Stranded Ten

Once he was sure everything was ready for flight, Baytart lifted off, he didn't understand why Commander Chakotay was hovering over Paris like he was but he was positive that if he was meant to know they would tell him but he really hoped that it was what he thought it meant.


Chakotay overheard Baytart comm as he talked to the Doctor as they got closer to Voyager, he knew that if the quiet man was worried enough to risk a beam out so close to an ion storm it was worse than they all thought.
Hearing Tom moan Chakotay brushed his hair out of his face, "Tom?"
Moaning Tom tried to sit up but the hand on his chest refused to let him up, "Tay?"
"Shhh I'm here baby rest now."
Looking blearily up at Chakotay asking, "Where are we?"
Stoking Tom's cheek softly, with a smile, "On our way home love."
"They came?"
"Sure did Greg and Pablo came down."
Tom weakly moaned, "Shit . . . are we . . . still gonna . . ."
Laying a finger over Tom's lips saying, "As soon as you're back on your feet my husband of mine, we're getting married in the eyes of the Federation, Kathryn will marry us Harry or Tuvok at your side or better yet both, and Gregor standing at my side."
Groaning as a pain hit him once it subsided he asked, "I thought B'Ela would stand at your side?"
"You see Greg and I have a pact we made as children, before our pact, he'd be my best man and I'd be his and I've been his best man twice now."
With a grimace Tom clarified his thinking to the older man, "Oh I thought it might have been because of what you found out."
Chakotay smoothly explained, "It hasn't helped but it wouldn't have mattered, rest now, if you want I'll explain later but right now all I have on my mind is getting you well and back onto your feet so we can finished what we started."
With a weak laugh Tom replied, "Is that an incentive for me to recover fully?"
"You bet ya sweet ass it is Poocuh, I have plans for us and they don't involve you being in pain or in sickbay keeping the Doctor company. If you don't mind."
Tom tried to think through the pain for a smart ass comment but couldn't come up with one with a groan, he screwed his eyes shut as screamed in pain.
Chakotay felt the pain through the link, reaching for the nerve that would knock Tom out without the use of drugs, once he found the nerve, he pressed lightly till Tom stopped screaming.
Baytart spun in his seat asking, "What happened?"
Chakotay wiped the tears from his eyes before looking over at the pilot saying, "Tom has an infection from his injuries that came about through the crash, Tuvok perform a Mind meld to ease the pain, the affects just worn off and his lung had collapsed because of it, so if you can move this crate any faster do it."
Baytart nodded as he turned with a smile he was right it was want he hoped had happened, he couldn't help over hearing want they have been talking about before and for once he was happy that Tom Paris had found what he was looking for. 
Tem watched as the Doctor pulled in able bodies to move some of the sick out of Sickbay, while getting the surgical bay pepped for his incoming patient, he barked orders out left and right. 
Samantha Wildman moved her daughter out of range handing her over to Neelix saying, "Take her to Mackie, she'll look after her till I'm done." 
Nodding Neelix headed out of sickbay while the Doctor sighed once the bubbly Talaxian was out of his hair.
Barking out orders the Doctor cleared out all the nonessential crew out of sickbay, the room was nearly empty apart from the  sick crew who were unable to be moved remained, while others had been moved to the Holodecks which had been converted into a temporary Sickbay, where the ones who were still able looked after them.
Checking the status of the shuttle he barked out, "Once they docked, have Tom beam straight to sickbay and send another shuttle out for the others."
Sam nodded as she followed the Doctors orders calling to the bridge to relay the message, "Wildman to bridge."
"Gilmore here."
Frowning Sam wondered why a member of the Equinox crew would be on the bridge, deciding to ask Seven later, she replied, "Gilmore beam Paris to sickbay once the Flyer is docked in Shuttle bay one and have a fresh pilot sent out for the rest of the away team still on the planet."
"I'll have Noah Lessing go for them, he's the only decent pilot left."
Sam frowned at that since the Equinox crew joined them, they were under a lockout of all major systems, wondering how they got to the bridge but she knew that they had to trust them since they were all that was left, "Okay see to it, Commander Chakotay will join you as soon as the Flyer has docked."
"Acknowledged Bridge out."
Sam wondered if it was her imagination or did Gilmore sound happy about having the Commander joining her?
