Stranded 8

Chakotay stood up and called out, "Tuvok can you please join us?"

Chakotay sunk back down beside Tom again to wait for the Vulcan to join them, gripping Tom's hand with a silly grin on his face saying, "I can't wait for this to be over."

Reaching up Tom cupped his cheek saying, "Me nether, I've been waiting a life time for you Tay."

Pressing into his hand saying, "I wish I was there on Dorvan like I promised."

"Shh love don't let it eat you up, it was meant to happen this way I have no regrets and nether should you."

Tuvok stood over the two men and said, "I agree with Thomas Commander, there should be no regrets it's time to start over fresh."

Nodding as he said, "Tom and I wish to be linked Tuvok and if you're ready we would like to start now."

Nodding Tuvok said, "Give me half an hour to center myself and in that time cleanse your souls, Thomas will show you the way unless you wish to do it your way."

With a smile Chakotay gripped Tom's hand saying, "Tom and I will do it together."

"Good then I'll see you both in half an hour then."

Strolling over to his gear Tuvok found what he was looking for and then headed towards the river.

Tom smiled at his future husband as he said, "We need to head up river away from Tuvok to prepare ourselves."

Standing up again Chakotay said, "Give me a minute to tell the others where we're going."

Tom grinned as he looked passed Tay, when he heard a gleeful laughter saying, "I don't think you need to Tay, I somehow think they know."

Turning Chakotay grinned as he watched Harry and Kathryn dancing by the riverside with B'Elanna watching from the side.

Tom laughed as B'Elanna who with a squeal was dragged into the dancing by Harry and Kathryn.

Chakotay bend down saying, "We better get ready half an hour isn't all that long." Scooping Tom up into his arms Chakotay walked towards the others calling out, "We're just heading up river a bit, to get ready and Kathryn afterwards be ready for the other half of the ceremony."

With a smile that looked like it could spilt her face in half nodded her understanding.

Confused Tom looked between them trying to decide if he should ask or not deciding that if Tay wanted him to know he would, he trusted Tay not to keep things from him.

Noticing his loves look explained, "I'll explain later love without the others."

Leaning his head wearily against Tay's shoulder said, "Okay."

Chakotay headed towards a spot he had seen during the search for Tom earlier.

With his head on Tay's shoulder Tom felt his eyes beginning to droop falling into a light slumber only to jerk awake with a yelp as an unpleasant memory tried to work it's way out.

Concerned Chakotay looked at him asking, "Tom what is it?"

Waving his hand Tom said, "Not now I'll tell you later."

Still concerned Chakotay decided that it would be better to let the matter drop, that is for now he would, making a mental note to himself to bring the matter up again at a later date.

Reaching the picture prefect spot Chakotay asked, "Will this do?"

Taking in the sight Tom smiled at him saying "Oh Tay it's beautiful, it reminds me of where we first spoke."

Tay nodded as he looked seeing the island in the middle of the river with a near likeness with a Weeping Willow tree it's branches sweeping the water as it flowed by.

"Yes it does look a bit like our place doesn't it?"

"Maybe it was faith that you found this spot Tay."

Laying Tom on the ground Chakotay kissed his forehead saying, "Maybe. Now my beloved it is time for us to get ready for Tuvok and then our wedding."

If Chakotay was waiting for an argument he would sorely disappointed but at that glow on Tom's face made his day and his words even more, "Is that your way of asking me to marry you Tay?"

"Yes and what do you say?" He asked cheekily.

"Hmmmm, what do I say I have so many asking me these days."

"Why you."


Chakotay grinned as he asked, "Is that yes you'll marry me          or . . . ."

Reaching up Tom kissed him as he pulled back he said, "Yes I'll marry you Tay."

Giving Tom a gentle hug saying, "You've made me one of the happiest men in the universe, but as much as I love to carry this on, we're running out of time." Without another word Chakotay begun to undress Tom out of his shorts, once done he begun to undress out of his ruined uniform, once done Chakotay lifted Tom up into his arms and walked into the water with his unshirt dangling from his fingers.

