for the lift to start moving Chakotay asked, "He's good, I had a talk to him last night and he sent the request off to the Captain." Looking over at Harry he asked, "Now answer a question for me, how would you feel if Tom entered a relationship with me?"

With a smile Harry told him, "That's easy Chakotay I'd be happy and will support you and Tom all the way. You see, I know how Tom feels about you and if you look up Taya name to find out the meaning you just might see how much he loves you."

Stunned Chakotay nodded stepping off the lift, when it stopped at the bridge walking to his chair in the middle beside the Captain, while Harry walked over to Ops looking over the bridge crew he noticed that Dalby and Henley were on the bridge leaning over so he could talk to Kathryn without being over heard, "Cross training starting again?"

With a slight nod she asked, "Talk?"

Standing up from his chair as Kathryn called out, "Paris you have the bridge."

Without turning Tom said, "Aye Captain." Handing over helm to his relief Tom glanced around noticing that some of the crew were glaring at him feeling a bit better when his gaze hit on Harry who was smiling at him with a nod at him Tom walked over to the captain chair.

Sitting stiffly in the chair feeling uncomfortable with his back to Dalby and Henley.

Kathryn walked over the couch with Chakotay on her heel once seated, "So how did it go?"

With a smile, "Never one to beat around the bush are you?"

"You never get anywhere if you did." Kathryn told him with a smile.

Leaning back Chakotay said, "True, we had a talk and got somethings sorted out, from what I can gather some of the crew are still giving him heaps and Captain he needs helps all his credits goes to Taya he doesn't use them on himself so he spends no time on the holodeck. The Doc or Sam take Taya while Tom on duty shift, I just left Taya with the Doc now and he was taking her to the holodeck, I think that the only time she goes, her daddy can't afford to take her with him. I know he would love to run a program just for her that he made I can read it in his eyes when I bought up the fact that B'Elanna doesn't help in the care of Taya."

Running a hand through her hair with a sigh, "That explains the weight lost but that doesn't explain the lost of rations, he gets enough to support him and Taya, where is the rest of it going?"

"I had a look at his ration use, I know that was wrong but I needed to know for sure before bringing it up with you, all he has is enough to take care of Taya and it was less than that before Taya was born, I hate to say this but someone stealing Tom's hard earned rations and he has reported it but Tuvok knows nothing of it, someone covering their tracks."

"It's time to uncover those tracks, Chakotay this can't keep going on, you'd think by now they would have learnt to trust Tom but no they insist on carrying this grudge on, it's getting old."

Hearing the tubolift doors open and hearing B'Elanna yell, "You Targ dung." Storming up to Tom, she grabbed the front of his uniform dragging him off his chair shaking him as she yelled, "You had to put a stop to it didn't you?" Jerking him closer, she hissed, "All I wanted was my daughter, you could have stopped this by just handing what rightly mine."

Trying to free himself from B'Elanna grip so he could talk to her with a croaking sound, "Let ...."

Hearing Henley yell, "Now." Then feeling a burning sensation, with shocked written all over his face Tom whispered, "Why?" Tom slumped into a dazed B'Elanna unconscious.

Hearing yelling coming from the bridge Janeway and Chakotay raced out of the Ready room, hearing Henley yell "Now." They watched as Tom was hit by Henley and Dalby, Dalby hit Tom in the back while Henley shot got him just between his head and neck.

In a rage Chakotay raced over to Dalby wrestling the phaser out of his hand then with a roar and a curse on his lips, he punched Dalby out, moving over to where Henley was he told her, "I've never hit a woman before but I'd be glad to punch your lights out." Just as he was pulling his fist back, he heard a weak voice call out, "Chak...."

Jumping the barrier between the upper level and the lower level landing on the Captain chair with a bounce landing beside B'Elanna who hadn't move since Harry had taken Tom from her arms, pushing her aside Chakotay slid to his knees, "Tom?"

Reaching blinding for him, Tom tried to roll over so he could see him, "Cha.... I think I'm .... dying.... take ..... care ...... of ....... Taya.... for me."

Moving so he could lay Tom's head on his lap he faintly heard Kathryn calling for a beam out, brushing the tears out of Tom's eyes saying, "Taya will be taken care of till you're on your feet love."

"Damn it, Janeway to Doctor we have a medical emergency on the bridge we are unable to transport Tom to you."

"Is Tom the patient?"

Before she could answer Chakotay broke in, "Just come Doc, I think we're losing him."

"On my way."

"Harry find out what wrong with the transporters."

With a nod he walked up to Tuvok Station where he could access the logs for the Transporters pushing pass Henley and stepping over Dalby fighting the urge to jump on him and punch him a few more times, once he got to the station the lift doors slid open revealing Tuvok and the Doctor with Taya in his arms handing the child over to a stunned Ensign, barking, "Take her to Neelix."

