Proof 11

Harry Kim running ship wide scans hoping to find his friend was feeling helpless so far they found nothing it seem to be that Tom had just disappeared into thin air, he was running another scan of crews quarters seeing nothing there to hold his interest just as he was leaving he could a blimp as some sort of shield fell.

Double checking his readings Harry tapped his console waiting for the captain to knowledge him, "Janeway here."

Harry excited said, "I found him."

Kathryn glanced over at Chakotay before rushing out of her ready room, rushing over to Harry's station she asked, "Where?"

Reading his console again saying, "In private quarters Kenneth Dalby's to be exact."

Chakotay asked, "Can you get a lock on him?"

"Sure can."

"Lock onto him and beam him to sickbay."

"Aye, aye what should I do with Dalby?"


Harry nodded waiting for her answer, "Beam him into the brig."

"With pleasure." Harry let his fingers fly over his board, he wished that he could go to Sickbay with them but knew that he would be stuck on the Bridge since they there running low on bridge officers, what with Tuvok in the brig but there were replacements from what he could gather from the chat Janeway and T'Pel had before.


Groaning Tom tried to push the body off him, "Ugh move it." Shoving at the shoulders when he felt the familiar tingle of the transport as his body disappeared yelling, "No. . . . . "

As he reappeared in sickbay Tom slumped moaning, "No more please."

From his office the Holodoc rushed out yelling, "You help me lift him up onto a bio bed."

The young man just entered into sickbay for a pain killer raced over without a word and helped him lift Paris onto a bed just as the doors flew open admitting the Captain and Commander Chakotay.

Barking orders as he tried to scan Paris, "Get Wildman and Nicoletti here I going to need them both if you're not here to help clear the area."

Ensign Yelmon moved off to one side his head pounding ignoring it he watched in a daze as people worked over Paris, he felt arms pulling him out of the way looking over at who was putting him out of the way to find himself staring into the painful eyes of his first Officer, "Ensign is there a reason why you're here?" 

Closing his eye against the pain he saw in the other man eyes saying, "I have a head ache but it can wait."

Chakotay listened pulling the young man with him as he filled a hypo spray pressing it to his neck saying, "There you go."

Looking at the older man nodding at the pain disappeared looking into the Commander dull brown eyes asking, "I know that this is none of my business but it's true isn't it?"

"What true?"

Yelmon explained, "The rumors sir that you love Tom Paris."

"What rumors are they Ensign?" Chakotay asked sharply.

Licking his lips as he watched the Doc work on Paris saying, "There a rumor going about that the reason you don't date is because you love Paris, the reason I'm saying anything Commander is because Kiri Hava claims that you're her lover and she been threaten anyone who thinks other wise."

Chakotay stared at the younger man walking away without saying another word towards Captain Janeway, not sure whether to say or go Yelmon stood unsure what to do next.

Chakotay leant against the desk as he told the captain what he had learnt from the young man named Yelmon, Kathryn glance over at the man waving him over she asked, "Yelmon do you think that Kiri involved in this?"

"Up to her eyeballs, she hates Tom with a passion and if she thought that Tom was making a move on who she thinks is her man she be in for the kill."

"Do you think you could found out for sure?"

Biting his lower lip as he looked between his commanding officers saying, "To be honest I'm not a fan of Tom's and not for reasons others have for hating him it's for personal reasons, which we have been trying to work through since he is in charge of all the pilots."

"No need to explain, I know of the problem and I agree with Tom on this one but that another matter totally different to what going on." Janeway told him.

"I understand and even through I have that problem with him, I'll try and find out for sure if she and Frank are involve in this matter."

Patting him on the arm Kathryn said, "Thanks and once this is over we'll talk over the other matter."

Nodding Yelmon walked out of sickbay.

Janeway watched him leave saying, "It took guts for him to try Tom's training program and then demand time at helm after three times he just doesn't understand that it takes more than three practices to become a pilot before this Tom was trying to sort out a way to give him time but couldn't work it in, Tom told me that he got what it takes but he just need to calm it down a bit."

With a tight smile, Chakotay said, "Do you think he can pull it off?"

"I damn well hope he can confirm it all without get himself hurt."

Nodding Chakotay watched as they worked on saving Tom's life.


T'Pel paced her new quarter wondering what was keeping her escort, she wanted to see Tuvok and figure out how far gone he was, if she needed to do what high Command wanted her to do, Quiv sat quietly watching saying, "T'Pel you're going to wear a hole in the carpet sit down they'll get here when they get here."

"I know but I wanted to check in and see how far gone he is but they are busy trying to find this Tom Paris."

Quiv calmly said, "They need to find him his life in danger, Tuvok can wait while they find the young man."

"Have you ever met Tom Paris?" T'Pel asked him.

"I've heard of him but never met him, I heard of the things he did met his father didn't think much of him but my father Spock told me that he was once a great man till he was captured."

"That is common knowledge, young Thomas Paris was a delight to be around without his father about I mean, he was happy when flying, he loved to soar among the stars." 

