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Tom laid on the floor stunned by the going on in the last day, Neelix had come by with his food it still sat where he has placed it untouched.

B'Elanna entered the messhall scanning the room she noticed that Harry was sitting by himself she picked up a tray and looked over the offerings for the day and picked up some green muck and that damn leola root stew she knew who that was for.

Walking over to Harry she over heard Sue Nicoleti and the Delaney twins who were sitting with Ayala and Ken Dalby and Gerron, Sue was saying, "I don't believe this how could he after all these years I thought he had change."

B'Elanna agreed with her and she heard Ken say, "You know what thought thought."

"Yeah we were wrong we shouldn't have eased up on him he fooled us into thinking he had changed."

B'Elanna agreed that what hurt her was that Tom used her friendship to get the others.

Harry looked up when she sat down and said, "I saw him."

B'Elanna perked up and asked, "What happened?"

"The prick had the guts to say that he didn't do it that he was framed."

"P'luc the fool he thinks that he can get away with it he better think again."

"Yeah the fool being put of the ship I heard that from one of Tuvok men."

The others heard that and Megan called out, "That great but what are they doing in the mean time?"

Harry looked over at them and replied coldly, "I don't give a damn what they do to him."

Jenny smiled over at him and asked, "How much did he take from you?"

Harry looked over at them before saying, "Do you think I'd be eatting this crap it I had any credits?"

"Yeah me too, everything wiped clean he took everything."

Tom woke up screaming the guard just walked passed not checking to see if Tom was Ok.

Tom huddled into a ball as he relived his worse nightmare since being out here D/Q being left behind with on way of getting home they wouldn't waste a shuttle for him they would leave him some food he hoped.

The worse thing about this was that he would never see Chakotay again and never hear his voice or see his eyes light up when he was happy he would miss that more than anything maybe even more than Harry, God Harry how was he gonna live without his best friend that hurt as well, he didn't give a shit about the others, but Harry was there from the beginning and now Harry wasn't there he didn't believe that he didn't do it.

Tom had found out that all his close friends had been wiped out, everything had been taken.

Tom didn't have many friends to wipe out didn't the understand that if he had done it, it wouldn't have been his friends accounts wipe out it would have been the others like Ken and them, not Harry or the Captain or even B'Elanna and most definitively not Chakotay he wouldn't have touch their cedits for anything in the world.

B'Elanna finished eatting and saw Chakotay enter the mess hall waving him over she asked, "So is it true?"