Proof 5/?

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Tom woke up with a stiff neck and his head pounding he didn't get alot of sleep he never did whenever he was thrown into the Brig.

Standing in the shadows a person watched as Paris woke and staying in the shadow he whispered, "Damn you Paris, you are to say that you took the credits, if you don't I'll kill Harry. Do you hear me you gutless wonder grow a backbone and no one will get hurt."

Tom tried to see who was talking he spoke up, "If anyone needs to grow a backbone is you. Why are you framing me?"

Tom heard laughing then nothing.

Not a footstep not even the door shutting.

Lying back on the ground, Tom knew that he would say that he did it so that Harry wouldn't get hurt because of him.

Neelix entered the brig with Tom's breakfast nodding to the guard to let him in, Neelix shook his head at the sight of his friend state, placing the tray next to Tom he turned to leave he knew the rules no talking to the prisoners.

Tom lifted his head and said, "Neelix? I know you not allow to talk to me, But please listen to me tell the Captain I wish to see her."

Neelix nodded so that Tom knew that he would pass his message on to Janeway.

Tom let his head drop he didn't even look at the tray signing deeply he heard Neelix go and waited for the Captain to come and see him.

"Computer location of Captain Janeway." Neelix stopped walking long enough for the computer to tell him where she was. "Captain Janeway is in her quarters."

Neelix headed straight for her quarters tapping his chest he said, "Neelix to Captain Janeway." "Janeway here, What can I do for you Neelix?" "Captain I need to see you could you wait in your quarter for me?" He could hear her saying something to someone else. "OK, Chakotay."

Neelix quickly said, "I think Commander Chakotay might like to hear what I have to tell you Captain." "OK Neelix how far are you?" "At the lifts." "OK we'll wait for you here."

Kathryn signed looking over at Chakotay she rolled her eyes and said, "That all we need Neelix know that you were in my quarters that will add more gossip to everything."

Chakotay smiled and replied, "Neelix knows that nothing happened here."

Janeway frown as she asked, "You sound sure of that Commander."

Chakotay smiled at her and replied, "That because he know that I like men."

Janeway mouth dropped open and asked, "And pray tell how did he found out about that?"

Chakotay laughed and said, "I told him, he asked me why I never chased the females on broad Voyager and I told him, I think I knocked the socks off him but he never said another word about us two and if he hears anything he tries to put a stop to it."

"Wow he surprises all the time that man."

"Yes and he knows how I feel about Tom he picked that up straight after I told him."

Neelix pressed the buzzer at the Captain door he heard her call out enter and when the doors slid open he walked in saying, "I just took Tom his food and I think he going to do something dumb."

Kathryn looked over at him asking, "What do you mean?"

Neelix took in a deep breath before saying, "He had asked for you to go and see him I know that in it selves means nothing, but the way he said it and the look in his eyes told me, that he going to tell you that he did the crime."

Kathryn threw a look over at Chakotay and then asked Neelix, "What do you know about this Neelix?"

Neelix looked over to Chakotay and Janeway and said, "I know that he been accused of stealing and that everything points to him but I also know that Tom didn't do it. I also know that Mister Vulcan is letting it fall into Tom's lap he overlooked some real evidence."

Chakotay asked, "And what is that Neelix?"

Neelix looked over at him and said, "That at the time it happened Tom was with someone."

Chakotay felt his heart drop to his feet he had to know who Tom was seeing, "Who was he with Neelix?"

Neelix smiled at his friend and knew what Chakotay was thinking so he eased the Commander by saying, "He was with me."

Chakotay smiled and asked, " Did you tell Tuvok this?"

Neelix shook his head "Tuvok never came to me, I even tried telling him after Tom was put into the brig but he wouldn't see me."

Kathryn couldn't believe what she was hearing about her very old friend but she knew that he had change over the last couple of weeks.

Kathryn said, "OK I'll go and see what Tom has to say, Commander come with me."

Chakotay nodded then followed her out the door, Neelix watched them head towards the turbo lifts.

Neelix turned and headed back to the messhall hoping that they get his friend out of that place before Tom goes mad.

Chakotay and Kathryn entered the brig, what they saw there shocked them to the core, Tom had only been there for a day and a night and he looked like he had been there for years.

Stepping closer Janeway was angry at the people who put Tom into this place he was getting his life together and they go and do this to him.

Kneeling she said, "Tom you asked to see me?"

Dejectedly Tom opened his bleary blue eyes trying to raise his head but failed he whispered, "Yeah I did. I have something to tell you."

Kathryn looked over to Chakotay who was crouched down beside her.

That was when Tom noticed that she wasn't alone moving his head slightly he met the warm brown eyes of the man he loved.

Signing he said, "Oh Hello I didn't know that you were here as well oh well you were bound to find out anyhow."

Chakotay asked, "Find out what Tom?"

Tom glanced over at him before saying, "That I stole those credits, That I lied to the Captain and Tuvok and that I'm a fuckup."

Chakotay felt as if his heart was breaking, and asked, "So now you saying that you did it after telling everyone you didn't do it. Who threated you Paris?"

Tom was shocked he replied, "No one I change my mind I wouldn't have mattered if I did I am still being put off the ship anyhow no use going into anymore."

Kathryn said, "Tom?" she waited for Tom to look at her, but when he didn't she said, "Tom look at me in the eye and tell that to me again ."

Tom looked over at his savior and looked into her eyes and said, "I did it."

Kathryn smiled and replied, "I don't believe you Tom."


"I don't believe you, You're covering for someone."

Tom shook his head, "No, I'm not."

Chakotay replied, "You are and we know that you didn't do it."

Tom turned his head but the pain in his head hurt to much with painful eyes he hissed, "And how the fuck do you know Commander?"

Chakotay smiled he knew he was getting through to his beloved, "I know that when it happened you were with someone."

Tom stared at him with his mouth wide opened