Proof 13

With a moan Tom stared about him trying to remember where he was, everything was green under his bare feet felt the cool grass as he slowly turned taking in the sights, turning his face towards the heat shielding his eyes as he looked up at the blue sky, wondering just where he was the last thing he remembered was rolling Dalby limp body off his, looking down at himself he noticed that he was wearing clothes, frowning as he knew that they had kept him naked, not sure what to do he sunk down to the ground raising his knees till his chin rested on them, wrapping his arms about his leg staring into space.

Chakotay watched the still figure wishing and praying that it would stir and wake up so he could look into the blue orbs of the own, it's been two week since they rescued Tom and he hasn't shown any signs of reviving the Doctor was worried since there was nothing to explain why Tom didn't wake up everything was as healed as it could be, but still he didn't wake, T'Pel offered to do a meld with him but so far between the Doctor and him they were able to hold her offer off, they had explained that to her what happened the last Tom was at the other end of a meld and they didn't wish to force that upon Tom unless there were no other option for them to use.

She nodding her understanding and left them to join Quiv.
Lightly rubbing his thumb over the top of Tom hand he was holding, talking quietly to him, keeping him up to date with all the gossip and all the dull ship business that was needed to get the grand lady running, "B'Elanna wants you back at the helm, she told me that without you there she had to do more repair than necessary."

Hearing a slight noise Chakotay looked about till he saw Harry and B'Elanna standing by the Doctor's office talking in low tones that he couldn't hear unless he moved which he hadn't done unless forced to rest and then he would move to the bed next to Tom's next to his bed was his bag that had change of gear and his everyday toiletries, much to the Doctors disgust Chakotay had moved into Sickbay to stay till Tom was released he did most of his work in sickbay, alternating with the Doctor for the use of his office and console, he was thankful that everyone was understanding, well apart from Kiri who had been released from the brig but kept under close watch till Tom could press changers again her, which he thought was weird but during the Meld with Ken Quiv didn't get much on her and Frank it seemed that they made the others do their thing and then when they were alone no witnesses knew what they did during their time alone with the pilot but everyone knew but till Tom was able to confirm and press chargers against them, till that day they were both watched carefully by every member of the crew their distrust shown clearly everytime they around.

"How much longer?"

"It's worked he still locked up, his memory is gone."

"Frank I have no idea how you did it but good work, now we just wait then I'll make my move on Chakotay."

Glancing over at his sister with a frown it was start to worry him how she was obsessing over the Commander, just like their father had done over the Paris family, he wondered if he had inherited that gene their father had.

Frank listened as she raged at the injustice of being kept away from her lover. His frown deepen as he knew that she didn't stand a change with the Commander, he knew that the man desired men more than woman, he had learnt that during his time in the Marquis cell Greg Ayala had mentioned that face during one of their bullshit sessions which had got Frank interested since he liked men but had soon learnt during the same session that he had a certain type he liked and Frank wasn't that type not at all, but Paris was, Tall, blond, slender, blue eyed and could top or bottom, which Frank didn't do, he was a topper all the way, no one touched his ass with anything bigger than a tongue or a couple of fingers. He was never going to let that happen to him ever again.

Kathryn looked over worriedly asking, "Is he eating?"
"Yes Captain he's eating sleeping and working he just refuses to leave sickbay and I'm worried."

"You and me both, but since he taking care of himself he stays."
"Captain I run a sickbay not a hotel."

Kathryn snapped, "I don't care, Doctor I'll make it an order if you so wish it, as long as Commander Chakotay looks after himself he stays, till Tom wakes, I don't want to hear any more on this subject, but if Tom doesn't wake within another month I'll make Chakotay go back to his quarters and back on duty but till then, just let him stay, you never know what he doing just might bring Tom back." 

"Understood, another month of having a roommate."

"I know that this is hard but remember it's hard on Chakotay as well, he's finally admitted to himself that he cares for him and I know that Tom loves him, and that just might be enough to bring Tom back, his love for Chakotay is strong I've seen it in his eyes."

"You don't have to explain it to me Captain I know what you mean and I will abide by you call for now but once the month is up he must return to his quarters and report for duty, and visit as much as he likes, I'll not stand in the way of true love."

Laying her hand in his holograph shoulder saying, "Thanks this means alot to me, I need Tom back on his feet, he my little brother I never had and this is killing me having to see him laying there."

If he could have shed a tears he would have, "I feel the same, I know I give him a hard time but he was the first to treat me like a person."
"You care about him don't you?"

"Of cause I do, I count him as a friend but our friendship is different from the others, if you watch and listen to him when he gives me a hard time you'd be able to tell his tone is affectionate, unless he is really angry."