Quiv listened as his mate talked her eyes filled with passion, she loved to soar as well, not among the stars but among the heavens, he knew that she might not be able to pull it all off, he knew the High Command had ruled Tuvok's death but T'Pel was an unusual Vulcan, she wasn't trained with the masters, so her emotions still came forth, they had agreed that if she was unable to do it Quiv would step in and finish the job, he dreaded it he never took part of the ending of a bond, his father had walked hi
m as best as he could.


Harry Kim checked his readings again wondering how the hell they managed to shield Tom from them tapping his combadge, "Kim to Torris."

"What up Starfleet?"

"I need you to come to the bridge and check some readings for me."

"On my way, any word on Tom yet?"

"Not yet."

"B'Elanna out."

Shaking his head at the readings whoever worked on the shields was a master but it was an old trick to make sensors bounce back without reading the data.

B'Elanna exited the lift once it door slid open racing over to Harry side panting, "What got you stumped Starfleet?"

"This Marquis,"

Reading the data before her, "Well I be a monkey's uncle, that's that oldest trick in the book, Ok let check future can you run a scan for this over the rest of the ship?"

"Piece of Cake." Letting his fingers fly over the panel then calling over to Tactical, "Run a bio electron scan using this data I'm sending over to you. Send all information to my station."

"Aye sir."

Waiting for the scan to complete, they talked in low tones till Jackson send the waiting information to Harry's console.

Harry read the data, "Bingo that where they have been hiding him I knew Dalby was clever enough to think this far into it."

With a frown, Jackson tapped his console hoping to warn his fellow cohorts Harry glanced over at him with a frown, looking back at his board he whispered, "Send the tracer we have another message being sent."

B'Elanna discreetly tapped some buttons, "Done, I'll have Seven run this one through for us."


Ken came to with a groan, "What. . ."

"You've been caught you little fucker."

Jumping up to his feet he found himself staring into Tuvok's dark brown eyes, "How?"

"You were the scrape goat as they say, the fall guy."

"In other words I was set up."

"Rather nicely I'd say just as I was they used our weakest against us which we both have and amazingly we have the same weakest."


Nodding Tuvok said, "Ahh young Thomas Eugene Paris was our weakest but he was a great weakest."

Sinking back to the floor Dalby watched as his cell mate paced the cell saying, "What happens now?"

Stopping his pacing looking at the human at his feet saying, "To you I have no idea but to me it's death."

Stunned Dalby stuttered, "Dddeathh?"

Nodding at him Tuvok sat on his hunches saying, "My mate has come to ease my stuffing by orders of the Vulcan High Command."

Finding his feet again Ken stood ranting, "What I don't understand is why did this plan fail?"

"It failed when you threaten Tom if you had let it as it was none of us would be caught well not yet but the puppet masters were forced into executing the plan a lot earlier than planned."

From outside the field someone said, "I'm glad that you figured it out but you left out something important."

Facing the field they saw Commander Chakotay standing there with a deadly look in his eyes, "You forgot that I'd take the pleasure of hurting those involve in hurting Tom."

Ken sneered, "Do you honestly think we'd fall for that old trick?"

Turning his glare over to him saying, "I'm not fooling Dalby, once I get what I want, you're dead, both of you are living on borrowed time remember that, think carefully before answering this question."

Starring wide eye at his former captain saying, "The Captain won't let you kill us in cold blood."

"Won't I?" Kathryn stepped from behind the door saying, "I can only do so much to hold him back but I agree with him you both deserve to die tell him what he wishes to know and I can promise that when we get close enough to another M class planet you'll be placed on it."

"Right all by my self even you're not that cruel Captain."

"Did I say by yourself silly me, I meant with the others who are involve I can't afford to keep you on board nor can I lose anymore crew but I'll risk it."

Tuvok frowned as he said, "I have nothing to lose nether does Ken we refuse to be baited."

"Oh but what you don't know Tuvok is that T'Pel is on board Voyager, we were giving you a fair chance in telling us but we will get what we want either way."

Licking his lips Dalby looked over at the Vulcan as he thought, "You say that T'Pel is here you know she won't do a meld with Dalby or me for that matter."

"True, but her mate Quiv agreed to do it." Kathryn hoped that Tuvok didn't read through her bluff hoping he would fall for it without calling her bluff.

Tuvok stood as close to the force field as he dared as he read Janeway's face frowning as he tried to call up the tiniest of doubt not finding it he signed, "It is the wisest cause to submit and tell you what you wish to know but I don't know anything."

Glaring at him Chakotay turned towards Dalby saying, "That leaves you, we already knew that Tuvok knew nothing but you do spill it."

Before Dalby could say anything, Tuvok reached acrossed and gave him the Vulcan nerve pinch, letting him hit the floor Tuvok faced them saying, "I'm calling your bluff Captain."

Chakotay tapped his chest saying, "Chakotay to Quiv please report to the Brig."


Quiv looked over at T'Pel saying, "The game is on."

"So it seems."

Standing up and heading out the door they found two crewman waiting for him saying, "Please follow us."