Proof 12

Following the two men as they lead the way to the brig Quiv calmed his mind of all thoughts as he got ready to go into battle with Tuvok.

T'Pel walked beside him blocking her thoughts from him not wanting to ruin this for the crew of Voyager they need to know what was really going on.

Entering the brig T'Pel strolled over to Janeway and someone she guessed to be Chakotay saying, "We are here."

Tuvok moved closer to the field with a unVulcan steer across his face as he cursed, "So they think they can scare into telling them, well screw them."

Glaring T'Pel moved closer saying, "We will get what we want from you and you know that." T'Pel tried to see into the cell to find the man they called Dalby once she saw him she nodded saying, "He has to be removed from the cell or Tuvok will keep him unconscious using the Pinch which will do long term damage if he keeps using it."

Janeway waved one of the guards over saying, "Chakotay move him to another cell, everyone else keep weapons arms till the force field is back on line."

Ayala lowered the shield long enough for Chakotay to step in and drag Dalby out of the cell before reactivating the force field.

Tuvok glared that the commander hissing, "I'm glad I got to Paris before you did he's a good fuck and I know Dalby will agree since he had that whore many times, he damaged goods now."

Chakotay tried not to react to the taunts thrown his way failing Chakotay started to move forward when he felt a hand on his arm looking down he saw T'Pel with compassion and understanding in her eyes saying, "He not worth it, he hoping that by getting you riled up you'd kill him instead of who is meant to, as it is stated it Vulcan Lore, he is using your feeling for Tom against you."

Chakotay felt calming of her voice wash over him till he felt calm and refresh nodding his thanks he stepped into the shadows where he felt a bit safer from Tuvok rage.


Quiv during that time had moved into the cell with Dalby without a word he heard a bellow of rage coming from somewhere but chose to get what information he could for the Captain from the barely conscious man at his feet.

Feeling the presents of another in the cell with him Dalby moaned, "Just fuck off Tuvok."

"I'm not Tuvok, I'm Quiv of Vulcan."

"Well what ever you're selling ainít buying."

"We shall see shall we?" Kneeling beside him he placed his fingers into position reciting, "My mind to your mind."

Struggling Ken tried to fight the Vulcan from entering his mine, once he felt the calming present in his mind he fought Quiv every step of the way, throwing images at the Vulcan the horrors of witness his intended death at the hands of the Cardassian's, throwing the attacks while in the Marquis while trying to lock down what Quiv was after, but as he started to lose the battle, Quiv launched his attacked once he felt Dalby had weaken, seeking and finding what he was searching for including some things they didn't know about.

Drawing out slowly so none of Dalby mind remained inside his mind or that none of his remained in Dalby's  checking to see if the slight bond that formed during a long session was severe, once he was sure that everything was in order he shut the link down removing his fingers from the exhausted  human trying to focus on something other than his disgust at the man at his feet what he learnt from him made his head reel and his stomach heave.

 Racing out of the cell as felt his stomach heave upwards bumping into the wall opposite the cell taking in great big lung filled of air hoping to calm his reeling emotions.


"Damnit it's falling apart Josh just informed me that they went ahead with the meld before Tuvok could implant the information."

"Fuck you have to tell her."

"Me why don't you?" Whined the man.

"Because I don't have a death wish shit head." Delivering a smack about his partner's head.

"Fuck Neal that hurt."

Neal glared as he coolly replied, "It was meant to and it's a taste of what to come if you disobey me again."

"Alright , alright no need to split hairs."

Growling, "I'd do more than split hairs Carl."

Carl shrunk  back in fear as he tried to say, "Sorry for. . . .  ."

Neal growled between clenched teeth "Just do it," Balling his fists as he watch with a smirk as Carl slunk away thinking, 'Mmm might need to take him into hand if this blows up in our face, just needs a little training and he could replace Paris. I love them with a bit of smart mouth attitude. Have to handle him carefully though he skittish, had no training, unlike Paris but prison had a habit of breaking you if you're on the bottom of the heap, damn but Carl a born bottom.'


Chakotay decided that he was of no use in the brig since the Captain and her friends had everything in hand deciding that he'd be of use in sickbay. Entering sickbay moved over to where Sam was reading out the reading to the Doctor, "Heart rate steady, pulse even out."

"Good, good another two surgery will repair the rest then some physical therapy to regain muscles mass leave the IV in over night he needs to built up his fluids, Oh hello Commander have they made any head way in did this?"

Chakotay rubbed his thumb over Tom's limp hand that was lying on to of the blanket before nodded trying to hide his tears at the sight of his beloved lying near death door.

Sam rubbed his back as she walked over to the Doc Chakotay looked up and saw compassion in her eyes and something close to it in the Doctor's.

Looking down at the pale limp body of Tom Paris asking, "Will he make it?"

Gently the Doctor explained, "I've heal all I can more surgery is schedule to fix the rest over the coming weeks but with the brain injuries I'm not sure of the out come I need to see how he is when he wakes up."

Looking up teary eyed Chakotay shook his head asking, "Why now? If they had just waited I would have approached him that day he was accused,"

Sam hurried back over to him drawing him into her arms and leading him over to the Doctor's office, holding him while he let his grief flow out.

The Doctor ordered a lock down on sickbay offering what privacy he could for the griefing man.

Chakotay slowly pushed Sam away while saying, "Sorry about that I didn't mean to sob all over you."

Sam waved the Doctor in who had armed himself with tissuse and water along with a hypospray if it was needed.

"Feeling better Commander?"

Nodded as he wiped his eyes of the remain tears saying, "Thanks Sam."

With a smile as she wiped her own eyes saying, "You needed to release it or you might have blown while on the bridge with all the bridge crew witnessing your melt down."

Nodding his agreement as he took a sip of water to ease his dry thoat, without warning Chakotay stood up and headed back out and pulled up a chair claiming one of Tom's hands he begun talking to him.

Sam watch them worry lines marring her brow, feeling the the Doctor patting her shoulder as he explained, "He needs to be there, he loves Tom and feels that if he there Tom will come back to him."

Turning her worried gaze to the Doctor asking, "Will it be enough?"

Staring out at the two men he replied, "I really hope so."