Games 4

 Tom walked behind Chakotay thinking of what Chakotay has told the Captain, 'He really loves me the big lug really loves me.'

 Feeling Tom boring holes at the back of his head, Chakotay slowed down so Tom could keep pace with him, he watched as Tom clutched the broad to his chest like a child would their teddy bear or blanket his sparking blue eyes starring at some distance future, 'What are you thinking about my beloved? I hope it's me and not that prick Dalby, I promise you this Poocuh no one will ever hurt you again.'

 Tom stopped at Chakotay's door waiting for him to punch in his code watching Chakotay out of the corner of his eye looking away when he looked his way once the doors slid open he followed Chakotay in waiting just in side the door looking around his new quarters till Dalby was caught he compared it against his quarters it was a lot bigger than his and it had more things, Chakotay's room had small nicknacks from places they had visited, where Tom had stopped bringing things from other worlds Chakotay had bought things back to treasure.

 Watching Tom as he look around his quarters he read the emotions that played across his face as Tom grazed at a statue that he brought back from other world that they had visited, he saw the rage building up, not sure why he would feel angry at them he stepping closer to him asking, "Tom what wrong?"

 Without taking his eyes off one statue of a ship in flight he said with a low voice, "Did you know I had one of them?" 

Without saying a word he let Tom carry on, "They broke it, they smashed it to pieces it was given to me by Harry it was one planet that I was unable to have Shore leave on I was stuck in Sickbay because of them," Turning to face Chakotay Tom blue orbs dull as he relive the memory, "I told Harry to keep it with him so it wouldn't get broken, he wouldn't listen to me and to this day I never told Harry that they wreaked my room and smashed it the same day, I still have the pieces I wish that I could have replaced it but I couldn't remember all the details." Blinking back the tears that threaten to fall he asked in a small voice, "Why can't they leave me along? I relive Caldik Prime and prison every time I close my eyes don't they think that's punishment enough? To have to live through this again is..." Dropping his gear on to the floor not knowing where to turn Tom raced out of Chakotay quarters.

 Chakotay called out, "Tom Stop."

 Racing out after him, Chakotay followed Tom to a small lounge, walking over to where Tom had laid down on the couch, easing down beside Tom, Chakotay gathered him up in his arms and pulled him into his lap saying, "Tom listen to me." Waiting to Tom sobbing eased up, "I know that you have lived a nightmare before and since boarding Voyager and if I had known that those small minded pricks were still hassling you over something you didn't do I would have spaced them along time ago."

 Clinging to Chakotay Tom tried to wipe his eyes but his arms were trapped within the arms that surrounded him, "You're telling me you didn't know?"

 Stiffing Chakotay asked, "What do you mean?"

 Feeling scare for revealing anything he didn't what Chakotay stunning him he tried to push away.

 Holding Tom tight, he asked again, "What did you mean Tom?"

 Licking his lips refusing to look at him Tom said, "They tell me that you knew and didn't give a shit whether I lived or died and if I said anything at all that you'd kill me yourself."

 "Why those dirty low down bastards." Stopping in a calm down he looked down at the pale man in his arms asking, "That why you never told anyone because if you did you feared that I'd kill you or they would tell the captain that I was involved, why did you put yourself through that Tom?"

 Not sure how he could get out of answering him when Harry Commed him, "Tom where are you?"

 "Sorry Harry I forgot to met you I'll be there in five." Pulling away from Chakotay saying, "Gotta go now I forget to met Harry catch ya later." With out another word Tom bolted from the room.

With a smile Chakotay whispered to the empty room, "This isn't over Tom not by a long shot." Tapping his badge, "Chakotay to Janeway."

 "Janeway here, what wrong Chakotay?"

 "I need to see you and Tuvok I found out some more information."

 "Where's Tom?"

 "He's with Harry." Chakotay told her.

 "Fine I'm in my ready room when you're ready to come bring Tuvok in when you arrive."

 "Ok see you soon Chakotay out." Standing up Chakotay headed out of the room without seeing they figure crouched beside the couch once he was out of the room it muttered, "Bastard, the only way this ends up is with your death Paris. I'm taking you to hell with me you little fucker."

 Once the lift doors opened Chakotay walked over to Tuvok's Station saying, "Tuvok I need to talk to you and the Captain, I have some more information to share with the two of you."

 "Indeed then lets go and join the captain them." With a flick of his wrist he let his relieve know that he needed him to cover his station, "Danning you have the bridge."

 "Yes sir,"

 With a quick stride Chakotay with Tuvok covered the distant to the ready room announcing their presents to Janeway, "Come." Chakotay entered the room.

 Kathryn laid aside the padd she had been reading looking over at them saying, "gentlemen please have a seat."

 Waiting till they were settle she asked, "Chakotay what is this all about?"

