C/P hint of P/T

** Flash back **

Tom couldn't believe it after a year of not even talking to him or wanting anything to do with their daughter Taya that B'Elanna would do this to him, cradling Taya closer to him as he read the padd over again just to make sure he was reading it correct.

** "Tom I just can't do it this was a mistake and now we have a child involve in this."

"B'El you can't mean to get rid of our child."

"That what I mean Tom, I can't cope with a child at this time."

"Then don't, let the Doc put her into me I'll carry her to term and I'll care for her."

"Tom you can't be serious."

"But I am, if you wish to be rid of our child and go and have you fun with Henley go for it, I'll have our child."

"Fine if that the way you want it go for, it set it up with the doctor and I'll be there." **

That was a year ago, Taya was two months old now, he carried her to full term and put up with the teasing from the rest of the crew and now B'Elanna wish to take Taya away from him, not sure how to handle it he Comm one friend who stuck with him throughout it all, "Paris to Doc."

"Tom what is it? Is something wrong with Tay?"

"No can I come and see you about something?"

"Tom you know you can come and see me."

With a rare grin Tom nodded forgetting that he couldn't see him, "I'll be there in five."

If anyone told Tom he would be friends with the Doc he would have told them that they were nuts but that what happened while he was carrying Taya it was the Doctor who supported him through it all while the ones who he thought were friends walked away.

As Tom walked through the corridors of Voyager reflecting back on the changes he had made during that time and since the birth of Taya he barely went out when he did he would go and see Samantha Wildman or Neelix his list of friends was narrowed down since the breakup with B'Elanna.

Walking through the doors of sickbay calling out, "Hey Doc I'm here."

Not seeing Chakotay who was talking with the Doctor.

"I won't be long Tom pull up a bio bed."

Walking over to one of the beds laying Taya down on it, he smiled down at his daughter knowing that he was not going to hand Taya over to B'Elanna for all the gold in the world.

"Doc you have to help him, she means to take Taya from him any means possible and you know what that will do to him." Chakotay whispered as he looked over his shoulder, as an after thought, "He's barely hanging on as it is now."

"Why me? Why can't you or the Captain help him?" He hissed back at Chakotay.

"You know he won't let us help after what happened."

"And who fault is that?"

With a sigh Chakotay felt the urge to delete the doctors program but deep down knew that he was right they were to blame for the distances between them, "You know all you have to do is tell him about that loophole, just get him to send that request to the Captain and she'll stop the ruling, if he doesn't, he'll lose Taya no matter what he does, is that what you want? Tom loves that child, if he loses her, we lose him."

The Doctor whispered harshly, "You know I don't want Tom to lose Taya, Taya means the world to Tom and I'll do everything I damn well can to help Tom keep her there is no way that witch is getting her hands on Taya but while I'm doing this what are you doing to help him Commander?"

Chakotay stopped to think, 'What am I doing to help Tom? Fair question since all this started he stepped back hoping one day he'd step in where B'Elanna stomp all over Tom's heart but fell back when Tom needed a real friend when Tom needed his friends they all took off running.' Licking his lips as he looked back at the Doc, "You're right I'll tell him about the request but will you back me up or if he doesn't listen to me that you will make him see reason?"

Clasping Chakotay's shoulder with a smile, "I knew you would step up and help Tom, you are a true friend and now I understand why Tom named you Taya care giver if anything should happen to him."


"Don't tell me Tom didn't tell you? It in his new will after Taya was born, Tom had that added if anything should happen to him you are to take over the care of Taya. I know I shouldn't have told you that but I think it's right for you to know, because after this, as Tom would say, the shit gonna hit the fan."

Looking out the window to watch the man in question play with his daughter while he waited for the Doctor to finished, "Why did you do that Tom?"

Joining Chakotay at the window saying, "He counts you as a friend Commander when he complained about the others you or the captain were never on the list, or was Harry or Tuvok, I know he's pushed everyone away and I don't blame him for that, I saw and heard some of the things said and done to him by the crew, Chakotay don't let him push you away stand firm make sure he knows that you're his friend."

