Proof 10

Kiri strolled into the room seeing that Frank and Dalby were waiting for her along with the others who were in little groups talking,jerking her head for Frank to join her moving to the other side of the room waiting for him to join her.

Frank stopped talking to Ken once he spotted Kiri walk into the room like a thunder cloud, walking over to her, he asked her in low tones, so the others in the room couldn't over hear them, "What wrong?"

"Trouble, it's time to put the plan into motion."


"Yes, Now I know it's not on the time schedule we worked on but a Vulcan ship has joined us and you know what that means?" Kiri glanced over at Ken who had wandered over to Paris, who had be strapped down onto a table, with a gleam in her eye, she said, "I see that framing him for all of this is working?"

"Hell yeah, he's so hooked on killing Paris than we are."

"Well Owen gonna die but just not yet."

Glancing at her with a worried look she had been calling Tom, Owen a lot since they had started this, thinking back to when they worked out the plan to hurt the Paris family, like they hurt their family sure Frank didn't like his father but that didn't mean he wanted him dead and that blame laid squarely on the great Parises shoulders, they may as while have shot him with a phaser than letting him free to do what he did. What they didn't plan on was the fact that Owen Paris didn't give a flying fuck about his only son, Frank never told Kiri what he found out about Tom's life even if he had she wouldn't believe him so they carried on first was to frame Tom with an accident but that didn't work quite the way they planned Tom nearly died with the rest of his friends so they filed a false report in his name with got him booted out of Starfleet, Tom played into their hands with moping about, drinking doing drugs and whoring himself just to get a drink, then their plans went down the tubes again when Chakotay came on the scene taking him on as a pilot even though he didn't know which way was up, but with Seska's help he got in the same cell as them and then made sure that on his first mission he would be caught, which worked like a charm what he didn't know was that he was meant to be caught by  the Cardassian's not Starfleet but that had been Seska's plan not his, he kept in contact with his sister learning that she had got a posting on the new Ship and they were going to be hunting them down with the help of Paris, Janeway had got Tom out of prison just so he could help her.

Shaking his head he looked over at his sister saying, "So what the plan?"

Kiri smirked as she told him, "Let Dalby have some more fun with him and make sure that there is enough of his DNA on Paris and enough of Parises DNA on Dalby when that done beam everything to his quarters with a weak Field so they can find them but before that I'm gonna have some fun messing with his weak mind."

Shaking his head as he watched her stroll over to the body of Paris he had to admirer Paris no matter what was done to him he made no noise and never came, well he never got an erection which just made Kiri mad he wondered what she planned on doing now, sometime she scared even him.

Kiri straddled Tom's chest whacking Tom's face, "Wake up."

Rolling his head Tom groaned as he tried to move coming to as he felt a hand between his legs and a heavy weight sitting on his chest.

"Welcome back, I have some news to tell you." Leaning down so that she could whisper into his ear saying, "I know you have a thing for Chakotay, so I thought I'd share this with you, I slept with him and he is so hot I could just die."

"Don't let me stop you." Tom moaned, tensing up for the wallop he knew she would give him and she didn't let him down he watched as she pulled back her fist and socked him in the face without a grunt he asked, "Is that the best you can do?"

"Bastard." Taking another swing at him, she hissed at him, "I know you game Paris, and it's not gonna work, I know that you pushing my buttons, thinking if you push me enough, I'll kill you but Owen it's not gonna work not now but one day you will die and it will be by my hands but I need you alive for the next phrase of my plan." Hopping off him Kiri told him, "I'm better than you and I won't fail in this."

Tom shuttered he hid his feelings as best as he could but she scared the shit out of him, and telling him about sleeping with Chakotay freaked him out he hoped that she had been lying about it but he couldn't be sure of anything one thing he was sure on was that he was going to die without telling Chakotay how he felt about him.

Kiri stalked over to Frank and Ken saying, "Ken go and keep Paris company."

Rubbing his hand in glee he said, "With pleasure." Walking away from he missed the look that passed between Kiri and Frank.

"Once he done beam them and rest of the things over to his quarters." Kiri reminded him.

Nodding Frank watched as Dalby unzipped his pants and rammed home he wished that Tom would just scream and maybe Dalby wouldn't damage him more but for some reason he never screamed or made any noise Frank thought that was his way of fighting back he knew that Dalby liked pain and to hear people scream, Frank had witness Ken in motion before and it made him shiver he made the Cardassian's look like lambs compared to Ken.

Grunting as his pumped into Tom's ass saying, "Come on you little prick scream. You know you like this."

Closing his eyes so he could leave his body but when Dalby squeezed his cock he nearly gave Dalby his wish, biting his lips to keep the scream in, his eyes flew open as he felt something else other than Dalby's hand squeezing his cock.

Feeling the darkness pulling him in, as he headed towards gratefully, when a great surge of pain from his groin hit him, bringing him back, he heard Dalby hiss at him, "Oh no you don't I want you to feel every damn minute of this Paris."

Grunting Dalby told Tom as he shot his load into his ass, "That all you're good for prick." Slumping down on top of Tom with a groan.

Kiri nodded at Frank, watching as Frank headed over to Ken and Tom with a hypospray in his hand. Once there he place the hypo at Ken's neck pushing the button, with a hiss the drug flowed into his system, once they were sure that it was working, Kiri spoke up, "Ok beam them over and make sure that field falls after ten minutes."

Nodding Frank walked over to the table, when they had set up a mini transporter that worked on it's own power supply and hard to trace since it wasn't built into the ships systems.

Activating it Frank punched in the code and then beamed Ken and Paris into Dalby's quarters, Frank said, "It's set everyone out of here and make sure your alibi's are strong, they won't look to hard, they'll most likely settle for Ken but just in case make sure your stories are correct and keep to what we worked out keep low for a few weeks and once this has calmed down we'll get together again and put the rest of this plan into action."


"Yup Ok see you in a few then."

Kiri licked her lips saying, "Good work guys and wait till we get in contact with you." Once the room was empty, Kiri laughed, "What a bunch of fools, do they really think that once this is over they going to be free?"

Frank nodded, not saying a word he checked the room to make sure there was nothing left, they knew that Dalby would rat them out that was part of the plan not that Ken knew that that bit nor did the others, so they had to make sure there was nothing to point to them. Once he was sure that everything was packed away he said, "Ok it's clear time to go before the fireworks happen."

"Right let blow this joint." Kiri quickly scanned the room nodding then walked out with Frank right on her heels, "I better get back to work my break is well over, see ya later."

"Yeah dinner in the mess hall?"

Rolling her eyes, "Are you that brave?"

"Not ready but we can't risk using those rations yet."

"Hmm that sux's we have all those rations and we can't blow them on real food and not that crap Neelix calls food."

"It won't be for long once everything dies down we can slow use them."

Nodding Kiri walked off calling over her shoulder, "Seeya at Ninteen hundred then?"

"Yeah that sounds good catch ya later."

Parting ways Kiri headed to her station while Frank headed to his quarters to relax and try to get some sleep.