The Game 2

Sitting in her quarters debating what to do over the padd she was sure that if Tom got his hands on it he would erase the data on it knowing what was on it she knew she had to get it to the Captain, knowing that Tom was on duty on the bridge, she stood up asking, "Computer where is Tom Paris?"

 "LT. Tom Paris is on the bridge."

 With a smile she strolled out of her quarters heading for Tom's hoping she could find the padd intact.

 Letting his fingers fly over the conn, Tom felt alive truly accepted when he was flying wishing that he was in the Delta Flyer where he could really let loose.

 Blocking out the stared that the bridge crew were giving him for that matter everyone who heard about the breakup.

 The taunting and attacks had got worse, so Tom took to staying in his quarters only coming out when he was on duty only to find his quarters trashed to tired to deal with cleaning it up he just walk passed it.

 The nightmares had started to kick in it was never ending the only time felt truly happy was flying.

Sitting behind the helmsman Chakotay had shared his worries with the Captain before the morning briefing, ** "Kathryn I'm worried about Tom."

 "You and me both, Tuvok has also mentioned that he has concerns."

 "Yes he mentioned them to me as well, he lost weight that he ill afford to lose he doesn't go out I've had reports of noises coming from his quarters when he not there."

 Shocked Janeway asked, "Is it starting up again?"

 Running a hand over his face muttering, "I hope to god not in the state he in at the moment that the last thing he needs."

 "Have you spoken to B'Elanna at all?"

 "I tried to but she won't open up." **

 Shaking his head to clear it Chakotay looked over at Harry hoping to find anything he typed a message for Harry, 'Harry have you been able to talk to either Tom or B'Elanna?'

 Harry read the message hitting the reply button, ' I tried to talk to Tom this morning but he brushed me off before I could get started.'

 Hearing a sign coming from behind him Tom knew without looking that it was Chakotay.

 Punching in Tom's codes, not a bit surprised that he hadn't changed them once the door swished in stopping just inside the door shocked at the state of his quarters with a grimace shaking her head at the senseless mess stepping over a broken frame of Tom and Harry walking over to the only clear spot spying a padd laying on the table top picking up the padd to check if it was hers, 'B'Elanna I knew that you would come by for this, Tom' 

Surprised that it was still in tact maybe Tom was hoping that with this his grief would end once the Captain came involved, Storming out of Tom's quarters B'Elanna headed to the tubolift tapping her Comm badge, "Torris to Captain Janeway."

"Janeway here."

 "Captain may I come and see you? It's important that I do."

 "Come to my Ready room then."

 "On my way."

 Looking up at her First Officer and Chief of Security saying, "I think this might reveal something to us."

Tuvok nodded, "It would seem that maybe she found that padd that Ensign Kim was talking about."

 Pursing her lips together, "Yes that padd it would solve a lot of problems when it's found, if that is all Dismissed." Watching as her officers walked back to their duty shifts, standing up and stretching to work the kinks out of her back and neck, walking over to the view port to watch the stars till her Chief engineer joined her.


 Turning so she was facing the door as she called, "Enter."

 With a swish the doors revealed her Chief Engineer in full Klingon mode, "They thrashed his place again Captain and he never reported it."

 Holding up her hand to stop the flow, "Who quarters were thrashed?"

 Stunned B'Elanna looked at her Captain saying, "Tom's, I was just there and it's one hell of a mess."

 "Lieutenant what were you doing in Tom's quarters?"

 Walking over to Janeway waving a padd in her face saying, "Getting this, this padd contains proof that Dalby and his friends still beat Tom up."

 Making a grab for the padd in mid air asking, "Is this the reason why you and Tom broke up?"

"It's one of the reasons why I can't go into details just yet but when I can you will be the first to know Captain."

 Reading the data on the padd asking, "How did you get this B'Elanna?"

 Licking her lips then chewing on her bottom lip wondering how much she could say without giving away her secret.

 Kathryn watched B'Elanna battle with her inner self what B'Elanna didn't know was that she knew of her affair with Jameri and that was the real reason why she broke off with Tom and because of the way she handled things Jameri left her.

 Jameri liked Tom and felt bad for his part in all of this that why he ended it with B'Elanna he had gone to the Captain explaining what he knew and about the padd he had given to B'Elanna but there was another reason why he ended it with her he knew that she didn't love him or Tom her heart belonged to someone else.

Still watching her Janeway told her, "I know about Jameri."

 B'Elanna head shot up Kathryn could read the guilt in her eyes, pacing B'Elanna raged, "I never meant for this to happen, I didn't set out to hurt Tom or for that matter Jameri but he stopped it when he realized that I loved someone else, Jameri knew right from the start, I think Tom did as well but he didn't what to be left alone, that what scares him the most being left alone, you know if I ever get my hands on that father of his, I'll kill him." Before Kathryn could make a sound B'Elanna carried on, "Tom's a lost soul, I love him but not in that way and I knew that he'd never end it with me, he'd rather be unhappy than alone, I started lashing out at him but still he stayed, I had an affair making sure he found out, I was giving him a way out but he refused. So I did that scene on the bridge knowing that would do it but I didn't think it would lead to this."

 Kathryn walked over to the viewport saying, "I'm trying understand this B'Elanna, surely there could have been another way to handle this without destroying what little self of esteem Tom had, But there is someone else who will help him if he opens up again."

 "Chakotay." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Yes Chakotay."

 "What can we do to help?"

 Turning facing her Kathryn said, "By stopping Ken and his pals that the first step, second step getting Tom to talk and that the major problem we have to get over once there the rest will be easy."

 "Getting Tom to press chargers will be hard."

 With a smile Kathryn replied, "Nope that the easy part, we knew about this padd and other things, even if Tom doesn't charge them we have enough to charge them without Tom."

 Shocked B'Elanna asked, "How did you know?"

 With a raised brow that would do a Vulcan proud told her, "Now if I told you that I would not have any secrets and I wouldn't be Captain if I didn't have my finger on the pulse now would I?"

 With a grin B'Elanna nodded turning to leave Kathryn called out, "Oh and B'Elanna if you hurt Tuvok like you did Tom, I'll throw you in the brig for the rest of the trip home understand?"

 Stunned B'Elanna stopped in mid step turning slowly to face her she knew by her tone that she meant every word of it, "Understood."

 With a slight nod to dismiss her, "B'Elanna stay away from Harry and Chakotay they'll mad as a hatter over this, I'm not happy over it either, oh and before I forget if I hear that you have entered Tom's quarters again without his permission again I'll have to report it."

 "Understood Captain, it won't happen again."

 "Make sure that it doesn't Lieutenant, dismissed."

 Walking back to her desk placing the padd on the table sitting down she tapped at the console wating for the beep she tapped her combradge, "Commander Chakotay and Tuvok please come to my ready room."

Leaning back into her chair once the door open she said, "Men it's time to put the game into action, round them up and place them in the brig."

 "Aye Captain." Tuvok left the room leaving Chakotay behind with the Captain.

 Looking grimly she said, "Now here comes the hard part we have to arrest some of your friends Chakotay are you sure you're up to this?"

 "Yes I'm ready I may not like it but they did the crime they have to do the time."

Picking up the padd and handing it over to him saying, "You won't like what on this but you need to know." Watching the expressions cross his face she told him, "What I don't understand is why they felt the need to record this if this was lying about we'd have nothing on them."

 Chakotay happened to look up then she saw the fury in his eyes when he hissed, "They are so fucking dead."

 Knowing what he just read she nodded her agreement.