Sitting down in the water Chakotay eased Tom between his out stretched legs and begun washing Tom's body, being careful of the injuries, he took stock of his future husband body wishing he had more time to explore.

Making sure he washed every inch of Tom's body of blood and sweat Chakotay carried him up onto the banks laying him down letting the sun dry him off as he headed back into the water to wash off his own body and to get his libido back under control.

Watching from the banks Tom smiled lazily as Chakotay washed his body.

Feeling Tom's eyes on him Chakotay smiled up at him and slowly walked up to him, his smile deepen as he saw Tom's eyes widen at his naked body as the water caress his body.

With a stifled groan Tom torn his eyes away from Tay's groin saying, "God, you're gorgeous Tay."

Sinking down beside him Chakotay pulled Tom closer to his side saying, "If I'm gorgeous what does that make you my love?"

"Tay I am pale compared to you, you're all bronze and gold while I'm pale and boring compared to you."

"Not true, to me you're the most beautiful person around everything is totally pale compared to you and I've always thought so and I kick myself everyday for wasting all this time."

Laying a finger across Chakotay lips saying, "Hush that kind of talk, from this  minute on what happened in the past is just that the past. I know that things will crop up and when they do we will deal with them."

Kissing the finger that laid across his lips as he reluctantly removed it from his mouth asking, "And how did you get to so smart Angel?"

With a smile Tom replied, "If you had Tuvok, Harry and Kathryn helping you through problems like I did, I think you would understand as well Tay." Tom had left B'Elanna out of his list since deep down he was still hurt by what she did to him.

Chakotay sighed as he laid back relaxing while letting the warmth roll over him between the Suns and Tom's body he was dry again within minute.

With a sigh of regret Chakotay edged Tom from his chest and sat back up saying, "We need to get dress Angel and meet the others."

Clutching his stomach as he tried to stay sitting without support groaning, "Damn I'm nice and clean but now I have to get into dirty clothes."

Shaking his head Chakotay told him, "I just putting your shorts on for now,"

Feeling queasy Tom covered his mouth with a groan, moving as much as he could Tom brought up everything in his stomach along with blood.

Jumping to his feet Chakotay raced over to the river, rising out his shirt he rushed back to Tom cleaning off the vomit that still clung to his chin and chest.

Moving him carefully Chakotay managed to dress Tom in his shorts once done he pulled his own on and gently scooped Tom up into his arms saying, "Lets head back now Angel."


Kathryn wished that things were alot better to perform a wedding ceremony as she and the others got everything ready like her husband and best friend she pushed for Chakotay and Tom to get together but things didn't happen the way they wished it took crash landing on an unknown planet to get Chakotay to open his eyes and heart to the young man. 

Under normal circumstances she would have liked to perform the Wedding on board Voyager, their home with the others to witness the greatest day for Chakotay and Tom, Kathryn smiled as she checked Tom gear checking to see if had packed the box with the rings inside, she was with him when he had brought the items, they had gone on shore leave and between his friends had decided that Tom not go on his own since it was well known and often joked about how trouble seem to find him no matter where he was. 

They all thought it was weird that Tom never gave up hope when it came to Chakotay, he had always stood up for him not matter what, he also gave up a relationship he could have had with Tuvok so that he would be free when Chakotay came for him.

Spying the blue box near the bottem of his bag, flipping the lid open she read the inscription 'For always love Tom.' he had left his blank for Chakotay to add his own message. Closing the lid Kathryn stretched her back, as she sat back watching her husband and B'Elanna gathered everything together for the small feast after the Wedding.

With a fond smile Kathryn remembered the day of her wedding to Harry, Harry and she owned Tom alot for getting them together if it wasn't for Tom they wouldn't have got together at all.

