Proof 2/?
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Tom sat back on the cot, sinking down and holding his head. He couldn't believe that of all people, Harry didn't believe him. Out of everyone he always thought that Harry would be there for him.

Tom didn't hear the door open or the footsteps till they stopped at the opening of his cell.

Looking up he saw that the Captain and Tuvok were standing there. Quickly he stood up and snapped to attention. Risking a quick look at the Captain, he saw disappointment in her eyes.

Janeway looked at Tom and asked, "Lt. Paris, what do you have to say to these charges?"

Tom looked over at her and said, "I'm innocent, Captain."

Kathryn quickly glanced at Tuvok before saying, "I wish I could believe you, Tom, but the evidence all points to you.."

She watched Tom as he took that news in and she waited for him to admit that he did it.

Tom knew that if he didn't ask, he would never know. "What evidence is that, Captain?"

Tuvok stepped in and said, "The credits were found in your account, Lieutenant."

Looking over at the Vulcan, Tom replied, "If that's all the evidence you have got then you have diddly squat, Tuvok. Anyone could have put them in my account if they knew my codes."

Tuvok's eye brows climbed into his hairline as he replied, "I suppose 'diddly squat' as you say, is also that you used your computer console in your quarters to steal them."

Tom replied, "Fuckadoodledo and that means I did it, right?"

Janeway stepped in, "That's enough, Tom. Admit that you did it and it will go easier on you."

Tom just stared down at her and said, "Sorry Captain, I can't. I can't say I did it if I didn't commit the crime. Tuvok go and bark up another tree, you have the wrong damn person."

Tuvok replied, "The case is closed. You did it and you will do your time."

Tom glared at Tuvok and calmly replied, "Go fuck yourself, Tuvok and ram that so called evidence up your ass."

Kathryn said, "That's enough, Paris."

Tom turned to her and said, "Sorry Captain, but no, it's not enough. Tuvok stopped right at me. As soon as he saw all the so called evidence he stopped. Did he check for tampering?"

Tuvok just looked at him and said, "You know I did."

"Do I? I don't think so. I knew nothing of this until today. Captain, I want this case reopened and someone else in change of it." Tom looked over at her as she paced then she shook her head, "Sorry Tom, Tuvok's right. This case was handled correctly and you are found guilty of stealing."

Tom muttered, "No, this isn't right."

Kathryn looked at her helm officer and said, "Lt. Thomas Paris, I hereby find you guilty of stealing from others."

Tom just looked at her. Shaking his head, with tears falling, he stopped her, "No, not again."

Tuvok stood there and watched. He knew that Tom was going to cause a lot of trouble. That was why he had asked the Captain to put Tom off on the next M class planet they came across.

Kathryn said, "I didn't do this to the others, but Tom, the next M Class planet we come across.........."


Kathryn continued as though Tom never said a word, "We are leaving you there."

Kathryn heart broke at that. She didn't want it to come to that but Tuvok was right. They couldn't afford the man power to keep Tom in line if they put him to work. It was best all round but why did it break her heart to have to do that to Tom?

Kathryn walked out without another word, blocking her ears to the screaming that was her helmsman.

Tuvok watched as Tom threw himself at the forcefield, shaking his head as he walked away.

Tom slipped down , howling and swearing in every language he knew and making some up along the way.