Games 7

Entering Cargo bay two Tuvok stormed over to the cowering man stating, "Crewman we can do this the easy way or the hard way which way would you like it to be?"

"Screw you, you Vulcan prick." Screamed Dalby.

"Ayala clear the room and then hold him down while I do a mind meld."

Greg quickly moved clearing the room then slowly approached Tuvok asking, "Are you really going to do a Meld with him?"

"Indeed I have the Captain's permission to do as I see fit in this matter if that what you're worried about." Tuvok watched as Dalby scuttled into the corner of the bay trying to hide, "Ayala please bring Mister Dalby back, I find that I'm out of patience's for games."

"Aye sir."


Janeway tried to wipe her brow muttering, "Where the hell is he?"

Chakotay frowned as Tom started jerking as it became more violent he tried to hold him down yelling, "What the hell is happening?"

"I have no idea this isn't something I know about the faster Tuvok get that information to me the better."

Kathryn barked, "Janeway to Tuvok."

"Ayala here Captain."

"I'm guessing that Tuvok obtaining the information we need?"

"He's in the middle of doing a Mind Meld with Dalby as we speak."

"As soon as he done have him come to sickbay straight away."

"Aye Captain I will."

"Good Janeway out." Glancing over at her XO she could see the fear written all over his face and in his eyes, she knew that he loved the young man deeply and had just told him only to have him ripped away from him, she hoped that they were both strong enough to get through this crisis together.

Leaning gently over Tom's chest to hold him down Chakotay stared into the blue orbs of his beloved during all the thrashing Tom retained eye contact with him never saying a word, Chakotay thought that was weird since leaving that pit of horror Tom hadn't said a word not a peep he thought that he should be screaming in pain but not a sound was heard. No having time to ask why Chakotay smiled down at the blond hoping to draw some of tension away by saying, "You know this isn't the way I wanted to tell you this but I really hope that I could take you out for dinner, would you go out with me Angel?"

Trying to nod his head, Tom weakly squeezed Chakotay's arm as his answer hoping that he would understand what it meant.

Feeling Tom give his arm a weak squeeze he smiled saying, "I'd take that as a yes."

Kathryn smiled as she listened to the one-sided conversion hoping that Chakotay will get his wish to date her Helmsman, hoping like hell that Tom pulled through.

"Tuvok to Captain Janeway."

"Janeway here. You better have good news Tuvok."

"I have to disappoint you Captain, the Cocktail Dalby used, has no antidote, it was used in the Helua race, on their prisoners, it was used in their prisons as a punishment when the prisoners got out of hand it was made to run through the body causing pain, it's called Outiv."

"Where the hell did he get his hands on that drug? It's banned that drug    was. . . ."

Chakotay broke in softly saying, "He got it through the Black-market,it was for the Marquis, we had a supply on broad the Crazyhorse, it was for any Cardassians prisoners we got our hands on. I'm guessing he kept some back for himself."

The Doctor sarcastically said, "Unfortunately he didn't use it on himself. Now what I need to know is how long does it take to flush out of his system and whether it will kill him? " 

Without taking his eyes off Tom as he explained what he knew of the drug, "Depends on how much was injected into Tom body to know a little would only cause a little discomfort and alot would kill him."

Tuvok calmly said, "Dalby wants to say something."

Tom winched at Dalby name squeezing Chakotay hand as Janeway said, "And what would he have to say that would interest us?"

Chakotay felt his hand being squeezed tighter smiled as he asked, "How much did he use Tuvok?"

Before he had a chance to say Kathryn said, "Come down to Sickbay, have Dalby escorted to the brig."

"Aye Captain."


Pacing his quarters Harry wondered what was going on the Captain and Commarder Chakotay along with Tuvok had been locked up in sickbay he also knew that Tom was in there with them wishing he knew what the hell was happening when his computer beeped, walking over to his console he bought up the message hitting the desk with a curse, Harry signed off and rushed out.


Ayala rushed off to the Mess hall after dropping Dalby off at the brig hoping to catch the rest of the officers who had been with them hoping to warn them not to say a word about what they had overheard while in Cargo bay, he didn't what his friend hurt anymore than he was already.

Entering the room, he scanned the tables, seeing the others bunched up around a table talking walking up to them he overheard, "They say that he really fucked Paris over well the little shit deserves it for turning us over to Fleet. And for hurting B'Ela like he did."

"Actually I heard that she cheated on him."

"Bullshit, B'Ela would do that he cheated on her and we all know that the sort of thing he'd do."

"How do you explain what happened on the bridge and her spending time in the brig?"

"So she exploded and hit the bugger, she caught him in the act."

Ayala spoke up, "And who was he with then?"

"Ayala I didn't know that you were there."

"Well?" Standing with his hands on his hips waiting.


"Who was Tom with Rad?"

Rad licked his lick lips saying, "No one knows who it was."

Glaring at him Greg asked, "Where did you hear this from?"

Glancing about the room Rad chewed on his cheek saying, "No one told me."

"Then why in the hell are you spreading rumors that are totally false for? You know what will happen if the Captain or Tuvok caught a wind of it and never mind what Harry would do."

From behind Greg heard, "Harry would rip his balls off and have Neelix serve them up for his dinner."

Spinning Greg saw Harry and Jameri standing by them glaring at the table.

Jameri stepped closer to the table saying, "I'm only saying this once so listen real carefully, Tom did not cheat on B'Elanna. How I know is because B'Elanna and I slept together and Tom caught us in the act. If I ever hear that Tom was to blame for breaking up with B'Elanna I won't just threaten to just rip your balls off and serve them up for dinner I'd do it."

Jameri stalked out of the mess hall with Harry and Greg on his heels leaving behind a very shocked room filled of people.