Stranded 2

Staring at his back B'Elanna wandered over to the others she heard Tuvok telling them, "I have to do a Meld to calm him down but I wish for the assistant of a single person just in case of Bonding."

Harry frowned at that bit of news, "Bonding? You think that there is that risk?"

Tuvok looked over at him saying, "I already have a link with Mister Paris from my last Meld with him and I don't want to deepen the link I already have with him."

Ken stepped forward, saying, "I'll do it."

Chakotay shook his head, "No way Dalby, Tuvok can Tom decide who he wishes to link with him if it happens?"

Tuvok looked over at Tom saying, "We'll wait till he comes too, but we need to get him back on Voyager so the Doctor can work on the damage, we only have the medkit and not of us know much in Medicine to even begin, to Meld with him is to get him stable so we can begin, If I have to I'd bond totally with him but with three people who are single with us would work better but there is only one I'd chose from, but it's between them."

Kathryn cursed under her breath, then louder saying, "B'Elanna I need you to boost the range of shuttles Comm so it can punch through that interference and see if they can beam us up."

Glad to be doing something B'Elanna raced towards the crippled shuttle.

Dalby walked off fuming his one change to have Tom thawed he knew that if he had that bond with Tom he could have him totally under his thumb. He knew that if asked who he wished to link with he wouldn't be on the list, 'I have to find a way to keep the others from founding out it has to me to bond with him, damn how can I make him chose me?'

Chakotay sat beside Tom's limp body, after Harry had called them over, Tom was thrashing about in pain Tuvok had to perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, so that Tom didn't do any more damage to himself than what was already been done to him.

Tom came to with a groan only to find that he had be moved and that Tuvok was sitting beside him, his body felt like it was on fire, "Water?"

Tuvok peered down at him saying, "Here just a sip." Holding the water canister to his lips Tuvok raised his head just high enough so Tom could take a sip, lowing his head back down, Tuvok said, "Tom I need to meld with you to block the pain so we can start working on your wounds."

Tom voice came out rasped, "Why not. . . just beam. . . me to. . . Voyager?"

Laying a hand on Tom's fore head feeling the heat coming off from him, "We can't do that Tom."

Nodding Tom told him, "Do it then."

Tuvok told him, "There is risks I can not do another meld with you without our already formed link deepening."

"I understand Tuvok."

Dipping his hand into the helmet next to him filled with water he wrung out apart of someone sleeve saying, "I don't think you do Tom, If I meld with you it will mean you are my mate and I know how you feel about someone else so it is illogical for me to deepen our link but I can help you form a link with one of the single people who are with us."

Tom dazedly stared up at him whispering, "Who are they?"

With a frown Tuvok was worried about the state of Tom's mind, "You can choose between Dalby, Torres or Chakotay." 

"More water?" asked Tom.

Picking up the water canister again saying, "Just a sip Tom,"

Closing his eyes Tom tried to clear his head but the pain was to great with a grasp he fell back into unconsciousness.

With a weary sign Tuvok stood up he knew that he was acting unVulcan but Tom was a dear friend of his and if Tom didn't love someone else, he would be his mate, Tuvok had decided to give Tom the time to tell his beloved but so far his beloved still hated him, Tuvok decided to do something about it he and Harry had a plan to and he thought that tonight was the night, seeking out the young man Tuvok spied him over by Dalby moving equipment closer to base camp he could tell by his shoulders that he was angry, through Tom he got to know the young man and through him, Kathryn and Harry fell in love, now they just need another certain member to wakeup and sound the coffee as Tom would say.

Strolling over to the men Tuvok said, "Crewman I need you to get some more water for me."

Dropping his load at their feet, Ken stomped off towards Tom limp body to pickup the helmet they were using to carry water, making sure that no one was watching he dumped the water close enough to splash him leaning close enough his hissed, "Chose me you little shit bond with me and I'll leave him alone." Standing up he made sure that no one saw him stroll off towards the river.

Tuvok guided Harry towards a clump of trees once he was sure they were far enough he said, "Harry it's time to wake that numbskull up, Tom won't bond with him if he still thinks that he hates him and he's likely to bond with Dalby because he won't let B'Elanna need him,  I won't allow Tom to bond with Dalby, we both know what he will do to Tom if he did,  I'd bond with him before Dalby does."

Harry nodded saying, "I totally agree with you Tuvok and I think Kathryn would back us in stopping Dalby even B'Elanna would, so we need a way to bring this up."

Tuvok glance towards their friend saying, "That the easy part, you have the padd?"

Digging into his pocket saying, "I found it outside the shuttle why?"

"I knew he bought it he never goes anywhere without it, give it to me and play along with me around the fire tonight."

Handing the padd over to the Vulcan saying, "I wish he would chose you Tuvok but he's been in love with him for so long that no one stands a chance."

Tuvok nodded saying, "If I had emotions I'd wish it as well."

Laughing Harry smacked his arm lightly saying, "You don't fool me, I know that you love Tom and in his way he loves you and if he wasn't already deeply in love, you would be with him."

Tuvok nodded, "I know that and I think if our plans don't work with that lug head I still might end up with him."

