Taya 3

The next morning Tom woke to find his top half draped over Chakotay chest with Chakotay holding him in place.

"Morning Poocuh." Nuzzling Tom's head Chakotay told him, "I could get use to this."

Nuzzling Chakotay chest with a sigh, "So could I." Pulling back Tom looked up at Chakotay with a smile, "I hate to do this but I need to get Taya up and ready for work I can't be late now can I?" Scooting up Tom planted a quick kiss on Chakotay lips pulling away with a sigh before it could get deeper.

Hopping out of bed Tom walked over to the crib peering down with a smile, "I see Doodle Bug up and ready to start her day, up we come." Lifting Taya up into his arm walking back to the bed he laid her down saying, "Ok Love play with Uncle Chak till I have your things together." Walking over to a second set of draws, pulling one of the draws open saying, "I'm lucky that Sam kept most of her baby gear from Naomi. Or I'd be out of Credits keeping little miss in clothes."

Lifting Taya up in his arms, Chakotay asked, "How are you coping with keeping her in clothes and food? I know that B'Elanna hasn't helped you out."

Turning with an arm load of clothes and diapers Tom told him, "I'm doing great I eat in the mess hall and feed Taya with my credits she doesn't want for anything and no she hadn't forwarded any credits in the up bringing of Taya, I'm not surprised if she did I think I'd die of horror."

Clucking Taya under the chin Chakotay told him, "If you need any help I'll gladly help you."

"Thanks I know and you would be one of the first people I'd call if I do but we're doing just fine at the moment what we need is more baby sitters for when I'm on duty the Doc looks after her most of the time and if Sam free she does."

Looking sadly at Tom, Chakotay replied, "I can help in that department as well Tom."

With a grin, "Chakotay you barely have time for yourself with all your work, I can't ask you to take time out to look after Taya for me."

Handing Taya over to Tom when he reached out for her, he watched as Tom changed his daughter getting her ready for her day throwing her sleep wear into the fresher saying, "You only needed to ask me Tom."

Smiling sadly back at Chakotay, Tom nodded at the understatement, "I know, I knew at the start that all I had to do was ask and help would be given," Waving a hand around as he said, "But this is all I can offer it would be a step down for you, I have a daughter who has to come first before I do, if I had be brave enough before all this happened, I might have gone to you but I wasn't and now I have to put my daughter needs before mine," With a shake Tom said, "Sorry Chakotay for that I'm rambling and you have no idea what in hell I'm on about."

Hopping off the bed Chakotay walked over to Tom wrapping his arms around him kissing his neck pausing to say, "I'm here now and I'll help you with Taya and anything else you need help with." With that statement he gently squeezed Tom's groin to add extra meaning to his statement, nibbling on Tom's neck when he heard Tom groan he shifted so Tom could feel his need for him, "You're find that it's not so hard to get rid of me love, I'm here to stay."

Turning so he was facing his soon to be lover saying, "I don't want to be rid of you, Chak if I wasn't in a hurry I'd toss you on to the bed and have my way with you, but as it is I'm gonna be late for shift but tonight I'm gonna have my way with you, my beloved Commander now if you can unhand me so I can drop Taya off on my way to work."

"I look forward to later then Tom, left Taya with me I'll drop her off for you now scoot before I change my mind and take you up on your offer." Giving Tom a kiss on the lips Chakotay released him.

"Doc has her during my duty shift thanks, now I better scoot before I get my ass chewed out for being late, see you on the bridge," handing Taya over to Chakotay Tom gave her a kiss on her forehead, "Doodle bug daddy has to go to work be good for the Doc and Chak." Walking out of his quarters with a last look back as it if was his last look.

Chakotay walked over the a play pen that sat in the living area, leaning over he placed Taya in so she would be safe while he got ready for his shift, kissing the top of her head he then headed back into Tom's room and into the bathroom.

Stepping into the stall once undress he looked down with a smile saying, "Oh what have you done to me Tom Paris leaving me like this?" Taking his harden length into his hand bracing himself against the wall and thinking of his dreams that he usually uses at night and needing to take care of business, Stoking himself at a pace that he knew would get him off thinking of Tom as he laid in his arms feeling at home with Tom, speeding up as he felt the climax build up, reaching between his legs Chakotay massaged his balls as his other hand picked up the pace, with Tom's name on his lips he came all over his hand, slumping in the shower he watched as his seed went down the drain, wishing that Tom was with him, feeling the need to see Tom, Chakotay jumped to his feet and finishing his shower, Stepping out and wrapping a towel around his waist Chakotay walked over to the Fresher to grab his clothes that he had tossed in the night before.

Walking towards the lift, Tom shifted uncomfortably Starfleet uniforms were not made for hard on's wishing he had taken care of it back in his quarters, hoping that no one would notice his state and hoping like hell it would deflate by time he got his duty station, once at the lift he moaned quietly at who was waiting for it as, 'Damn it why did he have to be here well at least his buddies weren't with him.'

Ken Dalby turned at the sound of footsteps behind drawled, "Well lookie here if it ainít mommy Paris, when are you gonna give her back Paris?"

Ignoring Dalby Tom tried to step pass him to get into the lift, Dalby stepped in front of him stopping him with a steer, "Your time coming Traitor, Taya gonna hate you for keeping her away from B'Elanna."

Pushing pass him, Tom stepped into the lift. "Uh ohno you don't, you're not gonna get away that easy prick." With that he pushed Tom into the lift so hard that he crashed into the wall feeling Dalby jumping onto his back as he punched Tom in the back careful not to leave a mark on his face or anywhere noticeable, Tom could feel Dalby erection pressing into his ass as he was punched in the back, he knew from other times that Ken got turned on by other peoples pain.

Just before the doors opened onto the bridge Dalby leant over his saying, "Remember Tommy boy say a word and it won't be you who will pay."

"If you touch her, I'll kill you."

"Nah not Taya, I'd never hurt her but Chakotay will pay if you open your mouth."

Once the doors slid open Dalby walked off, Tom just starred after him shock written over his face, 'How the hell did he know?'

Kathryn Janeway turned when she heard the hiss of the tubolifts doors open seeing Dalby walk off but when the doors didn't close, she saw that Tom still standing there with a dazed looked on his face, pushing out of her chair she walked over to him laying a hand on his arm asking in concern, "Tom what wrong?" She had reports of the harassment Tom was still receiving from some of the crew and she knew that Kenneth Dalby was one of the main people who that still delighted in giving Tom hell, she hoped that one day Dably will slip up so she could throw his ass in the brig for the rest of the trip home, but she would never hear anything from Tom who would never talked, he had learnt that lesson from his father and in prison, and they knew he would never tell but one day Tom was going to run out luck if he didn't, Kathryn knew that it got worse while he carried his daughter, they all believed B'Elanna story about why they broke up but they never questioned why Tom was carrying the child and not her, she always wondered why they never questioned B'Elanna about that little fact.

Jumping at the touch Tom brought up his shields with a his trademark smirk, Tom looked down at her, pausing at the concern he saw in her eyes, "Sorry Captain I was in a world of my own," Walking out of the lift Tom glanced up at Dalby who returned his look with a glare, relieving the Bateheart from the helm saying, "Sorry for being late, anything to report?"

Handing the conn over with a smile, "Nothing to report it was a dull shift."

Sitting down Tom replied, "Lets see if I can change that shall we?"

"Without saying another word Tom checked everything to see if they were flying into anything worth while, little did he know that his words would come back and hurt him.