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Proof 9

Once their ship was safely down T'Pel and Quiv stepped out into Shuttle Bay to be greeted by Janeway, rushing forth T'Pel unlike most Vulcan loved to hug threw her arms around her long time friend, "Kathy it's be to long." Breaking the hug she stepped back waving her new mate over, saying, "Kathy I'd like to introduce to you Quiv, Quiv this is Kathryn Janeway."

Quiv nodded saying, "Pleasure to finally meeting you Captain, T'Pel has told me a lot about you."

With a grin she said, "Don't believe her, she most likely lied to you."

"Kathy, Kathy you disappoint me."

With a throaty chuckle Kathryn replied, "Never, now follow me and I'll walk you to your quarters, I presume you would like couple quarters?"

T'Pel nodded asking, "You presume correct Kathy."

"Well follow me and I'll take you to your new quarters."

T'Pel nodded saying, "If you hold on for a minute I have something to give you from Starfleet Headquarters."

Turning T'Pel headed back to the shuttle only to return a few minutes later handing over four padds to her saying, "You have to read the top on first it concerns one of your crew members a Kiri Hava."

Frowning as she read the padd tapping her badge, "Janeway to Commander Chakotay."

'Chakotay here how may I help you Captain?'

"I need you to met me in my Ready Room right away, if I'm not there wait for me I won't be long."

'Aye Captain, I'm on my way.'

Chakotay looked over at Kiri saying, "I'll reschedule another meeting at a later date, now if you will excuse me." Standing up he walked over to her waiting for her to stand and head for the door saying, "I'll let you know when I have a free moment to have that chat with you."

With a slight nod Kiri told him, "I look forward to it Chakotay."

Frowning Chakotay wondered if he imaged the caress as she pasted him. Walking out behind her Chakotay headed towards the tubo lifts at the end of the hall, wondering what Janeway wanted to see him for and if it had anything to do with Tom. Entering saying, "Bridge." Just as the door slid shut he could make out Kiri watching him with something he couldn't make out from the distance but he knew that it didn't bode well in fact he made him down right scared.

Kiri watched as Chakotay walked away without saying anything it made her mad as hell, with a grin that didn't reach her eyes she spun on her heel thinking, 'Well I need to release this anger and who better to release it on than Paris?'

Kathryn having showed T'Pel and Quiv to their quarters left them and headed to her Ready Room to find Chakotay waiting for her without saying a word she headed over to the Replicator barking, "Coffee, Hot, Black." Once she had her order she remembered Chakotay, "Sorry would you like anything?"

"Tea please."

Once she placed his order she picked up the mug and walked over to him saying, "I have some disturbing news."

Taking a sip of her coffee, she looked over the rim of her cup before saying, "T'Pel and Quiv bought news from the HQ and one of padds contain news about Kiri Hava and Frank Travis."

Surprised Chakotay looked over at her, "T'Pel? Isn't she Tuvok mate?"

"I'll explain as best as I can, after you escorted Tuvok to the brig we were hailed by a Vulcan ship."

"I see and by the looks of it you knew that she was coming."

"Am I that obvious?"

"Not to everyone but I can read the signs."

"Oh. Well anyway Quiv and T'Pel have come to replace Tuvok to restore the family honor." Taking another sip of her drink she continued, "HQ gave her some padds to hand over to me after the last array they found more information about Kiri Hava and Frank Travis that disturbed them."

"It must be major if HQ is disturbed." 

Gulping the rest of her drink she placed her mug on the table and picked up a padd handing it over to him saying, "I agree with them and we need to stop it from happening."

Kathryn jumped up and begun to pace looking over at her first officer every so often she watched as his face drained of blood looking up at her he stared wide eyed at her then looked back at the padd again not sure if he believed what he was reading.

While looking at the padd he asked, "They're his children?"

Nodding then noticed that he was looking at her she said, "Yes they changed their names Frank took on his grandmother maiden name on his father side while Kiri took their mothers they slipped through, their father is no longer alive, he was killed in prison."

"I thought I'd never hear his name again, god and they blame the Paris family for their family downfall?"

"Kevin Fobly was discharged from Starfleet by Owen Paris for misconduct unbecoming for an officer of Starfleet, he had the backing of HQ and what I read of his file, I would have done more than that."

In a daze Chakotay told her, "He joined the Marquis lucky not my cell or he would be dead he was hated for what he did and with HQ for letting him getting away with murdering thousand of innocent people,"

"They wanted to throw the book at him but his lawyers found a loophole that got him off with a slap on the wrist."

"And to think that we have two of his children on board, Kiri and Frank, I've heard stories of both of them before when I was in Starfleet how could they slip pass HQ?"

Kathryn sat down with a heavy sigh, "God knows it may had helped that they were on earth at the time or that they were pretty young at the time."

"But they framed Tom at Caldik Prime, I'm glad that Tom been cleared of that one."

"You and me both and I'd like to know how they pulled it off for some reason it's not mentioned unless it on one of the padds I haven't read yet."

Chakotay shook his head sick to the stomach at the details on the padd, "We need to stop them Kathryn." Shaking his head to clear it again saying, "This shows that Sam was right in what she was saying to the other in the Mess Hall."

Jerking her head up Kathryn asked, "What things?"

"When I was in the Mess hall Sam was having ago at some of the crew and she mentioned something that Kiri was doing to Tom."

Concerned she asked, "What things?"

Closing his eyes to sort through the jumble saying, "It seems that whenever Tom asked for a beam out and if she was on duty she would beam him to other places you have to ask Sam for details but I remember one time when he was transported into a river, we all laughed, thinking it was just an accident."

Nodding Kathryn remembered that day with a fond smile they had been fording for food, Tom had joined them only to be beamed in the river they had roared with laugher at the time but now that she thought about it, she realized that it wasn't the only time that had happened to him by themselves they meant nothing but together it made sense to her.

Shocked Kathryn told him, "I remember other times as well but I never gave them any thought just a random slip-up but thinking back I remember the look on his face after every one."

"I know and nearly every time we would laugh, and they played on the fact that Tom would never say word about it."

"I've heard that a lesson you learn in prison."

"Yes but it's also a lesson you learn at the knee of Owen Paris."

Mournfully Kathryn nodded, "I hate to say this but I agree he was a hard man but I didn't know this hard and they think by hurting Tom they going to make Owen pay? Not Bloody likely."

"I'm gonna kill him when we get home."

"And I'll drive the getaway shuttle."

Nodding Chakotay stood up picking up his mug and Janeway's he walked over to the Replicator saying, "Two coffee's black and hot with a shot of Rum."

Once the order was in sight he picked them up saying, "I hope you don't mind?"

With a nod she accepted one of the mugs saying, "I know I need it." Taking a sip signing, "We have to him and find him fast."

Kiri strolled into one of the many empty quarters saying, "Lower the field."