written by Kimbo
part 1 of ?
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Tom been accused of stealing Rations from everyone and everyone is against him but one person who wants to clear his name.

Tom was sitting in his quarters reading a flight manual for the latest flight Sim he been working on, when his buzzer sounded.
Looking up from his padd long enough to call out "Enter."

Looking up to see who his visitor was he saw Tuvok and a armed security team behind him, standing up Tom asked, "Tuvok what going on here?"

Tuvok just looked at him and said, "Lt. Thomas Eugene Paris I hear by place you under arrest."

Tom Looked over at Tuvok stuttering, "What for?"

Tuvok frowned and replied, " I have found evidence that you have been hacking into the computer and taking replicator credits and placing them into your account."

Tom gulped not believing what he just heard.

He asked, "I did what?"

"Come with us peacefully Mr. Paris."

Tom shook his head hoping like hell that this was a dream a real bad dream.

Tuvok watched Tom as he slowly closed his mouth and shaking his head to clear it.

Walking slowly to the door he asked, "This is really happening isn't it?"

"Indeed it is." Tuvok replied.

Tom dragged his feet to the Brig he felt eyes watching him everyone watched as Tuvok and his detail lead him to the brig.

Someone watched from afar with a shit eating grin on his face he tried not to laugh out loud he didn't what to give the game away too soon.

Tom sat down on the cot in the cell the look on his face was hard but deep down he was scared shitless.

Tuvok watched him then left for the bridge to let the Captain know his findings.

Tom couldn't believe what was happening to him still in shock he tried to fall asleep but sleep wouldn't come to him anytime soon.

Tuvok stood at Janeway door leading to the ready room he heard the Captain say, "Enter."

The doors slid open Tuvok entered and saw that Commander Chakotay was there as well.

Janeway looked up from her coffee and asked, "Did you get to the bottom of this little mystery Tuvok?"

Tuvok replied, "Yes Captain I have."

Chakotay looked over at him he never Liked Tuvok or got over the betrayal that Janeway and Tuvok did to him he never trusted Tuvok.


Tuvok looked over at Chakotay before saying, "It was Lt. Paris who stole them."

Kathryn spat out her coffee she was drinking quickly wiping her chin she said, "Tom?"

Tuvok looked down at the mess on his captain desk before replying, "Yes Captain, Tom took the rations and they were sitting in his account."

Chakotay asked, "Now do you really believe that Tom would do that?"

Tuvok replied, "It doesn't matter what I believe they were found in his account Commander."

Janeway saw that Chakotay was heading for a fight with Tuvok she quickly stepped in, "Gentleman this will not solve the problem. Tuvok where is Tom now?"

"In the Brig Captain." He noticed that both humans shudder they remembered the last time Tom was in the brig.

Tom laid down hearing footsteps he sat up thinking that maybe the Captain had come to see him.

Harry looked over at Tom through the force field and asked, "If you needed credits Tom all you had to do was ask."

Tom stared at his best friend and said, "Harry I didn't do it."

Looking over at him Harry shook his head and said, "I wish that I could believe you Tom but I can't this time." Harry then turned and left.