Stranded 3

Once at the shuttle, Kathryn spun on her heels demanding, "What is going now?"

Harry looked over at Tuvok who was looking at B'Elanna Kathryn rolled her eyes saying, "Someone tell me before heads start to roll."

When they didn't say anything she asked, "This has to do with Dalby doesn't it?" Looking them over sighing, "Yeah I can tell so how bad is it?"

Tuvok told her everything he knew ending by saying, "His plan is to bond with Tom and make him do as he wishes."

By the end of the explanation Kathryn face looked like a thunder cloud, "Like hell, that is not going to happen to any member of my crew, I'm not running a whore house, So how is it going with waking Chakotay up?"

Turning so she was facing the man in question and saw that he was wiping Tom's face and what looked to be shock on his face answering her own question, "Looks like it going well," Looking thoughtful she ask another question, "Who is Tay?"

Harry nodded towards the two saying, "The Commander is."

B'Elanna crouched back on her heels, watching her ex-lover and friend with a slight smile saying, "They make a great looking couple don't they?"

Tuvok nodded as he to watched Chakotay tenderly wipe Tom's face and chest off.

Chakotay stood up with the helmet in hand glancing over at the others wondering why he was left out of the loop of this but he knew that they knew more about this than he did and someone had to play nurse maid and to keep Dalby away he wished that he would do anything to justifying punching him one, looking over at Dalby with a glare as he stalked over to Dalby who was sitting in the shade watching, Hissing at him, "Get some water Dalby."

Ken watched as his Commander came closer to if looks could kill he was a dead man but he knew that he was a dead man walking he was stuck on a hostile planet with people he thought were comrades but they were all out to get him, he had seen the Captain looking at him with that look that could heat a warp core, he was thankful that Tem and Ayala weren't down here either, with them they were Tom's support group, he wished that Connor and Gaes were with him but they were one of the victims of the viruses raging through Voyager. Picking up the helmet, biting back the remark on the tip of his tongue but the look on Chakotay froze it for him saying, "Don't even think it, unless you want me to  knock your teeth down your throat, scam before I do it." Clenching his fist at his side as he fought to hold his temper glaring as Dalby raced towards the water

The Doctor ran another test on Naomi Wildman when Seven asked, "Any word?"

Pausing at his work to look up at the blond woman saying, "No I wish they would hurry up and report in, I'm starting to worry."

Seven coolly looked around sickbay saying, "It's getting worse isn't it?"

He followed the Borg as she walked over to Neelix placing a hand on his shoulder, she had seen the captain doing it to offer comfort,  The Doctor ran tests after test trying to find a curer for the crew.

The Doc glanced at his sick patience with a sign, "I'd be the first to admit this but this has me stumped, I need those herbs Neelix told me about without them I can't do nothing."

Seven nodded distractedly saying, "I'll try to Comm them again if we haven't heard from them by the end of the Gamma shift I'll take another shuttle down." 

Without another word Seven walked out of Sickbay and headed back to the Bridge.

Sitting about the fire when Harry asked, "Anyone for S'Mores?" 

Tuvok asked, "Did Tom bring them down?" shrugged his shoulders Harry said, "I don't know but I know I did."

Hearing a groan, "Mine space dust along with the rest of my stuff I think."

B'Elanna grinned looking forward to having S'Mores everytime the three of them got around a fire, Tom pulled out the marshmallows and crackers.

Chakotay groaned, "I think the last time I had S'Mores was when I was fifteen."

Kathryn smiled at him saying, "You should have come to the Barbecue picnic we had two weeks ago."

Licking his lips as he glanced over at Tom who head was laid in her lap saying, "I was on duty or I would have come."

Kathryn stroked Tom's hair as she stared at her XO hiding her smile as he looked away first and stared into the flames thinking, "You just lied to her Chak and she knows it."

Feeling the tension Harry looked in his bag saying, "Let them be here, Ahhh here they are, Tat ta." Pulling the bag of Marshmallow out with a grin saying, "They a bit squashed but that can't be help since I found the bag under a barrel of something Neelix thought we needed." With a laugh he opened the bag saying, "B'Elanna find us some sticks to melt these buggers on."

Jumping up B'Elanna grabbed on of the working torches she heard Tom say, "It was a barrel of Leola root, he'll be disappointed that we lost a barrel of the stuff."

Harry replied, "Sorry to bust your bubble friend the barrel still intact."

Tom groaned, "Just my luck we crash and end up eating barrels fill of Leola root, quick Harry before the Captain founds out destroy them."

Kathryn roared with laugher, looking down at Tom saying, "I might just help him, Tom."

Feeling drained Tom felt his eyes droop weakly saying, "Good." Letting sleep claim him Tom missed the concerned looks that was passed by the others.

B'Elanna found some sticks that would do the job returned to the others handing out the sticks to them saying, "Ok who has some scary stories to tell?"

Harry grabbed a handful of Marshmallows, before handing the bag over to Tuvok, sticking two onto his stick saying, "Not me I'm not the story teller of the group." Watching as the Marshmallows roasting in the fire making sure that they didn't burn turning them so they melted just right when he thought they were ready he pulled them out grabbing four crackers he made a sandwich out of them handing one over to Kathryn.

Reaching for her S'Mores with a smile and took a bite giggling as it run down her chin saying, "If this gets back to the others on Voyager I'll deny everything and have you cleaning the manifolds out with your tooth brushes."

With a laugh Chakotay bit into his S'More with a sign, "God I forgot how nice and sticky these things are."

Harry licked his fingers saying, "Yup and there more."

Chakotay asked, "Where the chocolate?"

Dumbstruck Harry asked, "What chocolate?"

Rolling his eyes at him Chakotay asked, "You've never had these with melted Chocolate? It's even messier than this."

Shaking his head Harry replied, "Nope, when were get back you've gonna have to share those with us Commander."

Staring into the flames Chakotay forced back the tears as he remembered the last time he had gone camping, he faintly recalled a little towheaded  boy following him and his brothers like a little shadow, every once in a while he would wonder what happened to that little boy, who jumped at shadows but tried to be brave in front of him on the day he left Chakotay had given him a bear for his birthday and the boy had told him that when he was of age he would come back and look for him. Chakotay never gave that little boys promise another thought thinking that by that time he would have forgotten him and his promise.

Tuvok watched Chakotay, fingering the padd sitting beside him he knew that the time was right picking up the padd Tuvok asked, "Does anyone know who this padd belongs to?" Flicking the padd to the picture he knew would jar the commander as he held the padd out.

Chakotay looked up at the padd and grabbed it demanding, "Where did you find this?"

Tuvok told him, "Harry found it by the shuttle and thought that it was to important to the person who owned it, is it yours commander?"

Shaking his head Chakotay said, "No but there is only two copies of this picture."

Handing the padd back to Tuvok without another word lost in thought he heard Harry saying, "It looks like Tom's padd."

Jerking his head towards the young man asking, "How did he get the picture?"

Harry looked over at him saying, "Tom told me this tale and show me the photo when we got back from Akriteria, This is what he told me."