Spying Tuvok walking back from the river, Kathryn nodded as he walked passed her without a word she knew that he was in deep thought his time alone was to get his feelings under control for his love for Tom was not to happen in the form of the bond. Kathryn knew that Tuvok would be happy with being Tom's brother, while Tom's true love would become his mate.

Standing up clutching the box Janeway joined the others handing the box to Harry without a word as she joined Tuvok.

Feeling his friend at his side saying, "This is illogical to feel this way but I somehow thought that Chakotay would turn him down."

Placing a hand on his arm saying, "You love him but you knew that Tom would never have mated with you while there was any hope that Chakotay would return his feelings, Tom didn't think it was fair on you that his heart belonged to another."

"I know all this Tom has explained it to me."

"But you still love him, just like I still love Chakotay knowing fill well that it would never work between us, but Tuvok there is another who loves you."

"Yes I know and I'll seek that person out when the time is right."

Stunned Kathryn uttered, "You knew?"

"I did."


Entering camp Chakotay moved over to the others with a smile as he laid Tom down, "Tuvok do we need anything else?"

"No everything ready if you are?"

"We're ready then."

Moving over to Tom, Tuvok helped Tom to lean against their bags so he could watch and comfortable while Tuvok performed the meld. Tuvok gave a rare smile saying, "My brother it is time to join with your beloved," Turning to the others he said, "Form a ring around us holding hands, Commander place your hands on Tom's face like you're going to do a meld with him," Waiting till Chakotay fingers were in place he carried on, "Tom do the same." Once he was satisfy their fingers were in the right place. Tuvok explained to them, "I am now going to cover each hand that is closest to me with one of mine and then I can start the Meld."

Laying his fingers in between Tom and Chakotay's fingers reciting the words, "My mind to your, yours. . . "

Chakotay felt the rush of pain that flowed over to him from Tom then the pictures of what he guessed to be from Tom and Tuvok's life, Tuvok had warned him that there would be a slight link between him and Tuvok once it was done, Tuvok had told him that he'd teach him how to block him and to handle the link between Tom and him.

Tom felt the pain shift as the two calming presents entered his mind, normally a private person, Tom usually felt uncomfortable with people knowing the real Tom but this time he welcomed his beloved and his brother into his mind, as he searched Tay's mind learnt things that no others knew of, both men their love for him and spreading his love for both of them then he felt Tuvok pull out so that Chakotay and he could learn about each other.

Once he was sure about the Commanders feelings concerning Tom, Tuvok pulled back settling for the brother bond between the two men while enforcing the mating bond between the two men, once he was sure that their bond was strong, he slowly drew them back to the living world where their friends were waiting.


Clutching his wife's hand Harry watched with concern as the three men came out of the meld he smiled as he witness the gleam in Tom and Chakotay's eyes and the mourning in Tuvok eyes sadden him, he knew how Tuvok felt about Tom and in having to give up all hope had to be killing the Vulcan but he knew of another who would help him when the time of mourning came to an end.

Chakotay pulled Tom into his arms saying, "I love you Thomas Eugene Paris." Then kissed him senseless.

Kathryn laughed as she called out, "Okay you two before you even think of the Honeymoon don't you think that you need to say your vows?"

Pulling back breathless Chakotay eyes widen at the sight of a flush content Tom Paris.

"Uh yeah you have a point there Captain." Tom replied breathlessly.

Harry smiled he was glad that his friend had found and fought for the happiness that had been long denied him, glancing about he notice that Dalby was glaring at them all. 


Still tied to the tree Dalby had to watch with sick horror as his plan flew out the window, he didn't stand a chance in hell of getting anywhere near Paris ever again since he had bonded with his former Captain, he'd know everything that happened if he tried, feeling eyes fall on him he looked up to find three sets of brown eyes staring at in a murderous rage as soon as it started two sets broke off wondering why Dalby looked around till he settled on Paris and knew that Tom had calmed Tuvok and Chakotay down but since he wasn't bonded with Harry his eyes still burnt into his soul, Ken knew that from now on he had to tread with the utmost care.