Games 6
Keeping his eyes focus on Chakotay, Tom tried to block the pain.
Chakotay began talking, "Well I'm not sure how to begin so how bout I start from the moment I first laid eyes on you?" With a smile on his face he said, "I remember walking into Sandrine's to find the pilot that Seska had insisted was perfect for us, to find this cocky, sarcastic, young man with a chip on his shoulders the size of Mt. Cook but he had this lonely look about him this young man hid behind masks be hurt to many times and I hate to say that I was one of those people and Seska used you knowing that I'd see you and see red, I took my anger out on you cuz I saw spoiled brat who gave up everything by telling a lie, even though I knew all that I still lost my heart to that one man." Pausing Chakotay watched Tom carefully risking a quick glance at the Doctor who was also listening to him, this wasn't how he planned on telling Tom how he felt but tell he would, looking back at Tom he carried on, "If you hadn't ran out when you did I would have told you this but I understand why you did."
Tom was glad that Chakotay hadn't, he had leant that Dalby had been in there as well.
Seeing the pain in Tom's eyes he reached for his hand saying, "I'm here Poocuh when the pain hits you squeeze my hand tight Ok?" With his free hand Chakotay wiped the tears that were sliding down Tom's cheeks saying, "It's going to be Ok, once the Doc finished with you, and that drug out of you system you can sleep all you like, Now where was I? Oh that right I was going to tell you how I felt when I laid eyes on you again on Voyager," Pausing to take a sip of water Chakotay looked over at the Doctor who was trying to give them what privacy he could, looking away as he cut into Tom body he felt Tom gripping his hand looking back at him Chakotay lean in closer stroking Tom's hair as he smoothly said, "I was glad that you were out of that hellhole I wanted to swept you up in my arms and never let you go, I know you're wondering why I didn't well I let my pride stand in the way and I saw your mask slip into place when I yelled at you, have I ever told you how much I hate those masks?" Looking deep into Tom's blue eyes with a smile, "Well I hope never having to see them again well not at me I know you need them but not with Tom, I promise not to hurt. Yes we'll fight and you're try to push me away but I'm a stubborn not sure if you picked up on that,"
Chakotay could see the glint in Tom's eyes at that saying, "I see you have noticed? Well good I'm glad that you did so you know that it's useless fighting me." Picking up his glass of water Chakotay took another sip his eyes darting from what the Doctor was doing back to Tom hearing the door swish open and saw The Captain and Tuvok enter sickbay nodding at them as they waiting for the Doctor to finish in the Doc's office.
Tuvok watched out the window as Janeway sat at the Doc's deck reading through reports groused, "I want him found and dealt with employ you people this is top priority and Tuvok I want to know why B'Elanna dumped Tom like she did."
Chakotay reached for the cloth to wipe Tom's forehead and noticed that he was low on water, looking down at Tom he said, "I'll be back, I need to get some more water."
As he turned to move his hand away, Tom gripped it harder refusing to let it go, Looking back at him with a smile, "Ok let me call one of them in the office then that can be the runners then." Looking over at Tuvok who was staring at them calling out, "Tuvok can you get some more water for me?"
Tuvok gave him what could pass as a Vulcan frown Chakotay watched as he said something to the captain then walked out of the office and headed towards them.
Walking closer to them Tuvok could see the pain that was on the younger man's face he could see the love that poured out of his eyes as he stared at the commander, "What do you wish for me to get for you Commander?"
Handing a bowl over the Vulcan Chakotay said, "Sorry to ask this but Tom won't let me go, can you get me some fresh water?"
Nodding Tuvok walked to the sink on the other side of Sickbay filling the bowl nearly to the rim Tuvok returned sitting the bowl on the bench beside the Commander.
Rising the cloth Chakotay wrung it out asking, "Has he been found?"
"No, but we have locked down sickbay no one can enter and we can't leave I have my team at every Jefferies tubes that lead into here closed off, the good new is that we have narrowed the people involved in this."
