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Janeway raced down the halls of Voyager much to the shock of the crew she had passed in her haste, they knew that it wasn't a red alert, that was the only time they would see a senior crew member racing to reach their stations or any crew for that matter, wondering what was up as they headed to one source who would know, Neelix if anyone would know he would, they didn't know how he knew things, he just did.

Entering the bridge, Janeway asked, "What happened?"

Turning so he was facing her, Chakotay told her, "Tom was beamed off the ship with the help of Tuvok it seems, but Harry was able to traced the beam, Tom is still on the ship but where we have no idea he been hidden and it's harder to trace him because he's not wearing a combadge."

Kathryn nodded then said, "Chakotay take Tuvok to the brig and then go to the Mess hall and see what the crew know about this and issue an order to them as well, that I will not put up with this anymore, this is the end of Paris hunting, hunting season is over."

"Aye Captain, I will gladly." Chakotay hid his grin from her,while to most of the bridge crew saw him as calm and collect deep inside he felt like dancing a jig and howling with laugher.

Gripping Tuvok's arm, Chakotay walked over to the lift entering it, he called, " Brig." Resisting the urge to take a dig at Tuvok it was either that or punch his lights out but he didn't want to share a cell with him so he just settled for glaring at him.

Kathryn shook her head at Chakotay's glee as he led her what should she call him now? Friend still? No he ruined that by doing what he did, how did one cope with this? Needing sometime to herself and a nice hot cup of Java she walked over to Harry, "Harry, I'm going into my ready room for a bit, keep an eye out for me."

Looking over at his lover leaning down, so he could whisper without being over heard by the crew, "Are you alright?"

Patting his arm saying, "Fine just need some time to sort this crap out."

Talking louder, "Ensign the bridge is yours."

With a slight nod and in a louder voice, "Aye Captain."

Walking over to her ready room knowing that the bridge was in safe hands she entered.

Entering Neelix's domain the Mess Hall, Samantha Wildman strolled up to where Neelix was surrounded by crewmen pushing her way through the crowd that surrounded him calling over the rest of the voices in the room, "Neelix what is going on?"

Before he could reply, one of the crew piped up with excitement ringing in his tone, "It seems that Paris had help, he was beamed right out of the Brig right under Greg's nose. When they catch up with that jerk, I hope that Janeway will leave him on the next planet as she promised, life will sure calm down once that sucker gone."

Hearing others agree with Johnson, Sam glared at every crew members gathered around angrily saying, "What does Tom have to do, to prove that he a nice guy? For someone who doesn't what to go home, Tom sure has done his fair share of risking his life, can any of you say the same?" Pausing long enough to take in their looks ranging from shock to stun, "I didn't see any of you go back for the Talaxian convoyed when the Kazon took over the ship and left us on that planet nor did I see any of you going undercover to flush out the real traitor among us, nor did any of you help Naomi when she was lost in the Jefferies tubes. You thought it was funny when Kiri beamed him else where, when he asked to be beam out after having attack claustrophobia, you all know that he hates being in confine places but he put that fear aside to go after my daughter." again to take in their reactions with a slight smile she carried on, "Don't any of you think it's a bit weird that everything points towards him? No you all think that he's the lowest form of life. Do you really think that Tom would leave the evidence for Tuvok to find? But you're so quick to point the finger as soon as something goes wrong you forget all the things Tom has done for this ship and for every member on Voyager. Do any of you know what waiting for Tom when we get back home?"

At the chorus of 'No's' Sam told them, "Prison is what waiting for him, when we get home while the Marquis are to go free, Tom has to finish his time in prison."

"What! He's been pardoned along with the Marquis." One of the crew called out from the back of the crowd.

From behind them, Chakotay who had be quietly listening to Sam as she had a go at the crew gathered in the mess hall knowing that this would be spread to the others, told them, "No he hasn't, once we get home Chell, we get walk free and to be the heroes, while Tom goes back to that hell hole. If I hear of any of you taunting him over it, I'll throw you out the nearest air lock." Chakotay glared at all of them making sure he spent a little time on each face.

Sam piped up, "That goes for me as well, I'm proud to call Tom Paris my friend. If any of you say anything in front of him or Naomi you'll be out the first air lock I can find."

Chakotay told them, "I have a message from the captain as well so listen closely, Captain Janeway has ordered everyone who involved in making Tom's life hell is to stop and if she hears of anything more, you'll be put off the ship no questions asked. We all know of the little pranks you have been pulling on Tom, at first they may have been funny," Stopping as he noticed the grin gracing the faces of the crew standing before him then said, "No I take that back it wasn't funny, they were cruel and petty, they could have hurt him and they are to stop as of now, no more transporting him out of his quarters in the middle of the night to some out of the way place, making him late for shift or another favorite among you is to beam him elsewhere when he asks for a beam-out." Glaring at them turning he walked out of the mess hall leaving behind stunned crew members.

As he left he could hear the whispered conversation he knew that Neelix and Sam would tell him if anything of interest came up.

Tapping his combadge, "Ensign Hava, please see me in my office in five minutes."

"Aye Commander."

Glancing over at her friend with a scowl, Kiri Hava grimly told him, " I think the jigs up, warn the others."

Darting out of the transported room two, Frank Travis, strolled causally towards his quarters, not noticing that he was being followed.

