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Tom had cried himself to sleep by the time Harry had finish telling his tale, Kathryn looked down at him stroking his hair she looked up at Chakotay with concern sighing, "How do we handle this with letting Tuvok know that we're on to him?"

Chewing on his lip Chakotay said, "When I get my hands on him he dead."

Nodding Kathryn knew that her first officer would keep that threat and go through with it, but how would she deal with Tuvok till then?

Harry grimly said, "You're have to wait in line, Commander I'm first. Chain of command can go to hell. I've kill him."

Chakotay and Janeway heads shot up looking at him in shock it was rare for Harry to lose his temper they figured B'Elanna would make rash statements not Harry.

Looking down at his best friend he quietly said, "I have to make it up to Tom, and if killing Tuvok does that then I'll do it."

Tom stirred from his slumber feeling his head on something soft he slowly turned to see what it was opening his eyes he found his captain leaning against the bed to support her back and his head in her lap, hearing Harry last words he quietly said, "No Harry."

None of them knew that Tom had woke up till he spoke, struggling to sit up Tom looked Harry in the eyes saying, "You'll not kill him."

Chakotay said, "Then that leaves it to me."

Turning so he was facing his commander he said, "Wrong, you won't either no one kills him."

Kathryn nodded and asked, "Can you stay here for a while longer?"

Tom said, "Not really," Looking at her then at Chakotay he said, "But I will."

Janeway gave him a quick hug and said, "I know that this is hard on you Tom and I know that things will be rough but remember that you have people backing you up."

From the doorway B'Elanna wiped her face before stepping into the cell saying, "Well if Harry nor Chakotay can kill him then I'm doing it."

Tom head shot up at the sound of her voice since they broke up they hadn't been talking, B'Elanna found someone new someone who could handle her temper Jackson was a friend of Gerron Tem and was a backup pilot.

Tom shook his head saying, "I don't think so B'Ela if anyone I think it should be me but I'm not either I don't want his blood on my hands."

After leaving Tom in the brig Chakotay headed to the bridge the Captain and he decided that till everyone was caught that one of them was off duty so they could keep an eye on thing and find the real culprit, they also decided not to let anyone but the five into the plan.

During his duty time Chakotay found it weird staring at Jackson's head instead of Tom's golden hair.

Trying not to glare at Tuvok as he walked over to his duty station Harry nodded at his relief to take a break.

Helen Falk glanced over at Smity who nodded at her as she left to take her break she could feel the tension in the air and knew that they had to tread carefully.

Harry tapped at his console trying to focus when he noticed a glitch in console in the brig, glancing over at Tuvok to see if he noticed it.

Tom paced his cell he couldn't relax he knew that something was going to happen and it was going to happen soon.

The last thing Tom heard was forcefield drop and the whine of Tranporters feeling the familiar tingle of the tranporter Tom disappeared into thin air.

On the bridge Tuvok said, "Commander Tom Paris has disappeared off Voyager."

Chakotay jumped out of his chair looking at him asking, "How?"

With what could be passed as a Vulcan shrug, "I do not know Commander."


Looking at Tuvok before saying, "Commander I think Tuvok knows."

Chakotay called out, "Captain to the bridge."