Looking back at Tom with a smile, "I will and thanks Doc for opening my eyes."

"No thanks necessary I know you were watching from a far and never letting Tom get hurt and he knew that as well."

"He did? I'm glad, well let get this over with, I just hope he listens."

"Don't worry if he doesn't listen I'll kick his ass from here back to the Alpha Quadrant."

With a grin Chakotay followed by the Doctor walked out of his office and over to Tom and Taya.

"Hello Tom and how is Taya today?" Chakotay asked as he leaned over the bed to tickle Taya chin he didn't see Taya often, only if he happen to see them in the mess hall or Sam had her.

"Commander, I think she teething but I'm not sure a hundred precent sure."

With a frown he asked, "A bit early isn't it Doc?"

Picking up a tricorder he scan her, "Mmm it seems you're right Tom, Taya cutting teeth, I think Sam still has Naomi Teething ring if you like I can ask her for you?"

"No that fine I'm dropping Taya off over there after I finish here, I'll ask her then." Hoping that Chakotay would leave so he could talk to the Doc but when it looked like he was going to stay, Tom picked up Taya saying, "I better go or I'm gonna be late for duty shift, I'll talk to you later Doc,"

Chakotay reached to stop him, "Tom wait."

Turning with a questioning look, "Commander?"

Taking a deep breath unable to look at Tom he said, "Tom I know what B'Elanna planning on doing."

With a stun looked on his face Tom walked back to the bio bed asking, "How? I mean I only found out today."

"Today? B'Elanna only told you today?" At Tom's nod Chakotay told him, "The Captain and I have known since last week, we have been looking for some way of stopping her and we think we have found one, it seem that B'Elanna didn't do her homework or didn't think it counted."

"Last week? You've known since then? Guess the whole ship knows of this news?"

"Not that I know of but who knows?"

"Well certainly not me that for sure." Looking over at the Doctor, "Did you know?"

"No I didn't Tom, not till the Commander told me before, he wanted me to tell you of the plan they didn't think you would listen to them after everything that happened."

Pushing away from the bed and started pacing, 'Don't you know I would have listened if it meant that Taya stayed with me? I'd even listen to the devil himself to keep my baby with me. There is no way in the world I'm letting her have her and if it means stealing the Delta Flyer I would do it, Oh and Commander don't think I won't do it Taya means everything to me."

"I know Tom, I hope it doesn't come to that but if it does count me in to help."

Shocked Tom walked into a table knocking it over scrambling to pick everything up he asked, "Why would you risk your career to help me?"

Crouching down to help Tom to pick up the mess he told him, "Whether you believe me or not I care about you and Taya and if risking my career in making sure you and Taya are happy then it worth it."

Stunned Tom just stared at him with a silly grin on his face, "Thanks Chakotay that means a lot to me."

"Tom you better get to the bridge or you'll be late." Doc told him, "Leave Taya with me, I'll let Sam know."

Jumping up and racing to the door calling out, "Thanks Doc."

"Don't thank me just get whatever Chakotay and the Captain have planned in motion Tom."

"I will."

"Well Commander it seems what ever up your sleeves is going to work."

With a smile Chakotay said, "There is nothing up my sleeves but my arms." With that Chakotay glanced down at Tom's Daughter saying, "As long as it works it's worth it ."

"Yes Commander it's worth the struggle, Tom's worth fighting for."

"Yes he is Doc and if you tell anyone I'll turn you in to a whistling teapot." He warned him with a grin as he followed Tom out at a more slower pace.

Just as the doors slid shut Chakotay heard the Doctor tell Taya, "Yes my darling girl your daddy worth fighting for just like you are."

Under his breath Chakotay agreed, "Yes Doc he sure is." Strolling towards the tubolifts with a grin on his face little did he know of the grief to come.