Child of love 8

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Tuvok placed a hand over hers saying, "Captain it's not worth beating
yourself up over this, they know and it's up to them to sort out
their problems many have, it's just a handful who are still blaming
him for it, just like there are some of the Commanders crew who still
think that Tom is a traitor and they all know that he let himself get
taken to save the crew of the Crazy Horse from being arrested."
Chakotay called out, "Come."
The door slid open to reveal Samantha Wildman ladled down with
packages, behind her was a blond just as ladled down Chakotay jumped
up from his chair walked over to them grabbing some of the packages
asking, "Sam what is all this?"
With a small the small blond woman replied, "This Commander is
clothes you have a toddler living with you and I bet you haven't
given it a thought as to where he will sleep and what he will wear
have you?"
Hiding his grin he replied, "I actually haven't had the time to give
that a thought Ensign."
With a smirk that could have only been learnt from Paris Sam said, "I
thought so, so I did it for you Jeanette and I sorted through Naomi
gear what she had grown out of most of her clothes are unisex sex
clothes so have no worries about putting Tommy into girl clothes."
Taking a breath Sam nodded at Jeanette.
With a nod she tapped her com badge, "Jeanette to Kim."
"Kim here."
"You can transport it over now Harry."
"Ok Harry out."
In a whirl of noise a bed transported into the middle of the lounge.
Tapping her com badge again Jeanette said, "Harry we told you the
Commander bedroom not the lounge."
"What do you expect Jean I have no idea where his room is, I've never
been in there." Came the reply.
Smothering his laugher Chakotay called out, "That all right Harry
nether has Jeanette." Throwing a look at the her, he noticed that she
was blushing. "Tuvok and I will carry it into the room once Tommy
Tuvok raised an eyebrow asking, "If you say so Commander."
Kathryn asked, "Sam where did all this come from? I know Naomi didn't
have all this."
Jeanette with a smile told her, "It's from the lower deck crew
Captain. We did a whip around, we knew that the commander and the
bridge crew were handling the care of Tommy and we wanted to do
something as well since Tom is our friend as well and this was all we
could think of to help out."
Waving her hand about the room saying, "This is more than enough,
half of what here we didn't even think of, who would think that a
three year old still worn diapers? I didn't."
Sam nodded saying, "He would only wear them at night during the day
he wouldn't. Mmm that brings up a question." Facing Chakotay she
asked, "Do you know how to change a child?"
With a hint of mirth shining in his eyes, he told her, "Yes Sam I
know how to change a child, I come from a rather large family even
though I'm the baby of it, I still learn the art of changing a
"I'm sorry Commander."
"No need to be it's a fair question after all I'm an unmarried
married man with no children."
Chakotay squatted down beside the parcels sorting through them
saying, "Thanks for thinking of this for us Jeanette and Sam half of
this stuff I wouldn't have thought of."
Hearing a noise he looked up to see Tommy standing at the door wiping
his face with one hand and gripping Bluey with the other.
Tommy had woken to the talking slipping out of bed he swiped at his
eyes removing the sandman sleep the remained near his eyes, blinking
wearily around the room, eyes widen at the sight that greeted him
piled high was clothes, toys and a bed spotting Chakotay among the
present he toddled over to him.
With a smile Chakotay sat on the floor once he was Tommy crawled into
his lap.
Once settled in Cha's lap Tommy rested his head against his chest
shyly looking at the two ladies watching him.
Smoothing Tommy mussed up hair Chakotay asked, "Still tired?"
With a tired nod Tom didn't take his gaze off Sam and Jeanette.
Hugging him closer to him, he said, "You should be still asleep young
Breaking his gaze he looked up at him and in a whisper, "Cha who is
Looking up as Sam squatted down so she was at his level said, "Hello
Tommy I'm Sam Wildman and this is Jeanette Kofoed."
Looking over at her with a hint of a smile, "Nice to met you."
Snuggling into Chakotay chest as he spotted Tuvok and Kathryn his
smile widen jumping out of Chakotay's arm he raced over to Tuvok
throwing himself into Tuvok arms calling out, "Tuvok, Kat I
was 'oping you would still be 'here."
Preparing him self to catch the toddler who was flying at him at warp
10 Tuvok grunted at the impact tightening his hold on Tommy as they
tumbled off the couch making sure that he landed first.
Hearing giggling he looked into Tommy blue eyes that shone with
happiness loosening his hold on Tom once he started to wriggle free.
Standing up he crawled into Kathryn lap wrapping his tiny arms around
her neck as she asked, "What no tumble to the floor for me?"
Looking up at her saying, "No."
"Why?" she asked him.
With a serious look he told her, "You're the Captain and I should
treat you as one. Paris rule 10."
Frowning she asked, "Rule 10?"
Burying his face into her shoulder saying, "Sorry, I 'houldn' had
said that."
Holding him tighter to her Kathryn told him, "Honey it's alright no
one is going to hurt you here not even your father. This I promise
With a slight nod, Tommy climbed off her lap and slowly walked back
to Chakotay standing in face of him not sure whether he was mad at
him or not.
Looking up at Tom Chakotay smiled at him saying, "Come here you."
Pulling him into his lap and blew raspberries on his neck till he
started to giggle again, "That better isn't it?"
"Yup." Snuggling deeper into Chakotay arms he whispered, "Chakotay?"
Looking down at him, "Yes Tom?"
"I'm hungry."
With a laugh Chakotay placed Tom onto his feet using the table to
help him up he stood looking at the room full of people he
asked, "Anyone else hungry if so follow us to the mess hall I don't
have enough credits to feed you all."
Swinging Tom up into his arms he lead the way out of his quarters.
Tommy chatting a mile a minute mess hall asking questions about
things he spotted. Once they entered the mess hall. Chakotay placed
him on the floor, looking around the room spying crew members sitting
at tables eating, he spied a young girl sitting with the lady from
before, he saw a bunch of people crowded around a table something
about them scared him, stepping closer to Chakotay when one of them
came towards them.
"Commander, Nice to see you again Tommy." Couching down to look at
him Tommy moved behind Chakotay wrapping his arms around one of
Chakotay legs, "Ah a shy one I see."
"Dalby may I help you?"
Looking up at his commanding officer saying, "No sir I just thought
I'd say hello to little Tommy here."
As Ken reached to pat Tom on the shoulder, Tommy jumped back with a
yelp crashing into Janeway's legs.
Reaching down to Tommy Kathryn picked him up saying, "Crewman you may
"Yes Captain." Standing up Ken rejoined his friends at their table
once sitting he looked back at them saying, "He remembers he did that
before in the tubo lift someone else has to get close to the
Commander and them for this to work."
"How bout a female Sue could get close or Tem."
"No not Tem he with Ayala and he likes Tom and if you don't what
Starfleet or Marquis on your back keep him out of this." Rubbing his
chin thoughtfully, "Sue might work but she friends with the Delaney
sisters we need someone who is friendly with both sides and hates Tom
enough to pull this off."
"That would be Vork."
Looking over at the lone figure sitting by himself, he was different
from Tuvok well liked on both sides and had a dislike for Paris that
he kept hidden from the senior crew members.
"Send him a message after shift on the agreed channel. Now lets end
this till tonight."
Disbanding and heading out in different groups and ways they were
unaware of piercing eyes following them once they were out of view it
tapped it's com badge, "Bait taken."