Stranded 11

Hitting Sickbay at a dead run Chakotay burst through the door as the slid open slowing down at the sight of his blond Angel lying on one of the bio bed with his arm over his eyes moving to his side saying, "Tommy?"
Tom removed his arm with a smile, slowly sitting up with a grin, "Tay."
Moving closer till he stood between Tom's legs saying, "I brought someone to see you Poocuh."
Chakotay brought up the bear into Tom's sight grinning at the smile that grew bigger at the bear, "Tay." Reaching for the bear and for his husband Tom gave them both a hug saying, "Love you Tay."
From behind Ayala watched the two men with a smile moving silently towards Tem who has been watching them as well, Ayala waved the Doctor away as he moved to break the two men apart, Mouthing at him, "Not now."
Nodding he went back into his office to wait with the others.
Tom pulled back saying, "The Captain and the others are waiting."
"Let them wait love, how are you feeling?"
"Like I can go and get married and have the Honeymoon as well."
With a smile Chakotay leant forward brushing his lips across Tom's saying, "Good so what are we waiting for?"
With a chuckle Tom waved the others into the room saying, "Nothing everyone is here that nears to be here."
"You want to get married in Sickbay?"
"Hell no, we're moving this show to my favorite Observation lounge."
"You have a favorite one?"
"Sure do love."
Tuvok nodded as he stepped forward saying, "Thomas have you decide who. . . "
Tom cut him off saying, "Tay had a great idea that I have both of  you standing for me."
"That is most logically choice."
Sliding off the bed Tom leant against Chakotay till he could stand on his own, still holding the bear Tom wrapped an arm about the Commander's waist saying, "Ok Tay lets finish this part off and then we can get to the fun part."
Harry piped up asking, "Which Tay are you talking to?"
Without thinking Tom replied, "Both."
Chakotay grinned as he plucked the bear out of Tom's hand saying, "I think this Tay can stay at home during the fun part."
"But he gonna be at the wedding right?" Tom asked, sounding disappointed that the bear might not be there, he knew it sounded silly but he really wanted the bear there since it had been apart of his life since Chakotay had given it to him.
Chakotay looked at the others but not really caring what they thought, hugged Tom to his chest saying, "Of cause Tay going to be at the wedding, I just said he not going to be joining us for the fun part." He knew he made the right choice as soon as he saw Tom's eyes light up and the grin that had dimmed was back even bigger. 
Half an hour later after Tuvok and Harry had dragged Tom away from him to get him ready while Ayala and Tem went with him to get ready much to his disgust he want to get married right then but Janeway insisted on them dressing for part, so here he was rocking on his heels with Gregor and Tem at his side waiting for Tuvok and Harry to guide Tom into the room, once his eyes lit upon Tom, Chakotay grinned once Tom was beside him Tom moved closer to him sending him a thought fill of love and endearment, ~ Angel you have a really silly on your face. ~
~ It's for you Poocuh  you make me so happy. How could I have not seen this sooner? ~
"Hush Angel, remember we agreed what happened before stays in the past, no regrets, we're together now that is the important thing the roads we travel alone are no longer we are together now our roads are merged together now. ~
~ Okay Poocuh you win. ~
~ What did I win? ~
~ He won you and you won him, it's draw Thomas, now focus. Yes I mean both of you.  ~
Both Chakotay and Tom looked over at the Vulcan with a grin, Harry knew beyond a doubt what just happened Tuvok had smiled just before the two men looked at him and guessed that Tuvok had done something most likely put forth his dry sense of humor into play.
Kathryn stood in front of Chakotay and Tom waiting for the signal from Tuvok at the slight nod from the Vulcan before saying, "Since the first ships sailed across the oceans 
of Earth, it has been the duty and privilege of the ship's captain to join two people in the bonds of matrimony. This is a special day, not only for Tom and Chakotay, but also for all of us. We see these two men who have decided to go on with their lives, making their way together. Let us always remember that it's not the destination but it's the journey, let's make it a memorable one. Chakotay, please take Tom's right hand and repeat after me. I, Chakotay, of Dorvan V."
"I, Chakotay, of Dorvan V."
"Take Thee as my husband, to honor, love and protect as long as we shall live."
"Take Thee as my husband, to honor, love and protect as long as we shall live." Chakotay's voice was filled with emotion, his eyes full of love.
"Tom, please repeat after me. I, Tom Paris, Take Thee as my husband."
"I, Tom Paris, Take Thee as my husband."
"To honor, love and protect as long as we shall live." Captain Janeway's eyes had grown misty as she continued the vows.
"To honor, love and protect as long as we shall live."
"Are there rings?"
"Yes" Tom answered.
"The wedding band is a symbol of love, it is without beginning and 
without end. May your love be like these rings, eternal without 
beginning or end. Chakotay, place your ring on Tom's left hand, saying "With this ring, I Thee wed."
"With this ring, I Thee wed."
"Tom, place your ring on Chakotay's left hand, saying "With this ring, I Thee wed."
"With this ring, I Thee wed."
"By the power vested in me, by the station of Captain of USS Voyager, under the direction of the United Federation of Planets, I now pronounce you both, married. You may kiss the groom."
Chakotay pulled Tom to him and kissed him, a deep and loving kiss, filled with the promise of a life together.
Throughout all the offers of well wishes from their friends, Tom clung onto Chakotay feeling drained, he couldn't wait to leave with his husband, with a smile Tom watched as the Doctor mover closer holding the bear in one hand and the holo camera in the other, drawing closer saying, "Time for the wedding photo." 
Handing the bear back to his owner saying, "Mister Paris here you go what photo would be complete without the other Tay?"
Chakotay reached out for the bear saying, "None."
Wrapping his arms about Tom, Chakotay placed the bear between them waiting for the Holodoc to take the picture.
Later that night laying together intertwined after a session of making love, Tom laid content when he felt Chakotay stirring in his arms, "Mmm that was great love, who would have thought that with the link we could make even hotter?"
Kissing Tay's nose saying, "Tuvok warned us."
"So he did. Ready for another round?"
"Let talk first."
Confused Chakotay asked, "You want to talk? On our honeymoon?"
"Yes but I promise not for long I just want are you going to do about Gilmore? I'm not into sharing Tay."
Chakotay smiled as Tuvok warning was coming into light at the Chakotay didn't know what the Vulcan had meant but know he did. Rolling on top of the younger man saying, "She has been dealt with, now I have something more pleasant to do than think about her." Chakotay claimed his husbands lips as he began to learn and map his body with his hands.
"Mmm love your idea Tay." Sending wave after wave of images over the link as to what he wished to do with his husband, only to have Chakotay moan, "Babe you trying to kill me?"
Rolling till he was on top as he deepen the kiss settle between his Angel's legs pausing long enough to say, "Ahh but what a way to go."
Chakotay rolled them again saying, "I want you Poocuh."
"You've got me Angel."
"If I'm your Angel let me show you heaven."

The end