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This is for the gang you know who you are. Thanks to Mort for Betaing this for me.

Chakotay saw Kathryn as she came back from the brig and he knew that she had seen Tom.

Janeway saw Chakotay and said, "Commander, in my readyroom, now. Harry, you have the Bridge till Tuvok comes back."

"Yes ma'am"

Chakotay stood up from his chair and followed his Captain to her ready room.

Kathryn walked over to the replicator and barked, "Coffee."

Chakotay waited till Kathryn had her coffee before asking, "What happened?"

Kathryn frowned at her first officer and replied, "He denies it."

Chakotay smiled at that and said, "And what is being done about it?"

Janeway looked out the starport window and said, "I'm putting him off the ship."

Chakotay blew up, "You can't be serious?"

Turning she replied, "Yes, I am. The next Planet that is suitable for human life, Tom is being left there."

Chakotay looked at her in shock and said, "You know I'm going to fight you over this?"

Smiling she nodded "Yes, I know, and I hoped that you would."

Stunned Chakotay asked, "You want me to?"

"Yes, Chakotay, I want you to find the real person who did this, but do it quickly and quietly. I know that Tom didn't do this and for some reason Tuvok won't look into it."

Nodding he asked, "Whose idea was it to put Tom off?"

Kathryn a sip of her coffee before saying, "Tuvok's."

Chakotay told her, "You know that he's on my top ten list of people?"

"Yes I know." Kathryn replied "And if he's behind this conspiracy, I want to know why."

Chakotay nodded and said, "So do I."

Janeway looked up at that and asked, "Why are you so interested in all this? I didn't think you and Tom were friends."

Chakotay decided he couldn't tell her that he wanted Tom in his bed or in his arms, that it ached to think of Tom being in the Brig, that Tom didn't belong there but in his arms and his bed.

Kathryn watched her first Officer think of a reason why this was important to him and smiled. She waited for him to get his thoughts together before saying, "You love him, don't you?"

Chakotay head shot up and his mouth dropped open as he stuttered, "Wwwwhhhhhyyyyy ddoo you askkk that?"

Kathryn smiled at him and said, "It's written all over your face."

Chakotay nodded, "Yes I do, but that not the only reason."

Kathryn looked at him and asked, "And pray tell, what's the other reason?"

Chakotay looked her in the eye and said, "Since we've been in the Delta Quadrant, have you noticed that Tom has changed from when we were home?"

Kathryn nodded Chakotay carried on, "Tom wouldn't do that. Not now, not after everything he's gone through with the Marquis and Fleet. You know what he went through with them. I know there are a small few that would stoop this low on both sides. There are some still who hate Tom even now."

Kathryn was shocked. She had thought that it was all over and she asked, "You mean to say that Tom still puts up with that shit?"

Chakotay nodded, "Yes he does and he doesn't report it either, they ransack his quarters once a week. Have you ever been to his quarters?"

Shaking her head, "No, I haven't"

Chakotay replied, "I have. He has nothing. I remember he didn't have much to begin with, but what he did have has been destroyed."

Kathryn had to ask, "What about the photo of his mother? It was in a beautiful frame, gold I think."

Chakotay said, "It was the first thing to go, they ripped up the photo and smashed the framed to bits. They made Tom watch as they did it."

Kathryn was shocked then cursed, "There no report on this and how come you knew about this and I don't?"

"Looks like you been left out of the loop. The only reason I know is I overheard it one day and I did report it."

"MMM I think it's time to have a look and see what the hell going on here. Chakotay I want you to go into everything and if Tuvok says anything send him to me."

Chakotay smiled and replied, "With pleasure Captain."

Kathryn asked, "You've never forgiven Tuvok for betraying you have you? Or me for that matter."

Chakotay looked over at her and said, "I forgave you along time ago and count you as a friend. Tuvok no I don't think I'll ever forgive him for what he did, I know he did it in the line of duty but you're right I've never got over what he did."

Kathryn smiled and said, "I'm glad that I'm not in the dog house with you anymore."

Chakotay smiled and said, "Not anymore captain now I'll get on with this mission on freeing Tom." Chakotay turn to leave and then shot over his shoulder, "There are no M class Planets too close is there?"

"No." Replied Janeway.

"Phew, that great to know."