Kiri Hava nodded to herself as she walked towards the Commander's office she was what you call a wall flower shy but that was just a mask. She had joined Starfleet for the excitement and meeting new races and to hide from her past, like the Captain and Paris she came from a fleet background but unlike them, her family never got any higher than Lieutenant, she had hope to break that cycle with a chuckle she muttered, "Like that gonna happen out here." She laid the blame for that right squarely at the Captain's feet if she hadn't blown the array to pieces, she could be at home climbing the ranks towards her goal, there were two people on Voyager she hated the most that was Janeway and Paris since she couldn't touch Janeway, she help the others fleet and Maquis to make Paris's life a living nightmare. That is till that blasted Vulcan got it in his head that he wanted Paris all to himself then everything changed they had to up the game change the rule and make sure that the Vulcan took the blame for everythin
g. With a snicker, Kiri thought, 'For a Vulcan he sure is a thunder head, he letting his lust for that jerk over rule his logic or better yet, he letting his dick rule over his head. He must be so desperate for a quick funk he had to use that whore, oh well better him than Chakotay there is no way in hell that whore was getting his hands on my man."

Before she knew it she was standing in front of Chakotay's office ringing the buzzer.

Reading Kiri file before she arrived for their little chat told him what he already knew about her what he wanted to know wasn't there or so he thought he looked deeper read in between the lines of her file what he read scared the living shit out of him, if they thought Lon Suder was unstable, she was totally off the scale, how she manage to get into let alone through Starfleet like she was a mystery. She had laid many reports against Tom and others male members of the crew, more so on Tom than others, it seem to be a misleading clue one of the members she laid a complain against was her friend Frank for making a pass at her, everyone else was of a higher rank than her. 

Chakotay compared her file against the one the ones the Captain had given him from Tuvok stock pile of reports he had hidden over the years it seemed that Tuvok had a second file on everyone on board he had buried a lot of complains that had come from Tom and Harry about attacks on Tom. Tuvok could have ended all this grief before it started.

Reading Tuvok's private logs shocked him to the core, Tuvok had calmly planned his rape of Tom, recording in the details of how he would do it, when it would happen, right down to the last tiny detail. His use of logic escaped him.

Jumping when his buzzer sounded placing his hand over his heart, taking deep breathes to calm himself and to give him a few nanosecond to think of how to handle his talk to Hava.

Making sure he was calm before calling out, "Enter."

Harry frowned at his console hurry over to Tactical to confirm his readings.

Kathryn watched him as he raced between stations cursing Tuvok for letting them get unman they had to find a replacement for him and fill the gap of Chief Security officer that was the easy one Greg Ayala would fill that spot but Tactical was harder to fill unable to stand it any more she asked, "Harry want is it?"

Looking over at her with disbelief written over his face as he said, "We have a Vulcan ship hailing us, it only has two life signs."

Sitting up straighter she had a look of relief as if she wasn't surprised at the news, "Open a channel Harry."

Waiting for Harry to open the channel she stood straightening her uniform jacket at Harry nod she smiled for the first time since Tom's disappearance saying, "T'Pel it took you long enough."

With a smile T'Pel said, "It's good to see you as well Kathy, of cause you know why I'm here."

With a nod, "I wished it didn't have to come to this but I see the Vulcan Council wishes to handle this without Starfleet knowing?"

"Yes as you know that since I'm his mate. . ." Stopping as she looked over her shoulder at the other person before saying, "Correction ex-mate, it's up to me to do this. Tuvok broke rules by taking that young man, it's lucky that Starfleet doesn't know about what he did you know what they would do to him for this act."

Kathryn nodding remembering what happened to a young Vulcan who had entered Pon Farr while on Earth he had taken a human woman, he had be sentenced to life in prison, like any other person that was the sentence for that crime , the young man had taken his life after two weeks in prison.

"I see that you remember Kathy." 

"I do," With a slight smile Kathryn said, "T'Pel tell your friend that he can land that ship in the shuttle bay ."

T'Pel nodded saying, "Kathy you know that we have come to join you? We're not here to help you get home any quicker, this was a one way trip for Quiv and myself."

Hiding her disappointment, Kathryn nodded while saying, "I had hoped that Vulcan would help us, but I understand though I hate the idea that we're still stuck out here."

"Kathy, I tried to get them to send more but what I have on board is all they would let me bring."

"I know you did and to leave your children was a sacrifice."

T'Pel nodded saying, "My children understand the need to come here, I have to replace their father, take on his honor so it doesn't shame the rest of the family. It's logical."

B'Elanna tapped her badge, "Torres to Kim,"

"Go ahead."

"I followed Travis, he making a coded message as we speak, try and intercept it and add that tracer we worked on into it."

"Why Travis?"

"I overheard Hava tell him that the jig was up and to the warn the others."

"OK he just opened transmissions now and he sent it ok tracing it mmm ok Caught it adding it into the message resend it covering the tracks, done."

"Harry I didn't need a blow by blow."

"Sorry just talking to myself."

"Talk any louder and Earth just may hear you,"

Harry couldn't resist teasing her saying, "Oh how about Vulcan?"

Rolling her eyes B'Elanna snorted, "Bit late Starfleet I know all about the Vulcan ship."