 Looking between Tuvok and Kathryn he told them what Tom had told him, "Tom had a reason for not saying anything to us."

 "Oh what was that reason Commander?" Kathryn asked him.

 "It's seems that certain people used me to frighten Tom into silent they told him that I knew all about it and I didn't care nether way if he lived or died and if he did get the nerve to say anything that I'd kill him everyone knew that I hated Tom at the beginning and they used that to get to Tom, it seemed that they knew that Tom cared about me and used it to their gain."

 Tuvok spoke up, "That sounds logical if they told Tom that you knew all about the attacks and Tom being who he is, he'd think naturally that we all knew and didn't care about it, so he kept his mouth shut."

 Kathryn nodded saying, "That true and another reason could be that he didn't what Chakotay to get into trouble if he really did believe them, Tom even misguided will protect those he loves, take his father for instance."

 "No thanks I'll pass on that." Chakotay replied with a grin, he was just learning that Tom Paris wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth as he thought.

 Rolling her eyes at him saying, "Really Commander, Tom refused to back his family in the court case against his father, when his mother accused Owen of beating her and the children, through that Tom stayed with him while his mother and sisters left, leaving him to cope with Owen, he was only six then, and then in prison he never told anyone of the hell he was going through there," Pausing to take a sip of her coffee and to take in their reactions. She continued on telling her story of what little she knew of Tom's life.

 "I had to get him out and through that action lead to the Marquis calling him a sell out and a traitor, he knew nothing, I got him out, knowing damn well he didn't know where you were or where any bases were, he was of no help in finding you Chakotay, but if you had seen him in there skin and bone hiding behind his Tough guy facade all those walls and masks he was a lost soul I think even you would have got him out off there." Pausing again she looked over at Chakotay who nodded his agreement to the fact.

 "I gave him what he was looking for, someone to love him and take him for all his mistakes to see pass what he showed everyone. Harry saw through it, even after being warned by Cavit and Fitzgerald to stay away from Tom, Harry ignored them and as you know they are the best of friends to be honest with you, I wouldn't have been surprised if they had become lovers but I can see it from Tom's side he doesn't want to lost his friend and brother by stepping over that line, but I'm glad that they didn't or I wouldn't be Harry's wife."

 Chakotay grinned, "You and me both Kathryn."

 "Yes it is logical that you and Tom became lovers, Commander you can ground him help him find himself, I'm glad that Tom has found a perfect mate."

 "Thanks Tuvok but you could have done the same with Tom."

 "I found that he is to lively for me to handle."

 Kathryn smiled her agreement saying, "Yes and please Chakotay try and keep him from getting into trouble and dragging Harry in it with him." She teased him.

 Picking up the bait he told her, "What can I do? Trouble is Tom's middle name."

 Tuvok pointed out, "Chakotay I think you do not know Tom that well, you'll find that his name is Thomas Eugene Paris there is no Trouble mention in his name."

 Chakotay tried his best not to laugh but when he made eye contact with Kathryn he lost the battle he could feel the laughter bubbling up and explode out of his mouth.

 Raising his brow at his captain and commander in a fit of laughter that he did not find at all funny, thinking, 'I'll never understand the human need to joke about.' 

Getting their laughter uncontrolled Chakotay with the laughter still near the top ready to come out again.

 Gulping back her laughter but not able to hide the gleam in her eyes said, "If that all then dismissed men."

 Tom walked into Holodeck 2 after his mad dash from Chakotay once in the lift Tom took deep calming breaths, 'That was close, too damn close.'

 Before entering Sandrines he pulled up his I don't have a care in the world smirk and entered to find Harry Kim playing pool with GerronTem and Greg Ayala walking over to the bar to order a drink before joining him, "Ah my Thomas where have you been hiding my love?"

 Looking over the bar at the holoimage of the real Sandrine with a smile a real smile, "Sorry my lovely lady I've been having some problems that needed to be sorted out." "I hope you told that lovely man."

 Not needed anymore words to know what man she was talking about Tom had told her of his feelings for his Commander, "He knows about this but I'm confused about somethings and I'm not sure who telling the truth anymore."

 "Listen to your heart it won't lie to you,"

 With a nod Tom picked up his drink and left without another word, thinking, 'That just it, my heart is dead it no longer feels how can I listen to a dead organ?'

 Joining Harry and the others at the pool table he didn't feel like playing or being there at all but he had promised to met Harry there so he just watched filled with dread knowing that before they find Dalby he would be dead and that there wasn't a damn thing they could do to stop it from happening no amount of preparing was going to stop Dalby from getting his hands on Tom.

 Somewhere in the lower decks Dalby barked out, "Is everything ready?" At their nods he told them, "Once our quarry had left Harry take out and bring him to me," Rubbing his hands in glee he told them, "Who ever said that revenge is sweet was right Paris is gonna pay for killing my sister for the rest of his life."