Chakotay glanced at the readings at the top of the bed with a frown when it started beeping, looking over that Doctor as he cursed, "Damn it, Captain I need you out here NOW."
Surprised at his tone, Chakotay asked, "What wrong?"
Kathryn exited the office with anger ready to blast the Doctor for ordering her about but he stopped her by telling her, "Blast me later Captain but I need you smaller hands to perform this next part I can't program my hands smaller and frankly I don't have the time, scrub up and then follow my orders right down to the last letter."
Kathryn with once glance knew that speed was needed if they wanted Tom to live muttering under her breathe as she stalked over to the clearer pulling off her jacket and undershirt baring her arms she  held her hands and arms under the blue light turning her arms making sure that it was totally clean before pulling it out, fuming as she rushed back to them.
Laying on the bed as they fought to save his life, Tom focused on the man he loved he refused to let his hand go and he wouldn't look at the other, he wished the pain would go that was breaking his concentration he didn't even wish to pass out anymore, he knew that Chakotay loved him and nothing would change that Dalby was wrong about that at first Tom thought he was right but Chakotay told him differently Tom could have doubted the words of love but he couldn't doubt the love that shone from the big mans eyes, squeezing his hand Tom let his love for him shone forth for him to see.
Looking back down at the young man Chakotay felt his breath catch as he saw the love shining from Tom's eyes and it was directed at him leaning down placing his mouth beside Tom's ear saying just loud enough for him to hear, "I love you Thomas Eugene Paris."
Fighting to move his other hand Tom slowly and painfully reached up, cupping Chakotay cheek in his hand for a second, before it flopped back onto the bed.
Tuvok watched as the Captain followed the Doctors orders, looking over at Chakotay as he whispered something to the young man as Tom reached up to touch his face, Tuvok made a vow to himself that Dalby wouldn't live to see another day he was a dead man walking living on borrowed time.
He also need to talk to B'Elanna, he had a fair idea why she broke up with Tom like she did and if he was correct, he would be able to help her since he had been watching her from a far for awhile, she was the one he chose for his time, he hoped that Vorick hadn't scared her off when his Pon Farr came upon him, unlike Vorick Tuvok practice control and it wasn't his first.
Kathryn signed as she watched her hands disappeared into the body of her helmsman if anyone had told her that she would be repairing Tom she would have thought them nuts but here she was elbow deep in blood the old fashion way they had to do it this way because of the drug flowing through his veins.
The Doctor was trying to purge the drugs from his system but it was fighting back, making it harder to save Tom's life.
Looking up at Tuvok he asked, "How close are they to finding Dalby?"
"We have narrowed it down access port Beta twenty two."
"Narrow it down faster I need to know the code, he used what combo drugs he used I can't keep working like this I need to operate without the drugs fighting, Find him and find him now." Reading the data at the head of the bed with a sigh asking, "Have you found the bleeder?"
With a grunt Janeway nodded, "I'm trying to tie it up but it keeps coming undone and I think it's hurting Tom more."
Chakotay wiped his face free of sweat saying, "Just tie it up and as fast as you can he's holding on but just."
Tom listened as they talked about him but he didn't listen he just stared at Chakotay  gripping tighter as the pain grew unbearable.
Tuvok left them to check on the process on finding Dalby, "Tuvok to Ayala."
"Ayala here."
"Have you found him?"
"Got him cornered in Cargo back two."
"Hold him there till I arrive."
"Tuvok out."
Rejoining them Tuvok told them, "They have him, Captain if he resist shall I do a meld with him to get the information we need?"
"Do what you have to do to acquirer the data we need to save Tom."
"I will be back as soon as I have the knowledge we need."
Chakotay followed Tuvok as he walked out just before he stepped through the door he called out, "Make him stuffer Tuvok."
Nodding slightly he replied, "It's the only aceptable course to take Commander."
With that the door slid shut as Tuvok left Sickbay.