On the bridge Gilmore nearly bounced with joy with a giggle and a little dance, Gilmore pulled herself together much to the shocked bridge crew who had watched the whole exchange amazement.
Sabrina Van Dune smirked as she told her, "Gilmore you don't stand a chance in hell of getting Chakotay to notice you." 
Looking at her with a frown marring her face asking, "What do you mean?"
Sabrina hated Marla Gilmore with a passion, after hearing her running the Marquis cause among other things down stated coldly, "You don't have the. . . how shall I put this? Oh I know, you don't have the right equipment that he so desires." Van Dune not noticing that the Tubolifts door slide open to reveal her former Captain, Baytart had pushed the shuttle to it's limits getting Tom to the Doctors care a little faster, once in range Baytart beamed them both to sickbay before heading back for the others.  
"Van Dune that is enough." A harsh voice bellowed out. 
Chakotay stepped out of the lift shocked at what he overheard Van Dune saying, "Belay those orders, Gilmore report to holodeck two, Van Dune ready room NOW."
Chakotay stalked into the ready room, worried about Tom he let his frustration flew, "How dare you? What right do you have airing my sex life out in front of others, let alone on the bridge?"
Van Dune not having anything to say stood at attention while Chakotay stood at the viewport, Without turning Chakotay just said, "I'm disappointed in you Sab, I know you have a problem with Gilmore but this couldn't have happened at the worse possible moment," 
Turning slowly Sabrina witness the tears flowing from his eyes feeling guilty she knew that she would do anything to make it up to her former Captain.
"Spread the word to all Marquis, Tom Paris is not to be touch, from this day forth Tom is under my protection, if I find out that even one hair on his body is harmed they'll answer to me."
"Why would you lower yourself to protect that piece trash for Cha?"
Chakotay glared at her as he said in a deadly tone, "You've stepped on his toes one time to many, you may be related to my uncle family but that doesn't give you the right to judge Tom or Gilmore for that matter. Not sure why I'm telling you this, do you remember a little blond boy who visited Dorvan V with his Mother and two sisters?"
Not sure where Chakotay was going, Sabrina nodded, "Little Tommy was his name, have you ever wondered what happened to him?"
"Yes, I always wonder if he kept his promise to you. Why?"
"He did, Little Tommy grew up into Tom Paris."
"Now you understand why I want them off his back."
"That sweet little kid grew up to be that . . ."
Chakotay cut her off with a growl, "Don't you dare say it."  
Sabrina nodded as she asked. "That explains why that damn bear of his looks so damn familiar to me, it the one you gave him. Thank god I saved it from Suder and them in the beginning and letting them know in no uncertain terms that the damn thing was off limits, always wondered why I did that, now I know."
Chakotay nodded as she rabbeted on, totally ignoring her wishing that he was elsewhere other than dealing with her, finally having enough of her noise he snapped, "Dismissed."
Surprised that he didn't put her on report Van Dune not wishing to push her luck raced out of the room.
With a smirked Chakotay watched as she disappeared from his sight saying, "Van Dune it ainít over, the others will deal with you or have you forgotten?"
Chakotay paced his office where he had taken refuge since leaving the Captain's ready room. Ayala had joined him when they had returned from the planet with the others.
Greg had been shocked at what Chakotay had told him about what Van Dune had done and set into motion Chakotay plan with Janeway's permission, Van Dune was going to find herself spending alot of time with Gilmore, they had found that it was successful before with others who had problems before.
Eyeing the bear sitting on Chakotay desk, he asked, "That Tay isn't it?"
Nodding bemused that he had gone to Tom's quarters to get it, "Now how did you know?"
"Don't tell me you have forgotten that Tom and I have been together."
"No I haven't forgotten."
Ayala asked quietly, "It isn't gonna be a problem is it?"
Grinning broadly at his friend saying, "Let me tell you something that no one but the away team know," Chakotay waited for his to leant forward as he knew he would before exclaiming, "He's my husband. I've done the one thing no one else has manage to do."
Shocked stunned Greg stagger to his feet with a huge smile as he yelped, "Details my friend."
Before he could respond, "Sickbay to Commander Chakotay."
"Chakotay here, go ahead."
"I have someone asking for you sir, please report to sickbay."
With a smile Chakotay picked up the bear sitting on his desk saying, "On my way, Chakotay out."
Ayala smirked as he watched his friend race out of his office, following at a slower pace he went to give Tem a visit in sickbay.