Before the stunned crewman could move, Tom weakly called out, "Taya?"

"Tom I need to get you stable."

"No Taya." With a pleading look at the Doc, "Please Doc let me see my daughter."

"Tom I don't think that wise."

" Doc I don't give a rats ass, I just wanna see my daughter for the last time."

With a sigh of frustration, "You're not going to die if I can help it Tom, You're too stubborn to." Turning towards the Ensign he handed Taya to, "Ensign bring the Med. kit with you when you bring Taya over."

With a thin smile, Tom struggled to sit up, with Chakotay help he managed to turn and lean against Chakotay chest, breathing heavily as he fought to remain conscious watching as the Ensign move slowly clasping Chakotay thighs in a dead grip as the pain took a hold of him grasping for breath never breaking his gaze on his daughter he thinly whispered, "Why?"

Everyone knew who he was asking looked over at Henley who was still on the bridge under guard Dalby still out cold, "You are a low life Paris you deserve this and more for what you did."

Not knowing that Tom hadn't heard her, she carried on, "You thought you were better than me you had the nerve to turn me down."

B'Elanna who was starting to come out of her shock, asked in a low voice, "You used me?"

Without answering her Donna said, "If you are planning on taking me to the brig do it already I'm bored with this crap."

Wincing at Donna tone, Chakotay felt a hand on his arm looking up he noticed that Kathryn was kneeling beside him, brushing a strand of hair off Tom's forehead while saying, "Take the trash out Tuvok, it's starting to stink around here."

Dalby moaned as he came to, "Oh shit." Staggering to his feet pulling up when he saw the phasers pointed at him, in a dull voice Ayala informed him, "Crewman Dalby you're under arrest for attempt of murder of Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris."

"Shit... " Not wanting to believe him, Ken risked a glanced at the lower deck seeing all the blood flowing from Tom's head and back watching as his former Captain laid Tom on to his stomach he saw the blood staining his uniform front where Tom had leant against him not believing that just that morning he had used him as a punching bag and got off on it, knowing that his bruises would show up on the scans and they would know that Tom had be beaten before his duty shift, Turning to face Donna he asked, "What setting did you bloody use Donna?"

"Shutup!" Was his reply.

"My was on heavy stun, that couldn't have done that what did you do to my phaser?" Stopping at the look on her face when it drawn on him, "You were going to kill him right from the start weren't you? This wasn't just a joke to put him in his place."

With a roar Donna tried to lauch herself at him with a bitter laugh as they held her back She said in a deadly calm voice, "I told you to Shut up Dalby!" With a smile she looked him up and down saying, "Oh now you're gonna play the innocent are you? What about stealing his rations or ambushing him, beating the crap out of him and then raping him? You and your buddies have left him for dead so many time Dalby, what makes this one any different? Oh that right this time there are witnesses and they won't believe you that he did nothing and all this time they thought you were just teaching him a lesson, what lesson were you teaching him?"

Paling at her words, Ken hissed, "Shut the fuck up."

"Did you enjoy yourself in the lift?" Watching as his face went deadly white, glancing over at the with a smirk as she noticed their reactions to what they were listening to, Facing him again she purred at him, "Oh my, did I just ruin your little fun? Oops I'm sorry." Donna snarled at Tuvok, "Get me out of here."

"All this time it was you? How could you Donna?"

"It was easy to easy B'Ela, with your help I could do anything to him and the crew would believe that he deserve it, after all he did keep your child from you, Oh that right you didn't want anything to do with her you even signed your rights away to the brat, you even deleted the files stating that you would let that Prick raise her, so you're as much to blame as I am B'Elanna you lied to the crew, setting him up for the fall, thanks for the help love."

"Why you Targ dung." Bowling over the crew trying to hold her back, "You're dead."

Kathryn fed up roared, "B'Elanna!" Stopping in her track, B'Elanna slowly turned as she carried on in a lower voice, "She right you're to blame for this as well and for your part in this you have to spend time in the brig for how long I have no idea," Without breaking eye contact with her, "Tuvok escort them to the brig. Ensign please take Taya to Neelix tell him to keep her till Sam or I come for her."

During all of the fighting the Doctor worked on Tom just enough to get him stable asking, "Is the problem with the transporters fix?"

"Affirmative, locking onto Commander Chakotay and Tom now." Harry punched the button watching as his best friends disappeared from the bridge watching as Janeway leaped to her feet, "Harry you have the bridge, When Tuvok arrives then join me in sickbay."

"Aye Captain." As he watched his wife march into the Tubolift wishing he was going with her, 'Hurry that Vulcan ass up Tuvok.' Harry handed the station over to the crewman he had pushed away from the station with saying a word Harry stalked off towards the Captain chair fuming at the hold up.