The Game 5

Tom feeling that it was safe to leave and head back to Chakotay's quarters that he would be asleep he just hoped that Chakotay had set the door to open for him or he was forced to sleep else where not that he cared there had be many times he had slept in one of the smaller loungers to hide from Dalby and his play mates. Walking through the quiet corridors of Voyagers Tom felt the familiar tingle of the transporter locking on to him, 'Sneak attack.' Once the beam released him, Tom tapped his wrist where he had a smaller version of a tracking device implanted, activating it so they could find him he hoped in time.

Dalby who stood over him sneered, "Ahh my dear Paris, as they say the jigged is up." Grabbing Tom by the hair he yanked him up stating, "It's time to pay for your crimes, if you think what happened before was rough it will pale compared to what I have planned for you, after I'm done no one will love you not even your great Chakotay he'll be so repulsed by you." Slamming his fist into Tom's face saying, "But have no fear you will live I don't plan added them killing you even though you may wish I had killed you."

Feeling his nose break and his blood spray out hitting Dalby in the face, Tom tried to hide his fear as Dalby lead him to what looked like what NASA had used to train their Pilots to cope with a spinning rocket and still work while everything spun out of control.

Dalby threw him to the two men standing aside, "Strip him and get him ready for the games to begin."

Truly frighten Tom started to struggle as they torn off his clothes, Carl and Kiel were well known for their kinks in and out of bed they were both nasty characters that he stayed away like the plague being a victim a few times himself when they managed to catch him unawares he wouldn't wish them on to the Borg.

"Yeah that it's Paris, you know I like when you fight me." Kiel whispered in his ear as his squeezed his limp member.

Dragging Tom to the contraption which he later found out was called Tap'de from the planet, O'pea Dalby had it bought on board just for this. Once they had him strapped in Dalby with a hypo spray in his hand placing it at his neck saying, "If you think you can pass out once the fun begin you're sadly mistaken, this will keep you alert though out the fun, I want you to remember every detail till the day you die." Pressing the button to release the medicine to mingle with his blood cells.

Feeling the burning the sensation as it flowed, "Oh I forgot to mention that it burned like hell once it joined with you cells the doctors use it as a last resort."

The next morning pacing his quarters fuming at waiting for Tom to decide return for his duty shift, "Computer locate Tom Paris."

"Lt. Thomas Paris is on deck three section D in unsigned crew quarters."

Storming out of his quarter in a state of rage, 'How the hell am I meant to protect him if he sleeps else where? He is gonna so pay for getting me worried about him.'

Entering the Tubolift he barked, "Deck three."

Tom hanging from his wrist dimly heard the door swish open and someone calling for Janeway and Tuvok to join them, "No!"

Rushing to Tom's side Chakotay tried to unbuckle Tom's wrists all the while in a smoothing tone, "Sshh, I'll have you down real soon love."

Tom strained vocal cords croaked out, "Cha?" Hanging his head in shame that Chakotay had to witness his shame, this wasn't something he wish to share with the captain or Chakotay, he couldn't bear seeing the pity in their eyes for what had be done to him.

With his head down he could see his life blood mingle with his body waste and sperm as it dipped out of his ripped anus. 

Dalby had been right even now he still couldn't pass out as much as he would have loved to.

As Tuvok and Kathryn entered the room Kathryn stopped in her tracks reeling in stunned shock at what was before her eye, Croaking out, "Tuvok help Chakotay to get him down."

Tom keeping his eyes locked at the mess at his feet he noticed that Tuvok was kneeling in his waste without a word.

"No more end it now please Chakotay kill me now." Tom pleaded, "Please end it for me." Grasping in pain as it whack through his body.

At that Tom glanced down in shame saying, "He's right no will love me like this." 

With a sob Tom tried to look away but as gently as she could Janeway gripped his chin asking, "Who was right Tom?"

Looking over her Chief Pilots naked form trying not to let the horror of the damage affect her or show in her eyes, smelling burnt hair she looked at his chest and to her horror, she saw that he had been branded with TW, she read about how the Ranchers in the old days brand their livestock once and it reminded her of it, fighting to hold back her bile as it rose up to join the rest of the mess on the floor.

Tom refused to looked at her, locking his eyes onto the print that graced the wall behind her.

Tuvok who had been working on freeing Tom from his prison uttered, "Someone hold onto Tom so he doesn't fall when I release him."

Chakotay wrapped an arm around Tom's waist while Kathryn held him on the other side.

With a groan Tom slumped forward once free of his bonds.

Chakotay caught Tom before he could slip from his grip laying him on the floor as Tom tried to curled up screaming as the pain hit him when he moved.

Hitting her badge calling out, "Medical Emergency, lock onto Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris and beam them to sickbay."

Tightening his grip on Tom as the transporter locked onto them within seconds they in Sickbay Chakotay not wanting to hurt Paris by moving him called out, "Active EMH."

"Please state the. . . ." Stopping once he spotted Paris moving quickly to their side he asked, "What happened?"

Chakotay just uttered, "Dalby." Before he could say anymore the Doctor stopped him, "Ahh say no more." Running a tricorder over Tom's body with a sigh, "He's really done it this time. Well I hope that the Captain and Tuvok will do something this time, like stringing him up by his balls."

At Chakotay shocked grasp, "Doctor?"

"Surprised that I would like to see that. . . Man pay for what he does this isn't the first time I've patched Tom up after an attack but this is the worse by far." Pausing to run do another scan, "Damn Chakotay you have to do something we can't let him get away with this help me get him onto the bed."

Between the two they gently lifted Tom off the floor and carried him to a bio bed.

Tom didn't make a sound as they carried him once he was on the bed he reached out to grab on to Chakotay sleeve holding it as tight as his fingers would let him.

Chakotay looked down at him when he felt his sleeve snag with a smile he asked, "You want to stay?"

With a slight nod Chakotay looked over at the Doc to say, "Doc, Tom wishes me to stay with him."

"I wish it as well I need you to talk to him while I work on him I can't give him anything to take the pain he has something else in his system and I can't flush it out with hurting him more." Moving so he could look at Tom saying, "Tom I have to operate now whatever he used to keep you awake is killing any of the normal knockouts I would use without killing you do you understand me Tom?"

Trying to focus his bleary eyes licking his lips with a nod, he looked back at Chakotay.

"Commander just talk to him get him to focus on you and what you're saying, I wish I could do this another way but I haven't got the time to flush his system out."

Without breaking eye contact with Tom, Chakotay nodded, "I understand Doc."

"Tom, I want you to focus on Commander Chakotay, do you understand me Tom?"

Tom closed his eyes to gather his strength for what was to come he had never been operate while still away it was unheard of but here he was just going through it swallowing hard then reopening his eyes focusing his blearly eyes back on Chakotay with a slight nod.