Sighing B'Elanna felt like throwing Carey out the nearest airlock or punch him in the nose again, if she heard say another word about her temper, didn't he care that one of her friends was lying in sickbay? When she asked him that he threw back at her, 'If he's just a great friend of your why did you along with the others judge him so quickly? Believing that he really did steal from them. The only ones who had believed him had be the Captain Janeway, Commander, Sam Wildman and  Neelix. So tell me why did you and his best friend turn on him?'
Shocked B'Elanna was unable to answer him, she had that question turning over and over in her mind, for two nights Harry and her had sat down trying to sort out why they had judged him so fast. But the answer eluded them.

Chakotay waited for Kathryn to finish talking to the Doctor he knew what it was about and he had an idea of how to solve the problem and talked to a few people to help him, Calling out as she stepped out, "Kathryn may I have a word with you?"

"Sure Chakotay." Walking over to him standing beside the bed waiting for him to tell her what he wanted, glancing down at Tom with a slight smile saying, "It looks like he just sleeping. Now what did you want to say."

Licking his lips then said, "I have an idea on how to fix this problem, Sickbay can't remain in lock down as it is it's been two weeks people need to see the Doc and I can't live here either, I'm sure the Doc has explained." At her nod he carried on, "What I'm suggesting is that we move Tom to a secure location, only known to a few trusted people."
"What about the loop holes I see in this idea?"

Smiling at her saying, "I've thought of everything have a bio bed placed into one of the private rooms and place a guard there making it look like someone is there and have Tom moved to quarters that sees a lot traffic so it won't look weird to others when people are going into."

"Like your quarters?"

"If need be, or Sam's but it would look weird if I suddenly start showing up at her door but it's not unusual for her to been seen at my door with Naomi. Along with Neelix, yourself and B'Elanna Greg and Tem.

What about Harry?"

"Sorted, B'El will drag Harry along with her."

"So you're willing to have us turn up on your door step?"

"Normally no but the names I've mentioned are the only ones I trust."
"What about the Doctor, he'll need a reason to come to your quarters as do the rest of us if you're not there I mean?"

Nodding as he looked down at Tom saying, "You could either put me off on sick leave or have Sam beamed into my quarters for when I'm on duty, her shifts are the complete opposite to mine and she has already agreed to the plan along with the others, all that was left was to run if by you."

"I think I can get T'Pel to beam Sam into your quarters and have Quiv cover the beam out markers."

With a grin Chakotay asked, "So I'm guessing that you are in agreement?"

With a throaty chuckle Janeway nodded as she smoothed Tom's sleeve of his sleeping grown saying, "Anything to get you back on the bridge and Sickbay open and hopefully Tom back with us. The Doctor will have to have a bio bed beamed into your room."

"You mean my spare room don't you?"

"What spare room?"

With a grin he explained, "The new one I'm getting just in case one of the crew decide visit and since I normally leave the door open and it would seem weird if Chell or one of the others pop in and find it shut."
"Oh that room, Have B'Elanna and Quiv start on a doorway between your quarters and Tom's, no not Tom's Tuvok's it's standing empty now everything has be clear out of there and easier to hid a door as well."

"Yes it would since I have a larger hanging that would hide the entrance from sight."

"Well what are you waiting for mister?"

"Mm maybe for Q to click his fingers." Chakotay replied.
"Shh he might hear you." Kathryn looked about as she joked back.
"Well I see I'm the butt of the jokes again." A voice sounded in the room sound a tad off what he would sound like.

"Chakotay cut it out." Kathryn warned as she spun back towards him, she had heard his impersonation of Q and others before.
Holding his hands out saying, "Sorry I couldn't resist."

Nodding as she smiled she had seen the softer side of her XO on a rare occasion and she was glad to see it again.

"Go and get everything ready I'll talk to the Doctor for you."

"No need to talk to me I heard it all and as long as everything is ready and up to my standards I'll agree to this plan of yours. So Commander I suggest that you get everything ready so I can be rid of my roommate I have seemed to have acquired."

With a smile Chakotay gathered up his stuff saying, "I can have B'Elanna on the entrance right now and I'll call when I'm ready have a bed beamed into the room and I've have the others help in setting it up."

"Have Ensign Wildman and I won't need to check it out."
"It's a done deal Doc. Keep an eye on him for me will you?"
"Of cause, now get going."

Watching in amusement as their usuasl stoic Commander raced out of sickbay like the devil was on his heels.

Tom faintly heard someone calling his, looking about with listless dazed eyes landing on a tall male who looked vaguely familiar to him, sitting on it's haunches was a proud bearing wolf, hearing a cry from over head looking up he saw an eagle circling overhead, "Thomas?"
Nodding as he struggled to his feet asking, "Who are you?"