Stranded 9

Feeling a flash of anger coming from Tuvok and Chakotay when they laid eyes on Dalby, he sent a wave of love over the link to both of the men smoothing them.

Feeling a lot better since Tuvok did the meld the pain was bearable and wanted to take the others mind of Dalby he asked, "Has anyone gathered any of the herbs we came down here for?"

Kathryn smiled as she didn't need a link with the other three to know what had happened, laying a hand on her husband arm drawing his interest elsewhere once she had it she told them all, "Okay lets gather up enough herbs for the rest who waiting for us to return,"

B'Elanna turned towards Chakotay hoping to have a talk with her friend when Tuvok intervene, he felt Chakotay tense up as she moved towards him, "B'Elanna you're with me."

"But I wanted to talk . . . "

Tuvok interrupted her by saying, "Later, it's time to gather the herbs we came down for."

Fuming B'Elanna stomped off snatching a tricorder.

Chakotay sighed a sigh of relief in being given some time to work through his feelings, bending down he place a quick kiss to his love saying, "You rest, try and get some sleep."

"But I can help."

Getting a knowing look Tom sunk back down with a wiry grin when Chakotay said, "You're hurt, I know that the meld has warded off most of the pain, but you're still in pain and you know you can't tell me any different Poocuh and I want you one hundred percent better for our honeymoon. Now just lie back down and rest let us do the work."

With a cheeky grin Tom replied, just low enough for him to hear, "Since you put it that way I'll do as you say."

Tuvok waited for Chakotay to finish talking to Tom, as he moved away Tuvok stepped up to him saying, "Please join me Commander while we gather some of the herbs."

Reading the Vulcan's tone and reading the unlying message Chakotay nodded thinking, 'Here it comes another warning that if I hurt Tom he'll come after me with a knife, spirits how many times does Tuvok need to warn me? I understood him the first time. Okay calm down, you know that he loves Tom as well and you know that he has settled for the brother bond, set aside your doubts and remember that Tuvok want to try and be a friend as you saw during the meld.'

Tuvok hid his smile as he heard everything Chakotay was telling himself, blocking his thoughts as he thought to himself, 'Good he understands but I really need to teach him not to project his thoughts so much.' With a silent chuckle Tuvok lead them towards the herbs he had scanned before hand when he heard Tom, 'Take it easy with him Tuvok, he understands our relationship and won't come between us and he won't hurt me, you searched his mind during the meld to know that put his fears to rest, this is all new to him please ease his fears if not for him then for me.'

'I was never going to warn him again Thomas, I was offering to help him through the doubts of being bonded to me he knew that he was going to be bonded to you but not to me. Chakotay also needs to get over what happened he still needs to sort through some doubts concerning B'Elanna and to work through his anger over things he has just learnt through the meld.'

'Yes I was wondering how we were going to deal with the new information he learnt during that time.'

'For now Thomas let me handle it and when you're rested and well you can help him as well. Now rest as your mate and brother as asked of you.'

'Will do.'

Closing his eyes Tom send a wave of reassurance over to his husband, he remembered his feelings when he first felt the link between Tuvok and himself, Tuvok had helped him through the emotional roll coaster ride he went through but he knew that  Chakotay would cope alot better than he did since he was more emotionally secure than he was, but that didn't mean that Chakotay would adapt faster than Tom did since Chakotay was a very private person like Tom was, he had to learn how to shield his thoughts from him and Tuvok especially him since their bond was the more dominated one out of the two.


Ayala stood up as he was hit with a feeling of dread, hitting his badge saying, "Baytart met me in shuttle two we're going down."

"Aye be there in five."

Patting Gerron on the arm saying, "I'm heading down tell the Doc where I went."

"You feel it as well?"

"Yeah I do something wrong, see you real soon." 

Racing past Seven who was just entering Sickbay, heading towards the shuttle bays cursing under his breath, "Fuck it, I should have headed down before this, hope to god we're not to late."


Tem watched as his mate raced out of sickbay looking over at Seven who asked, "Where is he going?"

"Going down to the planet."

Frowning she nodded not sure why she felt the urge to follow him.

Tem rolled back onto his back trying to ward off the feeling of doom that laid heavy on his chest.


Chakotay smiled as he returned from gathering the herbs and his talk to Tuvok. He hated to admit it but talking to the Vulcan has eliminated some of his fears of being bonded to another person not just one but two, he was pleased to be linked to Tom but he wasn't totally sure of being linked to Tuvok but his doubts were laid to rest after talking to Tuvok.

Kneeling beside Kathryn who was taking a turn of watching over Tom while the others gathered up the herbs needed to cure the others, "How is he?"

Worriedly Janeway wiped the sweat off Tom's body saying, "We really need to get him home the meld was only able to slow the damage down he has an infection that is rapidity taking over, if they don't send someone down with another shuttle we may lose Tom."

Picking up one of Tom's limp hands saying, "I can't lose him Kathryn not after just finding him." Bringing Tom's hand up to his lips he kissed it laying it back down at his side saying, "Hold on Poocuh just hold on please."

Laying down beside Tom, Chakotay gently moved Tom till he laid on top of him, caressing his back while whispering into the blond's ear.

With a sigh Janeway moved away from the couple joining her husband and long time friend.

Harry looked over shaking his head, "Damnit we can't lose him now."

"We won't."

Turning Harry asked, "How can you be so sure Tuvok?"

Without saying a word Tuvok pointed skyward at a shuttle that was approaching them.

B'Elanna raced over to them as she heard the shuttle engines from where she had been picking the herbs grinning wildly as she called out, "Finally."

Racing over to the shuttle as the door open revealing Greg and Baytart, Harry called out, "You two are a sight for sore eyes."

Baytart eyes roamed over the campsite asking, "Where Paris and the Commander?"

Greg strolled down the ramp walking towards the Captain and Tuvok as Pablo raced over to campsite with Harry on his heels.

"Captain, what happened?" Ayala stopped short as his eyes hit upon a sight he knew he'd never be able to explain to the others, Dalby tied up to a tree looking like a pissed off Targ, with a smile he looked at Janeway saying, "I see Dalby is all tied up."

Tuvok nodded as he said, "Indeed he tried to kill Tom and I."



Kathryn smiled as she glanced at the irate man as she explained, "He under arrest for attacking and raping Lieutenant Paris till Tom is safe on Voyager leave him tied to the tree."

Shocked as Baytart yelled out, "Greg I need to get Paris up to Voyager, stay here with the others while I fly back with the Commander."

Getting his first look at his ex-lover Greg gasped out loud nodding as he called back, "Send another shuttle down straight away Pablo."

"Will do."

The others watched as Commander Chakotay carefully lifted Tom into his arms and walked as fast as he could to the shuttle.