Proof 6/?

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This is for the gang you know who you are.

Tom looked at him and stuttered, "Wwwwhhoo was I with?"

Chakotay looked over at Kathryn and with a nod he said, "You were with Neelix, he came forward and told us that the night of the thief you were with him."

Tom groaned, "Shit."

Tom muttered, "Double fuck, listen please you know that I was lying but I did have a reason."

Sitting up Tom wrapped his arms around his legs his head sinking to his knees, it shot up straight away when he remembered, "OH GOD."

Chakotay asked, "What?"

Staring at them wide eyed he said, "Harry, they gonna hurt Harry."

Kathryn nodded she knew that Tom had been threaten and going through Harry would get to Tom.

Kathryn said, "Shhh, it's alright Harry will be OK."

Rocking back and forward and over and over, "They can't hurt Harry, Please help Harry."

Kathryn barked, "Get the damn field down."

Once it was down Chakotay and Kathryn slid over to him cradling his head in her lap she noticed that Harry was standing at the door, She beckoned him over.

Harry walked over like a zombie in shock he knelt down beside Tom.

Chakotay glanced over at Harry and said, "They threaten him by using you Harry and even after you ditched him Tom still tried to tell us that he did it but he didn't."

Harry looked up at them and mutted, "I should have believed him but things have been weird since he told me something it put a stain on our friendship, deep down I believed him but I was stunned."

Kathryn nodded and said, "Everything pointed to him and everyone wanted to think the worse of Tom but you're his friend and he will forgive you."

Harry nodded he knew that Tom would.

Chakotay looked down at Tom and said, "Poocuh?"

Tom turned his head to look at him.

Chakotay smiled down at him and said, "We will help to get the real theft but you have to hold on keep people thinking that you did it the real people will make a mistake."

Tom nodded his head and said, "It's one person with others backing him."

Kathryn nodded and she looked at him with a smile and said, "And Tuvok will get his ass kick."

Tom shook his head, "Can I watch?"

They all laughed they saw that Tom was bouncing back to them.

Tom said, "Tuvok not in on it, but they are using his anger at me to get him to do what he doing."

Frowning Chakotay asked, "Why is he mad at you?"

Tom smiled at him and replied, "Because I turned him down."

Kathryn laughed and asked, "Tuvok asked you out?"

Shaking his head with a smile, "Yeah, but that not all."

Harry exclaimed, "That fucker."

Everyone turned to him as he explained, "He fucking dead...."

"Harry no."

Harry said, "Yes, I'm sorry Tom but that fucker needs to pay for what he did to you."

Kathryn looked between the two men she wasn't sure she wanted to hear this but she knew that she had to know so she asked, "What did he do?"

Before Harry could say anything Tom cut in, "God Harry it's over and done with let me forget it."

Harry looked at him shaking his head, "Not this time Tom it's time for Tuvok to pay for his crimes."

Harry took a deep breath and he looked straight at Janeway saying, "Captain I'd like to report a rape."

Kathryn asked, "When did this rape happen?"

Harry looked at her and asked, "Do you remember when we got supplies from the last planet?"

Kathryn nodded she remember that one it was when there was no Leola root to be found she remembered that everyone was happy at that one.

Harry smiled at that memory as well then he remembered finding Tom.

Harry frown but carried on telling them what he knew, "Remember that Tom disappeared for a while?"

Chakotay nodded. Harry said, "I found him he had been beaten and raped. I reported it to Tuvok. It wasn't till later that it clicked that he didn't file it, it was as if it didn't happen. That night Tom had called me to see if I'd play pool with him but I was still on duty at the time but told him that I'd met him later. When I finished I headed to his quarters it was late but I knew that Tom would still be up. I entered his quarters to find him asleep, it looked like he was in a nightmare thrashing and t
hat was when I heard Tom say 'No more please Tuvok stop'" Chakotay looked down at Tom and noticed that he was crying not a noise tears slid down his face.

Shaking his head he mutted, "No I deserve it I shouldn't have turned him down."

Kathryn was mad and asked, "Harry why didn't you report this to me."

Closing his eyes he replied, "This happened yesterday captain. I only figured everything out yesterday and Tom was put into the brig."

Chakotay frowned and said, "Well timed if you ask me."

"Very much so." Kathryn agreed "Lets keep this to ourselves for the time being and believe me when it all comes out Tuvok gotta get his ass kick and I think I'll do as he suggested?"

Harry asked, "What did he suggest?"

Kathryn looked over at him and replied, "It was his idea to put Tom off now I know why. I was wondering why he would say that he never did with the others now I know."

Harry shook his head, "To cover his tracks, I don't think he behind the theft but it's come at the right time for him."

Kathryn agreed with Harry it was to much of a coincident to be a off chance this was planned and Tuvok was using it to get rid of Tom so that his crime didn't come out into the open.