"You're a good friend Tuvok to do this for him."

"He's do the same for either of us and you know it as long as Tom is happy that is all I care about and I know that he'll love me for all time just as he loves that numb skull but it's a different love and we share a bond that no one can break."

Patting him on the shoulder saying, "You're lucky there Tuvok I wish I had a bond with him as well."

"But you do you're his brother there nothing stronger than the bond of brothers and the three of us are brothers and maybe we'll be adding another to the list."

Nodding Harry noticed that Dalby had returned with the water nodding his head towards him asking, "What are we gonna do with him?"

"Time to let the cat out of the bag, it's time Kathryn knew of his actions and break our oath to Tom."

"I afraid you'd say that."

"I hate to do it as well but Tom will forgive us."

Just then B'Elanna stepped out saying, "I'll do it, it's the least I can do and I've already told Chakotay so why not the Captain?"

Tuvok nodded saying, "I agree, I hate to put you in the hot spot but your logic is correct, since you have already broken your oath to Tom  by tell the commander, but it means Tom will be angry with you."

With a snort B'Elanna told them, "He already hates me, so what a little betrayal?"

Kathryn wondered what her husband and friends were doing gathered by the tree motioning her XO saying, "Looks like a meeting going on over there wonder if it's about Dalby."

"You know?" He asked.

"I know Harry and he been worried about something for a while and it only natural for him to seek out Tuvok since they are both Tom's best friends B'Elanna use to be but there been a falling out of some sort since she broke up with Tom,"

Chakotay thought it was only fair to tell her, "She didn't break it off, Tom broke it off when he caught her in bed with another, for some reason everyone blamed Tom even me."

Slowly grinning at him, she told him, "I know the whole story just seeing if you did how did you find out?"

 Grinning at her he said, "You tricked me, B'Elanna told me after the crash."

"Oh, it seems the plot thickens what is Dalby doing?" While Chakotay had be telling her she looked over towards Tom and spied Dalby crouching down beside Tom.

Tuvok watched as Janeway and Chakotay walk stiffly to Tom's side, "Come on maybe none of us need to say anything."

Ken crouched down beside Tom side again knowing he was risking everyone knowing, "You have to chose me Tom Cuz I can give you what you want nobody else can."

Chakotay stopped a step behind Janeway a smile fought it's way out as he noticed her usual stance, hands on her hips, as she demanded, "Crewman just want do you think you're doing?"

Dalby cursed under his breath before saying, "I was just checking Tom's temperature he was looking flush and Tuvok asked me to get more water so I thought I'd check on him."

Kathryn shook her head saying, "I don't believe you Dalby, as you say Tuvok only asked you to get water not check on him, and I also know that there is no love lost between the two of you, so you wouldn't care whether he lived or died now would you Crewman?"

Tom fought his way to the surface through the pain he was sure he had heard the Captain talking, with a painful groan he asked, "Captain?" Turning his head towards the figure beside him trying to focus on it without seeing double with a shudder Tom realize that it wasn't Janeway beside him, sobbing, "No, no more please." 

Tuvok pushed Dalby out of the way as he sank to his knees, "Tom?"

"No more, Tay help me." 

"Shh Tom everything Ok."

Tuvok slowly got through to him saying, "You're safe Tom, he never hurt you again."

Tom fought the panic as he felt Tuvok brushing through his mind, "Tuvok?"

"I'm here Thomas."

Weakly Tom turned his head asking, "I still hurt, I thought . . . . . you were gonna meld with me?"

Tuvok glanced over at Harry, then over at the Commander hoping that he would step forward when he didn't Tuvok told him, "You have to chose can you remember what we talked about early?"

With a thoughtful look Tom nodded, "Yeah I remember, Tuvok when do I need to make the choice?"

Brushing a lock of hair off Tom's forehead saying, "Tom I'd liked to do it now but no later than tomorrow morning," Leaning forward so the others couldn't hear him he said, "You know that I'd bond with you but since your heart belongs to another Harry and I are working on a plan to make him see and to remember the promise he made."

Tom eyes widen as he listened risking a look he peeked over at Chakotay and saw that he was staring back at him with a thoughtful look on his face.

Looking back at Tuvok he said, "Tuvok tell the Captain everything and I . . . . hope your plan works." Slowly raising his hand up cupping the Vulcan's cheek he said, "You're a great friend and I love you a lot, you know that if I didn't love him you'd be the one?" 

Holding Tom's hand to his cheek nodding, "I know and I love you as well." Tuvok watched as Tom slipped back into a healing sleep, laying Tom's hand back beside his other Tuvok stood up facing Kathryn he said, "Captain I have to report an abuse and rape."

Surprised Kathryn nodded saying, "Let move this over to the shuttle then, Chakotay stay with Tom, Harry and B'Elanna join us please?"

Ken stood up saying, "Captain?"

Glaring at him, Kathryn said, "Stay here and wait."

Sitting back down Dalby glared at Tom's still form he watched as Chakotay wrung out the cloth and wiped the sweat off his face.

Chakotay still stunned as he went about caring for Tom's needs staring hard at him he whispered, "Are you really that little boy Tommy?"