Taya 2

"B'El love you have to stop his madness, she is our daughter, he had no rights to keep her from us."

Turning to her side facing her lover asking, "And just how do I stop him? He got the help of the Captain they found that document we hid."

Signing Donna traced B'Elanna ridges, "We'll think of something, Taya will be with us soon." Leaning in she gave B'Elanna a kiss full of passion. Pulling back she looked at B'Elanna saying, "Tomorrow confront Tom, we'll have the crew on our side, they hate Tom for what he doing and leave the rest up to me, by this time tomorrow our daughter will be home where she belongs."

Meanwhile in the Paris household Tom was singing as he bathed Taya hearing his door chime, warily Tom asked, "Computer who at the door?" Tom had some surprise attacks and since them had been cautions in answering his door.

'Commander Chakotay.'

Calling out, "Come in Commander. I'm in the bathroom make yourself at home." Carrying on giving his daughter her bath, started singing to her as she splashed water at him with a giggle, "Ah Doodle Bug likes getting her daddy wet does she?" All he got in answer was another splash followed by a giggle.

Chakotay followed the sound of singing, leaning against the door frame watching the scene play out in front of him, before him was the real Tom Paris, the Tom he wanted to get to know without the masks, Tom was full of mischief just like a child he read the reports knew what sort of life Tom grew up in it surprise him that he was still sane after everything he went through but he knew that Tom was a survivor he would fight to the death.

"Alright you I think you gave daddy his bath as well as the floor lets get dry and into some clothes or Uncle Chak will think we went down the drain." Reaching for the towel he left sitting on the toilet seat sagging it, he lifted Taya out of the bath setting her on the floor he wrapped her up in the towel, picking her up and turn he stopped still in his track, "Sorry Commander Taya likes having her baths sorry it took so long."

Stepping aside to let Tom pass he said, "That fine looked like she was having fun with her daddy."

Stepping closer to the bed, Chakotay sat on the bed watching as Tom dried and changed her saying, "You've got that down to a fine art Tom."

"Thanks." Lifting Taya to his shoulder saying, "Is this a business visit Commander?"

"No Tom this is just a friendly visit just came to see how you and Taya were."

With a thin smile Tom turned saying, "Would you hold her? I need to clean up that mess before I slip in it."

"Sure." Holding out his arms to receive her, cuddling her to him he got his first real close look at her saying, "She looks like you Tom a part from the ridges she could pass for human."

With a smile Tom said, "I think she looks a bit like my mother some color hair it's almost white, her eyes are a shade lighter than mine are just like my mothers."

Looking into the child's eyes, he agreed, "What does B'Elanna think?"

"Wouldn't know and don't care she never came to see her when I gave birth or been in her life since, you know if she had been I may have agreed to joint custody but she didn't even what to carry her, she wanted to get rid of her and all the sudden she wants to be apart of her life; no let me rephrase that, she wants Taya to live with her and cut me out of her life." Wiping the tears from his face that had slipped out saying, "Chakotay I should have told you this when I did it but when Taya was born, I named you my next to kin, if anything should happen to me, I want you to take care of her for me. I'm sorry for not talking this over with you but I felt that it was right."

"It was Tom and I'm honored that you chose me but why not B'Elanna at least with Taya?"

"It not right to let her have Taya, I know she is Taya mother but she gave up that right when she walked out on her, would you let some one care for something they didn't want? B'Elanna didn't want Taya in the first place wouldn't even carry her to term, I had that honor and I think I should have the major say in Taya well being and Taya well being would not been seen to, I know B'Elanna your friend and if you don't what to I'll understand."

"Tom, I totally agree with you, I was just making sure you weren't doing this to get back at her, I'm honored that you chose me I just hope that nothing does happen to you, I wish to get to know you and Taya for a long time." With a frown Chakotay said, "This may be the wrong time to tell you with everything going on."

Tom froze waiting for Chakotay to finish whatever it was. Not hearing anything for awhile, Tom turned asking, "Tell me what?" Looking at him Tom saw love and desirer shining from Chakotay's eyes.

"I...." Stopping himself when he looked up at Tom and saw the same emotions in his eyes, "Oh hell Tom I've been in love with you ever since we first met."

"You to?"


"Chakotay that when I fell in love with you but Seska made it clear that you were off limits." Explained Tom. "And after, everything was fucked up when we got stranded, we were both angry it took us this long to sort everything out."

With a grin Chakotay asked, "Were you really mad at me?"

Shaking his heard, Tom replied, "Never I know I lashed out at you but I was never angry with you, just pissed at everything and everyone, I was treated like shit, still am if you think about it. I was hurting and miserable and lashing out was my way of coping with things as well as hiding behind masks, making damn sure no one could see the real me if they did they'd have a weapon to use to really hurt me and I could not risk that sort of pain again. But most of all I was very lonely and miserable."

Laying Taya down in the middle of the bed so she wouldn't fall off the bed, turning Chakotay held out his arms saying, "Come here you."

Stepping into his arms, Chakotay told him, "Never again Poocuh, you'll never be alone ever again."

Holding Tom tightly Chakotay for the first time saw the real Tom a lost and lonely soul searching for his niche in life led astray in life by his family and people around him, seeking for someone to love him for himself all of him, his mistakes and all.

Hearing Tom crying Chakotay lead him to the rocking chair that was sitting in the corner of the room sitting down Chakotay pulled Tom down to his lap, once comfortable Chakotay wrapped his arms around Tom, whispering into his ear, "Never again Poocuh, Shh it's Ok I've got you let it out Tom."

Clinging to Chakotay, Tom cried like he never had before, no one had showed this amount of love and care to him before, he knew that Chakotay wouldn't judge him for breaking down crying like a baby. Feeling safe in his arms Tom felt at home for the first time in his life he knew that his search was over it had been the Commander he had be searching for all his life.

Rubbing Tom back as he whispered, "Poocuh I think Taya need to be put to bed, come on love lets put her to bed and then you."

"You'll stay?"

"If that what you want but only to sleep and to hold you in my arms." Chakotay told him.

Climbing off his lap, Tom said, "That all I want Chak I just need to feel loved and held tonight we have the rest of our lives for the rest of it."

Grabbing Tom offered hand he smiled saying, "You'll be loved and held for as long as you want me."

Giving him a quick hug and kiss, Tom replied, "That's a long time Chak I love to be hugged."

"Come on love lets get Taya to bed."

Releasing him Tom bent over and picked up his sleeping child, "Come on Doodle Bug it's off to bed for you," Cuddling her close to him Tom kissed her forehead then laid her down with a smile saying, "Sweet dreams Daddy's little angel." Pulling up her blankets he whispered, "Computer lower light to ten percent."

Without a word the lights dimmed.

Walking over to his dresser Tom pulled out some sleep pants throwing a pair over to Chakotay, he ducked into the bathroom thankful that sleep pants were more or less one size fits all changing as fast as he could in the dim lighting Throwing his clothes into the fresher Tom walked out of the bath to find Chakotay already lying in bed bare from the chest down the sheet lying across his waist.

Licking his lips at the sight of a half naked Tom as he walked to the bed holding the covers up for Tom to crawl into bed once in he pulled Tom to him laying flush against him, throwing an arm over his waist holding Tom to him he whispered, "Night love." Kissing his cheek Chakotay signed never thinking that of the nightmares to come.