The Game
PG-13 to NC-17, TP & C Angst.)
written by Kimbo 

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Chakotay was walking towards his quarters after finishing his shift, he had to go pass Tom Paris quarters to get to his quarters, as he passed, he heard a weird sound coming out of Paris quarters, pausing he heard a thud and then Tom cursing, "Shit." 

Chakotay shook his head and headed off to his quarters wondering what Tom was up to this time. 

Meanwhile Tom was throwing a tennis ball at a weird shape piece of wood on a angle when he threw the ball it would come back to him. Hoping to start another craze through the ship it was the only way he could think of to get the others to leave him alone. 

You would think after five years out in the Delta quadrant they would be tried of hassling him what did he have to do to get them to leave him alone? 

The main person was that Ken Dalby creep him and his groons were mainly the only one who still held any grudge against him. 

Throwing the ball harder missed the broad by a mile he mutted, "Shit. I need a dog to fetch the ball." 

Signing he looked for the ball and saw that it had rolled under the couch. 

Signing again he walked over to the couch and dropped to his knees to reach under the couch for the ball. 

Harry was heading to the holodeck for some much needed time to relax what with Tom and Be'la breakup and yet again he was caught in the middle, he hoped that they got things sorted out real fast, course he knew that Tom couldn't take anymore stress from B'Elanna. 

While getting the ball, Tom found the padd B'Elanna that she lost the night they broke up, he knew that they will never get back together this time to many things said and done B'elanna went to far this time and Tom knew that he didn't need her getting him down over his past, she was always bringing up his past, he knew that he wasn't any good didn't need her telling him all the time. Wiping his face with a sign he knew why, he didn't what to go back to B'ela if he was honest with himself he wanted another person but knew that it was a lost cause, he'd never get that person even if he was on his knees begging. 

Harry saw the commander as he was entering holodeck two. Chakotay nodded to Harry and stopped so he could ask Harry how Tom was. "Hello Harry." 

Harry replied, "Commander and how are you?" 

Chakotay smiled and said, "I'm good glad that I'm off shift and can relax. Harry how is Tom holding up?" 

Harry thought for a moment licking his lips as he said, "Not good B'Elanna really hurt him this time and I think it over for good this time. Didn't think she could hurt him like that." 

Chakotay nodded, he knew what Harry meant B'Elanna really did go too far this time coming onto the bridge and yelling at Tom telling him that he was a fuck wit and that his father was right for disowning him, as far as they could see Tom had done nothing to desever this, he had be quiet all throughout B'elanna yelling and hitting him, he didn't say a word or do anything to block the blows, just looked at her with sad eyes after the Captain and Tuvok dragged her away Tom went back to work as if nothing had happen.

 Chakotay had to order him to sickbay.

 Tom had gone quietly not a word to get out of going like he usually did, that really worried Chakotay more than anything, everyone knew that Tom would have done anything to get out of going to see the Doctor but not a word was said. Tom just got out of his seat handing the con over to his relief and headed over to the lift without a word, he should have known that Tom was upset and had someone go to sickbay with Tom to make sure that he got there. 

Harry watched Tom go and was worried about him, he was mad at B'elanna, he didn't know what or why she would publicly dump Tom like that. 

The Captain and Tuvok took B'Elanna to the brig going quietly with them knowing she was in deep trouble. 

Kathryn couldn't for the life of her figure out why B'elanna did what she did but she was going to found out that was for sure. 

B'elanna looked down at the floor she knew why she did what she did, but she couldn't explain it to anyone why she had to hurt Tom like she did but she had her reasons for doing what she did. 

Sneaking a peek over at Tuvok, she saw that he was looking over at her and then said, "I had to do it I can't explain why, but I had to do it." 

Tuvok frowned as much as a Vulcan could he was distured by what happened deep down he like Tom and repected him as a officer and a friend and what he witness was hard to take. 

B'elanna sat down on the bed and signed she was still mad and she knew that she took it out on the wrong person the real person was within reach of her but she couldn't say anything, Enough people had been hurt by her this day. 

Tom slowly walked to sickbay as he got to the door he looked at it then headed to his quarters he couldn't handle the doctor and his snide comments. 

Harry looked over at Chakotay and asked, "Would you like me to check to see if Tom ok Commander?" 

Chakotay looked over at Harry, "Yes lets see if he fine." 

Harry looked at the roof and said, "Bridge to sickbay." 

Waiting for the Doctor to answer him "Sickbay here how may I help you?" 

Chakotay replied, "Doctor how is Tom?" 

The Doctor replied, "I don't know he on the bridge, you tell me?" 

Harry looked over at Chakotay and asked, "Computer where is Tom Paris?" 

"Lt Thomas Paris is in his quarters." 

Chakotay shook his head and came back from that day since then Tom didn't come and hussle anyone at pool he locked himself in his quarters, he only came out for his session at con and he was quiet, he missed the banter that came from Tom.

 B'Elanna never did explain why she did what she did, all she said was that only Tom had the right to know why and he had to confront her. 

No changes were pressed against her. Tom had refused to press any against her.

 Meanwhile in B'Elanna quarters looking for one of her padds she turned her quarters upside down looking for it, sinking down onto the floor signing deeply, "Damn don't tell me I left it in Tom's quarters!" Sinking her head down into her lap.

 Tom was last person she wanted to hurt but she knew she did the right thing, he hated her at the moment, Damn everyone did at the moment.

 Tom looked over at the padd tempted into reading it but he knew what was on the padd and didn't need to read what was on it, he picked it up it had all the proof to help him out to get Ken and his mates off his back, B'Elanna had come to him that night with it and told him how she got her hands on it.

 Tom debated with himself to return it to her or get rid of it and make out he hadn't seen it if she asked him for it.

 Harry knew that B'Elanna findally found the proof that Ken and his pals were behind the bashings of Tom she had come to him asking what she should do, He told her to go to the Captain but instead she went to Tom.

 Tom squeezed the ball in his hand and then threw it at the broad.

 Chakotay sat on the floor of his quarters hoping to go on a vison quest he had not been able to make contact with his spirit guide since that fate full day on the bridge.

 He knew that when Tom entered that relationship with B'Elanna that she was all wrong for him, Tom needed someone who could guide him not tear him apart, B'Elanna had to many problems of her own to help Tom with his.

 The thing was did Tom go for guys?